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Charmed to Death

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Four All Hallows Eve’s had come and gone since Rustin Peace had began the experiments. It began with a thought, a desire really, to be someone he was not. He wanted to be seen as having daring bravado, the quick complement, the inviting smile, exuding humility and confidence, and passionate. He envisioned having this charm so intense that almost every woman he met would want to go to bed with him. But how does one become a ladies man when you’re not Warren Beatty or Wilt Chamberlain and you closely resemble a frog as opposed to Prince Charming. Desirable females are all around but Rustin wasn’t getting any of them, thus began his quest. For Rustin, love was like a ghost, something thought about and talked about but never seen or experienced. But he was going to change that with his mysterious concoction he called “Charm.”

By day he was a biochemistry professor, and the grant money he acquired was to develop safe effective birth control drugs. By night he was a crazed feign looking for that elusive charm. Late into the night, after being frustrated time and again, a friendly white ghost came into the room. Real or imagined, Rustin didn’t know, nor did it matter because the ghost had some ideas and every single one of them brought him closer to his dream of female conquest. Under the friendly ghost direction, his research was finding ways to tap directly into the biological processes that control a woman’s sexual urges, bypassing reason and going straight to passion.

By day Dr. Rustin Peace, PHD, had developed a chemical which made a woman’s eggs infertile. It didn’t stop her natural menstrual cycle but she was unable to conceive. The problem was a single dose made all the eggs infertile, so she could never have children again. The development team ended up calling the drug, “COOC,” for Conceptive Out Of Control.


Before realizing the deadly potency of this drug, back when they first thought this drug was going to make them millionaires, Rustin had convinced his wife, Sheri, to try it, even though it was highly unethical to do this so early in a drugs development. When it became clear what he had done to her, she was devastated and went into a severe depressed, knowing she would never bare a child. Until this happened they had been a reasonably happy couple. Some said he had married above his pay grade. Not that she was a super model or anything; it was just that Rustin was quite a bit below average when it came to looks; brains yes, looks no. But now Sheri became consumed with thoughts of revenge. One afternoon she was sitting by the pool soaking up some sun. Eyes closed, facing the sun, the red glow that came through her eye lids began to swirl until a red devil appeared. “Sweet revenge would be the best, he counseled, because you are naturally sweet and giving. Let him suffer with the pain of a thousand cuts. Let him feel you slipping away, helpless to stop you. At the same time make him want you all the more by generously feeding his sexual appetite.”

So when they made love, Sheri started making up stories about how she would catch a man eyeing her, or how a male coworker was giving her unusual attention. She gradually let the stories become more graphic, like the time she had finished taking a shower at the “Y,” then getting confused about which door went back to the lockers, she ended up out in the pool area. “The lifeguard was so nice when he brought me a towel,” she mused as she stroked Rustin’s penis, “but I do declare I saw the end of his cock poking out the top of his swim trunks! He was a big handsome fellow and I couldn’t help but fantasize what it would be like to be with a guy like that.”

Sheri convinced Rustin to go to the annual community Halloween party. Sheri dressed as a good witch, Rustin as a knight. As the evening wore on and the alcohol had its desired effect, Sheri removed her cape, her low cut dress revealing all but the nipples of her breast. Taking Rustin with one hand and holding a little wand in the other, she paraded around the room admiring the other women’s costumes and flirting with the men. She’d touch them with her wand and declare she had cast a lover’s spell on them. In a flirty ways she would let them know she was available if they wanted to live any fantasies. When Rustin would object she scolded him, saying it was just a game.

Sheri didn’t just want to make Rustin jealous, she want to make him hurt. She would leave cryptic little love notes for him to find that she would write to herself, as though from a lover. Sheri shared what she was doing with her best girlfriend, Karen. Karen’s marriage was also in trouble. She was sure her husband was seeing other women and if she could prove it she would get a nice divorce settlement. As they muse over the problem, the Red Devil reappeared and suggested a plan. Sheri could start having an affair with Karen’s husband. After a few months, Sheri could then let Karen know where they would be so she could catch them in the act, camera and witnesses in hand.

The affair was soon underway. The devil suggested she leave Kastamonu Escort her semen stained panties by the shower for Rustin to find, than that night in bed, with her naked body pressed next to him, describe her latest affair, telling Rustin it was a dream she had the night before.

The grand finality came when Karen unexpectedly showed up at Rustin’s work and demanded he come with her. Returning to her home, she quietly led him to a spare bedroom where Karen’s husband and Rustin’s wife were making love. There was a big scene, lot of crying and shouting. When it was all over Karen got her divorce as did Sheri.


With the divorce Rustin was not only hurt but bitter. Though, he did admire how his wife could so easily entrap a man with her witches brew. That is when Rustin started his nighttime quest to find his own “Charm.” If she could play the part of a witch, so could he.

Back at the daytime lab Rustin was unable to overcome the problems with “COOC,” so at the suggestion of his ghost friend, he switched tactics and concentrated on sperm instead. Because sperm are manufactured on a continuing basis and not in a single batch like the female eggs, Dr. Peace found a way to sterilize the sperm as long as the medicine was taken at least once every month but when stopped, after about 40 days, the newly produced sperm were alive and well. The lab assistants dubbed the drug, “Peace of Mind” or “PM” for short.

Trials of a new product can take years. The “PM” test worked well on the fruit fly but mice, rabbits, dogs and monkeys have a much longer life cycle and are not as driven to mate as often as fruit flies or people for that matter, so the good doctor brought his nighttime research into his daytime lab. Now with the aid of graduate students he was able to perfect his “Charm” concoction. It worked surprisingly well on female and male subjects. Just a small drop in a cup of water or food and the sexual response was profound. Within an hour the males had an erection and females were in “heat,” willingly accepting the advances of the first male who showed interest in her. Now years of testing could be condensed because the animals were eager to mate every day, all year long.

To everyone’s delight, the male conceptive drug was 100% effective. Testing showed that the females remained fertile but never conceived as long as their male partners were on the “PM” drug before copulation happened. Take them off the drug and within 80 to 180 day the females became pregnant. The offspring were healthy and normal but still it would require several years of clinical trials with successful results before human trials of “PM” would be permitted by the FDA.

“Charm” Works

It was Elizabeth, a doctorial student, who first noted that the “Charm” drug only needed to be administered once and the male and female desire for frequent copulation did not diminish for at least six months, after which they returned to their natural sexual cycle. In the male they did not get the artificial erection stimulant but did respond rapidly when approached by a willing female partner. Later on in the Trials, it was Liz again who noted that in the dogs and monkeys trial groups, there was a special bonding that took place between a male and female when they were the first ones to mate after being given the drug. After extensive study she concluded that there was something unique, though she could not determine what it was, in each male’s semen that reacted with the “Charm” drug, making the female particularly attracted to that male. On average, Elizabeth observed that the female would seek out and have coitus, six out of ten times, with her first partner. This sexual attraction would end after about six months unless the “Charm” drug was re-administered. Even then a bond remained, along the lines of friends, but the sexual union became random with no better chance of it happening then with any other male.

In all research there is a bit of fudging that goes on. Because Dr. Peace didn’t want the world to know about “Charm” the sexual stimulant drug, he back dated when their trials began and greatly exaggerated the number of animals that were tested. It was just a gray lie because the total number of copulations without a pregnancy was accurate.

When human trials were approved, a large pharmaceutical company purchased the rights to produce it. The University got a large sum of money from this transaction and Dr. Peace was given more grant money for research.

Deal with the Devil

But Rustin Peace wanted more than grant money, he wanted to be rich, and he wanted women. One night as Ruskin was contemplating this problem, the friendly white ghost stopped by. “I have a friend who can open the doors for you if you like to meet him,” the ghost said. The ghost had never steered him wrong so Rustin readily agreed. The room suddenly became cold, the ghost left, a speck of light appeared in the corner of the room which grew until a full size person appeared, red with piercing eyes. “Money and women,” the devil Kastamonu Escort Bayan said. “Good choices if I don’t say so myself.” The devil handed Rustin a note with a phone number. “Call these people now, they are expecting to here from you.” As he dialed, the devil vanished. The deal the devil had brokered was for Rustin to secretly sell the formula for “COOC,” the female egg killing conceptive drug, to the Chinese. It fit well with their one child policy, so he reasoned it was OK, even if it didn’t really belong to him. With the money flowing in, he turned his full attention to women.


Rustin used a Halloween costume party for his first try using “Charm.” It was a department party so he knew most of the guest. Clad in his dervish costume, he was giddy as he went around trying to decide who he wanted to bed with. There was a good looking grad student he had an eye for but she was being courted by a Prince and a Clown. The wife of the Clown, costumed as a Princess, was sitting alone, with a white ghost standing nearby, beckoning for him to come over and meet the her.

Approaching her Rustin said, “Say Princess, what can I get you to drink?”

“Oh sweetie, nothing for me, I’ve not in the mood for a drink,” she said as she glanced over at the Clown. “On second thought I’ll take a cup of coffee and one of those brownies,” Princess said, “I need to get out of this funky mood.”

Rustin put a drop of the “Charm” into her coffee and “PM” into his own, before returning to Princess.

They chatted as they slowly drank their coffees and ate the brownies. Rustin pulled from his coat pocket a little video camera. He scanned the room with it before turning it back to Princess. “I think you are the prettiest Princess here,” Rustin said, “I hope it is OK if I capture you beauty on film and share it with others.”

With her mood improving Princess said, “Of course, let the devil share me with the world.” Then standing, she twirled around with hands over head and hips shaking. “I feel like dancing, let’s join the dancers.”

After two dances, Princess said, “Oh my, I don’t know what has come over me.” She removed her mask and wiped her forehead. Her color was slightly pale and she began taking deep breaths as though she was trying to maintain control over herself. “I’m warm, I need to lie down.”

Rustin recounted, I glanced over to see the clown still hovering around Miss Grad Student, ogling her partially hidden breast. Princess didn’t protest as I led her to a bedroom then helped her cool down by removing her cloths. She was in a full sex flush, with breast firm, her nipples extended, her vulva engorged, her clitoris swollen.

“Are you OK,” I asked as I grabbed my camera to document the first human reaction to “Charm.”

“I just need you to stay with me for a few minute and I think I’ll be OK.”

I lightly touched her and seeing her positive reaction I let my touch extend over her belly and up to her breast. She was in a trance like state now and her heightened feelings caused her to squirm in delight as I kneaded her breast.

“Oh that feels so good,” she said when I spread her vulva and ran two fingers into her moist vagina. As I massaged her g-spot her vaginal muscles would repeatedly clamp down on my fingers. With her head tilted back she exclaimed, “I’m ready for you to fuck me, please, oh please let me feel you cock in my pussy!”

I continued to finger her sweet spot as I picked up my camera and after scanning her body zoomed in on her face. “Say that again Princess,” I said, “tell me what you want me to do to you.”

“Oh please,” she begged, “put you fucking cock in my pussy, and fuck me and fuck me and have your way with me until I feel your sperm swimming in my vagina.”

“OK sweetie,” I said as I bent down and kissed her, “I would love to do that.” I left the camera running as I placed it on a chair at the foot of the bed, where it could capture the action. Then I lost no time in shedding my cloths. I grabbed Princess’s legs lifting them above my shoulders as she willingly spread them giving me access to her moist love tunnel. After I sank my member as deep into her pussy as I could, she grabbed my cock with her PC muscles and repeatedly squeezed. It felt wonderful. She looked beautiful. We began to move together. I watched my penis slide in and out of her vagina. It was a beautiful sight. Putting her legs down I bent over her, our bodies continued with our lovers dance. We would kiss, then I’d push up so I could see her smile of passion, admire her lovely breast and beautiful body. At times Princess would shudder and shake as cries of delight escaped her lips. Time showed down, with all our senses tuned into the full expression of pleasure. The taste of her kisses, hearing her moan, the sight of her body, the smell of her sexual perfume, the feel of our skin touching, the merging of our bodies together, was pure sexual ecstasy.

When I bent down and whispered in her ear, “Oh darling Princess, I ready to come if you’ll have Escort Kastamonu me.” She moaned, “Oh yes, yes I want you to fill me with you cum! You feel so good, so very very good to me; do I feel good to you to, I want so very much to feel good to you too.”

“Oh darling, your ravishing beauty is to my eyes, as your enchanting sexual delights are to my cock.” With that I had the most wonderful orgasm, shooting powerful squirts of semen into her vagina, our body chemistry mixing together in a love bath. I wanted to kiss her again but had to wait as she exploded, her orgasm rocking her body causing her to cry, shudder and shake in rapturous delight, making my cock feel all the sweeter. When she finally came down from her high, we had a long wet kiss as my cock slipped out from her secret place.

We lay close together in a blissful state of mind, talking and sharing little kisses. I told her about “PM” and how I was part of the human testing of the drug and that she was now part of it too. She assured me that she was already on the “Pill” but seemed pleased to help me in my endowers. I was overwhelmed how well things were going so I decided to press her willingness to please a little further. I explained that as a scientist I needed to document my findings. I reminded her of the video camera and she willingly gave me permission to use the recording as I saw fit. I then asked her to describe for me and the camera what she was thinking and feeling. Without hesitation she consented, recalling how she had been overcome with a powerful sexual urge which she thought she could control but finally demanded release. She relived our lovemaking, describing the wonderful feeling and sensations she was having, many for the first time and none as potent as these. Since being married, she had seldom thought about other men in a sexual way but now she said she wanted me be her secret lover.

Getting up we both felt surprisingly refreshed and alive. Donning our costumes and masks we returned to the party. We had been only been gone for about an hour, which seemed amazing given all the passion we had experienced. The Clown was clearly inebriated but when he saw us enter the room he came over to say hi. As he turned to leave he said, pointing to his wife, “Isn’t she beautiful!” Then he left looking for another woman’s butt to pat.

Several days later I called Princess to see how she was doing. Did she have any regrets about what we did? Was she embarrassed or ashamed? It was quite the opposite. She wanted to do it again. She said she got a warm sensuous feeling around her pussy whenever she thought about me.

A few weeks later, it was evening and I had just got back to my house when Princess showed up. Her husband was out of town for several days and she wanted to spend some time with me. We sat on the couch chatting, then we began to kiss. She became more and more passionate with each kiss until she stood up, dropped her cloths and wanted to make love. It was obvious the “Charm” drug still had some effect but I was concerned I would disappoint her because it would be hard to beat last times performance. Still I could tell she was sexually excited so for the sake of science and my own aroused desires, I agreed. I asked again if I could take movie pictures of her/us and she instantly agreed. As she posed for me I want to know if she often had nude pictures takes of her. “No,” she replied, “you’re the only one to do it.” I was getting the impression that when it came to me, her moral compass was shut down.

“Would you mind if I posted pictures of you on the internet or even a movie of us making love,” I pressed?

She paused and thought, “If it pleases you, that would be alright with me too.”

“And if your husband saw the movie, how do you think he would react,” I questioned?

Princess gave me a puzzled look, as though what I was saying didn’t make any sense. “Why would he care,” she said, “he has seen me naked a thousand times.”

Amazed by her response I questioned further. “But if he sees another man’s penis in your pussy with another man’s semen coming from your cunt how would …”

Princess interrupted me. “There are no other men, just my husband and you, my lover. I love my husband, he cares about me, feeds me, houses me, gives me children. He does his husbandly things and I do the wifely things. I don’t blame him if can’t do it all. When I eat, sometimes I want a baked potato and sometimes I was a piece of candy. He is my potato, you are my candy. He is my husband, you are my lover. When I give myself to you, something magical happens and I want you to posse me, dominate me. Everything will be going along fine then something starts to build in me and I can’t stop thinking about you, I want my candy. I long to feel your manhood, fill my womanhood. I trust you. I’ll do whatever you want.”

By now my clothes were off. As I sat on the couch, Princess squatted over me, hands on my shoulders as she lowered her naked body onto my awaiting shaft. As I parted her swollen vulva, her velvet soft cunt took me in. My eyes feasted on her ample breast as she moved up and down. She would pause to let me suck her erect nipples and brush my face against her breast. Again, to my pleasure, her body would tighten, her vagina would grip my penis and she experienced orgasmic pleasures rippling across her body.

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