Christmas Eve Shenanigans

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I knew it was wrong, but I let it all get the best of me. I should have been smarter, I know. But, he had me in his grasp, and I played right into his game. Though I always considered myself a smart, somewhat respectable lady, no longer could I boast these things now. I’m void of dignity because of what I let myself indulge in. I was weak. He knew this, but he didn’t do anything to make it better. It started subtly but ended burning hot.

Whenever Curtis would come over to see us and the children, I couldn’t help but feel his piercing eyes on me, cutting through me like a knife. Most times, I played it off cool. I made it seem like I didn’t know he was staring at me; I was just that chill about it. However, I’m not able to do that anymore. Last Christmas, things came to a head, and I’ve been spiraling ever since. I don’t know what to do anymore, so all I can do is let it all out. Get it off my chest. So, here goes.

As I said, it was last Christmas, and Curtis came over, but he arrived solo. He was single, but always down to mingle. Sometimes, he would bring a new woman to a family function, unexpectedly. His spontaneous dates were physically attractive women, but ones with not much depth past that. Bird brains, essentially. He knew they weren’t high on the intellectual ladder, but he seemed to feel good to show off his new beaus any chance he got.

On last Christmas Eve, He arrived looking incredibly handsome, dressed quite respectfully in dark-washed jeans and a long-sleeve plaid dress shirt. He wore business-casual dress shoes. Overall, he looked smoking hot. He placed a large bottle of wine on our kitchen counter, immediately being bombarded by hugs from his grandkids. “Grandpa, Grandpa! We missed you,” his grandson and granddaughter yelled out, practically climbing over each other to win the first hug. He chuckled heartily, kneeling, and scooping the two of them up at the same time. “Whoa, there! How are you guys! Grandpa missed you too!” He gave them pecks on the cheek and placed them back on the floor, turning his attention to his son.

“What’s up, boy? You good?” Shaun nodded, smirking at his dad. “Yeah, yeah, everything’s good.” “Daddy, come look! An ornament fell off the tree and rolled under the couch,” little Audrey called out loudly. Shaun rolled his eyes, spinning his heels. “Relax, baby, daddy’s coming.” Shaun flashed a semi-annoyed look and followed his young daughter to the living room, an exaggerated hop in his step.

I looked down shyly as Curtis approached me sneakily, chuckling as he saw me blushing. “Hi, Nerissa. Good to see you, girl.” I smiled. “Hi Curtis, nice to see you,” I said cheerily, stepping on my tippy toes to hug him. It did little to help, his 6’2-inch frame towered over my 5’4 body. I decided on a tight-fitting midi turtleneck sweater dress and paired it with ivory knee-high boots. I have average-sized breasts; 36C to be exact, but always wore a great fitting bra. I went glittery on the makeup, donning beautiful ivory and silver eyeshadow and a deep red lip. My dark brown skin glimmered under the lights in the kitchen. I truly felt radiant that night.

He gripped my waist firmly as he hugged me, and he stepped back to look at me. “Wow, you look gorgeous, eh?” I giggled, staring down. My husband’s dad always knew what to say to make me shy and blush, even though I never considered myself timid. I was truly a party chick and can’t lie…loved being the center of attention. But something about the way Curtis said things made me laugh harder than usual.

“You don’t look bad yourself! Staying off those donuts though, I hope!” I gently patted his small potbelly, which made him laugh out loud. “Hey, easy now! You were the one carrying two babies, am I right?” I looked up at him, knowing my face was practically twinkling yenimahalle escort under the lights. Tucking my kinky hair behind my ears, I stepped away from him and slowly turned myself around, showing off my body. “But take a load of me now, all that baby weight gone!” He smiled brightly, agreeing. “Yeah, you’re right. Don’t cry about it now. It’s all in good fun.” He leaned down and kissed me on my cheek, rubbing my shoulder lightly. “Make sure you stay away from the alcohol tonight, or you’ll have to sleep over here. No way you’re going to be driving home drunk, not from my home!”

Curtis smiled, popping open the rum bottle and pouring the drink into two cups. “I can handle my liquor, you know this.”

Following a delicious meal, Christmas movies, and a marijuana joint, I settled on my sectional in the living room, watching prank videos on YouTube. The kids had eaten to their heart’s content and were tucked into their beds, awaiting the arrival of the much-anticipated man in the red suit. Shaun, being a constable, had to work Christmas eve night, and wouldn’t be back until the sun came up. And Curtis, of course, drank way too much. He killed the rum and sampled nearly all the wine in the kitchen. I was minding my own business, deeply relaxed under my fluffy duvet. I wore nothing but a navy-blue satin robe and matching thong, an early Christmas gift to myself.

I had the lights dimmed, and the fairy lights over the curtains danced softly along with the fabric, setting the mood for a cozy space. A door opened, and I heard footsteps coming towards the living room. It was Curtis and he was wearing these super lame onesie pajamas. But hey, you couldn’t tell the man anything! He was on his wave. “Hey Rissa, couldn’t sleep. Guess it’s because Santa’s coming to town, and I’m just excited!” I rolled my eyes, laughing and making space for him on the couch. Well, there was plenty of space, it being a sectional and all, but I assumed he was going to sit right beside me.

And that, he did. He even made himself comfortable under the duvet, sitting inches away from me and facing the tv. “What is this shit?” He asked loudly, pointing at the dumb guy on the screen. He was doing a prank where he was trying to pick up girls in an expensive vehicle, to prove they were gold diggers. “It’s just a prank, Curt, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” He looked at me, donning a smirk. “Don’t get yours!” He smiled brightly, scanning my face. His eyes landed on my plump lips, and they stayed there for a while.

“How did my son become so lucky to be with a girl like you? It isn’t fair.” He made a fist and hit his open palm, causing Nerissa to jump back. “Curt, relax. You’ve just had too much to drink, it’s…” but he cut me off. With. His. Lips. He slowly closed the space between us, our plump lips intimately touching. “Your lips are so soft. Fuck,” he said roughly, taking further sensual pecks.

He placed his cold, large hand on the side of my face, locking my face to his. He slowly forced his wet tongue into my mouth, eagerly searching for mine. I had little time to do anything else, so I met his tongue with mine. At first, my tongue recoiled, and I pushed back. “Curt, stop. This is wrong. You’re my father-in-law. You’re drunk.” He confidently grabbed my forearm, staring me dead in my eyes. “I only had a few drinks.” He leaned in again, this time, placing his massive hand on my left breast, lightly squeezing. “My god, your breasts feel so good.”

He swirled his tongue with mine as his large hands fondled my breasts. He smacked one of them, biting his lip. “Mmm, that’s it. Yes.” He slapped the other one, quickly cupping them into his hands. “Fuck, I’m going crazy right now, you don’t even know what you’ve been escort yenimahalle doing to me all this time. I can’t take it anymore.” He undid the straps on my robe, revealing my modest, but very perky breasts. Wasting no time, Curtis got on his knees, situating himself right between my legs. He drank me in, scanning my body. I was making him lose control.

I sat back, propping myself up with my hands as he moved towards my left breast, smelling me. “You smell so damn good. You always do. I’ve always wanted to feel you and touch you. I love you; I do.” His eager mouth latched onto my tits, and from there, it was over. He flicked his tongue hungrily at my nipples, looking up at me squirming with pleasure. “You like that, baby? You like that, Rissa? Yeah? Ohh, I love seeing your body and pretty lips. Your titties are just, oh fuck.”

He held my tits together, rubbing his face in them. He was, quite literally, devouring me. He stopped abruptly, looking down at my lap. He grinned slyly, opening my legs, and revealing my blue thong. I snapped them back shut, but he opened them up just as quickly again, scowling me. “Rissa, it’s Christmas Eve. You’re my gift, and I want to open you up.”

He sat on the carpet, staring at my pussy in awe. At first, he began kissing my inner legs, staring at me as he did. “Mmm, baby. My Rissa. It was always you, baby. My son doesn’t know what to do with all of this. I know what to do, I’ve been around the block. With a body like this, you need a grown-ass man to show you what’s up.”

He moved my thong to the side and slowly traced his index finger on my pussy, instantly getting me wet.

I looked down at Curt’s face, and he looked excited as he let all his fingers probe and rub my pussy. His eyes yearned for me, and I saw that as clear as day. He lowered his head deeper between my legs and softly kissed my pussy, causing me to quiver. “Oh damn, fuck yes. That’s a pretty pussy.” He sat back again, and inserted his index finger in my love box, rolling his eyes. “Yes, baby, you’re so wet. You’re fucking dripping. I have to put another one in. I’ll go slow.”

He added his middle finger, all while biting his lip and staring at me, eyes glazed over with passion.

“My. Fucking God.” He quickly pressed his sopping lips to my pussy and began eating me out as though I was his dessert. His head shook as he lapped away at my pussy, aweing at my juices that were freely flowing on the couch. “Nah, forget this.” He got up, and in one quick motion, lifted me up and while cupping my ass, carried me to the guest room, where he was sleeping.

Shutting and locking the door behind him, He gently laid me on the bed, spreading my legs apart once more. Wasting no time, he continued lapping my juices, hardly missing a drop. I touched his bald head and held onto it as he drove me closer to climax. Before I could though, he got up, a wild look in his eyes.

“Get on your knees, Rissa. You’re a good talker, but I want to see what else that mouth is good for.” As though in a trance, I got up and knelt in front of him, as I had so many times for his son. I was now one dirty bitch, and there was no going back now. My father-in-law had a hold on me, and there was nothing I could do to fight it. I just had to go along with it. He undid the string on his pajama pants and pulled them down, revealing his massive cock. I could not believe what I was seeing. I had to move my face out of the way to not get whipped. He smiled as he looked down at me, knowing he had me where he wanted.

“Open your mouth, now. Do what I say. Tongue out.” I immediately stuck my tongue out, and he let out a little groan, quite pleased I was willing to comply with his orders. “Good girl, alright softly…ever so lightly yenimahalle escort bayan lick my tip. Very slow.” I nodded, leaning in dramatically with my tongue sticking out of my mouth. I softly licked his tip, causing him to shudder. “Fuck, yes. That’s good. Okay, keep doing that.” I complied, gently licking his tip. Pre-cum began spurting from his massive member, and I gladly sucked it up, looking up at him with my big, brown eyes and long lashes. He groaned, one hand on his hip as he looked down on me, eyes filled with immense pleasure.

“Okay, Rissa. Open your mouth and swallow my dick. Slowly.” I opened wide as inch by inch; I took in his massive cock in my mouth. I was able to fit his entire 9-inch cock in my mouth, though I gagged heavily. “Ahh, shit. Ahh fuck, yes. Look up at me, look at me with those pretty eyes as you gag on my cock,” he said huffily, placing his free hand on my head. I bobbed my head on his huge cock, looking up at my father-in-law. I couldn’t believe what I was doing.

I had my husband’s father’s cock in my mouth like it was nothing. I felt so incredibly filthy, but I went along with it. I couldn’t help myself at that moment. Before he jizzed all over my face, he stood back, his huge penis popping out of my mouth. “Let me stick my dick in your tight little pussy, I just want one stroke.” I wiped my mouth with my robe’s sleeve, looking at him with sweat on my brow. “No. I think we need to stop. This isn’t right. You’re my father-in-law. My kids are your grandkids. We cannot do this.”

He pushed me on the bed, forcing me into the doggy position. “There’s no turning back now, Nerissa. I need you. You’re one beautiful young lady. I can’t help myself; I want you so bad. When I’m at home, I can’t stop thinking about you. I jack off to the image of you in sweats. You’re just that sexy. Let me put my big dick in you, turn your good ass bad.”

He smacked his cock against my ass cheek, teasing me heavily. Then, softly, rubbed the tip of his cock against my dripping pussy. He groaned, taking in the sight of my round bubble butt and small pussy. “Has my son ever fucked you right? After having two kids I must say, I’m very impressed. Such a tight little pussy. I’m gonna have to force this fucker to fit.” He grabbed hold of his cock as he eased it slowly in my pussy, causing me to shout out.

He pressed on until his entire cock was deep in me. He twisted his hips from side to side, and I moaned loudly in response to the incredible sensation. “Oh shit, fuck man,” he exclaimed as he gripped his cock again, slowly inching it out of my pussy. He held my ass cheeks open, staring at my gaping holes. “Nope, one stroke isn’t enough. Your pussy is tight as fuck, I can’t believe this.” He put his cock in my pussy again, this time faster, and with more strength. Then, he unleashed everything on me. He began pounding my ass out, holding onto my cheeks for support. “Throw that fucking ass back on me, Rissa. Give me my gift.”

He leaned forward, grabbing my hair as he held tightly onto my hip, increasing his speed. I cried out in pleasure, looking back to see my father-in-law’s crazed eyes. He rolled them back when he saw me turn around, pleasure spread across his face. “Fuck this.” He got up quickly, turning me around on my back. Then, at lightning speed, came between my legs and forced his way into my pussy. He planted his huge, plump sopping lips on mine, swirling his tongue with mine as he swung his huge penis deep into my pussy. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” he started shaking as he leaned forward, mouth near my ear.

“I’m cumming in your tight pussy, I’m cumming, open your legs, don’t move.” He propped himself up as he continued ramming my pussy relentlessly, causing me to scream in pleasure. “Fuck, oh fuck, don’t move, please don’t fucking move,” he shouted as he unloaded his sperm deep in me, shuddering and shouting expletives. He plopped on top of me, smothering my face with kisses. He got up slowly, his huge cock dripping with both our juices.

“That was amazing, Rissa. Don’t tell Shaun anything. I want to have my way with you, whenever I want. You’re mine now.”

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