Christmas Entanglements Ch. 04

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Chapter 4: Surprise encounters

Getting out of bed the next morning, Anna’s stomach was buzzing with anticipation for what she had planned for the day. Throughout the morning she tried to contain her excitement. With her aunt and her family leaving to head back home it didn’t seem appropriate to Anna for her to look so eager.

After saying her goodbyes and watching her father leave to take her aunt and her family to the airport, Anna went to her room and began to go through her clothes to pick out what she should wear. As she was doing that, her phone began to ring. Seeing the screen show it was George calling, Anna picked up her phone.

“Hey George.”

“Hey Anna. How did last night go?”

Anna smiled to herself, “It went pretty well.”

“So did you two end up having sex?”

“No, we didn’t get that far.”

“Want to tell me how far you did get? You don’t have to give me all the details.”

Anna laughed, “I’m not going to give you a progress report on my sex life.”

George laughed as well, “After all the stories I’ve shared with you, that is downright unfair.” There was a short pause before George spoke again, “Want to come over and hang out? We can go get lunch and you can give me the details you’re comfortable sharing.”

“Sorry George, I’d love to but I’m going over to Aaron’s today. We’ll have the house all to ourselves.”

“Ah, I see. Good luck. Let me know how you go.”

“Thanks George, I’ll talk to you later.”

Putting down her phone Anna turned back to her wardrobe. Thinking about how the day was likely to progress she knew that it wasn’t going to be a matter of her arriving and then they would just start having sex. While Anna was fairly certain that she and Aaron would end up sleeping together there was definitely going to be a good amount of time spent sitting in the living room watching television. Her clothes would need to be something that she could lounge around in. Anna also wanted to look appealing but was still wary of being overtly sexual in order to avoid Aaron getting nervous. With those things in mind Anna was looking for something cute but comfortable.

From her wardrobe Anna ended up deciding on a dark green short skirt paired with a long sleeve top that was also green but lighter shade than the skirt. The neckline of the top was low enough to give a hint of cleavage but not much more. With her short skirt it was going to be a little too cold to leave her legs bare so Anna took out some knee length black socks. They went up to just over her knees so she would be showing off a good amount of thigh.

To go underneath the dress Anna went for some sexy revealing underwear. When she and Aaron got to the point of clothes coming off she wanted him to be wowed so it would be easier to get him to go along with her plans.

When Anna had finished getting ready she gave herself a final inspection. Turning side to side she was satisfied with how she looked and was certain that Aaron would appreciate her appearance as well. Eager to get over to Aaron’s house Anna quickly put on her coat and headed out to her car.

As Anna approached Aaron’s house she saw a car in the driveway that wasn’t his. When she recognised that the car belonged to Tim, one of their university friends, her stomach clenched. Anna didn’t know what he was doing at Aaron’s house but his presence put a serious dent in her mood. Anna kept a lid on the frustration that she could feel was a heartbeat away. She held out hope that Tim was only dropping by for a quick visit and would leave soon after she arrived. Anna pulled into the driveway making sure that she didn’t block Tim’s car from being able to get out.

Her thoughts were a little jumbled as she knocked on the front door. As she waited she alternated between telling herself that everything was fine and that she shouldn’t overreact if Tim had somehow fucked up her plans.

As the door opened and Anna caught sight of Aaron there was a moment where she had no idea how it would play out. But then she caught a flash of uncertainty on Aaron’s face before he smiled at her in greeting and she knew that her plans were in ruins. She was able to keep her annoyance under wraps and returned his smile.

Anna said hi and leaned in to give Aaron a kiss on the cheek. The kiss seemed to make him confident that everything was fine. She didn’t immediately ask what Tim was doing there but she did want to find out if maybe she could salvage her day somehow.

Aaron led Anna to the lounge room where Tim was sitting on the sofa holding a video game controller. On seeing Anna he waved, “Hey Anna.”

She waved back and smiled, trying to keep her frustration in check. “Hi Tim.”

Anna was about to ask how his Christmas was and try to subtly get him to leave but Tim got ahead of her, turning to Aaron to speak to him. “Come on man, your girlfriend might have bought you some time but you’re still going to get your ass kicked.”

Aaron sat down on the other side of the sofa and picked up another eryaman otele gelen escort controller from the coffee table in front of him. Sitting on an armchair beside the sofa, Anna watched as Aaron and Tim resumed playing their video game. They started trash talking each other as they played and to Anna it seemed like she wasn’t there at all.

It was frustrating being ignored and not being given any explanation as to what was going on. She really wanted some answers but couldn’t bring herself to interrupt their focus on the game. She didn’t want to come across as whining or needy so she had no other choice but to wait for a suitable break. The waiting was doing nothing good for her disposition though.

When the break came it was from a somewhat unwelcome source. A loud knock at the front door had Tim swearing as Aaron paused the game again. Anna’s brow furrowed at noting the lack of curiosity by Aaron and Tim at who might be at the door. When Aaron left to answer the door Anna didn’t bother asking Tim anything, she was certain she would get her answers soon enough.

There was the sound of talking which grew louder and Anna was able to identify some of the voices other than Aaron’s. Her hope that she could get her plans for the day back on track disappeared, it seemed that rather than getting some intimate time alone with Aaron there was going to be a get together with their friends.

Aaron walked back into the lounge room followed by Warren, Alex and Jon. Alex and Jon were holding bags of chips and some bottles of soda. Each of the guys said hello to Anna and Tim before finding a place to sit. Surrounded by men, the frustrated horny part of Anna jokingly thought that maybe she was going to have sex after all. The thought gave her a momentary thrill but it was just a perverse fantasy that had no chance of being real.

Anna turned to Alex who ended up sitting closest to her. “You’re lucky I’m here, otherwise this would be a real sausage party.”

Alex smiled, “Gina and Liz shouldn’t be far away and I think they’re probably bringing Bridget with them.”

Hearing who would be showing up, Anna was really caught by surprise by just how out of the loop she apparently was. Alex noticed and seemed a little incredulous, “Did no one talk to you about this meet up?” When Anna shook her head Alex rolled his eyes. “Of course. I assumed that Aaron or one of the ladies would have called you but I guess not.” With a wry smile he lightly shook his head, “We’re not great communicators are we?”

It wasn’t too long before there was another knock at the door. As expected it was Gina and Liz and Bridget was indeed with them. Anna brightened up at the thought that she would at least get to spend the day with some people she could talk to. She rose from her seat to greet them. Gina and Liz were animated in their hello, complimenting Anna on what she was wearing and then asking about her Christmas. Bridget was a lot more subdued but there was a knowing smile on her face.

After Liz and Gina went on to say hi to all of the guys Bridget approached Anna and drew her away from everyone else.

“So how did your date go last night?”

Anna smiled but wasn’t able to completely hide her bitterness. “I thought last night went well. It was meant to set up what I wanted to do today.”

Bridget’s expression fell, “Aww fuck. Do you want me to get everyone else to leave so you two can be alone?”

Anna shook her head, “Don’t worry about it, it’s a bit late for that now. Anyway it is good to see everyone. I don’t want to send anyone away, my expectations for the day have already changed.”

There was a sympathetic look on Bridget’s face as she nodded. “We’ll try and make the best of the situation.” She then grinned, “You should get Liz to tell you about her disaster of a Christmas, that ought to cheer you up.”

Anna raised an eyebrow, her curiosity piqued, “Really? What happened?”

Bridget’s grin widened, “You need to hear it from Liz, the way she tells it is amazing.”

Anna smiled, glad for something to distract her from her ruined plans. “If she doesn’t mind, I’d love to hear it.”


George was bored and with Anna occupied for the day she wasn’t sure what to do about it. She wasn’t in the mood to stay at home and watch television but there also wasn’t anything she could think of to go out and do. Especially by herself.

Idly she wondered what Chris was up to. She considered calling him to see if he wanted to do something. George wasn’t feeling horny at the moment she was just looking for someone she could talk with.

She brought his number up on her phone but stared at it for a while. Would it be weird to just hang out with him without Anna being around as well? After their conversation the previous night George was sure they could get along but if they spent time together there would likely be an undercurrent of sexual tension. She smiled, if something did happen she’d be okay with it.

Hopeful that Chris would be open to sincan escort hanging out as well, George hit the button to call him. It only rang a few times before Chris answered.

“Hey George, what’s up?”

“Hey Chris, do you have anything planned for today? I was wondering if you wanted to go do something or just hang out.”

There was a pause and George could feel her hopes being dashed.

“I do have something planned for today, you’re welcome to come along but I’m not sure that you would be into it.”

“What are you doing today?”, her tone was cautiously curious.

“I’m meeting up with people from high school for lunch. It’s something we do to catch up on what we’ve been doing during the year.”

George had to think, she only had a vague sense of who Chris was friends with during high school. If she did go with Chris she might end up being surrounded by people she had no interest in talking with. On the other hand if she didn’t go she was certainly going to be bored out of her skull. George figured that even if she ended up shadowing Chris all day at least she would be out and doing something.

“Can you tell me who else is going to be there?”

“I’m not sure who will be showing up for certain other than Dave Morris who organised it. Patrick Collins and James Chau are almost certain to be there and probably Daryl Smith as well. Do you remember those guys?”

“James and Daryl, I remember, Patrick not so much. Dave Morris sounds familiar but I can’t picture him. I’ll probably remember who they are when I see them, unless either of them have changed as much as you?”

“I don’t think so but maybe I just haven’t noticed since I’ve seen them semi-regularly. So, do you want to come along?”

George had almost made up her mind to accept the invitation, however she was wary of whether she would be welcome. “Is it going to be okay for you to bring me? I mean, is my being there going to cause problems for a booking or something?”

“No, it’ll be fine, it isn’t like we’re going somewhere fancy. There’s usually a few additional people being brought along anyway.”

“Okay, if you don’t mind, I’d like to go with you.”

“Cool, I’ll come by and pick you up.”

George ordinarily didn’t care for running into people she had gone to high school with but she was actually kind of interested in seeing Chris’ friends. With a group of people there would be less pressure for her to carry a conversation and since it seemed like it was going to be fairly laid back she was more open to it being a fun experience.

George got herself ready to go out. She didn’t think anyone was going to be too dressed up for lunch but she thought it was worthwhile putting in some effort in her appearance. Once she was ready it wasn’t long before she received a message from Chris to let her know that he had arrived.

George headed out of her building and waved when she saw Chris waiting in his car. She opened the car door, said hi to Chris and hopped in. Despite having sorted out their disagreement last night, there was a brief moment where George felt anxious as she saw Chris up close but he smiled and didn’t look like he had any left over animosity. As Chris pulled away George started asking for some details of the lunch. “So where are we going for lunch?”

“How do you feel about Korean fried chicken?”

George smiled, “I’m good with that. Are we going to be drinking as well?”

“Of course, it wouldn’t be right to have fried chicken without a few drinks. Since I’m driving, I’m only going to have a couple of beers but if you want to cut loose feel free.”

She laughed, “That will make a good impression on your friends. I think I’ll take my cue from everyone else.”

Chris laughed as well, “It’s not going to get wild, not in the middle of the day anyway. Though last year Daryl started drinking on an empty stomach and got pretty tipsy.”

“Am I going to be the only girl there?” George wouldn’t mind if that was the case but she was curious about what the group was going to be like.

“I doubt it, it’s possible but there’s usually at least one or two ladies. Dave’s girlfriend Sarah should be there unless she has something else on.”

“Oh, okay.”

There was a brief silence before Chris spoke again. “So out of curiosity, why did you end up calling me to see if I wanted to do something?”

From Chris’ tone he seemed genuinely curious rather than incredulous so George didn’t get defensive. She could understand that it was kind of out of the ordinary given that they hadn’t got along in the past and their recent rapport was physical only.

“Anna was looking to spend some quality time with Aaron and I couldn’t think of anything else to do.”

“Ah, I see.”

George appreciated that he didn’t say anything about how with Grace away, she didn’t have anyone else she could do things with. Her small number of close friends wasn’t something that bothered her but it could still be awkward if someone made a big deal out of it.

Feeling elvankent escort like moving the conversation on to something else George spoke up. “What did you get up to this morning?”

“Nothing much, went to the gym, had some breakfast and then killed time by doing some reading before getting ready.”

George nodded, she was impressed by how well built Chris was now and she had certainly enjoyed the benefits of his hard work. “How did you get into working out?”

He shrugged, “Mike, my roommate at University is really into sport and he invited me to join him at the gym one time. He was encouraging and didn’t mind showing me how to do things properly so I ended up enjoying the experience. After that I would regularly go and work out with him. I ended up enjoying it enough that I was motivated to go to the gym even when Mike wasn’t around to encourage me.”

“It’s really paid off, you look good and seem a lot more comfortable with yourself than I remember. It was interesting to see how you’ve changed and improved yourself.”

Chris looked over to her briefly. “I realise we never really talked and I’ve never asked Anna about you. Feel like telling me what you’ve been up to these past few years?”

George smiled at the odd way they were taking things. Chris ‘knew’ her intimately but other than their acquaintance through Anna he barely knew her at all. Given the things they had done together and would do again if she had her way, she figured it couldn’t hurt to tell him about herself.

“Sure, why not.”

For the rest of the drive George and Chris traded details and stories about what they had been up to after high school and what their lives involved these days.

As they entered the restaurant it was easy to spot Chris’ friends. There was already quite a good sized group there, a bit more than George had been expecting from what Chris had told her. She appreciated it when Chris didn’t immediately take her over to the table, instead he took her to a spot off to the side of the entrance where she could get a look at the people she would be meeting.

“Do you recognise anyone?”

George scanned the group and spotted some familiar faces. There were a couple of people she could name like James and a few more that looked familiar but there were a number she didn’t recognise at all.

“Yeah, I saw James Chau and the guy with longish brown hair sitting next to the indian girl looks familiar but I’m probably going to need some introductions.”

Chris nodded, “That’s Dave, the girl sitting next to him is Sarah.” He then glanced over at the group, “There’s some people there I don’t know either so it won’t just be you getting introduced. You good to head over?”

Feeling ready George nodded then followed Chris over to the table. When they got close Dave called out to Chris. “Hey man, good to see you.”

A few other people called out greetings as well. Chris waved to them and said hi.

Dave turned his head to George and there was a flash of recognition followed by a furrowed brow. “Hi, I know we went to the same high school but I can’t remember your name. Sorry.”

George smiled, “That’s okay, It’s Georgia, but please call me George.”

Dave returned her smile, “Hi George, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you end up getting dragged along to this by Chris?”

“I didn’t have anything to do today and when I called Chris he asked if I wanted to come to lunch.”

Dave shot a glance at Chris, it seemed like her knowing Chris had piqued his curiosity. “Oh. Have you two kept in touch since high school?”

It was clear to George that Dave was looking for some clues as to how she and Chris were involved.

Chris answered before she could. “No, we bumped into each other at this Christmas event that Anna was helping with. We then saw each other a few times before she called me up this morning to see what I was doing today.”

George couldn’t help smiling when she heard how Chris described their reacquaintance. He had certainly bumped into her pretty good. Dave noticed her smile, “I’m guessing there’s more to the story that Chris doesn’t feel like sharing?”

George shot a glance at Chris and he just shrugged. Turning back to Dave she grinned, “Chris got suckered into helping at the Christmas event as well. He did a pretty good job playing Santa though.”

Both Dave and Sarah looked suitably amused by that revelation. Sarah looked at George with a hopeful smile. “Please tell me you have photos.”

George shook her head ruefully. “No. I was dressed as an elf myself so I didn’t think taking photos was such a great idea.”

“That’s a shame. Maybe you can tell us more about it later. Do you know anyone else here?”

After a quick scan of the table George shook her head. “No, not really. I hope it’s okay that I tagged along.”

Dave waved away her concern, “It’s absolutely fine, there’s plenty of room. It’s great to see new faces, it keeps things interesting.”

George and Chris said hello to the other people there as they went around the table to where there were empty seats. Chris took the next empty seat near James and George sat next to him. They introduced themselves to the people sitting across the table who turned out to be Dave’s friends from university.

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