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Choices Pt. 01

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I had a choice of three universities, two out of town and one in town. It was a difficult choice. The one in town allowed me to live at home and save a ton of money with living expenses and I got along well with my parents, so that wasn’t an issue.

The one furthest away had a slightly better program, but travelling home at school breaks would be an issue and I simply didn’t want to be that far away from my family. That left choice number three and it became my first choice when I learned that my friend Emily was going to that university and she could arrange a room at the place she was staying.

Leaving home was difficult and the only ones sadder than me were my mom and dad. My dad was seldom emotional, but he even had a few tears drip down his cheeks. The night before, we had watched home movies and reminisced about all the funny and sad things that had been a part of our lives.

Last night, Dad quickly skipped over the video that included my last boyfriend, taken at Christmas time. We had dated for six months and it was just before Christmas that I gave my virginity to him. Between Christmas and new year that’s all he wanted to do and when I suggested we stop for a while, he left me. I was extremely hurt and both my mom and dad tried their hardest to put a smile back on my face.

It took months, but there were still times that I felt used and swore off guys. If I wanted sexual release, I would please myself or even try with another girl. For months I would tease guys and then act innocent. I wanted to be in control of my body, not them.

Emily and I shared a house with Carl. He studied hard and played harder and girls flocked to him. He became like an older brother to us and any guy who approached us had to pass his approval. We didn’t mind this; it was kinda cute and we both had far more interest in our grades rather than partying.

One night we did sleep together and the bliss we shared was heavenly, but one we didn’t share again.

We spent a great deal of time together and went home every long weekend and holiday. We were so close that my mom asked if we were lovers. I did tell her about our night together, but that it was a one time thing. That was the first time that mom told me about her experimentation in college as well.

During second year, dad told me that mom had not been feeling well and they were awaiting the results of tests she had undergone. Six months later, mom had died and father and I were alone. It was difficult for me and harder for dad. For six months he was like a zombie and nothing I did could ease the pain of our loss.

For third year, I decided to switch to the local university. Emily did the same and she helped ease my dad out of his dark state. He wasn’t his old self, but he was able to smile and there were more good days than bad ones.

The three of us took up skiing that winter and by the end of season we had advanced from the bunny hills to the more challenging ones. As the last weekend of the year approached, dad surprised us with reservations at one of the cottages for the closing weekend.

“Thanks, Mr. Hill,” Emily said. “This has been a fantastic weekend.”

Dad smiled. He had lost a wife, but gained a step-daughter.

“It’s been my pleasure bursa eskort and it’s such a joy to have both you and Sarah with me.”

“Dad. Mom loved your smile and I do to. I’ve missed seeing it and I think it may be back to stay.”

“I think so too, sweety,” Dad said. “I think so too.”

The school term was coming to an end and the only thing left was a week of exams. Emily and Sarah studied together on the courses they took and after dinner, Sarah went to study with a friend on a course that Emily wasn’t taking.

Mr. Hill was pleased with the grades Sarah and Emily were getting and studying together helped reduce the pressure, but he saw that Emily was going at it for too long and suggested a break.

Mr. Hill picked a movie and while Emily made the popcorn, he settled on the couch and forwarded the film past the opening credits. The scent of hot buttered popcorn filled the house and Emily walked in with one big bowl.

Mr. Hill expected a bowl for each, with Emily sitting in the lounger, however, she sat on the couch and placed the bowl between them. Half way through the romantic comedy, Emily moved the empty bowl to her right and shifted closer to Mr. Hill.

Her left hand moved between them and the outside of their hands touched. Mr. Hill was about to move his hand away, but the warmth and softness of Emily’s hand reminded him of his wife’s touch. He loved her touch on his hand, his arm, his hair and his forehead. He also loved when her fingers curled around his cock, but even a light touch anywhere was sheer bliss for him.

Emily felt a slight increase in heat from Mr. Hill and slowly rubbed her index finger over his. She had become so close to this man and sensed the pleasure that flowed from her to him. She continued this and then moved slowly up to his elbow.

The hairs on his arm stood up and Emily continued, receiving as much pleasure as she was giving. Her hand slid off his arm and dragged slowly across his chest. His muscles were firm and she could feel a softness that indicated a light patch of hair.

She turned, leaned and placed a soft kiss under his ear.

Mr. Hill shivered. It had been so long since he had been touched and kissed. His wife touched him like this and a thousand times she had placed a kiss on his neck below his ear and he sighed, remembering them all.

Emily nuzzled along his earlobe and raised her hand until it stopped on his cheek and turned his head to meet hers. Her lips touched his, tasting salt, butter and maturity. If there were any thoughts of guilt, they weren’t strong enough to stop her.

A fleeting thought of stopping this kiss vanished as quickly as it had appeared. He knew he had missed his wife’s touch and at this moment how empty it had left him. Emily was his daughter’s friend, but she had initiated the touch and the kiss and he couldn’t bear to turn away from her. His lips softened, parted and he prayed she would slip her tongue into his mouth.

Mr. Hill’s lips were stiff, but quickly softened and Emily felt an explosion of heat between her legs when his lips parted. She slid her tongue inside, tasting the man who she had come to love. Her tongue duelled with his and then fell into a pattern of soft licks.

Emily bursa escort bayan let her hand slip down and a whimper escaped her lips as she felt the length and thickness of his cock. Making him hard sent a shiver through her and she relished the control she believed she had. She fumbled with the button of his pants and his zipper and she drew a deep breath as her hand slipped inside his underwear and over his bare, hardness.

It was average in length and thicker than most and a delicious heat flowed from her fingers to her nipples and down to her pussy.

He groaned. The only hand that had touched him there in so long was his own. Masturbation gave some release, but nothing could compare to the touch of another. He loved how her tongue swirled in his mouth, but his testosterone kicked in and his tongue pushed its way into her mouth.

Her sweetness captivated him and he wanted to hold his tongue still, but another part of him wanted to thrust, and thrust he did. In…out…in…out. He imagined his tongue was his cock and she willingly sucked for more and more.

A bit of drool flowed to her chin and a bit of wetness dripped onto her hand. One was saliva, the other precum. It felt so good and she moved her thumb over his pee slit. It slid easily as more and more pre flowed from him.

His hips could remain still no longer and he arched again and again.

Her hand shifted, exposing part of his cock and he lifted his bottom and slid his pants down until his cock and balls were exposed to the young lady beside him.

She looked down, expecting to see a large, wide, mushroom sized cock head, but instead she saw only a pee slit, with the head covered with skin. Mr. Hill was uncut and she had never seen one before like that. She was mesmerized; it was so sexy.

Her fingers pulled gently and watched as the skin retracted, revealing a head that was as smooth as glass and shimmered like diamonds. She felt as if she were about to pee, but realized it was a flow of her heat; her readiness.

Mr. Hill slipped his tongue out of her mouth.

“Kiss it…lick it,” he said.

She had seen several cocks and had pleased her last two boyfriends with her mouth, but she didn’t really enjoy it and did it for their benefit, not hers. To have one inside her pussy was one thing, but to have one in her mouth was almost disgusting.

As if having her last boyfriend’s cock in her mouth wasn’t bad enough, her head had been held while spurt after spurt had entered her mouth and although most spilled out, some had slid down her throat. The taste was bitter and the salty flavour stayed with her for days. Her boyfriend had dumped her because she had finally said enough was enough and she would never perform oral on him again.

But the cock before her was mesmerizing and it was like she was being hypnotized; hypnotized to obey him and do what he asked, or more to the point, demanded.

She slid down, Mr. Hill’s scent capturing her; making her mind and body weak. The male scent surrounded her ad she closed her eyes, letting her lips be drawn to his slit and the precum waiting for them.

It was as if her lips had stepped into a warm bath and she tasted a sweetness görükle escort that put honey to shame. Her tongue slid out and brushed over the tip of his cock, drawing in more of the nectar that was flowing out.

One lick followed another until the taste of him was branded into her mind. She was floating on clouds of marshmallows, not realizing that her lips had pursed lightly and formed the perfect kiss.

He watched as she went down on him, unprepared for the feelings that were about to wash over him. At first, his wife was reluctant to perform oral on him, but over time she learned how to please him and through that, pleased herself tenfold.

He sensed that same mental reluctance in Emily and knew that her experience was limited, but her tongue demonstrated a talent that few women had. He normally produced a fair quantity of precum, but never had it flowed as it did now.

For a moment he thought it may be urine, but that was absurd and he let the river flow.

His fingers slipped through her hair and he guided her down until her lips had taken in the head of his cock. The warm wetness caused tingles to flow down and curl his toes and it took all his willpower to stop the ejaculation that was spring loaded to erupt.

“Good girl,” he said. “Feel it; let your mind drift around it.”

Emily barely felt the fingers sliding in her hair and the gentle pressure was welcomed as her lips slid with ease over the head of his cock. There were good girls and bad girls in high school and the bad girls were the ones that would suck a cock. She prided herself in being a good girl; but now, she was being a very bad girl.

A penis thrusting in her pussy made her juices flow, but the cock in her mouth made her melt into a pool of heat. She felt more precum flow and she rolled it on her tongue, savouring it before letting it slide down her throat. She felt like a baby, being fed not from a nipple, but from this delicious cock that was turning her into jello.

The grunts she heard sounded as if in the far distance, as did the words … “I’m cumming.”

The first spurt sprayed against the roof of her mouth and two more spurts followed in succession. It was hot, copious and was the very essence of the man whose cock was in her mouth. She tried to swallow, but there was so much and she began to gag.

Mr. Hill had not wanted to cum in her mouth, but his lack of sex had eroded his discipline and he couldn’t help but let his release find a home in her mouth. Her gagging sound tore him from his sexual stupor and he pulled out.

Like a fire hose out of control, the last of his spurts landed on her cheeks and her nose.

Their eyes stared at each other and Mr. Hill saw the results of a cock and balls that had been in long term storage and then released to freedom.

Emily felt a gooey wetness roll down her cheeks and to her lips and chin. Her tongue slid out and gathered what it could and retreated back in her mouth. She smiled as she saw a grin crease over his lips.

He wiped her cheeks with his fingers and slid them into her mouth and she sucked on them, teasing him with promises of what lay ahead.

A short time later, Sarah came home and discovered Emily on the couch and that dad had just gone to bed. She slid next to her friend.

“What you watching? Did you study all night?”

“Nothing really,” Emily said. “No, I took a break and watched a movie with your dad.”

“Was it any good,” Emily asked.

Emily grinned from ear to ear. “It was amazing.”

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