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Coaching Perks

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I have been the basketball coach at a small college for the past five years. I thought this position would lead to a better job, but it hasn’t worked out that way. My teams have basically sucked and I don’t mean that literally. I wish that were the case. I have my eye on one of my players. His name is Tom and he is my starting guard.

My office is situated so I can see anyone going into or leaving the showers. After another losing game I was staring at my players coming out of the showers. Tom came out with just his towel wrapped around his waist. I could see the outline of his dick pressing against the cloth of his towel. It was making my mouth water. I left my office and walked over to Tom.

“See me before you head out tonight,” I told him.

Tom just nodded to me and began to get dressed. When he dropped his towel I got an eyeful. Tom’s cock had to be close to eight inches in length. I had no idea if he were gay or not, but I was going to find out. Everyone had cleared out of the locker room except Tom. He walked over to my office and knocked on the outside of the door.

“Come on in Tom,” I told him.

I looked out to make sure everyone had left for the night.

“What’s the matter Coach?’

“Have a seat,” I said.

“What’s wrong with you lately,” I said, “your game is terrible.”

Tom got this pained look on his face.

“I know I haven’t been the best,” he said.

“You aren’t even close to being middling,” I told him.

“I’ll try to make it gaziantep escort up to you and the team,” Tom said to me.

“How do you plan to do that?”

Tom didn’t have an answer for me. I did have some thoughts on the matter. While we had been sitting there I had been rubbing my cock under my desk. My dick was pushing against my pants crotch. I stood up to let Tom take a closer look. His eyes homed in on my bulge. I let him take a long, hard look.

“You know what you have to do?” I said to him.

I think Tom knew exactly what I was thinking. He sat there for a long moment and then he got up from his chair. Tom walked over to me. You could damn near feel the heat between us. Tom sunk to his knees and he pulled my zipper down. My cock fought to get free. I wasn’t as long as Tom, but I had a thick prick. Tom pulled my cock out and stared at my semi-hard rod. Tom looked at my face and I nodded to him.

Tom surrounded my cock with his lips. I let out this sigh as Tom began to bob up and down my cock. I hadn’t had a man suck me in such a long time. I put a hand on the back of Tom’s head. Tom took me deep down his throat. I pumped my hips forward and gave Tom everything I had. I couldn’t tell you how long we went at it there in my office. I was getting close to cumming so I pulled out of Tom’s mouth. I reached down and lifted Tom up by his arms.

“Why don’t you get comfortable Tom,” I told him.

Tom got this pained look on his face. We weren’t done by a long shot and he knew it. Thank God the place was deserted now. Tom pulled his shirt off and lowered his trousers. Off came his shoes. I did the same and there we stood naked face to face. With a sweep of my hand I cleared off the top of my desk. I had Tom get onto his backside. I then lifted his legs up. My cock was pointed straight at his hole. I inserted my mushroom at his opening and pushed in.

Tom let out this moan. His opening was so tight. I had to fight to get my dick inside him.

“I know you have wanted this Tom, don’t deny it.”

Tom just grunted as I pushed more of my dick in past his sphincter. It took me a few minutes, but I got my shaft completely buried in his ass. I half wondered if Tom was a virgin or not. After I got through with him it wouldn’t matter. I drove my prick in and out of his bare hole. Tom looked like he was holding on for dear life. I forced my cock in all the way. My nut sacs were pressed against his bottom.

I somehow managed to get Tom’s ass loosened up with my rod.

“Oh my God Coach, you’re too big!”

I only wish I had a bigger cock to feed Tom. My plan was to make sure there would be more than this one time. I built up speed and was pounding his tight hole there on my desk. I must have been hitting a good spot. Tom’s bone was standing straight up and he was rock hard. Maybe it was the excitement of this first time. I felt my nuts starting to pinch. I tried to hold back, but I was going over the edge. I drove into Tom’s ass a few more strokes and I unloaded inside him.

My hot cum came streaming out and deep into Tom’s belly. He let out this scream as he felt my sticky load entering his gut. For a guy who may have been a virgin, Tom was milking my dick like crazy. His ass muscles had me in a clench as I shot more of my man liquid into his greedy ass. I must have fucked Tom another few minutes before I felt myself going soft. My dick came sliding out with a loud plopping sound.

When I looked down all my white cum began to leak out of Tom’s ass. Tom looked like he was totally out of it. All that fucking had wore him down. I reached into a drawer and got some tissues out. I cleaned off my dick and I gave some to Tom to clean up the cum seeping out his hole. We got dressed in silence. Right as Tom was about to leave my office I told him of my plans.

“This is just the first time for you and me Tom.”

I tried to read the expression on Tom’s face. It looked like he smiled and frowned at the same time. I was right about one thing. Tom did tell me later that was the first time he had man sex. He said it had hurt like crazy at first. After I fucked him for awhile he got into it. The best part was when I blasted my load into his ass. Tom said my cum felt like someone turned on a hose with hot liquid in it.

You might be able to tell that Tom and I had more male sex together. Doing it there in my office was too risky. Tom now comes to my house late at night and I take him there in my giant bed. I will write more about our adventures as they happen. Until then I plan to fill Tom’s ass with my bare cock as much as I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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