Kas 13

College Roommate Ch. 02

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I slowly wake up from a dream where a hot mixed race girl with a fine big booty is giving me a steamy blowjob.

Except the blowjob part is not a dream.

I open my eyes just a crack, groggily wondering what the fuck is going on. My roommate Tim is on my dorm room’s lower bunk bed, with the covers pulled back to expose my naked body. His lips are wrapped around my cockhead, and slowly sliding deeper down toward the shaft. My prick is hard and I feel my hips betray me by bucking up into his engulfing mouth. My long cock fucks deeper into his face until his lips kiss my groin, my shaft buried completely inside his warm wet mouth.

While deepthroating me, his tongue slides between his lips and cock and gently licks the upper part of my ballsack. His hands grasp my hard buttocks, his fingers pulling my cheeks slightly apart, exposing it to the cool air in the room, which is raising disturbing thoughts in my head, dirty thoughts, crimethink really, about how good it would feel if those fingers sunk a little deeper into my asscrack or even touched my hole. I’m a little angry at Tim for stirring these thoughts, and I think about telling him to stop sucking me off, that I’m not OK with this, but my dick thinks otherwise, it feels like I’m about to explode inside that hot mouth of his. I struggle with this dilemma for a few more seconds, seconds where Tim’s tongue is licking and caressing the underside of my cockhead. I think fuck it, this feels good, so I give in and groan and reach down and grab his hair and start fucking his face.

I try to make gaziantep escort it not gay by closing my eyes and pretending it is a women blowing me, and scenes of women doing this flash through my mind, but then I imagine it is a guy, a guy who looks disturbingly like Tim, thin and feminine but discernibly male, doing this to me and that is even hotter, forbidden fruit, and so I’m about to unload …

But Tim’s mouth slides off. I start softly cussing him out, my eyes still closed, trying to preserve plausible deniability, like maybe I could later say I was sleepy and really thought it was a chick despite all the evidence to the contrary. “Goddamnit, you little slut, finish me off. I wanna cum.”

“OK,” he says. “Just a moment.”

I wait impatiently for a few seconds, listening to the rustle of the bed sheets, and just as I’m about to open my eyes to see what the fuck is going on, I feel him grab my hard shaft with a slickly lubricated hand, rubbing moisture into my shaft, and then I feel what seems like the tightest pussy of my life pressing hard against the tip of my cock, a warm wetness inviting me — begging me — to cum inside.

Fuck? Is he trying to get me to fuck his ass?

My eyes shoot open and my damned roommate is straddling my hips and trying to jam his body down and impale itself on my straining cock, his eyes closed and head thrown back. I try to wriggle free, moving my hips trying to get my cockhead out of his asscrack, but the frantic bucking of my hips makes things worse. My prick rubs against his slick lubricated hole, back and forth and up and down, but rather than escaping his ass the movement of my cock parts and opens his assring and Tim takes further advantage of this opportunity by pressing down harder with his hips, trying to get my cockhead through his ring while his arms press against my chest and pin me to the bed. My traitorous cock, not knowing or caring about the gender or provenance of this lovely hot hole, grows harder, the cum inside my balls is building pressure, and I think, fuck it, and I do fuck it, I thrust up to punish Tim for his audacity in raping my cock with his ass.

I jam and buck trying to hurt Tim.

“I’m gonna fuck your little whore butthole, bitch.”

“i want …”

“SHUT your whore mouth and take my cock, or I’ll slap the FUCK out of you.”

His lips part, like he’s about to say something, or maybe he’s opening his slutty hole of a mouth in passion. Whatever. I reach up and slap his cheek hard. His other cheeks clench and wrap around my cockshaft. His face screws up with pain from the screwing, and a grunt escapes his lips as my cockhead breaks through into by far the tightest hole it’s ever been inside, so much tighter and firmer than a pussy, and oh god, he’s sinking all the way down my shaft in one loooong thrust, and I bottom out inside him, my pubic hair rubbing against his soft young skin and the smell of musk from fucking in the air, and his ass ring tightens and grips my shaft, pulse and release, pulse again.

It feels so goddamn good that I grab his thrusting hips and push him up, almost off my shaft, then pull down with all my strength, slamming brutally into his body and not caring if I break him or hurt him. But in this position he’s still too dominant, still on top of me and in charge. So I start turning him — or maybe it’s him turning me — and, my stiff cock still inside him, I roll him under me and then grab one of his legs and pull it so he’s turning onto his stomach.

I yank his hair hard. Now there’s no doubt who’s in charge here, he’s helpless and submissive in this doggystyle sprawled out position, on his hands and knees with his legs wide open and my legs between them pushing them even farther apart, and one of my hands pushing down between his shoulder blades, pinning him down while the other hand tugs on his hair. I thrust my hips, burying myself inside his slutty tight hot hole and I can’t hold back any longer, I start exploding inside this tight fake pussy. It feels wrong and dirty and frankly kinda rapey, him taking advantage of me despite it being my cock inside his ass, and yet so incredibly damn good to be shooting all my cum into my roommate’s ass, spurt after spurt until I’m gasping for air and spent, my head resting on his shoulder blade.

He turns his head and looks over his shoulder at me, looking with his soft eyes, looking at me, wanting me, wanting me so bad, my head reflected in his pupils, looking at my own wide open pupils in his eyes, watching him watching me, seeing in his eyes what he’s seeing, with this soft feminine loving gaze like I’m the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him, perhaps not getting that I’m really pissed at him for raping me, as my cum starts to trickle out of his asshole.

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