Chilled Cherry Vodka

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The pact was sealed at the kitchen table over shots of chilled cherry vodka. Should they return from their trip to the bar without suitable mates, they would undress and ravage each others’ bodies. It had been too long since they had hooked up and tonight the dry streak was going to end.

“Gay for the day,” Cindy said with a wink.

Allison just smiled.

They poured a second round to further prove their commitment and chased it with swigs from Miller Lite bottles. A half hour more of catching up, and one more round of shots before heading for the door. Their minds buzzed with anticipation and alcohol.

The Watering Hole, their favorite bar was only a block away from Cindy’s apartment, but the chilly night made it seem like miles. When the door opened, they didn’t so much as walk in as fall through the opening, giggling as they caught themselves.

The sudden appearance of two attractive and drunk girls made the bar skip a beat. Some recognized their faces, but most believed that the situation presented an attractive opportunity.

As the girls took their favorite seats at the bar they ordered bottles of beer. Shots were considered but turned down. Not just yet.

Their seats gave them an almost complete view of a large mirror behind the bar. In it they could see each other and indirectly, any men as they approached.

And men did appear at regular intervals on both sides, ordering drinks and using the opportunity to strike up a conversation. Some had better skills than others, but rejections came with smiles and sometimes laughs.

Occasionally drinks were offered, and mostly these were accepted, but were always followed 5 or 10 minutes of obligatory small-talk, ending in a casual brush-off.

Bad hair. Bad clothes. European. Bad job. No job. The unsaid reasons for their rejections seemed reasonable, but they both knew what was really going on.

They stared at each other in the mirror and smiled. The bartender passed and they order a final set of chilled cherry vodka shots. They finished the shots and beers as the clock struck midnight. Without saying a word they hopped from their stools and headed for the door.

Disappointment spread among the single men, couched slightly by the almost visible spark as the girls grabbed hands as they navigated to the exit.

Pulling the keys from her pocket, they dropped to the ground as they approach her building. As the wind howled they dropped again as she tried to unlock the outside door. On the third try the key went into the lock and a heavy thud of casino oyna a security lock accompanied the crack of the opening door.

Allison wondered if Cindy was as nervous as she was. And why she wore a skirt on such a cold night. The jeans Cindy sported seemed much more practical.

“Let me get my mail,” Cindy said as they entered the lobby.

An old couch sat in the corner. Allison, unsure on her feet without help, plopped herself down. Cindy fought with the mailbox key and lock, and victoriously took out a stack of mail from the past several days. Rather than beckoning Allison, she took a seat next to her on the couch and began thumbing through a Victoria’s Secret catalog. Allison moved in closely and their cheeks rubbed together as they flipped the pages.

Without warning they kissed. Willing lips pressed together. Willing tongues touched and darted. They exchanged warm breath via their nostrils. A warm hand touched a cold thigh under Allison’s skirt. Mail fell from a lap to the marble floor.

A crack of the security door broken the silence. The embrace ended. A man entered, paused, and continued down the first floor hallway.

Cindy leaned to pick up the mail, stood, and pulled up Allison with her free hand.

Up the stairs the keys reappeared, and the apartment door was opened on the first try. Mail was put on the kitchen table next to the now worm bottle of cherry vodka. Without pretense, they headed to Cindy’s bedroom.

Taking the lead, Cindy threw off her shirt and stepped out of her jeans. Her long curly hair seemed even longer without clothes. She hopped on the bed and watched as Allison took off her shirt, shoes, and skirt. As she hopped into bed and pulled sheet over them they were both reminded of sleep overs of their youth, except with more skin, alcohol, and hopefully orgasms.

They tried to figure out where to put their arms, which turned into giggling, which quickly turned into a long, deep kiss. Hands began to wander. Warm part rubbed cold parts and moaning filled the room.

Cindy was first to go beyond first base, kissing her way down the the neck, shoulder, and breasts. Both removed their bras and the kissing continued. She kissed her way down to Allison’s hips and kissed all the way across, knowing this tickled and would cause her hips to thrust.

Allison squealed and stared down at the mound beneath the sheets. Every movement and touch felt right. “Gay for the day,” she said to herself.

Cindy pulled down Allison’s panties with both hands and revealed a neatly trimmed tuft slot oyna of hair. Before any objection could be voiced, she joined her wet tongue to the opening below. A moan filled the air. She motioned slowly upwards and flicked upwards. Legs pressed closer to her head. Again, with more force. Then slower and softer. And harder and quicker. She could taste the juices that wet her face.

Allison closed her eyes. She felt every lock of Cindy’s hair kiss her abdomen and thighs. Any anxiety that survived the vodka slipped away. A warmth filled her feet. No man had every made her feel so warm so quickly. None of her vibrators had ever given her butterflies in her stomach like this.

Keeping her mouth and tongue as close as possible, Cindy worked her finger into the wet hole and inverted her hand. She flicked upwards against the G-spot as she forcefully licked the clitoris. Allison groaned and her legs clamped around Cindy’s head. Alternating hard and soft, Cindy breathed when she could.

A rush came over Allison as she felt a gush from between her legs. She reminded herself to breath and loosened her legs, freeing Cindy’s head.

Cindy had felt the gush of liquid on her face, joyfully knowing she accomplished what she set out to do. By the time she pulled the covers down and crawled back to the pillows, Allison was passed out. She laid her head on Allison’s arm and let herself relax in the glow.

Allison felt lips on her right nipple and fingers pinching her left nipple. She wasn’t sure how long she was asleep. For a moment she forget where she was and what she was doing. Her wet thighs and damp butt cheeks reminded her.

Cindy moved up to kiss Allison and moved her free hand down to her hairless cooch. While Allison slept she removed her panties and had been warming things up. Allison watched her pleasure herself from an open eye.



“I want you to fuck me.”

“OK,” she said, not exactly knowing what she had agreed to.

Cindy leaned up and opened the top drawer in the night-stand. She pulled out a black leather strap-on with a flesh colored dildo. I was a reasonable length a size, reminding Allison of her of her last boyfriend. Cindy sat between Allison’s open legs and strapped it on. It felt weird, but powerful. Cindy leaned over and grabbed a small purple bottle of lube, squirted some in her hand and rubbed it on the cock as if she was trying to get it hard.

“Now, fuck me,” she demanded, turning herself over and leaning on her arms. Her ass in the air lined up to the side of the bed. canlı casino siteleri Allison stood behind her, feeling the thrill of something new and unexpected. She worked the head of the cock up and down and gave it a push. At first it resisted but then slid in quickly. Cindy moaned and pushed her ass toward Allison.

They pushed and pulled. Their rhythms unmatched at first, but slowly aligning. Allison wished that in was real. That she could really feel what it would be like to fuck Cindy with a hard cock.

Cindy grabbed a pillow with both hands and squeezed her fingers tight.

“Slap my ass,” she said. Allison complied. Then did it again.

When she couldn’t take it ay longer, she leaned forward and flipped over. Allison plunged the cock back in and laid upon her missionary style. It was almost automatic. They kissed and rubber their hips together. Plastic penetrated Cindy over and over again.

“Hold me down,” she said. Allison complied, grabbing her hands and leaning in over her. The soft skin of their breasts rubbed together. Cindy couldn’t cum unless she was somehow restrained, and this motion put her over the edge. A sound, almost a yell, came from her mouth as her legs quivered. More juices flowed. They kissed hard.

Allison paused, then pulled out, laying herself next to Cindy. They kissed and both fell into the darkness.

Sunlight through the window woke Allison. She was alone and naked except for the dilbo still strapped around her waist. The smell of coffee and something fried filled the air. She unhooked the strap-on and returned it to the open sex drawer. It was filled with lotions, vibrators, and handcuffs. It put her own sex drawer to shame.

She quickly found her bra, shirt, and skirt. Her underwear from the night before was lost in a sea of Cindy’s underwear on the floor. Nothing looked familiar. The walk home would be even colder that the walk here, but she thought she probably needed to air things out anyway.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Cindy said from the kitchen as she entered.

Cindy worn a blue button-down shirt and nothing else. It was likely a trophy from some nameless conquest in the past. Her hair tumbled onto the shoulders of the shirt.

“Coffee,” Allison said as she pulled the coffee pot from the maker and poured a cup.

Cindy used a spatula to make two plates of scrambled eggs and turkey bacon.

They talked of work. They talked of chores to be done in the afternoon. They talked about friends. They did not talk of the night before, or even the bar.

After breakfast Allison pulled herself together and headed for the door. Cindy gave her a quick kiss and her lips and smiled. “See you later.”

Yes, Allison though to herself with a smile. But never in the same way.

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