Eyl 01

Chapter 2 – Whim

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The morning light danced across my closed eyes causing me to stir. I stretch out my hand and grabbed my phone from my bedside table. 10:23am. I hated lying in but when asleep I felt weightless and safe. It had passed 4am before I finally logged off and was nearly 4:30am before I fell asleep. My routine was unhealthy, but I was hooked. I had today to myself and smiled at the thought of not needing to go anywhere, see anyone, speak or even dress. I climbed out of bed and threw on my hoodie. I pulled back my sheets and returned my vibrator to its drawer. The apartment was so cold that I could see my breath. I made my coffee, got comfortable on the couch, and sank right back in.

I had 84 new messages most continuations from the night before. At this point I had no intention of meeting any of them. The harsh reality of Witness K’s statement not far from my mind. I had been careful, I didn’t use my real name, disclose my location nor offer any true personal facts about myself. It wasn’t difficult to do as the nature of conversation was not exactly of high quality. Most messages offered a short “hey”, some complimented my photos and most messages contained graphic images of the sender’s erect penis. I had been a user of Fuckmate for just over a month now and I was no longer phased by them. It was rare that I would open a message of that kind and be impressed. Non-the-less, I replied to all that I could and kept it surface level.

I was initially reluctant to add photos, however, I fast realised that the only way I would really enjoy this would be to show a little skin. I remember the thrill of posting the first. I had chosen an ill-fitting black babydoll dress which did nothing to hide my ample breasts. Once it went live, the messages flooded in. It didn’t take long for the endorphins to subside, so I added another. I was hesitant to go this far at first, but no one knew who I was, as long as I kept my face out of it, I could show whatever I wanted. The excitement made me quiver a little. I pulled my dress down a little further revealing one nipple. Before I could take the photo, she had hardened in excitement. Damn, that photo looks hot. Excitement filled me as I posted and waited eagerly for it to go live.

Nipples were my thing, and I had no idea why. I had always been so sure of my sexuality; I was straight. I knew I had no lesbian tendencies; I didn’t crave to have other women’s nipples in my mouth, but I loved to look. Their form and their ever-changing states excited me. I loved how some were small and button like, some were round and puffy, and some were very long when erect. This nipple obsession was deep rooted. I recalled sneaking out to buy the newspaper with the topless girl on the inner pages. I drew around her breasts with felt tip feeling excitement in my knickers. I was eight.

My porn search history always involved nipples. Licking, sucking, tickling; man on woman, woman on woman, never lactation mind. I loved a guy playing with my nipples and I recalled the first time I climaxed from just that. If I was being completely honest with myself, I loved having my nipples played with that much that I wouldn’t say no to a woman licking and sucking them, if she was very insistent of course. It wasn’t who was doing it, it was what they were doing to me.

In the time of having my account I had uploaded quite an array of photos, mostly of my breasts. My favourites were the ones where it looked like I had pierced nipples. I had always wanted it done but had never mustered up the courage. Non-piercing jewellery were the next best thing and it felt good too. I had added some ass photos for balance and had Adana Escort tweaked some of the photos into black and white for artistic measure.

My messages held nothing unusual for Fuckmate. “Wow. Your nipples look delicious” one read. I typed my usual polite reply and added an emoji, “Thank you ;)”. No matter how many messages came in saying the same thing, it excited me.

My confidence had grown tenfold in the time I had been here. It was arousing to know that people across the country were feasting their eyes on my naked breasts and enjoying it. And I enjoyed hearing about it. I craved that attention and feedback. I wanted to hear them describe my nipples back to me so I could understand how they saw them and what they liked. Some liked how big my breasts were, some liked how hard my nipples were. They all wanted to meet me to see them in person.

I say ‘people’ are looking at my naked body online because when completing my profile, I had the option to set who could see me. I had originally set it to just men, late one night, I changed it. I was fast realising that this site was for and full of thirsty men, but I didn’t want to completely shut the door on letting women enjoy me and if they did, I knew I would enjoy hearing about it. That night, I had classified myself as bi-curious and pressed save. Done. Remember; I could be whoever I wanted.

Halfway through those 84 messages, were Vincent a well-dressed gentleman ushered me into the dry. The cold air of a November night was quickly replaced by a very warm, welcoming, and cosy feel. I was extremely nervous, made worse by those who had had turned to me as I had entered as if they knew I didn’t belong. The bar was mostly full of men, late 30’s, 40’s and maybe 50’s, the few women I saw at first glance were also older and dressed much more conservatively than I. Having chosen the strapless simple black dress with a heart neckline, I had also mistakenly decided not to wear anything else. My blue waterproof didn’t exactly compliment the look.

Slowly scanning the room, looking at each small, individually lit round table surrounded by plush chairs, I searched for a one of two semi-familiar faces. Just as I was about to walk to the bar to get myself a drink whilst I waited, a voice greeted me from behind.

“Lucy?” The mystery voice asked.

I turned and was face to face with Faye. Her smile as beautiful as her photos, she looked as shocked as she did excited.

“Oh my god, I am so glad you came! Come! We have a bottle open, and we were just talking about what you could be wearing, that’s if you even decided to come, which you did! Oh Lucy, I am so pleased you decided to come!” Faye finally took a breath as we reached their table.

“Hello Lucy, nice to finally meet you in person.” Vincent greeted me as he stood up from his chair, extending a hand to shake mine.

He towered over Faye and I, maybe 6 feet 4, stark blue eyes and mousy hair even better in person than in his photos.

“Hi, hello, yes, hi I’m Lucy, nice to meet you.” I bumbled nervously.

“Please, take a seat. Champagne?” Vincent offered.

“Yes, of course. Would be rude not to.” I awkwardly joked as I sat opposite them.

Faye was continuing to beam at me, wide eyed and excitable and as Vincent poured our drinks, Faye squeezed his thigh.

“See babe, I knew she would come! And I love your dress! Who is it by?” She asked.

“Umm, I don’t know to be honest.” I lied.

Truth was this was a party dress from nearly 5 years ago bought from a well-known hot fashion website. It had cost me all of £40, and I had worn it some 7 or 8 Adana Escort Bayan times by now. I felt the truth may have been less impressive to someone who worn designer just to get milk. She was immaculately turned out. Her make-up was perfect, her nails well-manicured, and her dark brown eyes sparkled as she beamed at me. I couldn’t help but smile in reply.

Vincent raised his glass “Cheers everyone, here’s to new friends, and hopefully new experiences.” Faye and I followed carefully clinking the assumingly expensive lead crystal flutes, before taking a small sip.

“So, Lucy, are you glad you came? I told you we weren’t weirdos.” Vincent asked as he takes his wife’s hand.

“Yes, I mean, I have a lot of questions! Small steps.”

Vincent looked at Faye and smiled. “I just want to make my wife happy.”

She returned the smile and pouted an air kiss. “I know you do babe, remember this is for you too.”

She beams back at me; “Please, ask us anything!”

“Well, I suppose the main thing is why? And, what you want to get out of it.” I ask.

Vincent took a big sip of his drink, looked around and adjusted the level of his voice to nearly a whisper. “I will answer that as I know that Faye will go shy — if you can believe it, but a common role play that we have is that we have invited another woman to join us. I have been encouraging her to let herself try it for a few years now and, well, we’re not getting any younger and she decided it was what she wanted for Christmas. So, I was the one to do the leg work. I knew I needed to find as close to the image of the woman Faye imagined as possible, it couldn’t be just anyone because she always describes the same woman.”

Faye giggles nervously and looks at me. “He has got it pretty damn spot on with you Lucy.”

I look at Vincent, confused. He hears my silent question and continues even quieter.

“When we are playing, and she is in that mood she will tell me that she has invited someone to join us. I know that’s my cue to ask her questions about who this person is. As I ask her, we lay there, she closes her eyes and I tickle her inner thigh with my fingers. I ask her what she looks like, how tall she is, her hair colour, her eye colour, always the same answer. She describes you, Lucy.”

“Oh, wow. OK. That’s kind of flattering and quite the coincidence.” I smiled nervously.

“Then I ask more intimate things about this lady who will be joining us. What are her tits like, what kind of nipples does she have, what is her pussy like. And as she answers and continue to tickle, she gets more and more… excited, so to speak. I start to ask he what she wants to do to her. Sometimes she says that she wants to touch her, other times she wants me to and sometimes she wants us to both touch her together. Faye has quite the imagination and I wouldn’t mind doing some of the things she wants me to. This roleplay can go on for hours and we have the most amazing sex afterwards, but I think it’s time she gets to live out that fantasy, however, I know Faye has always been shy about these tendencies. I want her to finally embrace them.”

I take a nervous sip of my drink.

“Oh, there’s no pressure from us. That was rather intense. I am sorry.” He added.

“No, it’s fine. It makes a lot of sense, and I can see why you are doing what you are doing. It’s quite admirable of you to be embracing this so much.” I said.

Vincent laughed, “Well, it also has its advantages for me too, I get permission to fuck another woman.”

“Hey!” Faye jokingly shouts and play punches Vincent on the arm.

It’s nice to see Escort Adana such a strong relationship but I still wonder if it will be as they imagine once it happens for them. I admit, Vincent is attractive and in my younger days I wouldn’t have thought twice about hitching up my skirt and pulling aside my panties in the toilets of a dirty nightclub, fucking him bare without a care for the consequences. I can totally imagine fucking him maybe not in front of Faye, even if it’s what she wants. But then there’s something alluring about her too. I feel like she and I are similar in our curiosity, with one big difference. She wants to touch, and I want to be touched. My mind races as the intrusive thoughts begin.

“It’s certainly something to think on and I promise. I will. I will give it some real thought.” I assure them, hoping that I am not giving them too much false hope.

“Where are the bathrooms here?” I ask.

“I’ll show you; I need to go too.” Faye jumps up and links my arm and guides me off to the restroom.

“Handsome, isn’t he?” Faye giggled.

“And he has a huge cock Lucy, you will not be disappointed!!”

“We will see Faye, I need a little time to think about it.”

She squeezes my arm as if to plead with me. We enter extremely opulent facilities, marble, gold leaf, and the toilet paper is quilted; far cry from the single ply cheap paper at Northcroft. ‘I do not belong here’, I sing to myself as I flushed.

Faye is already touching up her make up in the mirror as I leave the stall. I smile awkwardly at her and wash my hands.

“May I ask you one thing of you Lucy?” Faye asks shyly.

“Of course. Go for it.”

She takes me by the hand and into one of the cubicles and locks the door. We were already alone in there, so I’m even more confused.

“I don’t want to say it.” Faye giggles nervously. “Can I whisper it?”

“OK?” I say now getting a little worried about what exactly this one thing is.

Faye slowly gets closer to my ear, her body warmth bouncing off mine. I hear her nervousness as she draws breath to speak.

“Please may I peek at your nipples? I want to know if they are as I wish for.”

I froze not knowing how to react. Part of me want to bolt out of there but I fear my reaction now will not only offend her, but seriously knock her confidence. Just a peep. What’s the worst that can happen? Perhaps I won’t fit her ideal and I’ll be free of this whole situation.

“Umm, OK.” I confirm. I slowly and awkwardly pull down my dress until both nipples are visible. As soon as they are free of their warm enclosure, they start to harden. Faye audibly gasps.

“Oh wow, they are so much better in person! They really are perfect, Lucy.”

I can feel her breath on my chest. Her eyes widen, taking them both in. As she bites her lip, I realise I’m excited by it. I am willing her to do more than just look. I flash back to endless memories of nights masturbating to faceless mouths devouring my nipples. And now here I am.

Faye senses my eyes watching hers.

“I’ve never touched before, may I?” She looks up at me longingly with her pleading dark eyes. I nod.

Her perfect polish fingers reach up and one finger on each hand lightly touches my nipples. So softly I can barely feel it.

“Oh wow.” Lucy says mesmerised. Her hands slowly move up, running the length of her finger and palms over my extremely excited nipples. It sends shivers deep inside me as I watch and feel.

“Lucy, they are so hard. Is that me doing that?”

I nod again, my voice paralysed.

She closes her eyes and gently wraps her lips around my left nipple. Her perfect bright red lips leaving lipstick behind. “A kiss” she says.

She moves to the right and does the same only sucking very slightly. “And a suck”.

She looks at up at me, her eyes sparkling and happiness evident in her face.

“And soon… we shall fuck.”

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