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Cheating Ch. 03: Vacation

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As we do several times a year, my family made a trip down to Tennessee to visit my sister-in-law Erica for a long weekend. She moved down there several years after she got married, into a nice house with lots of land for her animals. Sadly, she lived like a single mom for about half of the year as her husband spent about 6 months of the year away for work, and our visit landed during one of those times.

Making the trip this time were me, my wife Sara, her cousin Laura (who you know plenty about if you’ve read my previous stories), and Laura’s older sister Kelsey. Erica had a nice, big house so there was plenty of room for everyone. My family had a room to ourselves, and Laura and Kelsey shared a room. Not much of a chance to sneak off with Laura, I lamented.

When we got in that evening, we were all very tired from the drive so after the usually pleasantries I excused myself to go to bed. I brushed my teeth and got into some more comfortable clothes in the bathroom before proceeding to our room. On the way there I passed Laura and Kelsey’s room, and through the cracked door I noticed Laura had come up and was changing as well. She turned to see me peeking, and pulled her pajama top up to expose her tiny tits and brought her finger up to her mouth like she was shushing me. I’m assuming to tell me to keep quiet. She proceeded to suck on that same finger, bringing my cock right to attention. All of this happened in a matter of seconds, and I realized my wife was coming up the stairs. I continued on my way as Laura heard her as well and went back to changing.

I laid down, and under any normal circumstances I would have rubbed on out after that whole exchange. Unfortunately, with my wife in bed with me and our son in the other bed in the room, that wasn’t an option. So, off I drifted with thoughts of that dirty little slut running through my brain.

My wife woke me up around Bolu Escort 7 the next morning and asked if I wanted to go down to the barn with her and the kids to help feed the animals. I passed, saying I was still pretty tired and could use a bit more sleep. Annoyed, she left and closed the door. I was, in fact, pretty tired as in no time I had dozed back off.

I was having a GREAT dream, surprisingly about my wife giving me quite the blowjob, when I woke up and realized it wasn’t just a dream. Someone was under the comforter sucking my cock. I could tell by the outline it wasn’t my wife. She’s built pretty thick and has a nice, big ass. Whoever was under the comforter didn’t have an ass anywhere near as big as hers. Process of elimination, it had to be Laura. She’d clearly been working on her deepthroat skills; she couldn’t quite take me all the way but she could take about 3/4 of my shaft now.

“Mmmmmm, Laura,” I said, “I didn’t think we’d get a chance this weekend. You sure we have time before they get back?”

“Wait, WHAT?!?” came a voice from under the comforter as the blowjob stopped.

My blood ran cold. That sure as HELL was not Laura’s voice. Had I misjudged things and it actually was my wife? No, I thought, that wasn’t her voice either…

The comforter lifted up and I saw Erica’s face in shock. She said, “You’ve been fucking LAURA?!?”

I laid there looking at her in stunned silence, not knowing how to respond. I’m honestly not sure which of us was more shocked.

I finally muttered, “Well, uhh…”

She cut me off, “Well shit, who am I to judge, I’m the one with your dick on my mouth. I can see why she’d keep coming back though.” With that she went back to sucking my cock, taking as much as she could. After a few seconds she looked back up and said, “And no, we don’t have alot of time, let’s make this fucking quick.” Nice Bolu Escort Bayan pun, I thought, not knowing if she meant to make a joke.

Erica isn’t as thin as Laura, but also isn’t thick like Sara and she’s taller than both. She’s pretty athletically built, and played a bunch of sports in high school. Her tits used to be about a B cup, but since having a kid they grew to a solid C cup and stayed there. I certainly wasn’t complaining.

She climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. We both moaned as she took all of me inside her. “DEFINITELY see what Laura and my sister see in you,” she said breathlessly. I reached up and grabbed her breasts, caressing them and lightly pinching her nipples. She grabbed my wrists as she began to slowly move her pussy up and down on my now rock hard cock. She held my hands there on her tits, clearly enjoying what I was doing. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as Laura’s but still a hell of alot tighter than my wife’s. Surprising since they’d both had kids.

She looked over at a tablet that I hadn’t even noticed was sitting on the nightstand beside us and said, “Shit, they’re on their way back up.” With as big as their property is, they have security cameras all over, and one points down the lane to the barn. “I had the nanny take everyone down to the barn to help feed the animals. Looks like they’re walking back up now. That means we have like 5 minutes max.”

Without saying a word, she climbed off my cock and stood up on the bed. I wasn’t sure where she was headed until she squatted down and lowered herself back onto my cock, balancing herself with her hands in my shoulders. “Alot better leverage like this,” she said with a smile. She immediately began to pump up and down on my dick with reckless abandon. When I said she was athletic, I meant it.

After a minute or so I could tell she was building to an orgasm. Escort Bolu Before I could even ask, she said, “I want you to cum with me. You can cum inside me, nobody knows but I’m already pregnant.” Well, that’s one hell of a way to find out that kind of news.

Shortly after that exchange she started to cum, and as soon as I felt her pussy clamp down so did I. She slammed her pussy down on my cock so I was balls deep inside her and rocked her hips, milking every single drop of cum out of me. After both our orgasms subsided, we immediately jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. Everyone was probably about a minute away at most.

As she was putting her bra back on, she asked, “So, you fucking anyone else in my family? I mean, aside from Sara and Laura obviously? And when they hell did you and Laura start?”

I laughed, “Well, not yet. And ironically enough, Laura and I first fucked the night of your wedding”

“Yet, eh?” she said as she pulled up her pants, “sounds like someone is a little optimistic! And holy shit, thats crazy with you and Laura”

“What can I say,” I responded. “Speaking of that, what prompted this? I’m not complaining, but never really got any vibes like this from you.”

“Well,” she responded, “like I said I’m pregnant so my hormones are out of whack and I woke up horny as hell this morning. Masturbating wasn’t doing it, I needed a real cock. My husband is gone for several more months still, and yours is about the only dick that’s not related to me I’ll have around here for awhile. Plus, I know my sister and I know you aren’t getting it near enough, so I didn’t figure you’d mind.”

“Glad I could help then,” I said with a smile as I put on my shirt.

“I’m assuming you’re game if I need you again?” She asked.

“At your service,” I said with a quick bow.

By the time everyone got back, we were in kitchen starting on breakfast.

“Oh, you finally got up?” my wife quipped sarcastically.

“Ya, your sister came up and made sure I didn’t sleep in too late,” I answered. She thanked her sister for getting me up, and Erica said, “Oh, my pleasure.”

If only my wife knew.

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