Christmas Gift

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Darren glanced over at his phone as it buzzed on his desk. His housemate had just left and he had already began to sift through his porn collection, but he picked it up absent-mindedly and checked the message anyway.

“Come to the end of the road. Your gift arrived.”

It was Elaine.

Darren and Elaine had been friends for a very long time, lovers for a brief period before it became clear that there was an unhealthy power dynamic between them. She was a strange girl. A history of abuse and bad mental health had left her reckless and destructive but he had known her since they were children and she did have a heart of gold. However, because of her erratic behaviour and their somewhat complicated history, they had agreed never to meet in private and only to see one another in crowded, public places for safety.

Although their romantic relationship was long over, the two were still emotionally quite close, and knew the most intimate things about one another. Elaine was far from inexperienced but a string of abusive relationships had left her very touchy around sex and in theory she preferred to avoid it. In practice, her need for validation often got in the way and landed her in an enormous mess every few months. Darren on the other hand had very little practical experience. None, in fact, apart from the time he had spent with Elaine, but he had a strong interest in trying new things. Any gender, any position. He was just a little too shy to ask anyone.

The “present” in question was a dildo that Elaine had ordered Darren for Christmas. She had known that he was curious about trying anal penetration but had nobody else to turn to, and even if they had still been involved she wouldn’t have had the required equipment, so she had offered the gift and he bashfully accepted.

It was just coming up to Christmas and very cold out, so he reluctantly pulled back on his tracksuit bottoms and tossed a coat around his shoulders on his way out the door so as not to keep her waiting in the frost.

She was waiting at the boundary they had set, the end of his street, chin tucked under her scarf. She carried an unmarked cardboard box under her arm.

He greeted her with a kiss on her freezing cold forehead, her nose was dribbling slightly from the icy wind.

“Thank you so much,” he said warmly as she handed him the box with a smile.

“Have fun” she winked at him.

They parted ways and he set off home with the package, but turned to watch her walk away and immediately felt rude for leaving so soon, especially after her having been so generous.

“Hey, Elaine wait!” he called. She stopped, turned.

He trotted back to meet her. “Would you like to come over for something warm to drink? Its a bit of a walk home for you…”

She looked at him doubtfully. “I’m not allowed…”

“Will you behave?”

“I’ll try… Yes I’ll behave.”

He gave her a warning glance, before putting his hand on her shoulder and guiding her back towards the house.

She took off her shoes in the hall and left them by the door, hanging her coat on the end of the stairs and scampered barefoot into the warm kitchen.

He put the kettle on, leaving his gift on the table.

“I’ll pop this upstairs,” she glanced at him mischievously. “Can’t have Gary coming home to find it on the kitchen table…”

Darren blushed, thinking canlı bahis how he might actually LIKE Gary to find it…

She obviously hadn’t noticed his lack of response, and she scuttled off upstairs.

Darren put some teabags into mugs and poured in the water when he suddenly remembered what he had left open on his computer. Elaine knew all about what he liked but he was still mortified that she should see his private stash. In a panic, he bounded up the stairs after her.

“Oh my god! Did I interrupt you?” she cackled from his room.

Darren’s heart sank and his cheeks flared bright red as he reached his door, panting.

“Whatever, it’s nothing you don’t already know about.” he feigned indifference.

She looked from him to the screen, grinning. Then her eyes fell upon the box she had so neatly stowed under his bed.

“Oh no…” he began.

“Why not? Seems like a good time to try some of this… stuff” she gestured to the monitor, gazing at him lasciviously.

“You said you’d behave.” he said firmly, stepping into the room to escort her downstairs.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” she made towards the door, suddenly repentant.

She must have sensed the unexpected wave of disappointment that hit Darren because moments later her lips were on his and she was pushing him down onto his bed, straddling him with her hands in his hair.

He pulled her close, his heart racing. He had missed this like nothing else. She was a treasure.

Her tongue grazed his bottom lip slowly, deliberately. She knew full well it made him weak. This girl could push all his buttons. He was terrified, impressed and desperate for more all at once. Eventually, she released her grip on him and pulled his shirt off over his head. To his amusement, she actually took the time to fold it semi-neatly and place it on the desk before proceeding, kissing his jaw and neck, tracing the stretch-marks on his arms with her fingers before trailing her fingernails down his spine ever so gently.

Even in his cozy bedroom she sent shivers all through him, that light touch making him tingle all over. He watched helplessly as she kissed all over him, even the fat bits that she knew he didn’t like. It didn’t make him feel any better about himself, but he was comfortable at least knowing that she didn’t find him undesirable the way he did himself. He relaxed a little, allowing himself to enjoy the feeling of her velvety lips on his skin. Her hands were now tugging on the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms so he stood up, flipping around to sit her down on the bed before shimmying out of them. He hadn’t bothered to put his underwear back on after going out so his boner sprung free immediately, making her giggle.

She sat on the edge of the bed as he sank to his knees in front of her, taking one of her bare feet in his hands and raising it to his mouth. Her skin was soft and her toenails were painted shiny dark red. He took her big toe in his mouth and sucked. She immediately erupted into laughter. He was laughing too, tickling her other foot with his hands. She shrieked and kicked a little before relaxing and moaning softly. He swirled his tongue around her toes, glancing up briefly to meet her shit-eating grin before licking the sole from heel to toe. She yanked her foot away, still breathless from laughing.

“That’s enough, nasty.” she scolded him, before bahis siteleri scooting out of her own trousers which she folded as well and placed on the floor. He licked from the tip of her other big toe up to the knee, then stopped to kiss up her thighs. She was wearing red underwear with a floral embroidered pattern in byzantine purple hues.

“Pretentious fuck,” he whispered.

She closed her thighs tight on his head.

“Sorry? What was that? I didn’t hear you!!” she chimed gleefully, smushing his face up with her legs, his chin resting on her pubic mound so he was forced to look her in the eye.

“Ugh, sorry.” he grumbled, and she released him from her vice grip. He blushed, possible from embarrassment but probably too from having his circulation cut off. He felt a little dizzy as he began once again to kiss up her thighs. When he reached the top, he felt her hand on his head, stopping him.

“That’s enough. No more there please.”

Reluctantly, he moved his face away already missing the scent of her. Instead he kissed up her belly, sliding her sweater up as he went till she pulled it over her head.

She had small breasts and rarely wore a bra, so he now had a full view and immediately set to work licking and sucking on her tiny, pink nipples.

“Not so rough” Elaine whispered, restraining his head with her hand again. He slowed down, softened his touch and ran his finger down the centre of her torso from her sternum, over her underwear to her clitoris. She shuddered at the light touch as he had done and ran a hand through his hair in reassurance. He did it again and again until she moved her hips up into the motion. Darren stayed on her clit then, light, circular, rhythmic motions, allowing her hips to move whatever way felt best for her. Her underwear felt wet, but he also saw beads of sweat forming on her inner thighs. Her breathing was ragged and she was clutching at his hair with more desperation now, pulling him close to her.

She came with a whimper, her whole body stiffening for a few moments, then relaxing completely under him. She grinned at him once again before getting up and pulling his folded t-shirt from the desk and putting it on. He was disappointed that he couldn’t keep on looking but she was covered in sweat and would get cold quickly, so he understood.

“Your turn,” she murmured, quiet and demure now that she had been satisfied.

The desperation had left her movements but she still had a devilish glint in her eye and set about kissing his abdomen again with a fervid glee. It tickled a little and his stomach twitched. She moved her head down and he tensed in anticipation, but she descended further and further and suddenly she was licking his feet in return. He exploded with laughter. It tickled like crazy and she looked him shamelessly in the eye, rubbing her tongue in between his toes.

“Stop that!” he gasped, out of breath, doing everything in his power not to reflexively kick her in the face. She stuck out her tongue in defiance but let go of his foot and instead reached under the bed. Darren’s heart sped up a little.

Elaine tore through the postage wrapping to reveal his Christmas present. It was purple and quite thick with some ridging lower down. It was soft silicone with a velvety finish and came with a large bottle of lube, to his relief. He was nervous but desperate to try it bahis şirketleri out, not fully trusting her devilish nature but still trusting her more than he did anyone else. He lay back, exposing himself to her. Expertly she pumped some lube onto the tip and massaged it softly, coating the head. “Of course, girls use these all the time…” he thought hazily before snapping back to reality as the cold tip pressed against his sensitive hole.

She didn’t apply any pressure yet, just rubbed it around the opening and up and down his taint to relax the muscles there. She was very patient, applying more lube where necessary and gently stroking the base of his penis and balls to help him stay in the moment. “It’s ok, just relax, sh sh sh” she kept saying, moving the tip in slow circles, then stopping directly on the hole and twisting without pushing. He groaned, ready now, straining into her to signal and she began applying a slight pressure. She had him well prepared and the tip slid in without much pain. His stomach capsized as she pushed in to the end of the head, stretching him open then getting past the widest point, locking the head inside him. He groaned and his breathing was all over the place. She put her hand on his chest.

“Everything ok?” she checked, stroking his chest, tousling the light hair there. He nodded, but reached up to squeeze her hand. She squeezed back. Still holding his hand, she used her other to twist the dildo a little before applying more lube. The sudden cold made him wince but she massaged around the area with her fingers, quickly replacing the feeling.

When he was ready, she began to move it in and out, gradually building up the depth of the thrusts as she went. Sweat beaded on his forehead but with every thrust he felt warmth spreading throughout his stomach and a little throb of pleasure that grew a little more intense each time.

He let go of her hand, gripping the sheets now and bunching them up in his fists. He groaned, then softly whimpered as he felt her free hand around the base of his own shaft. Her lips were on the tip, rubbing in circles. He had a vague notion that she seemed to be using his precum as lipgloss before she suddenly dipped down to take all of him in her mouth without stopping the persistent pounding in his ass and by this point he just wasn’t capable of thinking any longer.

He let out a soft cry as she pushed and pushed inside his ass, her tongue swirling all over his cock and balls. She pulled back up for air and began softly kissing the head of his dick, quickly. Kisskisskisskiss…kisskisskiss. Her velvety lips felt like heaven and the knot of pleasure in his stomach released all at once. His hips bucked up, a whispered “oh fuck” on his lips. She wrapped her mouth around him fully, swallowing everything.

He lay there getting his breath back a few moments before glancing down at her. She was smiling again, and as their eyes met she blew a bubble out of her mouth with his cum.

“You’re disgusting” he chuckled.

“Oh yeah?” she raised an eyebrow, before yanking the dildo out of his ass, causing a wet, lube filled fart to follow.

“Now who’s disgusting?”

He was mortified, but there wasn’t much he could do but lie there and laugh with her.

“I said to behave!” he protested briefly but she was already writing him instructions on cleaning the damned thing.

“I’m not doing it for you, fuck that, and don’t go buying that overpriced cleaner when baby shampoo works just as well,” she rambled on, scribbling furiously.

He reclined and smiled.

“Tea’s probably cold,” he remarked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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