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Cindy’s Secrets

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She was so beautiful, my fiancé Cindy. We were ready to get married in just few short weeks, and she’d come up to the big city from her home town in rural Tennessee to get settled in our new apartment. She’d always seemed so sweet and innocent to me, and while we’d only known each other for a little over a year, I was head over heels in love with her. It was positively everything about her, her smile, her laugh, but probably most of all, the way she looked at me and made me feel like the most important person in the world.

I guess it didn’t hurt that she had a killer body as well. She’d wear these little short skirts that would kind of twirl when she’d walk, and she had the sweetest heart shaped little ass in a pair of jeans anyone had ever seen come out of her little town. Top that off with a killer set of heavy breasts, and the result was that the little green eyed, brown haired beauty made me the envy of every man I met.

I’d had already been in the big city for a few months, but had been having trouble getting every thing settled. The first job hadn’t worked out quite right, resulting in me being laid off of work for the last month. Cash got tight, and I’d had to make a few questionable decisions to get everything under control like take a loan from a guy down on the street. I know it wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but at least I kept my apartment, and now that Cindy was here, I was confident, everything was going to work out.

She’d only been there for a few days, and was trying to line out work and put a bit of a woman’s touch to the place, when it came time for the weekly payment. Big Eddie came knocking at the door.

Cindy answered it, “Can I help you?”

“Well, what have we here?” Big Eddie answered. “I’m looking for Jim, is he here?”

“Just a minute, I can get him for you,” she replied. “Are the two of you friends?”??“More like business associates. Hey Jimbo,” he shouted out, “where are you?”

Jim came running up to the door, “Cindy, why don’t you head back, I’ve got some business to attend to here with Big Eddie.”

This wasn’t normal behavior for Jim, and she looked a little confused, but headed to the back bedroom as requested.

She sat there for a minute, then heard a lot of noise, and came running back out to find Jim laying there on the ground.

“You gotta pay your bills, or things like this are going to happen. You had to know that Jimbo.”

Cindy ran over to him, crying “Stop, stop, what‘s going on?”

“Jimbo here owes me money. This weeks payment is $1000, and unless you’ve got a thousand bucks, I got hit him a few more times.”

“Please, please,” she cried, “there’s got to be another way. We’ll have it for you next week. He just got a job, and I’ve almost got one. We’ll take care of it.”

“The schedules this week girl friend, and we can’t let people think I’m getting soft, can we? Honey, it’s just business.” Then he looked my beautiful girlfriend up and down, and then said, “but maybe we can work something out, just this once. Alright Cindy, let’s see what you’ve got. Take down the top bitch… or do you want me to beat up your boyfriend a little more?

Jim was indeed sitting in the corner, spitting blood, trying to get his breath back. Cindy looked at him with tears rapidly forming in her eyes. She knew she didn’t have a lot of options, looked down at him, her fiancé and the man she loved, and then started to undo the buttons on her blouse. She was hesitant, but before she knew it, she was standing there in her short floppy skirt and bra, her skin exposed. She looked away in shame. Then to the man’s catcalls, reached behind her, unsnapped a tiny, Şirinevler Escort thin black lace bra, and let it drop to the floor, holding her hand over her large breasts.

Eddie walked up to the pretty young girl, and pulled her hands down, then gave each boob a good squeeze and yanked on her nipples. She took a little gasp when he pulled, then he laughed, and in one move, sat down and pulled her over his knee. He pulled her arm behind her back so couldn’t move, and started spanking her. After a few strokes, he pulled her little skirt up to find a nice little pair of matching black lace panties. She struggled for a minute against the stronger, larger man, then calmed taking the punishment.

After she calmed down, he started talking to her.

“You know, this is all your boyfriends fault. If he hadn’t borrowed all that money and then not paid it back, I wouldn’t have to do this. As much as I enjoy this, and I do sweet cheeks, it’s not me you should hate, it’s him. You do understand me, don’t you? It’s just business, and he needs to know there are consequences.”

“I understand,” Cindy replied between little sobs.

“Jimbo told me you were coming and that you’ve never fucked him. Is that true?”

“Yes, we were waiting, we’re getting married in a few weeks, we thought it would be sweet.”

“Sounds like he’s a limp dicked pussy to me. Hey Jim, are you a pussy?” Then he swung Cindy around sitting her on his lap, bending her over a little bit so her tit’s dangled down a little bit. “This here is some quality tit flesh Jimbo, bet you wish you were doing this.”

And he started rubbing Cindy’s breasts. It started gentle, then got a little rougher. “You like that Cindy? You like getting your tities rubbed in front of your boyfriend? I bet you do, I bet that gets you really hot.”

I just sat there and watched in disbelief. I was afraid to move and get beat up more by this bookie, but somehow did find it arousing.

Eddie then pulled Cindy up, so she was standing over me, then gave her tits a slap. “Hands up on the wall bitch, give me clean access to those jugs.” Cindy obeyed, and he gave her tits another little slap, then another and another; each one was harder than the last and Cindy started whimpering with each blow. I could see from my vantage point that her boobs were getting increasingly red and her nipples increasingly hard. She was noticeably out of breath.

“Let’s see the rest of it now girl, drop the drawers, and let’s see your puss.” She seemed much less hesitant this time, and pulled down her skirt and panties in one motion, standing there in front of the man with her panties around her ankles.

“Nice, full bush to match them big round boobs. I kind of like that on a woman.” He then pulled her to him and pushed a finger down to her pussy. “And she’s wet, look at this Jimbo, she’s sopping wet, and loose too,” he said as pushed a finger all the way up her and then pushed it into her mouth. “I thought you said you’d never had sex with the girl,” he said to me.

“Bitch, you’ve been fucking someone, who is it?”

Cindy just shook her head and looked down.

“You want me to punch loverboy over there in the head again? We can loosen up a few more teeth.”

“No please…”

“So, who is it, if it’s not him?”

“OK, if that’s the way you want it, I’ll go beat him around a little more…,” and Big Eddie dropped the girl where she was.

“Ok, ok, stop it, just leave him alone.

“This better be good bitch.”

“God it is, I’m sure you’re going to love this…” she began.

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this… Back at home, I’m Şirinevler Escort Bayan the only girl in the family, and all the cousins, we go down to this swimming hole. It started years ago where we’d play and splash, but as we started to get older, the boys started touching me. If I tried to stop them, they’d get really mean, and I guess I didn’t mind it that much.”

“So you like getting touched? C’mon girl, go on…” he said as he started to rub her pussy again.

“Yeah, I guess I kind of liked the attention. So after a little while, they talked me into to skinny dipping with them, and one thing led to another until they’d play with me.”

“Yeah, like how…” he led her on.

“They liked to play with my boobs and squeeze my ass. Sometimes it would just be one of them, but sometimes a few of them would come. They’d do things like you were, get a little rough, maybe push me back and forth between them, and using me like a play toy.”

“So, you’re the family play toy? You like that bitch?” He asked while continuing to rub her pussy.

“Why do you make me say this? Yes, yes, I liked the attention.” She paused for a second, “I love the attention, and after I touch them, they’re always so nice to me.”

“You touch them?”

She paused again, looking over at Jim, “I suck their dicks”

He pushed her down to her knees, and pulled his cock out for her.


“And what?” she asked starting to play with his cock.

“And what else honey…” pushing his cock into her face.

And her toungue came out playing over his nut sack, “and lick their balls.”


“And swallow their cum.” And her mouth started to take his whole cock in.


“Ok, ok, they fuck me. Are you happy? Each and every one of them, they fuck me hard. Sometimes they line up and take turns. Oh my god do they fuck me hard, and they do it every chance they get in the summer. They bring me down to the swimming hole every day, and they get me so wet. They’ll each cum inside me and leave me this sloppy, cummy mess. Are you happy now?”

“No, not yet,” he said pulling his dick out. “I think you’ve got more to tell. What else do you do baby. Does daddy fuck you?”


“Maybe the neighbor?”

“No, please, that’s it. Just let me suck you off,” she begged, playing with his cock and starting to kiss the head.

“That’s kind of nasty girl, but you won’t give it up to loverboy.”

“I didn’t want him to know. I mean, it’s all so different with him, he loves me…”

And finally, she started sucking off the punk in earnest.

“So, you really are some hot little whore, aren’t you? You like to suck cock?”

“Mm-hmm” she hummed with the cock in her mouth.

“You like your cousin’s cocks”


“And your brothers?”


“And you like to swallow cum?”


“And you like it when they fuck you and cum up your pussy?”


“Do you want me to fuck you?”


“I guess that’s what they do in Tennessee,” he said. Then he pushed the beautiful girlfriend onto her back, spread her legs and started fucking her.

And she loved it…

She kept moaning and crying, “oh yes, oh yes, please, please… please fuck me, fuck me really hard, I’ve been such a bad girl, and he owes you so much money, please do me really hard… we both deserve it… “

Her face was flushed, sweat was starting to run down her body, and her boobs were bouncing and jumping like nothing I’d ever seen.

“So you like it rough, do you?”

“You should use me like you want, I’m Escort Şirinevler just a little whore to pay back his loan…”

And then reached up, and slapped her in the face.

“Ohhh,” she wimpered… and kept rising and falling on his dick.

Then he reached up and slapped her right tit.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered again, “just like Cousin Bob does… do it again…”

Then her reached up and slapped her left tit.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered again.

And so the abuse really began. He reached up and slapped one boob, then the other. The same set of breasts that I’d had been so careful of, so adoring of ever since I’d met her, and here was this person he hated, slapping them over and over and over again until the girls beautiful boobs were bright red from the beating. All the time she kept whimpering and crying and begging for more.

And with a final motion, he rolled her back over, started chocking her with both hands and fucking her like some wild animal. He held her by the throat until she stopped moving, bucked into her for about another minute, then made the unmistakable signs of cumming inside her, and letting her go. She immediately started gasping for breathe; at least she was still alive.

“You like getting abused and fucked really hard, don’t you bitch?”

“mmmmmmmmmmmm….” Was all she said as she rolled over still catching her breath.

“I need one more thing from you, I want you to go over to loverboy over there, and I want you to sit on his face. Make him lick all my cum out of your pussy, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

And she got up, quite obediently, walked over to me, the man she loved, and straddled my head placing one knee on each side, then sliding her well fucked, spunk dripping pussy over my nose.

“Please sweetheart, lick me clean. He fucked me really hard, and we’ve got so much to talk about. I’d really like to start over again with you, and I love you so much, but please… please make me feel good right now.” And she reached down, stroked my face with her hand, and gave him that smile that has always just made him melt.

And it happened. My tongue came out and touched her velvety pussy for the first time, if only it hadn’t been mixed with the jizz of another man. Her pussy just seemed to drip and drip with his cum, but at least she seemed to enjoy it. I licked for what seemed like forever, until she started to buck and moan on a little bit. She was getting near to orgasm, but then it happened again, Eddie pushed her down, and pushed his cock back into her, fucking her while my tongue was still inside her.

I was pinned, I couldn’t move. Cindy was still bucking against my tongue and into his cock, and Big Eddie was fucking into her like a bought and paid for whore. Cindy finally broke out in orgasm as he kept fucking her, his balls hitting me in the chin and his cock sliding up and down my tongue with every stroke. Finally, he pulled out and shot his load in my face, laughing the whole time.

He got up, pulled on his pants, and walked out the door. “I’ll be back every week for more until you’re paid up,” he said.

I was trying to wipe off my face, but Cindy stopped me, licked me clean, then swallowed it all. Then she stroked my face again, and gave me a deep tongue kiss. The taste of the other man’s load was still in her mouth.

“I was going to tell you some day,” she finally said, “I just didn’t know how, but I do know this wasn’t what I had in mind…” This is why it was so important that we move out of town and settle somewhere else. I want it to be just you and me, and if we stay there, they won’t leave me alone. Please understand, please don’t hate me.” And she held onto to me tight.

And I held her back.

There was going to be a little bit of time before everything would be normal again, but I knew I couldn’t leave this beautiful girl that loved me so much.

Now they just needed to figure out to how to pay back Big Eddie.

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