Christopher and the Three Condoms

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“Are you sure you want to do this?” the genie said. “I’m telling you, a million dollars would make you a lot happier.”

“I don’t care,” said Christopher. “I’d rather get laid than get a million dollars.”

“Well, if you’re sure,” the genie said; “remember, it’s only sex, not love. I can’t make anyone fall in love. Not even the big boss can do that. But three people will want to fuck you.”

“How does it work?” said Christopher. “How do I choose them?”

The genie sighed again. He held out three condoms in their bright-red squares. “Take these three condoms. When you show one of them to someone, whoever you showed it to will want to fuck you.”

“What happens if we don’t use the condom?” said Christopher.

“Doesn’t matter. Whether you use the condom or not, the spell will only work once. After you’ve shown it to someone, it’s just a normal condom. By the way, you should probably get some more. You have to use condoms.”

“What happens if someone accidentally sees them? Or if they see more than one of them?”

“You’re a smartass, aren’t you?” said the genie. “It doesn’t matter if they see more than one. You get three chances. But whether it’s accidental or not, they’re going to want to fuck you. So, you should be careful with those.”

“So I can’t take the spell off?” said Christopher.

“Only by fucking them,” said the genie.

“What’s the catch?” said Christopher.

“I already told you. It’s sex, not love. These jimmies will catch their attention, but you’ve got to do the rest. Any other questions?”

“I don’t think so,” said Christopher. But the genie had already flagged a cab, and was climbing into the backseat without a backward glance at Christopher.

Christopher looked at the bright red squares. “Durex?” he muttered. “You’d think an all-powerful genie could at least spring for Trojan.”

Christopher put the condoms in his pocket.

Christopher remembered that the genie told him to get more condoms. So before he went back to his apartment, he stopped by the drugstore.

Christopher had an odd relationship with condoms. On the one hand, he loved condoms themselves. He loved their shape, how they were just the right size and shape to go over a guy’s cock. He loved all their different varieties, the black or red or blue ones, the ultra-thin ones, and on occasion, the textured ones. He loved the ritual of carefully unrolling one over his cock. Or unrolling one onto someone else’s cock, for that matter.

He didn’t love buying them. Just looking at the boxes turned him on, and he didn’t like getting wood in the middle of a store. He hated bringing them up to the cash register and paying for them. He hated that whoever rang him up had that little chance to imagine him using themÔÇöhe’d feel embarrassed on the off-chance that the clerk would get turned on, and humiliated if the clerk would feel disgusted.

As Christopher stepped up to the store, the sliding doors whooshed open for him. As he stepped in, he smelled the sterile grey carpet, saw the rows of joyless candies in their glum red wrappers, saw the bottles of hair dye with the beautiful, scowling women on them, and winced under the harsh fluorescent lighting. The cashier, a skinny boy with messy brown hair, nodded at him. This was a guy he’d bought condoms from before. Christopher was normally friendly with this guy, and had even thought he was cute two years ago, but had long since become resigned to treating him as only a cashier. But Christopher was relieved that the cashier today was him, because he knew that he wouldn’t say anything for condoms.

Christopher got a basket, headed to the condom section, and started loading it up. He’d used up his own stockpile of condoms by masturbating months ago, so now he only had the three precious magical condoms. So he got several varieties of condoms: ultra-thin, magnum, studded, fitted, flared head.

He brought the basket of condoms to the clerk. Normally, they might exchange small talk; now, the clerk simply nodded, and efficiently scanned them all in. The nametag on his shirt said “Peter”.

“Your total is $43.67,” said Peter.

Christopher pulled out his wallet, but his pockets were so full that one of the red condoms came out too. Peter’s eyes went to the condom, then to Christopher, then down, as he blushed a little. Christopher thought, Oh, he’s definitely seen it. I don’t know if I would have chosen him, but he is rather cute. He passed over his credit card, and put the red condom in his left pocket, so he wouldn’t forget that that condom’s charm was spent.

“My shift finishes at 6 tonight,” said Peter. “Are you doing anything tonight?”

“Not really,” said Christopher. “Do you want to hang out?”

“Sure,” said Peter.

At 6:20 that night, Christopher stepped into Peter’s apartment. Peter had already changed into jeans and a faded navy blue T-shirt, and Christopher couldn’t believe how casually sexy he looked.

Christopher closed the door behind him. Peter said, “Hi,” then stepped casino ┼čirketleri up to him and kissed him on the mouth. His lips were warm and soft, and his tongue snaking in felt so good. Christopher felt as if he’d won the lottery, that he was able to make out with such a cute guy so soon.

Peter reached around and hugged Christopher tightly as they kissed, and his arms felt warm on Christopher’s back. Christopher did the same, and hugged Peter’s slim body. Christopher could feel Peter’s erection through his jeans, and smell the vaguely unbrushed-teeth smell of Peter’s breath.

Peter stepped away, and the loss of the body contact felt almost as painful as stepping out of a warm bath. “Let’s go to my room,” he said. He turned and led Christopher to his bedroom.

Peter’s bedroom was only big enough for his twin bed and his desk. His bed was unmade, and his desk was stacked high with books. Clothes covered the floor. Christopher didn’t mind.

Peter pushed Christopher onto the bed, then straddled him, lying on top of him, kissing him more deeply and more hungrily. Christopher loved the sense of Peter’s weight pressing into him, and Peter’s hard-on pushing into his hip. ButÔÇö

“Wait, let me take my shoes off,” he said. Peter sat up, pouting, and let Christopher sit up and take off his shoes.

“I think we’re wearing too many clothes anyway,” Peter said, and took off his T-shirt. Underneath, his chest was smooth and white. Next, he grabbed Christopher’s T-shirt and pulled it off. Christopher didn’t resist.

Peter pushed Christopher back down and started kissing him again. His chest felt so soft and so warm against Christopher’s chest, and his mouth was warm and wet and messy. Peter’s jeans chafed a little against Christopher’s hip, but he didn’t care. Peter was writhing a little, dry-humping him, as if he wanted to make the most of every inch of contact.

Peter grumbled, like a Ferrari doing 20, and slid off of Christopher, then fumbled with Christopher’s fly. Christopher had long since gotten very hard. “You take them off. I can’t do things backwards,” said Peter, and he undid his own fly, then stood up to step out of his jeans. He was wearing white boxers with red hearts on them. Christopher, likewise, took off his own jeans.

Peter pushed Christopher onto the bed again, and French-kissed him again, his rough tongue slid over Christopher’s. Their legs entwined as they embraced. Peter licked Christopher’s face and neck, then slid down, licked Christopher’s left nipple and his belly button, then lowered Christopher’s black boxers. Christopher’s stiff cock sprang free.

“You’ve got a big cock,” said Peter, and licked up the underside of Christopher’s cock before putting it in his mouth. Peter’s warm, wet tongue and mouth felt good. Peter bobbed up and down, sucking painfully hard, and his teeth scraped against Christopher’s cock. Christopher was torn between absolute intoxication that someone like Peter wanted to give him a blowjob at all, intense pleasure from Peter’s hot, wet mouth and moist tongue, and pain from the suction and the teeth. He considered what he should say.

After a while, Peter came up for air, then kissed Christopher more, while stroking Christopher’s cock. When they split, Christopher said, “Let me do you,” and lowered Peter’s boxers with the hearts. Peter’s cock was a bit smaller than Christopher’s own, but it was a beautiful cock, very symmetric and smooth, curving only up. It was only a little bit darker than his pale chest, and his testicles had already retreated. His scant pubic hair was brown.

Christopher took Peter’s cock in his mouth, enjoying the softness of its head against his tongue. Peter moaned. Christopher licked up and down, enjoying the smoothness and hardness of Peter’s cock. Then, he pulled in his lips a little and wrapped his tongue around Peter’s cock, like his tongue might wrap around a lollipop, as he bobbed. He knew that the level of suction and warmth he was providing was perfect, like a mouth-vagina.

“That feels so good,” Peter whimpered. Christopher kept that smooth motion going, enjoying having such a beautiful cock in his mouth, and enjoying Peter’s heavy breathing and faint musky scent.

“Can I cum in your mouth?” Peter whispered.

“Mm-hmm,” said Christopher, not taking his mouth off of Peter’s cock. He sped up slightly, while Peter moaned and thrashed. His legs flailed. Finally, he said, “I’m going to cum!” A few more squishy thrusts later, Christopher felt Peter’s soft cockhead hardening. He felt Peter’s cock throbbing, and he felt his mouth filling with warm, salty liquid. Peter laughed.

“That felt so good!” he said.

“Thanks,” said Christopher. “Why did you laugh?”

“It was just so much sensation! I couldn’t take it! Do blowjobs always feel that good?”

“Not always. But they always do feel pretty good. Have you ever gotten a blowjob before?”

“Never,” he said. “I never got the chance in high school, and in college now I’m just so busy studying and with work, casino firmalar─▒ I never had the time to look for anyone.”

“Yeah, I was like that in college, too,” said Christopher.

“Can I try again?” said Peter. “Can I try to give you another blowjob?”

“Sure,” said Christopher. He lay back, and Peter put his mouth on Christopher’s cock again. It felt better this time. More confident. He nearly succeeded in that beautiful, warm, artificial vagina feel. Soon, it was Christopher’s turn to whisper, “Can I cum in your mouth?”

The answer was another “Mm-hmm.”

Christopher felt the familiar sensation of semen gently trickling into his cock building up deep in his hips. And then the explosion of pleasure, that pulsing that he felt through every inch of his cock, as deep in Peter’s mouth, he squirted semen again and again.

Peter waited until Christopher had finished coming, then he pulled away and gulped.

“That was so good,” he said. He crawled up and kissed Christopher again, a long, slow, deep kiss like an embrace, and then settled under Christopher’s arm to snuggle.

“What, the taste?” said Christopher.

“No. The taste wasn’t so bad. I mean, this whole thing: coming to my apartment, sucking my dick, letting me suck yours.”

“I should thank you, too,” said Christopher. “You’re so cute. This was fun. I wish you’d asked earlier.”

“Do you do this a lot?” said Peter.

“No. I’m too shy. I like guys, but I don’t usually ask people to come over, or if I can come over. So I’m really happy this happened.” He leaned over and kissed Peter lightly on the forehead.

“I wonder what came over me today,” said Peter. “I mean, I’ve always thought you were hot, but before today, I just never… it never occurred to me…”

“Mm,” said Christopher. He debated how much to say. He also wondered whether Peter had always thought he was hot, or if one of the effects of the condom would be that the person affected thought he had always wanted to fuck him. If it were the former, he was very lucky; if it were the latter, he could accumulate not just hookups, but fuckbuddies. “Well, I’m just happy it did,” he said, holding Peter a little tighter.

“So am I,” said Peter.

The next day, Christopher already knew who he wanted to fuck. The guy’s name was Ryan, and he was one of those impossibly beautiful specimens of manhood: neat brown hair, perfectly tanned skin, shoulders that were broad for his small stature, a tight, tiny waist, and a tight butt. He always just seemed so impossibly sexy, whether he was wearing khakis that showed off his nice butt, shorts that showed off his legs, a tight t-shirt that showed off his perfect figure, or even an elegant sweater that covered it up completely.

Although he didn’t give off any of those nerdy vibes that might be expected of a chess player, his ranking was so much higher than Christopher’s that Christopher had never played him in an even game. He saw him in the chess club that they both went to on Tuesday nights, but Ryan almost never played him, and he would rarely answer Christopher’s questions about chess even if they weren’t playing. Although he was smoothly gorgeous, he seemed to be the type who simply tolerates Christopher’s presence, and only does so because there was no separate room for the weaker players and the stronger ones.

So today, Christopher knew that Ryan would do a lot more than just look at him.

After the chess club disbanded at 8, Ryan left. Although he was shorter than Christopher, his pace was very fast, and soon Christopher caught himself staring at Ryan’s beautiful butt in those khakis, and his back in a royal blue dress shirt, as Ryan passed him.

“Wait!” said Christopher.

“Did I forget something?” said Ryan.

“JustÔÇöumÔÇö” Here Christopher took the second red-wrapped condom out of his pocket. “Do you want to come home with me?”

Ryan looked at the condom, then at Christopher with round eyes. Then, his look became softer and gooier. “Yes,” he said.

Ryan and Christopher barely made it into the front door of Christopher’s apartment, even though it was very close to the chess club. As soon as they closed the door, they were clinging to each other, frantically kissing. Ryan seemed desperate to access Christopher’s body: his arms wrapped around Christopher, then around his head, then around his neck. He wrapped one leg around Christopher’s waist and pulled Christopher in for a closer, deeper kiss. Christopher felt dizzy, not just from the lack of air, but from Ryan being so hungry for him.

Finally, they sprang apart, panting, and Ryan fumbled as he struggled to undo the buttons of his dress shirt one at a time. “Take off your shirt,” he said.

Christopher took off his own sweater as he turned the corner into his bedroom. Ryan followed, stepping out of his loafers as he went. Christopher unbuttoned his jeans as he approached his own neatly-made bed. By then Ryan’s shirt was completely unbuttoned, and he took it off and flung it into a g├╝venilir casino corner. He took off his white T-shirt, showing his gorgeously sculpted abs, and then unbuttoned his khakis. He had a huge erection under his black boxers, and he stepped out of them and pushed Christopher to the bed. His cock seemed huge on his slender frame: long, thick, and veiny.

They French-kissed more, Ryan’s lips and tongue warm and soft, as his bare chest pressed against Christopher’s, and his cock pressed into Christopher’s belly.

When they came up for air, Ryan said, “I need more.”

Christopher sat up, bent over, and took Ryan’s cock in his mouth. It barely fit. He loved the musky smell, and the soft head pressing against his throat. Ryan moaned, thrust a little, then said, “Can we fuck?”

“Of course,” said Christopher. He had already put condoms and lube into his nightstand, and he tossed Ryan an ultrathin. Ryan ripped it open, and slowly unrolled it onto his huge cock. Meanwhile, Christopher had already taken up the lube, and had started to lubricate his hole. He passed the bottle of lubricant to Ryan, who drizzled some over his cock, and then Christopher rolled over onto his belly. “Fuck me,” he said.

Ryan apparently didn’t need any urging. A moment later, he felt that giant cockhead pressing against his hole, and then that intense sensation as Ryan eased his cock in. The strong sensation of fullness felt so powerful and so good. As Ryan lay down on Christopher’s back, Christopher felt the delicious sensation of Ryan’s chest against his back, and his weight on his back.

Ryan thrust and panted. Christopher couldn’t believe that finally, the two of them were fucking. He loved every bit of Ryan’s skin, and that hard sensation in his ass, and the weight of him. Ryan wrapped his arms around Christopher as he rocked his hips faster and faster. He bit Christopher’s shoulder, and Christopher gasped at the sensation. Ryan whimpered and thrust. He whimpered more, and finally let out a huge breath. Christopher felt Ryan’s cock pulsing inside him, through the condom.

Ryan pulled out, and pulled off the condom and threw it into a nearby trash. Christopher’s hole felt very stretched, but he felt happy and incredibly turned on that Ryan had come inside him. The only thing that could make this betterÔÇö

“You have to fuck me too,” said Ryan.

Christopher sat up. “Not a problem,” he said. His cock was still very hard, and leaking pre-cum. Ryan lay down, where Christopher had been. Christopher got out an ultrathin magnum, and unrolled it onto his cock. He slathered his cock with lube, then gently spread lubricant into Ryan’s hole with his fingers.

He lay down on Ryan’s back, and probed Ryan’s crack with his hard cock to find Ryan’s hole. He found the hole and gently eased in. Ryan gasped as Christopher entered. Ryan’s hole was tight, warm, and soft inside.

Christopher held Ryan tightly as he thrust, enjoying the feel of Ryan’s back against his chest, Ryan’s chest in his arms, and Ryan’s tight, warm hole around his cock. Christopher’s legs wrapped around Ryan’s smooth legs. All too soon, he felt that familiar trickle deep in his hips, and then his cock exploded with pleasure as it spurted and pumped semen into Ryan’s butt. He lay there for a moment, panting, as his cock twitched with the final convulsions. Then, he pulled out, and threw away the condom.

Ryan sat up. “I need to go,” he said. His eyes cast around the room, and then he quickly found his boxers, T-shirt, shirt, and khakis, and efficiently put them on.

“Do you need to use the bathroom? Or take a shower?” said Christopher.

“No,” said Ryan. “Goodbye.” And he went out, and slammed Christopher’s apartment door behind him.

Christopher was confused. He went to go wash his hands and shower, but as he showered, he pondered. He’d just had some of the best sex of his life, with a guy he’d lusted after for years. He was happy. But as soon as the fucking was done, it seemed as if the magic wore off. The spell had broken, suddenly, as soon as Christopher had pulled out his cock. Was this how it was always going to be? Was yesterday a fluke? Or did Peter actually like him?

Christopher kept the last condom in his pocket for the next week, as he waited to see another guy who he wanted. He didn’t want to do anything at work, but anyone else was fair game. The problem was, Christopher didn’t leave his apartment very much. For Christopher, a wild night was having a big bag of potato chips while he played chess online. (Normally, he skipped the potato chips.)

Finally, on Saturday, Christopher went for a walk on the bike path that passed by his house. He knew he had to do something for his health, and he didn’t like gyms. So on sunny days, he often would take long walks down the bike path. Now that it was spring, the trees were green, and some of the flowers were blooming, sunny days were very pleasant. He knew better than to expect anyone, but also knew that it was a real possibility.

A blond jogger approached. He had a jogger’s trim build, and curly blond hair. He gave Christopher a runner’s nod as he passed by. Christopher wished that he’d been able to show him the condom. So he took the condom out of his pocket, ready to show anyone.

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