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Chris and Becca Ch. 01

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Chris and Becca are two crazy kids from the Midwest. They are ‘friends’. Both are married (to other people) and both have a family. You might recognize them as your bank teller, high school teacher, landscaper, plumber or even simply your next door neighbor. Basically, they are the people you see everyday that you take for granted, who you assume are regular people who lead normal, boring lives.

In reality, Chris and Becca are pushing 50, fit, active and when they are together, look like they’ve known each other forever, though they met only 5 years ago. Heck, they might even look like they are married. In fact, many people who have never met their spouses think they are a married couple.

That seems to be part of the beauty of their relationship. They seem ‘together’. They have a mutual and evident love and respect for each other… and a definite attraction. They are uniquely similar…and that’s where the story begins.


Becca emailed Chris, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at 9a. If something changes, will be home until 8:45, just email me.’

Chris’ reply was a simple, ‘K’, before they signed off.


Becca rose early the next morning. It was her day off and it had been a few weeks since she and Chris had time to spend together. Everything went normally…..husband to work and child to school. Now she could get a load of clothes in the wash, the dishes done and a quick shower before heading out.

This morning, Becca took particular care to shave not only her legs and underarms, but her pussy, in anticipation of Chris’ caress and oral ministrations. She paused, rubbing herself and finding that even in the shower, she felt how her pussy anticipated Chris’ mouth and cock..

Becca loved her husband and their marriage was ok, sex was adequate, rote and somewhat regular and their life relatively comfortable. Her husband was a tich possessive or at least liked to be the one in control, which she suppose made the freedom even sweeter. Chris seemed to love his wife and family, but she could tell there was an underlying restlessness that just wasn’t about more sex. No matter how much they talked about their spouses, they were committed to their marriages.

Now, after feeling her smooth pussy, slipping into a thong, bra and a comfy pair of jeans and t-shirt, completing her regular morning routine, packing her favorite dildo and strap-on and her errand list and doing one last check of her emails, she was out the door.

Chris was in the habit of leaving the door unlocked, so she would enter and holler ‘hello’. He was usually in sweats or boxer briefs, just getting up from watching porn. They kissed, exchanged greetings and Becca reached down to feel his cock to see how far along he was.

Today, they had time, so they sat together and watched a woman wearing a strap-on fuck her male partner. They kissed and rubbed on each other making Becca Ümraniye Escort particularly aroused. She had confessed to Chris, that she very much wanted to experiment with ‘having a penis’ and taking control of their play time. They had talked about it many times and Chris liked and encouraged the idea.

It wasn’t too much later, they were getting under each others’ clothes and Becca leaned in to nuzzle Chris and whisper in his ear, ‘I want to fuck your ass.’ Chris felt his cock twitch and get a little harder, so Becca took him by the cock and led him up the stairs to his bedroom.

They quickly removed their clothes. As soon as Chris had his pants off, Becca had his cock in her mouth. Chris moaned. Becca loved to suck cock, and Chris loved the way she did so. Just as Chris was starting to enjoy the attention, Becca stopped and told him to get on the bed. She had a surprise. Chris did as he was told and even had a smile on his face.

Becca quickly put on the strap-on. She had been practicing for days, looking at herself in the mirror, rubbing her new cock and wondering what it would feel like to watch Chris suck it. She was wet and wanted his cock inside her, but that would have to wait.

‘Come over here and suck my cock,’ Becca heard herself say and then flush. She had never done anything like this. ‘I want you to be my cocksucker.’

Chris didn’t need to be told twice. He didn’t hesitate to obey her. He got off the bed, knelt before her and put her cock in his mouth. Becca watched, in awe, as the dildo disappeared into his mouth. She was so aroused, she thought her knees would buckle.

‘That’s a very good boy. Now lick the tip like you’re gonna taste the pre-cum from my pee hole,’ she said. Becca was shocked the words were falling out of her mouth and that Chris was obeying without hesitation. No man had ever been that responsive. She thought she would pass out from excitement and didn’t need to touch herself to know her juices would soon be dripping from her engorged pussy.

Becca lifted Chris’ chin so that their eyes met. He still had her cock in his mouth. ‘I want to put my cock in your ass. I very much want to fuck you. Would you like that?’, she said.

Chris held eye contact and nodded a yes. At that moment Becca thought he was the sexiest man ever.

‘Then get back up on the bed, face up and show me your ass,’ Becca said in a low, sultry voice. She could feel the dampness between her legs and knew her orgasm would come easily. She hoped she would be able to bring Chris to the edge and then ask him to finish her off. She also hoped that she would be good enough to make this memorable for him. She wanted it to be nasty. She wanted to talk dirty to Chris while she fucked his ass and jacked him off, but she needed to cum too.

Becca pulled out the lube she’d packed, put some on her finger and began massaging Chris’ hole. Then she took a little İstanbul Escort more on her finger and gingerly slipped it into his ass up to the first knuckle. She looked up at him and asked if it felt ok. He nodded. Becca dripped a little more lube on her finger and pushed her finger in more. Then withdrew it almost completely. She added another finger, rubbed around Chris’ hole and put in two at once….gently, but with authority. She noticed Chris reach down and rub his balls and decided this was a good thing.

Finally, Becca withdrew her fingers and started rubbing her dildo, her cock, with lubricant. When she was satisfied with the coverage. She positioned herself, looked into Chris’ eyes and said, ‘I’m going to fuck you now.’

Becca slid the cock in gently. Chris moaned. She pushed a little more and Chris grunted, ‘Yes..’

Becca was crazy with lust now, holding the dildo and grinding her clit against it. She pushed a little more and then started to rock her hips so that she was actually fucking Chris’ hole. She wondered if this was how a guy felt. She wondered if this feeling in her loins paired with the sensation she couldn’t feel in this cock, was what made guys want to have sex as often as possible. It must be one of the best feelings ever to be inside a pussy….to build to that climax and then the feeling of release that no woman could fully experience.

Becca squirted more lube on her hand, grabbed a hold of Chris’ cock and started to rub in time with the rocking motion of her hips. Chris’ eyes were mere slits. He looked at her and smiled. Becca leaned down and kissed him and whispered, ‘You are so beautiful. I love fucking your man pussy.’

Becca began jacking Chris in earnest. She told him what a beautiful slut he was, how she loved fucking him and how she was going to cum. At this point, Becca began thrusting her cock into Chris’ ass. Chris moaned. After about three rather forceful thrusts, Becca didn’t withdraw. Instead, she pushed and almost savagely grunted, ‘I’m cumming in you.’

A few more pumps of Chris’ cock and he spewed his seed across his stomach and chest with some force. Becca was spent and her thighs were soaked. She started scooping up Chris’ cum with her fingers feeding it to him.

‘That’s it, baby, eat your cum like a good slut. You look amazing with cum on your lips,’ Becca whispered. ‘You know this is part of your training for the day when you suck a real cock and have to taste another man’s cum.’ Becca told Chris that he’d done well. She just knew, one day, they’d have the opportunity to entertain a male third and she wanted Chris to be prepared. She wanted him to be able to comfortably suck a real cock and to take that cock in his ass. Just the thought brought Becca close and she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

After pulling out of Chris and removing the strap-on, she told him it was ‘her turn to cum’ and climbed Anadolu Yakası Escort on the bed where he lay and straddled his face. ‘Lick my pussy’, Becca said, ‘and taste my cum.’ She paused for a moment and wondered what Chris would think of this new-found assertiveness. At that moment, Becca could barely control herself. She was in need and wanted desperately to get off.

As Chris began licking Becca’s pussy, she moaned. Becca knew this was going to be exactly what she wanted. She couldn’t help it. She was being led by her pussy’s need to orgasm.

Becca started grinding on Chris’ face, gently at first, but more aggressively as the time was close. She was glad she had shaved because the sensations were heightened, making this almost overwhelming. All of a sudden, the need completely overtook her. Becca gave in to her basest desires, put her hands on the top of Chris’ head, threw her head back, grunted and ground her pussy into his face hard. On the second grind, she lowered her head, looked into Chris’ eyes and said, ‘Baby, I’m g-gonna cum…all-ll over your face.’

On the third and final grind, Becca made a noise between a scream and a moan and her body shuddered for what seemed like forever. She came hard. Chris’ tongue was lapping up every drop of her cum. Becca was moaning and another shudder overtook her…and then it happened. She started to pee. In Chris’ mouth. While he was licking her. This never happened before. She didn’t mean to do it…really. It felt so good and the relief was like another orgasm in itself.

At first she was embarrassed and stopped, but then Becca realized that Chris wasn’t objecting. In fact, was that a swallow she heard? Oh my God! Chris was drinking her pee and making ‘mmming’ sounds! This never happened before! She let a bit more go. He swallowed again. Another orgasm overtook her. Finally, as her body slowed down, she rolled off of Chris in complete exhaustion.

After a few minutes, Becca opened her eyes. Chris was right there looking at her smiling. They kissed and she knew he enjoyed what happened too. Becca could taste a mixture of Chris’ and her cum and her pee. It was salty and sweet and a taste she would never forget. It was surprisingly wonderful!

Becca held the eye contact, smiled back at Chris and reached up to caress his face. ‘That was amazing, love! Thank you. I hope you had a good time too,’ she said with a glazed look in her eyes.

‘I did,’ Chris replied still smiling.

Chris took in her naked body with his eyes and hands, while Becca enjoyed the moment of attention and peace. Intimacies were exchanged and they both knew this was the beginning of a new phase of experimentation in their relationship. There would be a lot to share and explore in the coming months.


All too soon it was time to get cleaned up and get on with the day. An easy conversation began as they dressed. Talk of the movie Chris watched the night before and Becca’s upcoming family plans brought them back to their individual lives. After a lingering kiss and hug, more thank you’s, I love you’s and a brief discussion of when they might be in contact again, they went their separate ways.

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