Kas 13

Chasing Fate Ch. 03

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I was relaxing in the Jacuzzi, the hot water splashing over my back, when I heard the phone ring in the kitchen. Ann answered, but since she did not immediately call for me, I sunk lower in the pool, the jets pounding my body. My head was just above the water when I looked up with Ann holding the phone out for me. “It’s for you…your friend Mark?”

I recognized the voice immediately as I felt a tremor through my body. “Evening Larry. I assume that was Ann,” asked Mark already knowing the answer. “She sounds sweet.” I searched for a response but my silence said it all. “David and I are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Have you missed me?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied. “I bet you have. I bet you’ve missed sucking on my big black dick. Let me hear you say it,” Mark said as I felt his presence through the receiver. I looked around for Ann who had stepped back into the house. “I’ve missed sucking on your big black dick,” I said directly into the phone trying to keep my voice down. “I’m not sure you have,” replied Mark, “Say it like you mean it,” he commanded. “I’ve missed sucking on your big black cock,” I stated louder, looking over my shoulder as I wondered where Ann might be. “I know you have,” Mark said somewhat amused, “…and I’ll let you get your fill tomorrow. Be here at six sharp and make sure you’re naked when you get here. The phone clicked and in a moment there was a dial tone. Just as suddenly, Ann stepped out onto the deck. I wondered if she overheard my conversation.

“Who’s Mark?” she asked. “Just a friend,” I replied. “He was asking if I might be able to grab a couple of beers after work. That okay with you,” I inquired as Ann picked up a glass. “I guess. You’re not going to be too late are you? “No, just a few drinks,” I replied. “Whatever,” she retorted as she headed back into the house. That was much easier than I thought.

The afternoon seemed to drag by as I thought about the evening ahead. Driving across town, I could see images of David standing at the door to greet me. Before leaving the office I had changed into shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. I knew my secretary assumed I was off to the gym. In reality, it was just quicker to disrobe from. Mark had been clear – be naked when you get here.

I walked up the flight of steps to Mark and David’s apartment. My heart was pounding in my chest as I looked around for anyone who might be headed my way. The coast seemed to be clear. At the door, I once again, looked around but it was quiet. I slipped off the shoes and quickly pulled the t-shirt over my head. I slipped out of my shorts and in an instant I was naked standing at the apartment door. I rang their doorbell and could hear the soft murmur of the TV.

I heard a car doors slam and the voices of a couple as they made there way in my direction. I knocked on the door as I felt fear taking hold…the voices getting louder as they stepped on the first step of the stairs. The doorknob turned and David was standing there with a smile beaming across his face. I had just stepped into the apartment when I heard the couple turn the corner to our flight of stairs.

Mark was seated in a lounge chair watching TV. gaziantep escort “I see you can follow instructions. That’s good. Come over here,” he said. I walked over to him as he took his hand and rubbed it across my stomach, down to my cock, and then resting with his hands holding my balls. “Good, very good.” “Tonight is movie night,” said Mark. “You like movies?” I nodded my head. “Have a seat as he patted the side of the chair,” indicating I should sit at his feet. “Get us a drink Dave.”

I heard the clink of ice filling the glasses as Mark informed me this was going to be a special viewing. David brought each of us a drink, before retrieving his, and taking his position on the other side of the chair. Mark aimed the remote in the direction of the fireplace mantle and the Hi-def TV screen located above filled with an image of he and David seated on the couch.

“So you ever had a man before David?” David on the video simply shook his head slowly back and forth. “But you’ve thought about it haven’t you?” David just looked at Mark. “You’ve fantasized about what it would be like to suck on my dick haven’t you? I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me at the office. I’ve seen you check out my package. You want to see my dick don’t you?” David just stared, sometimes blinking, as Mark continued his taunts. “I’ve bet you’ve thought about it often.” Mark reached down and unzipped his fly and pulled his long dick through the trousers. David’s eyes got wider as he stared at the ebony flesh. “You want to touch it Dave?” Mark asked. David just nodded as Mark reached out and placed David’s hand on his dick.

“Stroke that dick boy.” David moved his hand up and down as Mark’s pole swelled in his hands. “Remove your shirt boy,” Mark sneered. David lifted his shirt over his head and returned his hand to Mark’s shaft. I stared at the screen and realized that David’s nipples, while hard, was absent of the rings which intrigued me so. I looked over at David, seated on the other side of the chair, the rings hanging from each bud. I really did like the way he looked with the little gold rings piercing his nipples.

I looked back at the screen as Mark rubbed David’s chest, reaching out and tweaking David’s tits. He winced but continued to stroke Mark’s meat. “”Why don’t you take it in your mouth boy. We both know you want to. On your knees and suck my dick,” taunted Mark. David slid to his knees and began sucking on Mark’s cock. His tongue reached out and tentatively licked the head before Mark pushed up with his hips sending the pink head into his mouth. “Yea, suck that black dick boy. It tastes good …don’t it boy.” David only nodded as he slurped loudly on Mark’s cock.

As I studied the video, I began to wonder about how it was filmed. David had moved out of frame occasionally so it must have been stationary. And he didn’t seem to look at it. As I looked around our surroundings, it dawned on me it must have been placed on the mantle. That was the direction it seemed to capture. Mark saw me looking around and snapped me back to attention. “Watch the movie cocksucker,” he commanded.

I looked back to the screen to see David had freed Mark of his pants. “Take them pants off boy. I’m gonna’ give you some of this. That’s what you want isn’t it.” David slowly nodded as Mark sneered, “Tell me what you want,” commanded Mark. “I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me Mark. David dropped his pants and kicked them off. Mark pushed David against the couch, his knees on the floor and his chest mashed to the cushion. I watched as Mark spit into his hand and wiped David’s ass with it as he aimed his pole against his opening. He pushed in slowly with David gasping, moaning, and groaning as the black dick filled his virgin hole.

My dick was growing rock hard as I saw the contrast of their bodies. His brown frame lying across David’s white back. After a couple of minutes, Mark moaned he was coming. “I’m gonna plant my black seed up your ass. Here it comes boy…here comes my seed,” as Mark groaned loudly. David bit into the cushion as Mark tensed and pushed with his bick dick. He pulled out with his white cum dripping from his cock.

I heard the clink of Mark’s ice crashing against his glass as he finished his drink and handed it to David who jumped up and headed to the kitchen. The three of us continued to watch the video as we pounded down our mixed drinks. Both David and I sported hard ons as we watched the scenes unfold. I noticed in about the third scene, David walked into camera view and when he tuned around he was shaved clean. He still did not have the rings which now adorned his nipples.

“Here it comes. Pay attention to this Larry,” Mark said with some degree of pride in his voice. “Get her on the phone and tell her,” Mark was saying. “Please don’t ask me to do that,” begged David, a real plea in his voice. “I’ll do anything you ask but please don’t make me do that,” he continued. “I know you’ll do anything and you’ll do that or leave…and if you leave don’t come back,” retorted Mark. Mark continued to hold the phone as David meekly walked into view. His naked body slumped over as he called someone on the phone.

“Laura, it’s me,” he said softly in the phone. He was quiet for a minute before he started back. “I’m leaving Laura. It’s not been good for awhile…and…and I’ve met somebody.” David was seated on the couch in the video with a wide grin across his face. Tell her who you’ve left her for.” David looked up at Mark and then spoke back into the phone. “I’ve met a guy.” You couldn’t hear the voice on the other end but David’s expression said it all. “Tell her what you are boy,” Mark commanded. David looked up and then without hesitation said, “Mark owns me. I live to suck Mark’s dick and let him fuck me.” There was a hesitation before he continued, “You can have it. You can have all of it. I’m sorry.” He stared into the phone before he walked it back over and handed the phone to Mark.

I looked over at David whose head was down. I knew it still hurt even though Mark was reveling in the moment. “That was very good,” Mark stated looking sincere. “Come down here,” Mark continued as he pulled David down on his knees. Mark pulled his shorts down as his massive cock came into view. David took the cock into his mouth without any instruction. He worked it with his hand and mouth like a pro. Moving his head up and down, taking the black wand out of his mouth for a moment to lick the shaft before placing it back in his mouth, pumping his hand back and forth. After several minutes, Mark tensed up and you could see David’s throat as he swallowed the come being deposited into his mouth. Mark patted David’s head, rubbing his fingers through his hair. “I think it’s time to recognize your commitment to me. I am going to place my mark on your body. I think I’ll have you tattooed right there on your belly,” as Mark reached down and touched David just above his cock. Maybe we’ll tattoo a black cock and balls. A hard cock. Would you like that? We could have them put ‘Mark’s cocksucker’ under it,” he sneered. After a brief silence with David still fixed on Mark’s fingers tracing patterns on his shaved abdomen… “No…, you could leave one day and grow your hair back covering it up. We’re gonna pierce these,” Mark said as he reached up and pulled on David’s left tit.

David’s eyes grew wide at the thought. “You’d like that wouldn’t you,” inquired Mark. “You want me to pierce those sweet little things. You want to wear my jewelry on your nips. You can choose the rings and then I’ll have them inserted right through your hard little buds,” he said as he pulled tightly now on both, twisting as David closed his eyes and winced.

We watched the TV as Mark on the screen walked over in the direction of the camera. The very next frame was a shot of David, this time fully dressed as Mark’s voice could be overheard. “Go ahead, take it off and show everyone what we’ve done. Mark slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slowly removed it as his chest came into view. There in the picture were the rings that glistened in the light. Mark zoomed in and you could see David’s nipples seemed to be puffy and pink from the procedure. “How do they feel boy?”

“They’re sore,” David replied. “The price of commitment boy. Now everyday when you look in the mirror, look down at your tits, you’ll see those and know you belong to me. Now go shower up and get in bed. I’ll be back there later.” David walked out of camera view as the screen went blue.

Mark looked down at me. My dick hard as a rock. He reached down and twisted my right nipple between his fingers. “Maybe one day we’ll fit you with a pair,” Mark gloated. A warm rush swept through my body at the thought. I looked over at David sitting on the other side. His rings hanging proudly from his nipples, declaring he was Mark’s property to do with what he wanted.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was getting late and I knew Mark had not started with his evening of fun. I knew before the evening was over, he would once again take my ass. I had not yet fucked a man myself but I knew I wanted David to be my first. Would Mark let me fuck David? I dreamed of sliding my dick in David’s tight hole and seeing him on video had me worked up bad!

“You boys go to the bedroom and wait on me,” Mark commanded. David and I jumped up and padded down the hall. Our erections almost pressed against our stomachs as we headed to the back. I couldn’t wait to kiss David again. Feel his tongue in my mouth. The night might be getting late but I knew we were just getting started.

To be continued…

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