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Cheating with His Pregnant Daughter

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cheating with his Pregnant Daughter

Hissing, the dragoness’ tongue dangled from her mouth, face pressed into the pillows as a cougar slammed into her pussy, holding nothing back. Ropes growled, a low, guttural sound in the back of his throat, as he ploughed her, his four tentacles waving crazily as if to egg their master on to greater heights of furious passion. His white eyes, devoid of a pupil, glowed eerily as he leaned over her, letting his daughter’s limber tail drape over his shoulder and down his back. Helena closed her mouth, grinding her teeth together as the lewd, wet sounds of their hasty coupling pushed her towards her fifth or sixth orgasm of the night. Her head swam. Just how many times had she climaxed? She’d lost count, didn’t need to keep count.

The room itself was as cluttered as a young adult dragoness could be expected to keep it, living with her parents while on the hunt for work and chasing dreams fleeing from her fingertips in the wide, wide world. Some hatchling memories remained in the pink teddy bear sitting on the shelf and the woven patchwork blanket for cold winter nights that her grandmother had made for her before her passing. Her brother, Hiss, teased her for hanging on to memories like gold – a draconian ‘curse’, of sorts – but she couldn’t bear the thought of locking away what made her life what it was.

On the bedside table, a photo of a typically happy family – consisting of a smiling dragoness with yellow slashes through her crimson scales, the cougar currently wrapped up in the throes of sexual bliss, a younger adult cougar with a touch of russet to his fur and the burned umber dragoness on the bed herself – lay on its side, one edge poking off the table. Helena flicked her gaze away from it. Her family.

It was difficult to think about any other family than the one finding life in her womb anymore. The dragoness squirmed her paw beneath her belly as her father drove into her, claws pricking her hips as he snarled, lip curling back from his teeth to produce such a feral sound that the very nuance of it sent delicious shivers down Helena’s spine. The dragoness’ head lolled back, lips parted in a breathy moan, stomach swelling against her fingers. Not all that much time had passed since she’d discovered, with the fateful ‘pee on the stick’ test, that she was pregnant, although the dragoness so far found pregnancy to be suiting her rather well.

Even if she did say so herself.

Ropes arched over her, teeth grazing the back of her neck as she shivered, weight crushed into the bed as she forwent any pretence of holding herself up with her arms anymore. He nipped her shoulder and Helena swallowed a throaty moan, rocking her hips back into him instinctively as every muscle in her body seemed to turn into jelly. She loved when he did that. Her father really did know what she liked, through and through. He was the one who pleased her best and she knew he loved her lips wrapped around his shaft too, the sweet, wet warmth of her needy cunny clenching around him as if she wanted to draw him in deeper and deeper and deeper.

Groaning into the pillow, Helena hugged one to her chest, her four breasts sinking into the plush surface. If she had it her way, she’d never have her father stop fucking her.

But all good times had to have their cycles too, otherwise they wouldn’t be good anymore.

Helena shrieked, losing sense of herself as orgasm crashed over her all of a sudden, gripping her in a hold that could not be broken even if she’d wanted to wriggle free. Her tail squeezed around her father’s shoulders as she howled and bucked back against him, the claws on her hind paws tearing through the bed sheets, which were, at best, a tangled mess of sacrificed linen.

Shuddering bodily, Helena gave a subdued roar into the pillow, white-blonde hair knotted across the scales at the back of her neck as she writhed. She didn’t usually let that feral side of her show, if only to keep her sound level in check the best she could. Trembling through the last pulses of climax, Helena grunted lustfully, already grinding back onto her father’s shaft as if begging for more. For once, it didn’t matter if she was loud, or even a little too loud. This time, they had the whole house to themselves to enjoy as they willed.

Ropes clenched his jaw, rounded ears twitching back as he struggled to maintain himself, to keep thrusting and driving in, the foreskin on his shaft pulling back with every ruthless roll of his hips. A tentacle flowed around his arm to his daughter, curling around her stomach as if it too wanted to feel that gentle swell of her stomach. Leaning heavily on his paws, he snarled and slammed into her, tail lashing bursa escort the air as he worked towards his own orgasm, the need to cum overruling even the demonic need for pleasure upon pleasure.

There would always, after all, be more pleasure to come for a demon of sexual desire and lust.

Dwarfing her roar with a louder one that throbbed through the dragoness’ ribcage, Ropes tucked his chin down to his chest and shuddered as he ejaculated, tentacles clinging to his daughter as if to keep her close – as close as possible. But she wasn’t going anywhere with his claws digging into her hips, barely breaking the barrier of her scales, and his cock seated deep in her pussy. Grinding weakly back on him as her body trembled in the afterglow of orgasm, Helena’s pussy twitched around the cougar’s shaft as he filled her, throb after throb of thick cum flooding into her. It would not be the last time he spent himself inside her that evening, but the first time would always, irrefutably, be the very sweetest, sending winding licks of pleasure into every nerve-ending in his body.

Grinding deep into his daughter as his spurts came to an end, the last weak pulses of cum adding to the heavy load, Ropes swallowed, licking his lips as tiredness tugged his attention back to a less than pleasant reality. Abruptly, he was aware of how his arms ached from supporting the weight of his own body, torso muscled through his brown fur, and the tingling sensitivity begging relief from his cock and balls. He grinned, baring his teeth as Helena blinked, wriggling weakly beneath him as she brought her paws back under her body. Fucking was fun, but even a demon-cougar needed a bit of rest too.

The cougar sucked in a breath, muscles tense across his upper back as he lifted himself up from his daughter, softening cock slipping almost reluctantly from her pussy. He didn’t have to worry that he would go without for any great length of time, however. With Fyr, his sweet dragon-wife, out of town for a few days, they could fuck as much as they wanted to without any repercussions or worries at all.

Ropes smiled, rubbing the top of Helena’s thigh in small circles. Rolling onto her back, Helena exhaled softly, breasts heaving as she regained some sense of herself. She blinked as if the room around her was slowly coming back into focus and smiled warmly up at her father, one arm flung out across the bed as if to invite him to her once again. Sprawling next to his daughter, the cougar languidly traced his paw down her stomach, following the soft dip where gravity pulled her breasts apart down to where her stomach rose out from the natural curve of her body.

She’d never been more beautiful to him than since she’d confessed to him that she was pregnant, standing there defiantly in the doorframe to his and Fyr’s bedroom with the pregnancy test clutched in one paw like a lifeline. His daughter had snapped and snarled, stomping her hind paws like a teenager all over again, but she’d looked so wildly fertile in that moment alone that he’d thrown her on his marriage bed and taken her crudely. Their moans had woken Hiss and they’d had to come up with a quick, fudged excuse as to why they were being so loud at an ‘ungodly hour of the morning’, or so he had put it. Ropes still wasn’t sure why the younger cougar had bought the lie, but perhaps it simply was that he just didn’t care what had woken him, only that they had.

But to have his daughter pregnant was not a secret that could be kept forever, as much as she wanted to fly under the radar of her mother, a dragon a damn side less tolerant of such a young pregnancy than he was. Ropes sighed, sliding his gaze down to his daughter from the corner of his eye. Some things had to be said even if he and it was better to tell them while he had Helena’s attention, as much as he’d rather do much more pleasurable things with her attention.

“What will mother say?”

He inclined his head towards her swollen stomach and the dragoness swallowed, turning her head away. The tip of her tail flicked back and forth like that of a domestic cat, for there was no wild tigress to be found in his daughter. Ropes smiled, lips twitching up against his will. At least, there was no tigress yet. But she would find herself, he was sure of that. She was every bit his daughter and always would be.

But Helena’s words, when they finally came, did not bring reassurance to the worries crossing his mind.

“Does she have to know?”

Ropes sat up and pulled her with him, a frown pulling the corners of his lips back down. He eyed her sternly, not even needing to put much thought into the particular look as Helena shuffled uncomfortably, folding her arms across her breasts. The dragoness dangled her legs over the edge of the bed, doing everything possible to look anywhere but at him. The posters on her wall, faded and curling at the corners, proved suddenly very interesting to her.

“Hel, she’s going to notice sooner or later. You’re not simply just going bursa escort to stop growing now, are you?”

The dragoness sighed and leaned back on the palms of her paws, legs hanging over the edge of the bed. As if she was a hatchling again, she swung them back and forth lazily, letting her claws catch at the duvet, which was, yet again, nearly all the way off the bed. She smirked. When they had enough private time – that was probably the polite way to put it – the sheets never quite seemed to stay as her mother liked them. Fyr would have a fit if she saw what a mess her child had made of her room!

“I was hoping that I could think of a better excuse than what I had in mind first of all.”

“And what was that excuse?”

She winced, twisting her paws together.

“Something about a guy from that volunteer project I worked on, you know, where we were planting trees. Was thinking about telling her I had a fling with him, she really liked that stag. Didn’t like my jokes about him having a nice ‘rack’ though. Said I should show a bit more respect.”

Her lips pressed together as she threw her father a sheepish look.

“But I think we both know that that wouldn’t work. It wouldn’t work one bit.”

Shaking his head, for he knew exactly what she meant, Ropes stroked her hair, wrapping his arm around her shoulders as he drew Helena to him. She leaned into her father, a small smile gracing her lips as he purred, one of his tentacles snaking around her stomach to cradle the rise of her belly. There was a protective edge to the action that only one privy to their intimate relationship could discern the truth behind, yet there was no one that knew how close Helena and Ropes were besides the furs themselves.

Helena bit her lip and looked down, her father’s cum trickling down her inner thigh. She squeezed her legs together, swallowing a moan as it forced out more of his semen, her pussy lips slick with his seed. She would have been hard pressed to name a better sensation if she’d been asked, but problems always demanded answers. The dragoness rested a paw on her stomach and sighed, mind awash with scenarios she didn’t want to confront, one after the other demanding attention and similarly being cast aside.

It would have been easier if she’d shacked up with a random male from a temp job or the tree planting project. That could have been explained, even if she’d have had to still face her mother’s wrath. But it wasn’t that simple. It could never have been that simple.

For the dragonet growing in her womb had been sired by her father.


Frankly, neither Ropes nor Helena had thought she’d take the last time they fucked during her heat. It was hard to resist a dragoness’ heat anyway and Helena had practically pinned the cougar against the wall and begged him to take her before he actually gave in to his baser urges. How to explain her pregnancy, however, considering that her father was the father was another matter entirely.

And Fyr, just as her daughter was beginning to show, was none the wiser to the deed done practically under her nose.

Helena avoided Fyr as much as it was possible to avoid her mother, protesting that she needed to get as much volunteer work under her belt if she was to stand any chance of getting into a job. She was an adult and couldn’t live under her mother’s wing forever, after all, she preached at any given opportunity. It was a blatant lie – she was waiting for the right job to come along – but it was one that got Fyr to back off, at least mostly.

Her ruse, however, had not been enough for Fyr and her mother insisted she join her one Thursday afternoon for an expedition into the city on a shopping trip, truly a favourite pastime of Helena’s. She fumbled and failed to find an excuse, resigning herself to her fate as she donned her lightest, most flowing shirt that she could only hope covered enough of her stomach to not raise undue questions – at least not yet.

For all her wiles, Fyr could not convince one to join them on the outing, regardless of the persuasion slipping from her sweet lips. Hiss had cast them a look and retreated to his room under the pretence of needing more sleep. Helena had glared and shaken her head as his tentacles disappeared around the door frame, the door closing with a solid clunk. There was something wrong with that cougar… He was the living embodiment of the twenty-four hour catnap.

She had been able to coax Ropes along for a time at least and Helena chattered to both her parents in the car on the ride into the city, her voice higher pitched than it should have been. Her palms sweated. Did her mother know? Had she gotten away with it? Why had her father agreed to come out with them? He hated shopping! She ground her teeth together, tail curling and uncurling against the seat as she leaned her forehead against the window, letting the coolness seep into her forehead.

“You okay back there, dear?”

Helena barely lifted her head to bursa eskort acknowledge her mother’s words.

“I’m fine.”

The dragoness twisted around in the front seat, peering back as she drove. Ropes sat with his paws folded behind his head, no doubt with his eyes closed as he enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon sun on his fur. Helena swallowed, mind drifting to earlier that day when Ropes had pressed his tongue into her cunny atop the washing machine in the laundry room, driving her to a height of need before feeding her every inch of his shaft.

Helena shook herself. She couldn’t think like that. Not around her mother.

As if knowing exactly what she was thinking about, Ropes dipped a shoulder and winked back at her, one tentacle bobbing beside his muzzle.

Helena avoided looking at him for the rest of the ride, taking sanctuary in the bustle of the shopping mall, which at least allowed her to keep Fyr between her father and herself. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to hold herself back if he’d been beside her, pregnancy playing havoc with her mind. The dragoness cursed under her breath, tugging her top down over her stomach as it threatened to ride up, tail flicking back and forth. Weren’t hormones not supposed to affect her until later in pregnancy? Helena raked her fingers through her hair repeatedly, trying to use the sliver of sensation as a distraction from what may as well have been another raging heat coursing through her body.

Her breathing grew laboured, imperceptibly rising until she panted with an open-mouth, turning her muzzle so that Fyr – hopefully – did not notice. The fronds of a fake palm tree brushed her neck as she passed and bit the inside of her cheek to stifle a moan from even that light touch. She cursed inwardly, toes curling and uncurling, inside her old, worn trainers, a ratty pair that she simply could not bear to throw away. They were, however, scant comfort as she fought and failed to keep her mind on the task at hand of shopping.

Shopping had never before seemed so boring.

She meandered listlessly around the clothes shop, barely taking note of where she was as Fyr chattered, bouncing back and forth between racks of clothes like a red and yellow ping-pong ball. Helena did her best not to frown, what little pretence she made of a good mood waning as the minutes ticked on.

“Don’t you want to try anything on, Helena?” Fyr smiled, innocently unknowing as to why her daughter was keeping a safe distance. “I thought you liked this shop.”

Helena sighed. It was hard to be so glum when Fyr beamed at her so, frills shiny around her face as if she had taken particular time with moisturising them over the course of the last few days.

“Yeah, I do…” She threw her mother a token few words, pushing her lips into the semblance of a smile. “I do like coming here.”

Fyr grinned, white teeth flashing in her red muzzle.

“Then you should try it on! My treat, come on now.” She pressed her finger to the corner of Helena’s lips, pushing one side up into a half-smile. “You haven’t smiled even the once today. I’ll be starting to think there’s something on your mind if you keep up like this, honey.”

Helena swallowed, sliding her gaze away. Fyr knew her too well, though it was only to be expected from her mother. She had, after all, looked after her since birth. She eyed the clothes in her mother’s paws, sifting through them with a calculating glint flickering up in her eyes.

The clothes were cute, she had to admit, and it wasn’t her money that would be spent. Not that she had all that much of it to spare anyway. She perked up at the notion of a treat, taking the blouse her mother offered her and darting into the changing rooms with a smile, if but a small one. To her back, Fyr breathed a sigh of relief and pressed a paw to her forehead, eyes rolling back into her head out of sight of her daughter.

She closed the door to the private changing cubicle, open right at the top and very bottom of the door, and held the blouse up to her chest as if it would help her envisage just how it would look on. It cut just across the bottom of her stomach and she pursed her lips, already shaking her head at the sight of it. No good: if Fyr saw her in that, she would be caught instantly for sure.

Helena rubbed her forehead. Just what was the point? Her daily life had become an exercise in hiding her pregnancy from her mother and it certainly couldn’t go on forever. It was one thing to dodge trying on clothes and hide from Fyr in the changing rooms and another completely to hide her, quite literally, growing condition as the months wore on. And the hatchling? Helena swallowed. Would she birth a live dragonet or lay eggs? She didn’t even know that!

Her mind whirled with too many questions and she growled to herself, forcing them from her mind in one fell swoop. No. No, those were for another Helena to answer. A future Helena would be better placed to think clearly and sensibly about the implications of her swelling belly. And Ropes could help too, would help too. She nodded to her reflection, only then realising that she was clutching the pretty blouse to her chest like a lifeline. Her father had as much a part in this as her, in untangling the mess they’d woven together.

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