Claire Ch. 02

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Claire was sitting at the desk in the corner of her living room, poring over the papers she had retrieved that morning from her friend Carol’s home. She jumped slightly as the ring of her telephone startled her from her concentration. She froze as she read the name that appeared on the caller I.D. display. It was her friend Carol.

“Hello.” Claire said into the receiver after she picked the cordless hand set.

“Claire? It’s Carol. Scott told me you picked up the paperwork earlier today. Did you find everything ok?”

“Uh, yes.” Claire said as her heart pounded. Nervous feelings of guilt nagged at her conscience as she spoke to her friend. Her mind raced back to the encounter she had with Carol’s son earlier that day. She could feel her face becoming flush at the recollection.

“Good. I’m glad everything is in order. Hey, Tom and I are going are going away next week. It’s a bit of a last minute trip we need to make to help out my sister in Florida. I’m sorry I won’t be at the township budget meeting tomorrow night. But, would you mind swinging by the house one day just to drop off the meeting minutes and paperwork from the meeting? Scott should be around to let you in.”

“No problem. I can swing by after work one night. Probably on Wednesday night, if that’s ok?” Clair said.

“Sure, sure. If you want, you can use the swimming pool. It’s supposed to be very warm next week.”

“Thanks, maybe I’ll cool off in your pool after work on Wednesday. Thanks.”

“No problem, Claire. I thank you for swinging by.”

Wednesday morning, Claire packed her swimsuit, a beach towel, and some casual summer clothes into her duffel bag along with Carol’s paperwork before leaving for work. The weather report said it was going to be hot and she thought a dip in Carol’s pool would be a nice end to the day. She planned to leave a few hours early so she could relax in the pool before going home.

But mostly, what Claire had really been thinking about was seeing Scott again. The memory of their encounter kept entering her mind. She wasn’t sure how to resolve the conflicting feeling of guilt and lust. Guilt, because it was her close friend’s son. Lust, for obvious reasons. Lust was emerging as the winner in her conscience.

Claire worked through her lunch break and hurried to complete essential tasks before she left. At about 2:30 that afternoon she slipped into the ladies room to change and sneak out for the day. After changing and a quick commute, she pulled into Carol’s driveway a bit before 4 pm.

As Claire walked down from the driveway to the pool, she could see Scott was relaxing on one of the large, wooden chaise lounge chairs by the pool. She could feel herself becoming a bit nervous as she remembered the last time she saw Scott.

“Hi, Scott. I came to drop off some paperwork for your mother. She also said I could stop by for a dip in the pool.”

Scott looked up at Claire as she approached the pool. He smiled and said, “The weather is right for it. büyükçekmece escort The water’s nice.”

Claire walked to the vacant chaise lounge chair next to Scott and dropped her towel on it. She knew Scott was watching her as she pulled off the shorts and t-shirt she had on over her one piece swim suit. She then jumped into the kidney-shaped pool.

The water felt cool and refreshing as Claire swam underwater to the other side of the pool. When she re-surfaced she looked over at Scott to see that he was watching her. She smiled and swam to the shallow side of the pool where the water came just to chest height. Claire leaned against the side of the pool, enjoying the cool water.

Scott got up and walked to the deep end of the pool. He dove in and swam the entire distance underwater to Claire. He broke the surface with a slight splash as he resurfaced right in front of her.

“Glad you came for another visit.” Scott smiled. “I enjoyed the last time you came over.”

“I’m sure you did.” Claire nervously grinned back.

“I wished you hadn’t left so suddenly.”

“Sorry, I was a little overwhelmed by what had happened.” Claire replied.

“Don’t be.” Scott said as he cautiously moved closer.

“Scott….” Claire started as her voice trailed off.

Scott’s body pressed against Claire as he slowly leaned down. Gently he kissed her. First it was just a small, apprehensive peck on her lips. But his confidence grew when Claire did not push him away. Slowly, Scott wrapped his arms around her waist as he kissed her again.

Claire’s lips parted as she accepted Scott’s kiss. His tongue passed through her lips to meet hers. Their tongues twined together as their passion grew. Any feelings of reluctance that Claire had were pushed aside as she savored his kiss. The warmth of his body against her made her tingle.

As they kissed, Claire could feel the straps of her swimsuit slide off her shoulders. The fabric of her suit was being pulled down, dropping away from her body. Her full breasts were exposed as Scott pulled the wet nylon down to her waist.

Scott’s hands made their way to gently grasp her soft breasts. He circled and teased her pink nipples with his forefingers, making them perk up with excitement. Gently, but firmly, he pinched them, making Claire gasp.

Scott kissed her one last time. As their mouths parted, he traced a path down her chin with his lips. Softly kissing her neck as he continued down to her heaving chest, where he flicked his tongue over her hard nipple. He could feel Claire’s body wriggle with excitement as he placed his hands on her shapely ass, pulling her close to him.

Claire arched back, as Scott’s mouth sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. His tongue circling the stiff nub as he lustfully sucked. Her body was succumbing to his touch as she softly cried out.

Scott moved his hand from her waist to her belly, sliding it between the wet fabric escort büyükçekmece of her suit and her warm skin. His fingers explored her body as he found the thick patch of fur hiding her pussy. His fingers teased and played with the curls of her pubic hair. They were both breathing hard from the excitement.

Scott’s fingers continued on, his middle finger tracing over Claire’s soft pussy lips. He could feel the slickness of her juices flowing as he explored between her soft folds. Claire sucked in her breath loudly when Scott found the hard nub of her clit.

“You like that?” Scott whispered?

“Ohhhh, yes.” Claire gasped.

Scott pulled Claire’s swimsuit down, exposing her body and giving his hand more freedom. The bunched fabric of her suit slid down her thighs, falling at her feet in a pile on the floor of the pool. Claire kicked the tangled cloth aside. She was naked as she stood in front of Scott in the cool water, parting her thighs to accept the pleasure of his touch.

Claire closed her eyes and gently bit her lip as Scott fingered the sensitive nub of her swollen clit. Her hips gently rocked back and forth as the tip of his middle finger flicked over the little node above the opening to her sex.

“Oh yes Scott! That’s it. Just like that, right there.” Claire moaned. Her pussy was burning with hot sensations of pleasure as his fingers rubbed her throbbing clit. Scott was softly gasping as he lustfully followed her command.

Claire could feel the stress of orgasm beginning to build. “Oh Scott, go inside. Finger fuck my pussy!”

Claire gasped loudly and her body shuddered as Scott easily slid two fingers into her slick opening. She arched back and grabbed the edge of the pool. Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the cement edge and pushed her hips toward the young man as his fingers slid in and out of her. His fingers filled and probed her hot tunnel, turning her on even more.

Claire’s hips bucked as Scott worked her hot pussy. As his fingers fucked in and out of her slick hole, Claire could feel the tingling in her pussy growing more intense.

“Oh yes! That’s it Scott. Mmmmmmmmmmhhh, fuck me!” Claire gasped.

Claire’s thrusting hips and gasps of pleasure spurred his excitement. Faster, his fingers franticly fucked in and out of Claire’s pussy with a deliberate rhythm. Lustfully, he panted as Claire writhed with lust on his fingers.

Claire’s breathing came in gasps as if she had been working out hard. “Oh Scott (ahhhhhh), you’re going to make me cum soon.”

“Oh yes, Let it go.”

Claire gritted her teeth as her body stiffened. Her hips shook as the release of orgasm shot pleasure through her body. Scott pulled his fingers away from her pulsing pussy and wrapped his arms around her. Claire clung to him in a tight embrace, wrapping her legs around his waist as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

“That was fantastic.” Claire exhaled.

“Come büyükçekmece escort bayan with me.” Scott whispered.

Scott led her out of the pool over to the lounge chairs. Claire was still naked, as her swimsuit was left at the bottom of the pool. Scott’s wet swimsuit was straining to hold his raging hard on. They toweled dry and Claire sat down on one of the lounge chairs, as Scott stood in front of her.

Claire smiled up at Scott, knowing what he wanted. She also wanted the same thing. The tip of his hard penis was exposed as it poked up through the elastic waist band of his swimsuit. She reached up and pulled his wet shorts down, past his knees letting gravity take them the rest of the way. They fell to his feet with a light plop as they landed on the concrete, exposing his cock, hard from lust.

She held the hard shaft in her hand, bringing her mouth close to the swollen tip. His body twitched with excitement and she could feel his passion throbbing in her palm. Her tongue circled the purple tip as a droplet of clear goo wept from the slit.

“Are you ready for this?” Claire smiled up at him.

“Yes.” Was all that Scott could manage to gasp out.

Claire turned over onto the lounge chair. She was on all fours with her ass arched up, offering her slick pussy to Scott. His hard cock easily slid into her, filling her hot slot. As he pushed forward, completely filling her, Claire could feel his warm body press against her ass. She gasped at the sensation of his balls pressing against her clit, which was still sensitive from the pool.

Claire spread her thighs a little wider and rested her body on her elbows, arching her ass a little higher and giving Scott more access to her pussy. She could feel his pubic patch, bristling against her wet pussy lips each time he pushed forward. Her excitement was leaking from her pussy like a hot broth. Her juices coated his slick penis and dripped down his sack, matting his pubic fuzz.

Scott’s hands were on Claire’s hips as he thrust back and forth, completely filling her hot channel with each thrust. Claire bucked her hips to meet each of his forceful thrusts. Lustful sounds of their bodies sliding and slapping filled the air along with their grunts and gasps of carnal pleasure.

Scott’s thrusts became even more fervent as he was getting closer to orgasm. Claire could feel his pistoning cock begin to pulse as her own pussy was pounding with the beginning throbs of climax. The two lovers braced for their coming rapture.

Scott thrust forward one last time, as his cock spasmed, surge after surge of his hot seed filled Claire’s hot pussy. The torrents of Scott’s cum pushed her over the edge, her body shook with waves of pleasure as she came again for Scott.

The pair collapsed onto the lounge chair, a small stream of their juices flowed between them onto the chair. Clair rolled over, onto her back. Deeply, Scott kissed her.

“Will you stay the night?” Scott asked.

“I need to go home so I can go to work tomorrow.”

“Can we meet again?” he longingly asked.

“Yes, but we must keep this secret. Friday after work.”

“Ok.” He smiled.

Claire kissed him one last time before they closed their eyes. When he awoke, she was gone. He would have to wait until later to find out where this was going, but for now he just basked in the glow of the moment.

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