Claire’s Invitation Pt. 04

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(Author’s note: Ok, I enjoyed writing parts 1-3 more than I thought and I’ve especially enjoyed your supportive comments. What started as a 3-part series now has a part 4… and we’ll just have to see where things go from here.)

Sex was new for us, and so was the precious afterglow. We were all smiles, kisses, giggles, sighs and, of course, curious touches.

We tidied up Lydia’s bed a bit and moved into Claire’s, both of us sticky and sweaty, horny as hell and ready for more.

In the darkened room, through the silent night, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We kept bringing each other back to the summit of human passion over and over again. We were like two starving kids in front of an open refrigerator.

I stroked her pussy with my fingers while kissing her, until her she pulled her mouth away, gasping for air. I sucked her ultra-sensitive nipples between my lips as I pressed my index finger deep inside her sloppy vagina. She twitched and jumped and shook and gasped, and then came again, perhaps more violently than she had before. She was quiet this time. Her eyes were closed. She was lost in a host of new sensations that were almost too much to deal with.

As wasted as she seemed to be, she wanted more. I rolled up between her legs where she gripped my hard cock and guided me inside again. This time I slid in all the way to the limit without a pause.

I started out slowly, pulling out almost completely, then pressing myself back inside of her wonderfully hot tunnel. I moved a bit side to side to give her clit a little attention, then moved out again. What an amazing, crazy, wild sensation to feel her wet pussy gripping my cock. She placed her hands on my ass cheeks and pulled me hard against her.

Everything was new. Every sensation was a discovery. Every collision of bones and muscles, every little gasp and cry, every touch was something fresh and exciting.

I sped up my pace. I pounded her clit harder. I sort of lost my mind, or at least, the rational part of me seemed to give way to the animal part. I wasn’t making love to Claire; she wasn’t making love to me. We were fucking. We were taking. We were using each other’s bodies to get to Nirvana.

We both groaned, and moaned, and urged each other on. She raised her legs, caught my hips, and muscled me in as deep and as fast as I could go. I was panting like I’d run a record-breaking mile. My chest was sliding over her breasts in an oily bath of perspiration. Her face was salty. Her eyes looked vacant. Then she sort of squealed and pinned my hips so tightly against her pubic bone that I couldn’t have escaped if I had wanted to. I let go. My cock throbbed inside of her and she squealed again. I collapsed on top of her and gasped in her ear. Her body was quivering. She was rolling her hips, grinding herself against my cock.

That’s all I remember. Lights out.


“Oh my fucking God!! It smells like an orgy in here! Claire? What the fuck?! You did it! Holy fucking shit, girl, you really did it! Way to go, sister, I’m so proud of you!”

You know how you wake up sometimes and you have no idea where you are, what day it is, what your name is, nothing? There’s just a light intruding trying to push you into consciousness, but your brain says, “Fuck that, I’m dead. Leave me alone.”

Claire was still partly underneath me, dead to the world, when that awful voice woke me up. We were both naked, of course. The sheets were soaked with sweat and cum. Her thigh was pressed against my cock, which was hard. I was drooling on her left breast. But recognition drifted into her fried brain cells faster than mine and suddenly she was pushing me, shoving me, moving in a panic, grabbing the bed sheet up around herself and sitting bolt upright.

I just rolled over and squinted. And saw Lydia. Claire’s roommate. Smiling like she’d gotten a pony for her birthday.

“Shit, Danny, look at you. You’re really hung! If I’d had any idea, I would have jumped your bones long ago. Way to go, Claire. Looks like you got fucked by a true stud.”

Lydia had her hands on her hips and was staring brazenly at the two of us, but maybe mostly at my stiffening cock. I looked around for something to cover myself with, but Claire had the top sheet. I might have been too tired to care, actually. We were busted, for sure. So I just waited in dumb silence for Claire.

“You said you’d be gone the whole weekend, Lydia!” She was taking this more seriously than I was.

“If I’d known you were going to do the deed with Danny, I would have come back sooner. You two look wasted. It must’ve been a long and memorable night.”

“Lydia, get out! Please, get out! Give us some privacy, please!”

“Ok, ok, don’t blow a gasket. You’re right. You both need some privacy right now. I’ll give you a couple of hours. You’ll probably want to do it once more before you clean up anyway. Way to go, Claire! I’m so fucking proud of you! Though I must say, I’m only gone for 24 hours and you’re out of your clothes and doing the nasty. sar─▒yer escort What would your mother say?”


“Ok, I’m leaving.”

She looked admiringly at my cock for a few seconds more before smiling, turning, and walking out the door. Which seemed strange. I don’t think my cock is much different from any other guy’s, but then, I’ve never had a hard-on around other guys.

“Shit, shit, shit!”

Claire beat her fists against her thighs. I pulled her over towards me.

“Come here, angel.”

She was tense. Angry. Embarrassed. And then she started to cry.

“Oh, baby. It’s ok.”

She buried her face in her hands and wept. Her body shook. She wouldn’t look at me. I held her tight and just waited her out. Kissed her shoulder, her forehead, stroked her hair. Such beauty. Such a treasure. Why had I waited so long?

“She’s going to tell all of her friends, you know? I’ll be the campus slut.”

“No, never. All of Lydia’s friends are as sex-crazed as she is. They’ll think it’s weird you waited so long, not weird that you’ve had sex with someone you care about.”

“But she’ll cheapen it. She’ll make it into a joke. Last night was the best experience I’ve ever had with a guy. It was wonderful. It was our special secret. I don’t want the whole world to know about it. It was something special, just between us. Now it feels like I’ll be stripped naked in front of the whole school.”

“Claire, sweetheart.” I sighed. “Nothing will take away how special last night was. No one can imagine how wonderful it was. It was pretty wonderful, you know. Awesome. Spectacular. Maybe no one in all the world has had the kind of passion we had together last night. They might have their own ideas about what we did together, but they won’t really know how special it was, or how it connected us.”

She smiled.

“I felt like our hearts melted together somehow. Maybe that’s sappy. Something happened to me, Danny. Something beautiful, and it wasn’t just that you made me cum 500 times.”

I laughed.

“520. You were obviously too out of it to keep track.”

“550 maybe. My pussy’s really sore, but in a good way. Your penis might be habit-forming.”

“I hope so.”

She smiled and leaned into me. We kissed. We kissed some more. She groaned softly.

“No, I’m too dirty. I need a shower. Let’s get a shower together. I want you to touch me, but I want to be clean.”

Her pussy turned out to be too sensitive to play with, but we had a wonderful time soaping each other up, kissing, hugging, and rubbing our horny bodies together other under the warm water.


But I could see that there was a cloud over Claire’s mood. She’s a very private person, and the thought of being the object of campus gossip was crushing. She had to go meet a couple of classmates to work on a project together, so she asked me to go back to the room and wait for her. I didn’t feel right about that, so I waited outside of the building, hoping to spot Lydia.

She came along maybe 10 minutes later. There was a definite spring in her step, a definite sunniness to her smile. She’s a very attractive woman, and eyes were turning to watch as she sauntered down the sidewalk. She spotted me waiting on a bench under an oak tree, came over, and sat down next to me.

“I still can’t believe it. You know, she’s probably the last living virgin in the class. And, she’s been wanting to fuck you for years. Not that she would ever admit it out loud, but I could tell by the way she looks at you. I can’t believe you waited so long.”

“She’s worried you’ll tell all your friends.”

“Oh, my god, I can’t wait! They’re going to be wanting all the details I can pry out of her. Or maybe pry out of you.” She winked.

“Don’t do it, Lydia. She needs her privacy. She’s one of your oldest friends, so you know what she’s like. She’s not tough like you. I don’t want to see her hurt. It just happened, but the time was right for both of us, and the fact that it was a very private moment made it all the more special. Don’t take that away from her.”

“She is weird that way, I’ll grant you. Sex is sex. There’s good sex, bad sex, and the worst sex of all – no sex. Maybe it’s different when you’re in love.”

I thought about that.

“I don’t know if we’re in love, but something new happened between us last night, for sure.”

“Yeah. You shoved that gorgeous cock into her and now she’ll do anything you ask. I sure would.”

“Lydia… You know that’s not it. Claire and I have been together almost as long as she’s known you. What we have has been coming on for a long time.”

“Shit. Such romantic bullshit. It’s all just a biological evolutionary urge to fill the planet with babies. Oh, shit! She’s not on the pill! Did you know that? I hope you didn’t get her pregnant. The cat would be out of the bag then.”

I didn’t say anything.

“Did you go down on her?”

“Lydia, I’m not talking. If you want details, go ask esenyurt escort Claire. But please, keep this to yourself, ok?”

She thought about it a bit longer than I was comfortable with.

“I could, but why? But what’s in it for me?”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you like me, Danny. You think I’m sexy, right? Maybe you’ve even fantasized about getting me into the sack? Hmmmm? Maybe we could work out a deal. My silence in return for something else, you know? I’ve got that evolutionary itch between my legs today. Maybe you could do something about that?”

“And betray Claire? Forget it, Lydia. No deal. Do it because it’s the right thing to do.”

She dropped her hand to my thigh and gave me a squeeze.

“Don’t say no yet; just think about it. You might enjoy yourself. I’m pretty sure I would.”

And then she got up and walked away into the dorm building. She glanced back as she bounced up the steps and blew me a kiss.

Great. Just fucking great.


Claire and I spent the afternoon walking the campus aimlessly, hand in hand. Lots of smiling, a few kisses behind trees, some giggles, and then she leaned against me and we passed the afternoon quietly strolling and sitting on benches. I loved that about her. Conversation wasn’t hard, but silence was just fine, too. Both of us were often more comfortable when we didn’t have to speak.

I said my goodbyes that night and headed back home. Promised her I would come back again next Friday night. Lydia was a problem. Neither of us knew what her plans were, or what to expect. I told Claire that I had asked Lydia to keep what she knew to herself. I probably gave Claire a more positive interpretation of Lydia’s response than was deserved.

I started cataloging a list of friends who might let me use their places over the next weekend so that Claire and I could be alone, and out of the dorm room.


We talked on the phone several times over the following days. She seemed more relaxed. She was eager to see me again. She specifically said her pussy was eager to see me again, which made me laugh.

The week dragged by. I had dreams about making love to her. The urge to masturbate was strong, but something made me want to save up my cum for Claire. I guess that’s weird, but anyway, I resisted.

Friday night I picked her up at the dorm and we went out for dinner to Mario’s again. The pizza was delicious, but we were both hungry for something else.

She took me back to her dorm room and as soon as we were through the door she pulled me against her and kissed me deeply. Lips, tongues, heat, passion. Before I knew it she was shedding her blouse and pulling my shirt up over my head. We let go of each other and stripped naked, then tumbled onto her bed. It was all a blur for a while. I made her cum pretty quickly, then she climbed on top of me and rode my cock for a bit. Pretty soon I pushed her off and went down on her long enough to bring her to another orgasm. We were noisy, busy, grasping and taking, licking and kissing and sucking.

I pushed her onto her back, lifted her legs over my shoulders, positioned my hard cock at her entrance and looked her in the eyes. They were big and eager. She was smiling. She glanced down and looked at my cockhead poised just outside of her love tunnel, then raised her eyebrows and nodded. I pushed into her, stretched her and impaled her and pressed her legs down until her knees were nearly touching her shoulders. I was deep. She gasped, then smiled. Then I eased out and plunged back in. I held her calves up in the air as I worked her wet pussy into a foamy lather.

“That feels so… God, so dreamy, baby. You’re so deep inside of me. So full. So hot. Oh, god, Danny, I’m going to cum on you. Oh, man, that’s so crazy. So good! Keep going. Keep… Harder, please. Oh, unghhh. Unghhhh. Oh fuck me, fuck me, here I come…”

Her pussy suddenly got wetter, sloppier as it seemed to clamp down on my thrusting cock. She trembled, shook, jerked uncontrollably. I wanted to let go, to flood her, fill her, but I held back, used all of my concentration to back myself off the cliff and back to safety. She had plunged into the deep water; I wasn’t quite ready yet.

I let go of her legs, raised myself up so she could breathe, and watched her coming down from the high. She was beautiful, altogether beautiful. A dream come true. Her curves drove me crazy. Her lips set me on fire. Her pussy released the captive animal in my lizard brain.

“Did you come?”

“Decided to wait.”

“How the hell can you decide to wait? Do you have super-powers of some kind? Me, I feel like I’m under your spell. You bring me to that place and I couldn’t stop if my life depended on it.”

“It’s a long weekend. I guess didn’t want to disappoint you. Guys run out of gas faster than girls.”

“You could never disappoint me, Danny. Not in a gazillion years. You sure haven’t disappointed me tonight. But… I’m glad you waited. I’m sorry. I was afraid to say avrupa yakas─▒ escort something. Afraid you’d be disappointed. I might not be safe right now. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m not safe. Last week I had just finished my period. This week I should be close to ovulating. Hard to know for sure, but with all the cum you shoot into me there’s a good chance one of those guys will make it to the finish line.”


We were quiet for a few minutes. My cock started deflating.

“Why didn’t you want to say something?”

“Guys need to come, right? Blue balls or something? I didn’t want to do that to you. I was willing to risk getting pregnant so that you could, you know, get some release.”

“Blue balls? That’s just something guys tell girls to get some sympathy sex. I mean, I’ve been thinking about this all week, wanting to be with you again, wanting to make love to you again, but… I care about you, Claire. I need you to be honest with me. I want you to tell me what you love, what you hate, what you need, what you want. And, I need to know when you need to wait.”

I slipped out of her and she frowned.

“I’ve made him all soft.”

I smiled.

“I’m absolutely sure you can find a way to help him recover.”

Her face clouded over.


“Lydia. I made a deal with Lydia, sort of. Only if you go along with it, though. Only if you’re ok with it. Only if you’re willing.”

Oh, damn.

“What kind of a deal?”

“She wants you to… make love to her. If you do, she’ll promise not to spread this around to her friends.”

I didn’t know what to say. My eyes went wide, I guess. I was at a loss for words.

“You made a deal.”

“I know. It’s terrible. But it would be ok, really. It wouldn’t change anything. She said one time would be all she would ask for. And you like her, right? I’m sure it wouldn’t be bad.”

“Claire…” I took a breath and gathered my words.

“No deal, Claire. You and I have something special going here. The last thing I want to do is get into that kind of relationship with another woman, even just once. It would mess with my mind. I think it would mess up our relationship. You might start feeling jealous. You might start wondering if I liked Lydia better than you. I don’t want that to happen. What we have is good, right? I’m not going to do something that might ruin this.”

She beamed. She hugged me.

“I think I might be falling in love with you, Danny. My feelings are all goofy and mixed up right now, but I know I feel something I’ve never felt before, and I like it, a lot.”

We were both quiet for awhile.

“Shit. I’ve made a mess of things.”

“What do you mean? No you haven’t. We’ll get through this.”

“No, I mean… Lydia is going to be here in 10 minutes. She’s expecting to, you know…”

Oh double-damn.

“Maybe we can talk her down.”


We both threw on some clothes and waited. In just a few minutes there was a knock and the door opened. She walked in. Danced in, really. She might have been high, or she might have just been flying emotionally. She was bubbly and eager.

“Did you tell him about our agreement, Claire? I hope you didn’t wear him out?”

I spoke up.

“Lydia, there’s no deal. I think this is pretty low. You’re essentially blackmailing your friend.”

“No, you’re wrong, Danny. Claire and I have always shared everything. Secrets, heartaches, friends, money, jobs, and now we’re roommates. I never chase her out when Todd is sleeping over because it’s her room, too, and if she had ever wanted to share Todd with me, that would have been cool.”

“Well, Lydia… I’m kind of a one-woman guy. I want to be faithful to Claire. I like the idea of being monogamous.”

“Oh, shit, Danny, what fun is that? Variety is the spice of life! There’s a whole cafeteria of hungry women and horny guys on this campus, and they’re all fucking each other! There’s plenty of time for monogamy when we’re 30 and worn down by life. Aren’t you curious? I know you think I’m sexy. Wouldn’t you like to see how my pussy compares to Claire’s?”

“That’s just it. I’ve found what I want and I’m not curious about what I might be missing. And anyway, Claire’s more of a woman than I can handle. I’m more than satisfied.”

Claire smiled at that.

Lydia wasn’t happy.

“Well shit. You disappoint me, Danny. We could have had a lot of fun, you know? Todd’s gone for the weekend, I’m horny as hell, you two are getting it on like rabbits. Where does that leave me? I guess I’ll go find some lonely girlfriends, get drunk, and spin some gossip.”

She started to leave.

“Claire says that Todd never goes down on you.”

She stopped.

“Suppose we don’t fuck, but I show you what I can do with my tongue? Would we be square then?”

Lydia turned and snorted.

“Depends on if you’re any good, I suppose.”

“Someone once said ‘there’s good sex, bad sex, and no sex.’ What have you got to lose?”

Claire looked a bit shocked, but not offended.

“You’re on, stud.”

“Only one condition. Well, two, really. One, Claire stays here, so there won’t be any doubts in her mind about what we did. And two, this is a one-time deal. I do this for you, you keep quiet about Claire and me, and you’re going to have to find some other guy to go down on you next time.”

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