Change in Plans

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Ok, I’m pretty sure everyone reading this has done something in their life that’s left them embarrassed as hell and I’m no exception. By the age of 19 I’d already blown the ass out of my pants during a high school play while going commando and had my older sister walk in on me while I was masturbating (thankfully I’d covered her ass a few times when she would have really gotten in trouble so at least I knew she wouldn’t say anything to my parents). But neither of them actually got me anything other than embarrassed and teased for a good bit too.

What happened recently totally blew past both of them…

My parents had gone away for a few days (25th wedding anniversary) – perfect!

My sister was home from college for the summer but she was spending a week at a friend’s cottage so I had the house to myself – perfect!

I’d convinced, Laurie, my girlfriend of 6 months to come and spend the night – perfect!

We’d been having sex for a while and I’d slowly been trying to get her to be a little more ‘adventurous’ – it took me 2 months to get to convince her that me eating her pussy was ok (and she found she loved it) and another month to convince her to do the same for me (didn’t like it anywhere near as much and made it clear I wasn’t to cum in her mouth). It didn’t matter what I said, anything anal – fingers, tongue, toy or cock was a total no go (with threats of no sex if I asked again).

Seeing as she’d finally let me eat her and found she really liked that, I’d been suggesting that I go down on her after I came in her. I’d had a previous girlfriend introduce me to that little kink and found I really enjoyed it. Whenever I mentioned it she always said that it sounded gross and wasn’t something she wanted to try but I was hoping that between having the house to ourselves and a few drinks that maybe tonight would be the night that it would happen.

It was about 7pm and things seemed to be going really well. She’d had a few drinks and seemed to be getting a wee bit buzzed, I’d hooked my laptop to the TV so we could watch some porn and we were kissing and groping each other while we lay on the couch. When we’d had enough porn, I suggested we go up to bed, she quickly agreed and soon we were naked, on the bed and I was enjoying sucking on her nipples (I’d found that really turned her on) while I fingered her pussy. While I was doing that, I whispered in her ear that I was really looking forward to making love to her and especially the feeling of cumming in her pussy after I’d gotten her off a few times. She stroked my cock and said she hoped I had lots of energy because she wanted to take advantage of being able to spend the night and the next day having lots of sex.

I figured I might as well tell her what else I was thinking so I whispered in her ear, “I’m looking forward to spending the whole night together too and would love to taste your pussy before and after I’ve cum!”

Apparently, that wasn’t such a good idea because her reply was, “Why do you always have to bring that up. It’s gross and I don’t understand why you think it would be fun.”

She hated my ex Debbie so I knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell her that it was Debbie that got me into it so instead I said, “I saw it on a porn once and it turned me on. If it’s ok to cum in a girl’s mouth, why is it so gross for a guy to want to taste his own cum mixed with hers?”

Ok, I likely should have just dropped it but that didn’t occur to me at the time and now Laurie was really upset, we got in a big fight and she left, her final words being, “I’m not sure I want to keep going out with you.” I figured that was it for us but the next morning I got a text from her that she’d thought about things and was willing to give it a try but it would have to be her way. I immediately texted back a ‘YES’ and grabbed a quick shower.

When she got there, things still felt a little ‘cold’ between us but I assumed it was just because she was a bit nervous. We kissed for a bit and then went upstairs, got undressed and lay on the bed. She totally surprised me when she said, “I’m still not sure why you want to do this but if I’m willing to try it, I don’t want you changing your mind and before I could say anything she pulled some ropes out of the bag she’d brought. I’d always wondered what being tied up would be like so I happily let her tie me to the bed and I was quite impressed because by the time she was done I couldn’t move much more than a few inches in any direction.

By now I was hard as a rock and when she was happy that I wasn’t going anywhere, mersin escort she straddled my face so I could eat her. I definitely had a ‘thing’ for eating pussy so I happily ate her until she came and then she moved down so she could slide her pussy onto my cock. She seemed to be enjoying being in control and I was fine with it too and before long she’d cum not once but twice more. When she felt me thrusting up into her and starting to moan a bit, she knew I was close to cumming and surprised me by stopping and lifting herself up off my cock.

When I asked what she was doing, I was totally unprepared for her answer. “You knew I thought the idea of having you lick my pussy after you came in it was gross but you kept asking. I’d hoped that when I told you I didn’t want to be with you that you’d change your mind and tell me it was ok if we didn’t do it and then today you jumped at the chance, not even caring whether I really wanted to do it or not. I’m going to leave you tied up here while I go shopping (her favourite pastime) for a while and you can think about things. By the time I get back, I want you to decide. Option one is that you want me as a girlfriend and you’ll quit asking about eating my cummy pussy – if that’s the case I’ll untie you and we can spend the day having some amazing sex. Option two is if you really want to taste your cum from my pussy then I’ll leave you tied up, ride your cock until you cum in me, straddle your face until you’ve eaten as much as you’d like, then I’ll untie you. However that’ll be the last time we ever have sex because I’ll be done with you” and with that she left.

She’d only been gone about 15 minutes when my phone started ringing and at first, I thought it was her and wondered how the hell she thought I was going to answer when I was tied up and then I realized it was my parents ring. Shit…I was supposed to call them this morning to let them know everything was ok and I’d forgotten. They tried a few times and then it stopped so I knew I’d better call them back as soon as Laurie came back.

About 30 minutes later I heard the door open and thought that Laurie was back sooner than I thought but when I heard the “Hello!” I recognized it as being the next-door neighbour, Janet’s. Fuck! Mom must have called her and asked her to check on me. If I didn’t answer her – she’d check the whole house to see if I was here but if I did answer, she’d come upstairs to see if anything was wrong so either way I was fucked. As it was, before I could decide which way to go, I heard her coming up the stairs and then she looked into the bedroom. I’m sure that she wasn’t expecting to find me tied naked to the bed and the look on her face proved it.

When she stepped all the way into the bedroom, I was a bit surprised to see her in just a housecoat but knowing how my mom usually over-reacted, she’d likely told Janet that I wasn’t answering because I was laying dying on the floor somewhere and to go check right away.

I was dying alright – dying of embarrassment and it didn’t help when she came closer to the bed, eyed me up and down before saying, “Well, at least I know why you weren’t answering your phone but I really don’t think I can tell your parents the reason. But…I know I’d really like to know how you ended up like this!”

I figured maybe I could get out of it by just telling her that Laurie and I were trying something new and got in a bit of a fight and she’d left me like this until she’d cooled off.

“Ok…but that doesn’t make sense when you’re the one tied to the bed so there’s really no way you could make her do something she didn’t want to do so it must have been something you were asking her to do.”

Unfortunately, as she was talking, I noticed that her robe had pulled open and I could see pretty much all of her right breast. While Laurie’s tits were small (both boob and nipples), Janet’s were a lot larger, her areola’s looked huge and dark plus I could easily see her nipple sticking out. Of course, that caused me to start getting hard again which Janet promptly noticed.

“Oh, whatever you wanted your girlfriend to do must be pretty hot if just thinking about it is getting you hard.”

I should have agreed with her but instead I said, “I’m not thinking about that.”

“Then what are you thinking of?” and that’s when she noticed where I was looking and realized her robe had opened. “Really…all it takes is a flash of a boob to get you hard? Damn I wish that worked on my husband.”

“I didn’t mean to…it just kind of happened…and mersin escort bayan I likely shouldn’t say it but it’s a lot bigger than Laurie’s and your nipple is really perky.”

“No, you likely shouldn’t say that but thank you. So… back to you, exactly what did you say/do to piss your girlfriend off so much that she left you like this?”

So now you can see what topped my previous embarrassments – here I was, tied naked to the bed, with a hard on and having to explain to my neighbour why I was there.

I took a deep breath and said, “My last girlfriend liked to have her pussy eaten after I’d cum and I found I enjoyed it. I tried to convince Laurie to let me do it with her even though she thought it was gross. She said she was going to give it a try but wanted to tie me to the bed. She came a few times from my tongue and cock but before I could cum she stopped and told me I’d have to decide whether to drop the subject and keep her or she’d do it but then we were done – and then left me here while she went shopping.”

When I first looked back at Janet, I thought she was now the one that was blushing but then I realized that in addition to her cheeks getting pinker, the nipple I could see was even longer and harder than before and the other one was showing clearly through her housecoat.

“So, you actually get turned on by the thought of cumming in a woman and then eating her pussy afterwards?”

Now totally embarrassed I quietly said, “I know…Laurie says it’s gross too but ya, it turns me on.”

Then to my surprise, Janet said, “Well, if it helps any, it really turns me on too but I’ve never been able to convince my husband to try it.”

That bit of news got my cock from firm to hard almost instantly and when Janet saw my reaction she said, “hmmm…. maybe we can help each other out” and let her robe slide down off her shoulders leaving her totally naked.

Wow…I’d seen her regularly over the years but never realized just how good she looked. She was a bit younger than my mom – likely late 30s, maybe 140 pounds, her tits were about 36c but only had a wee bit of sag, both her nipples were as hard as I was and her pussy was totally shaved. I’d tried to get Laurie to shave her pussy but she said she didn’t want to look like a ‘little girl’ – well seeing Janet in the nude with a smooth pussy and rock-hard nipples, there was nothing ‘little girl’ about her.

Before I could fully register what was happening, Janet climbed on the bed and straddled my cock. She was already nice and wet but it still took a bit for her to take all 7″ inside her. Later found out that hubby was just over 5″ so I was hitting spots that hadn’t been hit in a long time.

Laurie was a bit tighter but Janet wasn’t far behind and was able to do things with her vaginal muscles that were totally incredible. As she rode me, she leaned forward so I could suck on her nipples and then moved her face down and gave me one of the hottest kisses I’d ever had before moving back so I could suck her nipples again.

I’m sure the thought of what was going to happen was a big part of it but the more I sucked on her nipples, the more she clenched until finally she started thrusting like crazy on my cock and moaned, “my god, I’m cumming!” That was all it took for me to explode inside her and it felt like I hadn’t cum for a month.

When I finally finished cumming, Janet held me inside until I started to soften before pulling off, putting a hand over her pussy and moving up the bed. When she got close enough she moved her hand away, lowered her pussy to my mouth and soon I was in cream pie heaven!

As fast as she dribbled, I was licking and sucking which caused her to contract more which caused more dribbles until there was nothing left to ‘dribble’. Once I’d gotten all our juices, I shifted my attention to licking and sucking on her clit and it didn’t take long for that to put her over the edge and with a long moan I felt her pussy pulsate and then her legs tightened around my head. When she eventually relaxed she pretty much collapsed beside me on the bed.

After she’d caught her breath, she said “wow…I’d always wanted to do that and now I wish I’d done it sooner because it was even better than I thought. I hope you enjoyed it too!”

“Oh, I certainly did! I’d be happy to do it again anytime you’d like and you wouldn’t even need to tie me down!”

“Hmmm, that might just the solution.”

“To what?”

“Well, you like Laurie but she doesn’t want you to eat her after you cum. escort mersin I love being eaten after I get filled but my hubby won’t do it. How about you tell Laurie that you want her more than you want to eat her after you cum and that way the two of you can stay together. Hubby’s been after me to find someone to do some of the yard work so he doesn’t have to which would give you a good reason to come over regularly, fuck me then eat me and that way all four of us can get what we want – and I’ll even get my hubby to pay you for the yard work.”

“Hmmm…I think that could certainly work for everyone and if we had another hour or so I’d love to give you another memory if being eaten but if Laurie comes back and finds you here then all hell’s going to break loose.”

Janet quickly agreed so she washed my face, groin and anything else that smelled noticeably like sex, told me she’d call my mom and tell her that everything was fine and it was just that my phone had died, and went back home leaving me tied to the bed. I only had to lay there for another half hour or so before Laurie came back and with some hesitancy asked what I’d decided.

I told her, “I definitely want you more than I want you to do anything you don’t like.” That got me lots of hot kisses as she undressed and started stroking my cock.

“That’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say!” and then totally surprised me by not only taking my cock in her mouth (glad Janet had washed me off well) but sucking on me until I was close to cumming. When I told her I was close, she just smiled and went right back to sucking. I wasn’t going to warn her again and soon I was shooting into her mouth for the first time and even though I’d just cum in Janet an hour before, the thrill of her taking me all the way with her mouth certainly had something to do with the amount I came.

I was fully expecting her to spit it all out but instead she just smiled and swallowed. When she had, she looked at me and said, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought, I’d actually do it again but just don’t expect it every time we have sex!”

“That was amazing and I’ll happily wait for whenever you’re in the mood to do it again. Now why don’t you untie me so we can have a nice shower together, then I’ll eat your nice clean pussy and we can spend the rest the day fucking and playing?”

She thought that was a great idea and by the time supper rolled around she’d cum many more times than I had but we were both pretty much fucked out and quite happy to enjoy a nice nap together before she had to leave.

That night I slept better than I had in years and was out cutting the grass the next morning when Janet’s hubby waved me over to the fence. Obviously I wondered if he’d found out about the day before with Janet so I was quite relieved when he said, “Janet mentioned you were looking for some extra work – if you’re open to cutting the grass and whatever else Janet wants you to do then I’ll be able to play more golf and not have her complain about what needs doing – does $15/hr work for you?”

Trying to hide my smile, I said “sure…I’ve got to cut our grass anyway so I’ll do yours today to.”

“Perfect…that means I can get 18 holes in before lunch. Once the grass is done, see if there’s anything else she needs and she’ll pay you when you’re done.”

“Will do…enjoy your golf!”

All of a sudden, I had the feeling that this was going to be a much better summer than I’d thought – and it was!

Laurie and I stayed together through the summer, we got along great, had lots of great sex and she even sucked me off and swallowed it a couple more times before Christmas. We were even talking about getting an apartment together at some point but unfortunately her parents split in February and she ended up moving out of town with her mom. We stayed together for a while but not seeing each other regularly took its toll and by April we’d split up too.

Janet and I had an equally fun summer – fucking any chance we could with me eating her afterwards (and usually before as well). When she found that Laurie wasn’t interested in anal, we started doing that as well. While she didn’t enjoy it as much as regular sex, she often came with me up her ass and either my fingers or a toy in her pussy. Once the snow fell, we weren’t able to get together as often because her husband couldn’t go golfing anymore and the grass didn’t need cutting but with me being able to do any little stuff around the house that he didn’t want to do, he was able to get out almost every Friday night bowling with his buddies and then a few beers afterwards so that gave me lots of time to ‘collect my pay’ for the week.

When Laurie and I broke up, the sex with Janet became even hotter and honestly – right now I’m not in a hurry to get a new girlfriend, unless of course I can find one who likes to be eaten after sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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