Kas 13

Cocklust Ch. 03

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When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised to find myself alone in my bed. Chad had disappeared and had taken his stuff with him.

Shit, I thought. At first I wondered if that night had been a dream. Then I realized it was real, although I hated the thought of Chad sneaking out. Finally I looked at my phone, and I saw he’d left me a text.

That was awesome dude, it read. See you on Friday.

I practically felt my heart skip a beat. I wanted to text him right back, but then I wondered if I should. Finally I sent him a quick acknowledgment— Cool man, see you then— but otherwise I acted like nothing had happened.

I tried to mind my own business that day, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d just done. I probably couldn’t have concentrated regardless, because my classes that morning were boring as shit. I spent my econ theory class wondering about all the guys around me.

Have they ever fucked other dudes? I kept thinking. We were in one of those big lecture halls, so I figured there had to be at least a hundred guys around me. With that big of a crowd, there had to be a few who had done it. How well did they like it? was my next question, then would they do it again?

I was at lunch when I noticed my skin still smelled of conditioner. I suddenly remembered I’d never really cleaned myself off. I wanted to take a shower, but I was on the other side of campus, so I wouldn’t get a chance to do it anytime soon. I looked around and wondered if anyone around me could figure out my secret. Part of me prayed that they couldn’t, but another part of me loved the naughtiness of it all.

My afternoon classes were all Gen Ed courses, so I didn’t much care about the lectures. I kept zoning out and secretly checking out the guys. I felt my boner pressing up against my desk, but I positioned myself so no one else could see it.

By and by I realized I’d been ignoring the girls. What the fuck? I thought. There seemed to be a smorgasbord of hot girls around me, with big tits, round asses, and anything else a horny guy could ask for. But somehow they didn’t do it for me, at least not at that moment.

That night, when I got back to my dorm, I tried especially hard to catch Chad in the shower. He’d always seemed to show up around nine o’clock, so I got there a few minutes early, and I tried to act casual.

I took my time shaving. I not only shaved my stubble, but I trimmed my eyebrows, and I even made sure my hairline was even. I was tempted to trim my pubes and my ass, but I didn’t really know what I was doing down there. I did make sure all my fingernails were clipped, and I even trimmed my toenails while I was at it.

As I did, I kept an eye on my mirror. I could see the showers behind me, and a steady stream of guys kept coming into the room. They seemed to come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them were a lot better-looking than others.

I knew I had to keep moving, or else I’d seem weird. I turned toward the showers and started taking off my clothes. I felt even more naked than usual, knowing my chest was in full view, and knowing it was still smeared with dried cum, though I doubted anyone could tell. My ass was on full display too, and my cock and balls dangled beneath me for everyone to see.

Part of me felt like an exhibitionist, but another part felt like a voyeur. Four other guys were standing there naked, all doing their own thing. Another half-dozen guys were in various states of undress. None of them cast an eye in my direction.

My crotch started to stir, but I knew I couldn’t afford to get hard. I closed my eyes and forced myself to think of something else. Algebra was the driest subject I could think of, so I did some basic equations in my head. I showered as fast as I could— I basically just washed my hair and cleaned off my crotch— then wrapped my towel around my waist and hurried back to my room.

Dammit, I thought, what a waste. After all that anticipation, Chad hadn’t even shown up. I was tempted to call him, but I didn’t want to freak him out. So I spent the rest of that night alone; I just jacked off to porn and counted the hours for Friday to come.

The Kap Eps always threw the biggest parties on the Row. All the sororities were invited, so by the time I got there, the place was crawling with girls. Most of our other frat brothers were there, but Chad was nowhere in sight.

I’d just sat down on the couch, nursing a cup of Two-Buck Chuck, when a blonde came stumbling over. “I am so wasted,” she said. Then she plopped down beside me.

“That didn’t take you long,” I said.

“So what’s your name?”

“Scott,” I said. “You?”

“Kaylee,” she said. She looked down at my arms. “You must work out a lot.”

“I try,” I said.

“I think you’re hot.”

I blinked. I’d never been hit on by a girl, and I didn’t know to react. “Which house are you in?”

“Does it matter?” she asked.

I probably would’ve been into this if it had happened gaziantep escort a few weeks earlier. But at that moment, I couldn’t get my mind off Chad. I felt like I’d waited so long to see him, and now I expected him to show up any minute.

A redhead walked over. “Kaylee, your boyfriend’s outside.”

“Aw shit,” Kaylee said. She shot me a drunken smile. “I guess that means I’m busted!” She pulled herself off the couch, leaned on her friend, and went stumbling away.

I looked over at Luke, who was standing by the door. “Shit,” I said. “Just my luck.”

Luke shrugged. “The party’s just getting started,” he said.

I finished my drink and headed back to the kitchen. The house was filling with people, but I hardly knew any of them, so I might as well have been alone.

I poured myself a shot, and I looked out at the patio. The party was quite a bit wilder out there. Girls were running around, throwing water balloons at each other, and screaming when the balloons hit their targets. It looked like a wet t-shirt contest: a lot of the girls weren’t wearing bras, so their tits bounced around freely, and a lot of their nipples shone through their shirts.

“Humph,” came a voice. I turned around and saw Ryan and Marcos behind me.

“Dude,” I said, “that doesn’t do anything for you?”

Marcos shrugged. “Not for now,” he said. “Maybe if the guys start running around—”

“When did you realize that?” I asked. “I mean, about not liking girls?”

Ryan and Marcos looked at each other. At first I thought I’d gone too far, but they both seemed cool about it. “Well,” Ryan said, “I always knew I was gay, what they call a gold star. Although I got a lot of shit for it growing up.”

“Gold star?”

“I’m a hundred percent gay. I’ve never been with a girl.”

“Oh,” I said. I was learning new lingo all the time.

“Me, I always assumed I was straight,” Marcos said. “I dated girls in high school, but then I slept with the team quarterback… and that’s how I knew.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that,” he said. “They say your first time is supposed to be awkward, but for me it wasn’t. I loved it so much I never went back.”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure what to think about that. As far as I was concerned, Chad and I were just hooking up. After all, hookups happened all the time on campus, so they weren’t exactly a big deal. At the same time, I was feeling kind of anxious, and I was annoyed that Chad still wasn’t there.

Chad finally showed up around ten. By then, the party was hitting its stride. Practically everyone was drunk, and the first few couples had already fucked in the basement.

“Where the hell have you been?” were the first words out of my mouth. “There’s no way your lab could’ve taken that long—”

“Dude,” he said, “I’ve been busy.”

“Doing what?”

“You really want to know?”

“Well, you said you were going to be here, so I don’t know what took you so long—”

“Check this out,” he said. He reached into his backpack and pulled out a piece of paper.

I didn’t know what to make of it at first. The paper was full of letters and numbers, and I couldn’t tell what they meant. But then I saw a notation that said HIV NEG.

“I got tested,” he said. “It’s a clean bill of health.”

I wasn’t sure how to respond. “Congratulations,” was all I could say.

Chad opened his backpack for me to see inside. “Then I had to run a few errands,” he said. He pointed to a bottle of lube. “Now that I can tap that ass of yours guilt-free—”

“Sh!” I hissed. “What’s the matter with you? Not when people can hear—”

“Dude, no one can hear us.”

“You never know.”

Chad rolled his eyes. “If you say so,” he replied. “In case you were wondering, I went all the way across town to get that. Just to make sure nobody knew.” He took a quick shot of whiskey, then grimaced and licked his lips. “Do you want to get out of here?”

I’d been waiting for him to say that, but I didn’t want to let on. “Yeah, we probably should,” I said as casually as I could manage.

With that, Chad and I snuck away from the party. We both knew what was going to happen next.

As soon as we got back to my dorm room, and I closed the door behind us, Chad and I stopped pretending. We didn’t bother with chit-chat, or even foreplay. We just wanted to fuck.

We grappled with each other’s clothes, and we stripped them off as fast as we could. Both of our dicks had turned into raging hardons. I laid on my bed and put my legs in the air. Chad pulled the bottle from his backpack, lubed up my ass, and lathered up his cock. Then, without further ado, he plowed his way inside me.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as my ass cramped up, and pain shot through my body. By then, I had a better idea of what I was doing. I’d read online that I could push my sphincter against him like I was taking a dump. As soon as I did that, my ass eased up, and it started to feel really good.

“There you go,” Chad was saying. “I’ve been wanting this ass all week—”

“Then what are you waiting for?” I asked. “Shut up and fuck me.”

Chad rammed into me, and I felt his balls slap against my cheeks. I was starting to learn how much he loved dirty talk. I wasn’t exactly experienced at it, but it came surprisingly easily. I’d never been so randy; I hadn’t even known it was possible to want dick so bad.

“Oh fuck,” I said.

“Tell me how much you want it,” Chad said.

“I want you to rip my ass open.”

“You want to be my bitch?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I gasped. I knew the more I begged for him, the more he’d want to ravage me.

Chad leaned down and kissed me. I savored the feeling of his lips against mine, but I especially relished his cock sliding in and out of my ass. I loved the way he dominated me; I wanted him to have me, and I was bound and determined to give him the best sex he’d ever had.

I felt Chad’s dick against my prostate, and a new wave of pleasure rolled across my body. I couldn’t help but gasp. Chad evidently picked up on what had happened, and he positioned himself to hit my prostate again. Then he started drilling me faster and faster. I’d never felt a sensation like that, and I couldn’t believe how awesome it was.

“You’ve got the best fucking ass,” he said.

“You’ve got the best fucking cock,” I replied. “Give it to me.”

“What the fuck do you think I’m doing?” he asked. He took one of my feet in his mouth, and he started sucking my toes. I was amazed at how erotic it felt. My whole body seemed to tingle.

I knew how much Chad loved ass play, so I leaned up, reached behind him, and ran my hand down his crack. As I fingered his boyhole, I felt his cock respond inside me. He was obviously loving it. Within a few seconds, his whole body seemed primed to erupt.

“Oh shit,” he said, “I’m about to cum in your ass.”

“Do it,” I said. “Don’t you dare take it out till you’re done.”

Chad clenched his teeth but grinned. “You want my fucking cum?”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I said. “I need it inside me.”

Chad let out a yelp, and I felt his ring clamp down on my finger, just as his dick unloaded in my ass. I felt shot after shot fill me up. It was so fucking warm, and I hadn’t expected how much I’d love his gooey goodness inside me. I leaned upward, kissed him again, and wrapped my legs around his body.

Chad hit my prostate again, and at that point, my whole body felt ecstatic. I could barely control my muscles. My mouth dropped open, and I groaned and gasped in quick succession. My dick shuddered, and before I could do anything, my cum came gushing out. It splattered all over my stomach and my abs. This orgasm was more powerful than anything I’d felt before, even though I hadn’t touched myself at all.

Chad kept pumping till my cock was dry; then he stopped to catch his breath. “Damn,” he said. “You take it as well as you give it.”

“So do you,” I replied.

Chad grinned again, then pulled out of my ass. I suddenly felt empty without his cock inside me. I just watched as he sat down on the bed.

“Chad,” I finally said, “is it true what you mentioned? I-I mean, about wanting this all week?”

“Well shit, don’t over-think this stuff,” he said. “We’re not girls, after all.”

“I know, I just…” I paused for a second, then cleared my throat. “Well, I’d been wanting it too.”

“Then why didn’t you say so? You’ve got my number.”

My heart jumped into my throat. “You mean I can call you whenever?”

“Now don’t be weird about it,” he said. “But yeah: if you want a booty call or whatever, let me know. You better believe I won’t turn this shit down.”

I nodded. “Okay,” I replied.

As it turned out, that night was just a preview of coming attractions. By the following Monday, Chad and I were fucking on a regular basis. We texted each other all the time; we didn’t want anyone to know what we were doing, so we tried to be cryptic, but we both knew what we were really after. Before long, we got used to each others’ class schedules, so we pretty much knew when we’d be free.

Whenever Chad came over, we usually started with a sixty-nine. He and I were the same height, so our anatomy lined up perfectly. I loved sucking his cock, and I especially loved doing it while Chad was sucking mine.

Sometimes we blew each other to completion, and other times we jacked off. But most of the time, we ended up doing anal. We ravaged each other in every position we could think of: doggy style, side-by-side, butterfly, jockey, pyramid, and every way in between. A lot of the time we flip-fucked so we could both plow each other’s asses in whatever order we wanted.

Along the way, we learned a hell of a lot about man-on-man action. We got to know the importance of cleaning out our holes, both before and after sex, to keep from making a mess. The more we fucked, and the more lube we used, the more our bodies got used to it. Our asses stopped cramping up, so we could take each others’ dicks without flinching.

We never talked about being exclusive, but I never wanted to fuck anyone else. I did find myself checking out some of the other man candy on campus. But I just wanted to look, never touch. As far as I was concerned, I was banging the hottest specimen of all— and the more I did it, the more I craved his ass. By the end of that month, I was practically addicted.

We knew our little arrangement wouldn’t last forever. Among other things, we had to plan for fall semester. Chad decided to move to the frat house, and I was tempted to join him, but I decided against it. After all, if we were around our frat brothers all day, we’d have no place to hook up— at least not outside of the basement.

I eventually signed up for off-campus housing. The place I picked wasn’t fancy, at least not by normal standards. But it did have its own bathroom, kitchen, and entrance to the outside. That by itself seemed luxurious to me, since it meant no more communal showers or toilets; and Chad could come and go without anyone knowing. I got hard just thinking of what we could do there: I could cook him a naked dinner, or we could fuck in the shower, or he could spend the night whenever he wanted.

Still, all of that was at least three months away. In the meantime, I knew I’d have to deal with my family all summer, so I made sure to enjoy my last few weeks of privacy.

I was watching more porn than I ever had, but I’d basically stopped watching the straight stuff. Before I’d met Chad, I’d watched girls getting fucked all the time. The closest thing to gay stuff I’d watched was lesbian porn, along with orgies involving both guys and girls. Now all of that had been turned on its head. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d jacked off to tits or pussies or anything like that. Instead, I found myself watching euro guys, muscle men, and what they called gay-for-pay.

I found the original scene I’d watched when I first dreamt about Chad. The stars of that video were named Logan and Nate, and I started watching more and more videos with them. Then I started following other porn stars I liked.

I’d never watched porn with anyone else, but I thought it’d be hot to watch it with Chad. I kept wanting to ask him about it, but I kept chickening out. I don’t know what my hangup was— maybe because porn was so private, and part of me still thought it was shameful— but it took me till finals to actually broach it with him.

Chad’s answer surprised me. “Fuck yeah,” he said. “Who the hell doesn’t like porn?”

“What kind do you like?” I asked. As soon as I said it, I worried how he’d respond; I didn’t want him to like anything with a girl.

Chad just shrugged. “Whatever’s hot,” he said. “I mean, I kinda like Flynn Taylor.”

I was pretty relieved to hear that. I’d never watched Flynn Taylor’s stuff, but I’d heard about him, since he’d been on some of the websites I’d found. He was gay, and apparently he’d been in a scandal a few years before. The way I understood it, he’d gotten arrested for fucking someone in an airport bathroom, and it had turned into a big to-do because his own dad had been the mayor. By now, though, he seemed to have put it behind him. If anything, his past had made him that much hotter, at least in my mind.

I did a little searching and found his first-ever scene. It had come from one of those amateur studios, and it had made its way to the tube sites. The thumbnails made Flynn look awfully young: he was basically a twink, with a couple days’ worth of stubble, and his hair was rumpled as if he’d just rolled out of bed.

I was tempted to watch the video right then and there, but I waited till Chad came over. By that point, my heart was practically pounding with anticipation. Chad and I dropped our drawers, took our positions in front of the computer, and made ourselves comfortable.

“You ready for this?” I finally asked.

Chad’s dick was already hard. “Shut up and hit play,” he replied.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I hit the play button, sat back next to Chad, and put my hand on my cock.

The video started with the usual logos and disclaimers. Then it faded in to a close-up of Flynn, fully clothed but still breathtakingly hot.

“Hey,” came a voice from off camera. “So I’ve brought my boy Flynn… what are you gonna be doing today?”

Flynn gave an awkward smile. “Whatever you want,” he replied. “I hear you want to watch me jack off?”

“Boy, you cut to the chase!” said the voice, apparently the cameraman.

I looked over at Chad, and I tried to gauge what he was thinking. He seemed to be eating it up. I figured it was a good thing if we had similar tastes in porn.

“Are you going to tell us about yourself?” the cameraman was saying.

“Sure,” Flynn said. “What do you want to know?”

“I hear this is your first porno,” the cameraman said. “Have you ever done anything with a guy?”

Flynn shook his head. “No,” he said, “but I’ve been thinking about it…”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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