Collision of Fantasy , Reality

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This story is purely fictional in nature. Any resemblance to actual names or situations are purely coincidence.



A story I had written about incest- daddy and daughter incest to be exact, had just been published on an erotic site I wrote for on occasion. A bit of a creative outlet during my study breaks in my last semester of college.

His email came on the second day the story was out. It intrigued me.

It was a simple email really, commenting on my writing style, the character development, etc. He didn’t come on to me, or tell me how hard the story made him, or that he wanted to be my daddy. But he did mention that he also wrote for the site, and gave me his screen name, as well as his email address if I wanted to correspond. I checked him out.

His stories were about women and older men, a couple about daughters and their daddies. They excited me. Made me wet. I found myself extremely turned on reading about what I would soon learn were his fantasies.

I have a thing for the older male/younger female scenario. My last lover had been a visiting professor, an older guy who intrigued me with his brilliance. I loved the way he would take control of me, the way my body yielded to his commands during the long afternoons we would spend in my apartment. He initially came over under the premise of working on a research project.

We did manage to get the project done that year, but what I took away from it mostly was hat I loved to be with an experienced man. It was completely different than with my previous boyfriends, who had all been around my age. They paled in comparison to the way Dr. Conner had used his tongue on me, the way he moved his cock in and out of me real slow, taking his time to tease me, making me beg for him before he would fuck me hard the way I wanted him to. He liked the fact that I was young and impressionable and could teach me a few things about the art of loving. I think too he liked the audience I provided for him as he spoke about his theories on the development of the human mind.

My correspondence with Danny began the same day his first email came in. Immediately after I read his own stories, I was compelled to respond to him. To tell him how impressed I was by his story-telling ability. He had a keen sense of creating characters that came alive. I felt the young women in the stories were me. It amazed me how they mirrored some of my own fantasies. I was intrigued by his mind.

He in turn replied, thanking me for my comments, and thus began our venture. It was professional and almost polite at first- discussions about writing, the power of the mind, and minute, general details about our personal lives.

The way he used words turned me on. Short sentences that reverberated in my body with the volumes they spoke. They made me hungry for more of him. He was cotton candy melting on my tongue; a sweet taste of spun sugar that went away too quickly, leaving me wanting more. That was what each of his emails was like. I found myself eagerly checking my inbox dozens of times in a day, hoping for a message from him, and often being pleased with having one.

He told me that my own words danced within his head, struck a chord within his body. I told him he gave me shivers. He suggested this could lead to heat…

Somehow the tone of our conversations had turned suggestive and sensual. It was completely delicious.

We began writing stories with each other, finishing a scene where the other left off, and adding onto to it. It was the most erotic, intense experience of my young life.

Quickly, we added the phone to our repertoire of sexual mediums. He would call me every night before I went to bed. He told me stories of past seductions and I listened, rapt with attention. I liked that he was experienced. It turned me on. When I told him about my professor and the things we had done together, sometimes pretending that I was his daughter and he my father, he came so hard; he was breathless and silent for a long time afterwards. I had to call out his name twice before he answered me.

I would hear his voice and immediately become wet, my panties soaked with excitement, with juices the tenor in his voice released. He said he walked around all day with a hard on, thinking about me. We made each other cum every night, masturbating to the sounds of one another moaning as we explored our hidden fantasies. I felt myself begin to blossom sexually, my soft petals unfolding with every word he spoke.

Our need for each other built quickly and the conversations became more intimate, with more and more personal details revealed. We came to realize that we lived within two hours from each other. But we kept it to phone and computer contact, only suggesting that perhaps one day we would meet.

Months passed. I had no idea what he looked like, nor he, me. That was part of the fantasy.

We went as slow as we could, trying to revel in every moment of our faceless fantasies. He never pressured me and knew instinctively that I would become freer this way. kurtköy escort bayan

He was a perfect fit for my fascination with taboo subjects. He was the older man, witty with words, strong in character and willing to lead. I was a blank canvas he wanted to paint.

Somewhere along the way we started painting together and I no longer knew where he stopped and I began. We were living in the grey area where fantasy and reality collide.

But fantasy soon was not enough and I ached for his touch with every fiber of my being. Our physical attraction had also become emotional. We had to meet.

We agreed to make some of the fantasies we had spoken of come true at our first meeting. We would meet at a club. He would recognize me by something I would wear and watch me from a distance. He wanted to see me seduce someone, to act out my fantasy of being completely free and loose, to watch me suck a stranger’s cock as I played with myself while he watched, unnoticed He wanted to see me with another woman. I longed to feel the soft curves of another woman’s breasts beneath my fingertips; nipples pressed against my own…the taste of a pussy against my mouth.

He would tell me exactly what to do and I would be daddy’s good little girl and obey. I wanted all the same things. I just never said them aloud before him. He knew this and loved the thought of me doing the things we had together fantasized about. We would then meet in a hotel room, and he would fuck me. Make love to me. Hold me the way he longed to. The way I dreamt about at night as I fell asleep.

* * * * *

My pussy was trembling with excitement as I entered the club. I flashed my ID to the bouncer at the door. He looked at me approvingly and nodded, opening the door, allowing me to squeeze past him so that my breasts slid across his thick forearm. They stiffened with the touch and he winked at me as I entered the darkness.

I wasn’t scared. I knew he was watching. Protecting me. But I was a little nervous, having never done this sort of thing before.

I was to wait for his call. I held my cell phone close, gripping it in my hand as if it were my life line. I made a bee line for the bar and ordered a drink. I drank it fast, needing the alcohol to calm me, to soothe me and allow my inhibitions to dissipate.

I ordered a second drink. That was when the first call came.


My head pounded and my heart hammered in my chest at the sound of his voice.

“Danny,” I breathed into the phone, holding it close to my mouth.

“You look very sexy tonight,” he continued. I looked around the dimly lit club, searching for him, eager for him to reveal himself to me. I saw a number of men sitting at tables, but couldn’t be sure which one was him, and it was too dark to make out any specific features.

“I like the outfit.”

I was wearing a short plaid, pleated mini skirt, which rested right at the top of my thighs. My white blouse was sheer; exposing the lace bra I wore underneath and tied under my breasts, exposing my navel and unbuttoned to the second button, allowing a hint of cleavage to be seen. White stockings met my knees and a pair of Mary Janes cloaked my small feet. It was the perfect school girl look. Every little girl/older man fantasy come true.

“I can’t believe I am finally seeing you in person. You look like an angel. Daddy’s good little school girl. But, you’re so bad, baby. You are going to do very bad things tonight for Daddy. Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I said, barely a whisper. I could feel the heat pulse between my legs. I was trembling, from both anticipation and nerves.

“Sit at the table in the corner. I want to watch you a while. Drink you in.”

I obliged, moving slowly across the room, trying not to spill the drink my shaking hands held. As I walked he told me he liked watching my ass sway with my every step. . I sat in a chair with my back to the wall.

“Turn me on, baby. Do something sexy for me.”

My tongue found the red straw held within the amber liquid and flicked it. I pulled it out, held it away from my mouth so I would have to stretch for it with my tongue, showing him how I wanted to reach for his cock. With my chin upturned, I snaked my tongue out to lick the underside of the straw in a long, slow stroke.

I heard him moan in my ear.

I continued to play with the straw, my substitute phallus. I felt myself getting turned on and I knew he was as well. My hands reached to caress my full breasts, stopping at the nipple, circling it with my thumb and forefinger until each one was hard and pressed against the white cotton shirt.

“Oh, baby, you’re so good. That’s it,” I heard him croon in my ear.

I unbuttoned a third button.

“Mmmm,” he murmured.

“Tell me how you feel,” he implored.

“I feel hot. My nipples are so hard. They ache for your mouth. My whole body feels so alive, so on fire. I can feel myself already wet between my legs.”

He groaned, “Touch yourself. kurtköy escort Tell me what you taste like.”

“Here? Now?” I asked.

“Yes. Touch your little pussy, baby girl. Touch it for daddy. Know I am watching you across the room. Know that anyone can see you touch your pussy.”

I moaned. I felt so naughty and delirious with hunger for him.

“That turns you on, doesn’t it?” he asked.

I whimpered in response.

I leaned back and lifted my skirt so that it was bunched around my upper thighs. I knew my panties were visible to anyone in eyesight. My hands lowered and traveled along my leg until I could feel the dampness on my inner thighs. I was already dripping with anticipation. I slid a single digit along my slit, feeling the material of my panties tucking into me. I sighed deeply.

“Slide a finger inside your pussy, baby.”

I complied, my fingers tucking into my panties to find a drenched and hot pussy. I rubbed one finger, then two along the slick button.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned into the phone. “It feels so good.”

“Take your fingers out and suck them,” he ordered in a low voice. I knew he was turned on. I could hear the distinctive sound of desire that I had come to know so well in his voice.

I imagined his cock hard as I lifted the musky scented fingers to my mouth and sucked on the glistening juices.

“Mmmmm, so sweet,” I murmured. “I want you to taste me. I need to feel your mouth on me,” I begged.

“Soon, love, soon. First I want to watch you have fun. Will you do anything I ask of you, Andrea?”

“Yes,” I croaked. I needed him so badly; I would have done anything for him. And he knew it.

“I am not the only one watching you. The man at the corner of the bar over there has had his eyes on you since you walked in. I want you to seduce him. He can see how hot you are. How horny you are. He saw you rub your pussy for me.”

My eyes darted to the bar and met the eyes of the handsome stranger across from me. I glanced away quickly.

“Seduce him for daddy, baby. Take it as far as you want to go. I’ll be here, watching. If anything happens, I will take care of you.”

With that, he hung up.

I closed the phone and took a swallow of my drink. My eyes turned back to the bar and met the stranger’s gaze. I smiled. He smiled back, his eyes hungry, taking me in.

I removed the berry from my daiquiri and brought it to my full lips, tracing it across my full lips before suckling it. I swirled it around my tongue, savoring the sweet ripeness. My eyes never left his. I turned in my chair so that my legs were more visible to him, and spread my thighs apart so he could get a better view of my white cotton panties. I saw his eyes widen. I knew I had him.

He lifted himself off the bar stool and sauntered over, drink in hand. He was tall, broad shouldered, his hair the color of sand with flecks of grey at the temples. His eyes were dark and flashing with desire.

“Is this seat taken?” he asked his hand on the chair in front of me.

“Yes,” I said as I looked him evenly in the eye. I saw his brows furrow, a look of uncertainty pass across his face.

My hand went to the back of the chair next to me. “This one’s not.”

One eyebrow lifted and he smirked. He walked over, behind me, pausing to take in the view of my breasts cupped within my bra and visible between the folds of my open blouse. “Do you like the view?” I challenged him seductively.

He sat in the chair, pulling it closer to me and leaned over, his face inches from mine. “I liked the other view you gave me before even better.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked and giggled. I was in full role now. “What view was that?”

His hand went to my thigh. “The one you showed me right between here,” he said as his hand crept to between my legs.

I shifted so that his hand was pressed against my panties and pushed it down onto me.

“You don’t hesitate do you?”

“Why should I when I know what I want?” My brown eyes were locked onto his indigo ones. They pierced right through me with an aching need that I recognized within myself as well.

His thumb caressed my protruding mound and I knew he could feel my wetness through my panties as he inhaled, sucking in air. He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. “You taste and smell so fucking good.”

He went to put his hand back between my legs but I stopped him and instead asked him if he would dance with me. He looked bewildered but I knew he wouldn’t say no. He was willing to play along; certain he would get a prize in the end. We swallowed our drinks quickly.

I led him to the dance floor, swaying my full hips seductively as I walked ahead of him, my arm trailing behind me, linked to his. He gripped tighter as we got swallowed by the crowd, as if he was afraid I would lose him.

He pulled me close to him so that I could feel the hardness of his body. My legs were on either side of his right thigh and he danced with me this way, bouncing me so that my escort kurtköy pussy would come into contact with his quadriceps each time I moved downward. I gasped the first time it happened and then moaned. He crushed my lips with his and kissed me. I could taste the alcohol on his breath as his tongue circled my own.

“You’re so fucking hot, doll. I want to fuck you right here.”

I wiggled my hips and said, “We’ll see.”

He bent me backwards and I could feel my skirt ride higher, my breasts pressed against my shirt, which was nearly popping open now. I felt his hand move across my stomach, then up and along the curve of my breast and then lower and under my skirt to grip my ass. He pulled me up roughly and I felt my pussy twinge with the roughness of his actions.

His calloused hands were gripping my ass now, spreading the globes of my cheeks and kneading them. He slipped his fingers between them and I wriggled my hips, pressing his finger against the bottom of my pussy. My mind was gone. Horniness had taken me over. I knew Danny was watching me and it turned me on to know he could see me with this man, see the affect I had on this stranger, and the affect he had on me. I felt like a bitch in heat but I didn’t care.

I turned then, wanting to give Danny a good view and pressed my buttocks into the stranger’s groin and rocked my hips seductively in time to the music. I brought his hands to my breasts and he started to massage them, making the nipples stick out in hard points. Danny would love what I was doing. I was attracted to the stranger but it was Danny I wanted. This man was just our plaything and I would use him until our needs were satisfied.

I took one of his hands away from my breast and brought it to the hem of my skirt, pressing my palm against him as our hands moved up along my thigh and over my mound through the skirt.

“Rub my pussy, right here, right now,” I crooned, turning my face so that our mouths met. His hand slipped under my skirt and into my panties, sliding easily into my pussy.

He moaned loudly, “You’re so fucking wet, baby.” His finger danced along my aching slit to find my swollen clitoris and pinch it.

I gasped. My ass pressed harder against his cock, moving in circles that grew larger as I became more and more turned on. I didn’t care who saw. I only knew Danny would. That was all that mattered.

My mouth found him, and I danced my tongue with his, sucking it, pulling it into me like a hungry baby. I could feel his hard cock strain against his jeans.

The song ended and I asked him to buy me a drink. We walked back to the table, his arm protectively around my shoulders. He left for a few moments to go to the bar for the drinks.

My phone rang again.

“Andrea, you’re so fucking hot, baby. You got me so hard with your body moving like that on the dance floor. The way you teased him has me like a rock.”

I was breathless from dancing and the excitement of what I was doing. “I got so turned on knowing you were watching me.”

“I know. I like that.”

“What should I so now?” I asked.

“What do you want to do?” he asked me, pressing me to pursue a fantasy.

“I want to suck his cock. Make him cum hard but not let him fuck me. Leave him hanging.”

“Ohhhh, yes. Do it.” The phone clicked.

The stranger returned. It occurred to me then that I did not even know his name…It didn’t matter.

He took the seat next to mine again, and after placing my drink on the table, resumed rubbing my clit. I spread my legs wider, allowing him better access. I tucked my hand into my shirt and into my bra, pinching my nipple. This really turned him on.

“I have to fuck you,” he said, matter of fact.

“What if I don’t want to fuck you?” I asked.

“You’re a fucking tease.”

I shrugged, took his hand and replaced mine with his on my breast. “Pinch it.” He squeezed my nipple hard, sending waves of pleasure mingled with pain throughout my body.

“You like that, don’t you, you little tease?”

I moaned, nodding my head, unable to speak as he pinched me again, even harder.

I grabbed the tent in his pants and squeezed, feeling the length of him in my hand.

He slipped a finger into my hot hole and started to fuck me with it, real slow.

I unzipped him with one hand and removed his straining member, freeing it from the constraints of his boxers. It stood like a proud soldier between his legs. I admired it for a long moment, enjoying teasing him. He grew impatient and pushed my head down, grabbing me by the back of my hair. “Suck it,” he commanded.

I was not to be deterred or ordered and knew I had full control of the situation. I could get up and walk away and leave him hanging if I wanted. I pulled back and took a casual sip of my drink.

“Tell you what,” I began in a thoughtful, bargaining tone. “I’m going to meet you in the men’s room in five minutes. Be waiting for me with your jeans off and your cock hard. Stroke it while you wait for me, but don’t cum yet.”

With that, I got up and walked away, leaving him sitting there with his cock hanging out and a dumbfounded look on his face. I knew he was wondering where exactly he lost control in the situation. He was the type of cocky, pompous guy who thought he could always call the shots. Not tonight, I thought to myself as I shook my head and laughed softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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