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Christmas at the Bowling Alley

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It is Wednesday, my bowling night. Since Christmas is next Sunday, the league and the lanes decided on a Christmas Party for tonight, costumes optional. I was dressed as a Christmas fairy, complete with pink wings and a tiara. At the last minute, I decided to put a sprig of Mistletoe in my blonde hair, just behind my left ear.

The dress I was wearing was little more than a slip. It had spaghetti straps and a bodice that left almost nothing to the imagination. The upper edges of my small B-cup breasts were plainly visible. The dress fell to just above my knees leaving my legs bare. Pink socks completed the outfit. I gazed into the full length mirror at the image staring back at me.

This is it, I thought, it’s tonight or never. In this outfit, he can’t miss me. My name is Lisa. “He” is Jim. He bowls on another team in the league and his smile captured my heart the first time I saw him. He’s a little older than me, probably 60 to my 45 but I don’t mind. After all, age is just a number.

He was very nice to me all evening when our teams were bowling against each other. He smiled a lot and readily applauded when I got a spare or strike, often giving me a “high five” that was more like holding hands even tho he’s on the other team.

The problem is he hasn’t noticed me since that night three weeks ago even tho I continue to smile at him whenever our eyes meet. It’s time for a drastic step if this love match is ever to get off the ground.

As I walk into the alley, I am greeted by calls and some whistles from my fellow bowlers. I respond appropriately, smiling all the while. Then I see Jim. He is standing at the counter behind the lanes, probably the lanes he will be bowling on as is his habit. When I check the lane assignments, I am pleased to find we are next to each other. This should be easy, I think to myself.

I retrieve my ball and shoes from my locker and walk right past him to sit at the lane table. My teammates are already commenting on my costume so I know he’s aware that I have arrived. After a practice ball, I walk up to the counter behind my lane and slide into the second seat. Kathy, my teammate and friend, is in the first seat and we begin chatting while the others take their warm-up rolls.

The league start is announced and Jim strolls to the lane as he leads off for his team. Sandi leads off for us and I bowl in the second position.

I watch as Sandi scores 8 pins on her first ball, then switch my attention to Jim. He is waiting for the bowler on his right as Sandi throws her second ball. Jim throws a strike and begins to walk back. I slide off the stool turning to my left to pass behind Kathy when suddenly someone is blocking my way. As I look up, I find myself staring into his incredibly blue eyes and my breath catches in my throat. I am dumbstruck – I cannot move.

Jim’s hands raise up to cup my face, one hand on either side. My eyes close as I see his face coming closer. In the next instant, I feel his soft, warm lips brushing mine and I hear a slight whimpering sound which I later discover was me. His lips lightly brush mine as his tongue glides across them. His hand moves down my face, caressing my cheek, as the lips depart, sliding under my chin with the pad of his thumb sliding across my lips. In a moment, he is gone and I am screaming inside for more. Kiss me harder, make my yours, I scream to myself, but I am alone.

As I open my eyes and turn my head, I see him not ten feet away just turning into the men’s room. DAMN! My knees are week and my stomach is churning as I suddenly hear Kathy’s voice.

“Lisa, are you OK? What are you swearing about?”

“Oh, sorry, I’m fine. It’s just that I hit my ankle on the chair as I jumped down. It’s nothing, Kath.”

I hobble a step or two before descending onto the alley floor. With tears forming in my eyes, I find my ball and throw it down the alley. 6 pins fall and the ball is on it’s way back. I swivel my head and look for him but he’s not there. 2nd ball, no pins. As I return from the lane, I see him returning to his usual place next to the end of the counter.

With each step I take, I am more determined to face him and demand an explanation. Why did he kiss me and run away? Why couldn’t he at least hold me for a few seconds? Why didn’t he say something? At last I am standing in front of him and his blue eyes are once again mesmerizing. Without waiting, I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him hard on the mouth. I am met by those same soft lips and I am gratified as I feel his arms surround me. I want the kiss to continue but I also need to talk.

“Why didn’t you kiss me like that before? Why did you run away? Why didn’t you say something to me?”

The words burst forth in a fury as he continues to hold me and I notice the beginnings of a smile. He places a single finger on my lips and I instantly stop talking.

“I never answer a question that starts with why or when.”

I am astounded. He has not only not answered me but has told me not to ask! Wait a minute! He’s playing a game with me or he wouldn’t Kıbrıs Escort be smiling like the cheshire cat. Well, two can play that game, just give me a minute.

“You kissed me and caressed me but you didn’t talk or wait for my response. Can you explain your actions?”

He laughs. A low chuckle that passes between us like a private joke.

“Very good. I’m impressed. Actually, I had two reasons. First, you are wearing mistletoe in your hair which I took as an invitation. Second, it has been my experience that a little taste of something often is exquisite and leaves a desire for more whereas a large portion of that same something usually has the opposite effect.”

I sighed. He had me. He knew I wanted more and he was right. What he didn’t know was how much more I wanted. Yet.

“Yes, the mistletoe is an invitation and yes, even tho I have already kissed you back, I still do desire more.”

“Are you willing to play a little game to win your prize?”

“A game? What kind of a game?”

“A risque game that should excite you but will not harm you or cause you any undue discomfort. There is a reward if you win and a punishment if you don’t win. Interested?”

“What’s my reward if I win?”

“I will pleasure your body for the remainder of the night.”

I shudder under his touch and almost can’t respond.

“And if I lose?”

“I will take you over my knee right here in this bowling alley, lower your panties, and spank your bare ass.”

Suddenly, I couldn’t think straight. My knees were weak and my panties were soaking wet. Win or lose I still win because I love being spanked but he doesn’t know that. How much more can he ask of me here in the bowling alley? This is the game I have to win!

“Wow, what a bet! What do I have to do to win?”

“I will set four simple tasks for you to perform during our bowling tonight. None of them will be dangerous or illegal but they will be risque and probably not things you would ordinarily do on your own.”

“As each task is completed satisfactorily, I will reward you with a hug and a kiss before setting you on the next task. All of the tasks must be completed before the end of the third game tonight.”

Four tasks! Hmmm. Not dangerous or illegal. To be performed here in the bowling alley while we bowl. This is too easy. There must be some catch.

“Let me understand this. I have to perform four tasks that you will set. These will not be dangerous or illegal and must be performed while we are bowling, ending when the bowling is over. What’s the catch? This is too easy.”

“No catch. Just one rule. You must remain quiet while performing your tasks and not tell your teammates or anyone else what is going on. Do you want to play my game?”

Come on! This really is too easy. How risqué can you get in a bowling alley full of people. I can do this standing on my head. Wait a minute. He’s still smiling. I don’t care, this is still too easy. I have to win! I have to!

“Yes, I’m willing to play your game. When do we start?”

“We’re both up so we’ll start right after we bowl this frame.”

I’m sure I squished when I walked to the ball return. I’m so excited I can’t stand it. Four tasks – three games of bowling – then I get to have him inside me for the rest of the night. OHMYGOD! Ooops, gutter ball. I’d better concentrate a little or my team will be disappointed. There, 8 pins, not too bad. Oh, he’s got another strike.

“For your first task, sometime between now and the end of the next frame, you will be required to go to the ladies room and remove your bra. You will then fold it small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. You will come back here and stand facing me. You will slip the bra into one of my pockets and let me touch your breasts to insure your compliance with the task. Do you understand?”


“Good. You may go and prepare yourself for the task.”

Well, that’s easy I thought. Then it hit me! I was wearing the fairy princess dress which would now droop when I took off my push-up bra, probably exposing at least half of my breasts. That bastard! He wants me to bowl nearly naked! How am I going to explain this to Kathy and Sandi not to mention the boys! OHMYGOD! And this is just the first task. What have I gotten myself into!

I felt tears welling up in my eyes and then I began to really think about this. I have bikinis that show more of me than going without a bra even in this dress. Why am I so scared? Nobody’s going to do anything to me and if somebody tries, I’m sure Jim will come to my rescue. I’ll wait until the next frame before I go to the ladies.

There, that’s not so bad. True, I’m showing a little cleavage but it’s only the tops. Nothing drastic. Rather sexy, I think, in the spirit of the season but definitely not for everyday. OK, here I go. Over to Jim. Slide the bra into his pocket. Let him touch my breasts – oh, wow, that’s going to take some willpower especially if I have to keep quiet. Deep breathes, girl, he’s not going to hurt you so just go for it.

As Kıbrıs Escort Bayan I walk slowly out of the ladies, I feel like every eye in the place is on my boobs. When I sneak a peek, actually no one is watching me, they’re all watching the bowling. I just might pull this off. Only a few more steps and I’m standing in front of him. There’s that smile again. He’s looking down at my breasts and I straighten my back just a little, pushing my chest forward.

I reach forward with my left hand and slip the folded bra into his front pocket, then I look up at him waiting for his next move. His hands come up and cover my breasts as I close my eyes. His touch is incredibly warm and my pulse is racing. Then his fingers slide down and grasp my nipples.

“No noise now. Squeeze my arm, bite your lip, whatever, but no noise.”

Then he gently squeezes my nipples, one in each hand. More pressure and now I feel the pain. I bite my lower lip hard, tasting the blood and squeeze his arm tightly. Instantly, the pain becomes pleasure and shoots through my body and slams into my pussy, causing me to almost lose my balance. His fingers release my nipples, lightly caressing the rest of my breasts, then grip my arms in a steadying hold.

“Well done, my princess,” he whispers.

Then his lips are on mine, tasting the blood and caressing my mouth with his tongue. I respond hungrily, knowing I have completed the first of my tasks. This time, when his lips leave mine, he pulls me close and holds me quietly while my breathing slows down. I am thrilled that I have pleased him.

“What’s next?”

“Not now. Just enjoy your game. I’ll give you the next task after this game.”

As I return to my team my face is bright red. Several comments are made about my exposure but I pass them off with a smile and a pose. This is beginning to feel good. My bowling hasn’t improved but it’s much more fun with “the girls” roaming free as I move. The fabric of my dress is caressing my nipples and keeping them hard. A smile is almost a permanent fixture on my face. Uh oh, tenth frame.

After I bowl the tenth frame, I walk slowly back to him. He is still smiling and I stop just in front of him.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself tonight.”

“Yes, I am. I never really thought of going without a bra. It’s a very sexy and freeing feeling. I love it. Thank you.”

“If you’re ready for your next task, I have a few questions?”

“Ok. I’m ready. What do you want to know?”

“I presume that you know how to take care of yourself, right?”

“What do you mean “take care of myself”.

“Masturbate. Finger fuck. Whatever your favorite term is.”

“Yes, I have had some experience.”

“Good. Your next task must be performed before the end of the fifth frame – your teams fifth frame. It must also be done quietly as I mentioned earlier. Are you ready?”

“Yes, please, what is it?”

“You are to finger fuck yourself to orgasm somewhere in the building. When you have finished, you are to place two of your fingers inside yourself and coat them with your own juices. You are then to come here next to me and feed me your juices from your fingers. Is that understood?”

I am dumbstruck! Finger fuck myself here in the bowling alley and then feed him my juices from my own fingers? My God! This is too much! He’s crazy! I can’t do this! As I stare at his face he is no longer smiling.

“Remember, if you refuse to perform the task or fail in any way, I will spank your bare ass in front of everyone.”

“Ok, ok” I manage to stammer. “Just let me think about it for a minute. I’ve never done this kind of thing before.”

“That’s the whole idea. You have the next five frames to think about it, princess, I’ll be right here waiting.”

He walks away, moving down to the lanes to begin his second game. He rolled a 175 the first game and now he starts the second with a strike. Doesn’t this bother him? He’s forcing me to perform as if he didn’t care. Wait a minute! I agreed to do this, he’s not forcing me to do anything. I’m forcing myself to behave this way.

As I bowl my first frame, I notice that no one is paying any particular attention to me. I’m the one who feels different but they can’t see it. Maybe I can pull this off with the lights as low as they are for the holiday.

By the third frame, I have checked out the ladies room and I think I can do this, especially if I remember to be quiet. Fourth frame. Done. Time to move. Now or never.

Into the ladies, praying that it is unoccupied. No one. Into the stall, close the door, drop my panties. Lean back and close my eyes. Squeeze my nipples hard – oh, it hurts. Yes, harder, get my juices flowing. Move my left hand down and – my God, it’s like a river down there. Two fingers slide easily into my pussy and I began to saw them in and out, pressing on the top edge – oh, yes, like that.

Move up to my clit. Yes, Yes, oh, that feels so good. I’m going to scream! No, don’t scream, they’ll hear you all the way to the lanes. Play with your clit! Escort Kıbrıs Yes, squeeze it hard. That’s it! You’re almost there. Bite your lip. Harder! Yes, Yes, that’s it, you’re cumming, Ahhhhhhhhh. Oh God, that was terrific. I should do that more often. Hurry, catch your breath, you still have to bring your juices to him.

OK now, two fingers into the wet patch. Curl the fingers, that’s it, get them good and wet. Now pull them out slowly. Now, pull your panties up – wait, slip a pad in there – now pull them all the way up. Good. Your fingers are still full of your juices and if you hold your hand low, now one will notice, I hope.

Keep the right hand low, between you and the wall as you walk toward him. Made it! Lean into his shoulder for a moment. He’s turning toward you and bending his head. There, his mouth is open. Raise your right hand and feed him your fingers. Ohhhh, his mouth is warm and his tongue is licking your fingers. A deep sigh escapes your lips as he finishes licking your fingers and smiles broadly.

“Well done, princess, I knew you could do it. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh, yes, I sure did. I haven’t done that in a while and never in a public place. I feel so bad right now.”

“Good. That’s exactly how it should feel – good and bad at the same time. I’ll bet you’re really hot now. Would you like to cool off?”

“Mmmm, yes, but I think it’s going to take some time.”

“Not as long as you think. Are you ready for your third task?”

“Yes, I guess so. What do I have to do now?”

“Actually, cool off. After each of the next five frames you bowl, you will come back here and sit where you are now sitting. You will take one piece of ice from this drink cup and slide it into your pussy and hold it there until it melts. Think you can handle that?”

“Oh, but that’s going to be really cold. I’ve never done anything like this before either. Where do you get these ideas? Do you like to push women over the edge or something? Is that your hobby?”

He puts a finger on my lips and presses them shut.

“Lisa, a simple yes or no will do.”

“Yes, I guess I can do it. I’ve done things already that I didn’t think I could do so, yes, I’ll do it. Starting after I bowl in the sixth frame, right?”

“Right. You’re up in the fifth now. Go bowl.”

Right – go bowl. If my pussy wasn’t dripping so much I’d quit now but somehow the thought of that ice cube is fascinating. I know it will be cold, but inside me? Wow, am I ever pushing my boundaries tonight. But I get him all night if I keep going – what a Christmas present.

After the sixth frame, I sit beside him. He reaches into the drink cup and pulls out a square ice cube about the half the size of my palm. He hands it to me and grins. I close my eyes and my hand disappears below the table. Oh, it’s cold as it bumps my thigh. I reach under my skirt with both hands and pry my panties off to one side.

I talk a deep breath and place the ice cube on my pussy lips – Aaaaggggghhhh – it’s sooooo cold. I push a little and it slides inside me. Oh God Oh God Oh God it’s freezing me. It’s too cold! Take it out! Take it out! And then I feel the cool water seeping from my pussy into the pad and it begins to feel good. Ahhhhh, the cold is gone and I am just wet but comfortable. I can handle this, only four more ice cubes to go.

As I sit up, I lean over to kiss his cheek and he turns his head to kiss my lips.

“Beautiful” he says, “I can’t wait to watch you cum.”

We do this three more times. Each time it gets easier but not any warmer. I still shiver in anticipation as I approach him for the final ice cube. So cold. So wet. Ahhhhh, there – it’s in and it’s beginning to melt. OOOOOOOhhhhhhh. It’s over.

My God, what a bad girl I’ve become. Even I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me a week ago I’d be doing things like this. One more task to go. I wonder what his devilish mind will think up next. Mmmmmm, my pussy is getting hot again just thinking of the possibilities.

“Last task, princess, are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready. What do I do now?”

“Sometime before your team finishes the fifth frame, you will remove your panties and give them to me in the same manner as you delivered your bra. I will again touch you to determine that you have completed the task. The final decision of reward or punishment will be delivered after both teams have finished bowling.”

“No panties? No bra? You expect me to bowl in just this skimpy dress? Have you noticed how short this skirt is? If I bend over too far, everyone will see my bare ass!”

“So don’t bend over too far. I’ll be waiting right here.”

I stalked off in a huff. He knew, of course, that I would go thru with it, I just had to convince myself. No panties, indeed. Well, I’d just have to stand up straight as I delivered the ball. Not too hard as I usually stand fairly straight anyway. Maybe I can get away with it. Fifth frame, huh. I’ll take them off after I bowl the fifth frame, that will leave me only five frames to go.

At the end of the fifth frame, I was standing in front of him and sliding my wet panties into his front pocket. Being a gentleman, he caressed my bare ass to prove his point. Oh how I wanted his finger inside me. Now all I had to do was bowl five frames without mooning my team. I almost made it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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