Claiming Her Ch. 04

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Millie was restless if not eager.

Two weeks had passed and Uncle Aiden would not speak to her. Nothing other than the polite comments whenever he crossed her path. Tonight, that would change.

It was her mother’s aunt’s annual Christmas party. She would always throw a grand and spectacular dinner in her home and of course the entire family was invited. Uncle Aiden would be there and he would be forced to at least make some small talk with her. If he didn’t, the family would grow suspicious and begin to inquire. She knew very well that he would not have that happen.

As expected, Aunt Claire had gone all out and the party was already in full swing when Millie arrived. It seemed some forty, fifty family members were in attendance. She glanced at her phone. Half past five. Aunt Clair would announce that dinner would start soon and all mingling would stop. Would she be seated next to Uncle Aiden? Her grandaunt Claire was always very meticulous about the arrangements of her Christmas dinner and Millie could only hope that she sat had her and Uncle Aiden together.

But where was Uncle güvenilir bahis Aiden? He was never late or even punctual. He was always early. She looked around ounce more, looking this way and that, and then finally, just when she was starting to get frustrated, she heard from behind her:

“Looking for someone?”

She turned. Uncle Seth. Not an uncle by blood but he had been a loyal family friend for years. Him and Uncle Aiden knew each other since they were finger painting. Millie had forgotten just how tall and unsettling Uncle Seth was. He was the exact definition of masculinity, with a head full of blonde hair. And his smile. . . It was the smile of a wicked man that promised a great deal of. . . Things. And his eyes, although always cold and indifferent, were looking at her as if she were a tart ripe for devouring.

A second stretched to twenty before Millie said, “Not at all.”

“A pity,” his tone husky as he idly scanned her frame, “I was rather hoping you’d be looking for me.”

A sultry warmth spread from her cheeks and down to that same place that had been aching for Uncle Aiden türkçe bahis for days. “To be honest, I didn’t think you’d be in attendance. You certainly haven’t dropped by Uncle Aiden’s house.”

He cocked his head and smirked. “I have been busy with other things. Haven’t had time to pay Aiden a visit or even catch up but I’d never miss Claire’s Christmas party. But I’m quite glad to know you’ve noticed my absence.”

Her face burned again. She didn’t responded immediately. She couldn’t. All she could think about was having his arousal pressed against her. Shame filled her thoughts once more. She broke her gaze from Uncle Seth but he held her chin and something in his eyes had changed. His stare was not the cold and indifferent stare he gave everyone. It was as if he’d seen right through. Known every thought that crossed passed her mind and every feeling she felt.

He closed the distance between them and whispered gently in her ear, “It’s okay to feel horny, Amelia.” His other hand fell on the curve of her back and pulled her to the one place she wanted to feel most. “It’s okay to want cock.”

Uncle güvenilir bahis siteleri Seth was hard, and he was big, and he made sure she knew it. She gasped as he slowly, softly, rubbed his erection against her. Uncle Seth didn’t seduce, he invaded. He grew harder and his breathing came deeper. Millie scanned the room room for Uncle Aiden quickly. Surely he’d become very upset if he saw Uncle Seth and her like this.

There he was in the parlor, the red flare of his cigaret burning bright as he took in a quick puff before bursting out a deep laugh. Of course he hadn’t even noticed her. He was too busy laughing at the tall blonde’s joke. Who was she? Was she her cousin’s best friend Madeleine? Madeleine was certainly pretty and known for her . . . Vast experiences. Millie was trying very hard to determine whether it was Madeleine or not when Seth leaned into her ear and said, “I think you’d love sneaking into my room tonight to play.”

Millie blinked. She’d forgotten all about Uncle Seth and his pressing bulge. Making Uncle Seth’s cock explode would be quite a retribution. She leaned up, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and made quite a show of how good it is to see him again. She giggled and let go of him but not before she whispered her agreement in his ear and let him know just how much she’d love to play.

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