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Chance Encounter

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I was driving down the road and all of a sudden my car stalled and died. I could not believe this was happening to me. I just got my car out of the shop and it stalls! WHAT THE FUCK! I don’t know what is worse: my car stalling or my boyfriend breaking up with me today. But I guess it could be worse. I could be out of town and be a stranger to the area. So I called a tow truck and they said they would be here in 30 minutes. I waited there for that amount of time and the tow truck finally showed up and they towed my truck and me to their shop and said I was going to have to get a cab home cause they did not have any vehicles to loan out till tomorrow and could I come back then.

I said, “Yes I sure can come back tomorrow cause I need a way around tomorrow since have to be back at work tomorrow afternoon.”

So I called a cab and they said they did not have any cabs coming that way till after 6 and the shop closes at 5:30. Which will keep me there by myself for 30 minutes. One of the employees said they would stay around and make sure I was alright until the cab got there. So we talked for 30 minutes until the cab driver honked the horn to alert me that he was there. I got in the cab and I noticed that another man was in the back and I was surprised.

I said, “Sir, why did you pick me up when you had another fare?”

The cab driver turned toward me and said, “Sorry about that but the man was heading the same way you were and I just picked him up and I told him there was someone I had to pick up down the road just a block and could that person share your fare and he said he would pay the whole fare.”

I looked at the cab driver which he was a very handsome man and had that look I would call bedroom eyes. They smoldered and looked right through you like they were undressing you. Then I looked at the man that said he would pay my fare since I was going the same way he was and I gasped. He was one of the most handsomest man that I have ever seen. He had dark complexion with eyes that would stare into your soul and you drown in them.

The man, “If we are going to share a cab then I want to introduce myself. I am Shaw!”

I said, “I am Zalika and thank you. This is the nicest thing that has happened to me all day.”

Shaw said, “What has happened to you that was bad if olgun escort you don’t mind me asking?”

I said, “Well for starters, my boyfriend broke up with me and then I thought my day was going to get better when the shop called and said my car was ready and I got half way home and my car stalled and now it is back in the shop and they did not have a rental car for me to use today but will tomorrow morning. Then you come along and say I do not have to pay my fare but you will since you are going the same way I am.”

Shaw said, “WOW! You have had a bad day.” He was looking at my tits and then at my eyes to see if I noticed. He kept doing that constantly. It was making me feel like he wanted to undress me. I started squirming in the seat and my thongs were soaked and I had a feeling he could smell my arousal. I looked down at his crotch and sure enough he had a hard on and it was making quite a tent in his pants. I noticed the round part of the head through his pants was quite large and I felt my pussy contract and spasm and my nipples were hurting. I looked down at my top and could see my nipples showing through my bra. They were so hard that they were noticeable so I knew he could tell he was making me horny.

So I looked over at the cab driver and I noticed something was a little odd. He was looking at me through the rear view mirror and from the way his arm was moving I could tell he was jerking off while looking at me. I really started squirming and I guess I let out a moan and they both looked over at me and then the cab driver pulled over and stopped the fare from going any more and Shaw paid him. But did not get out of the cab.

I said, “Why did we stop and why did you pay the cab driver?”

Shaw said, “Cause we could tell you are aroused by us and we want to have some fun with you if that is alright with you? If not then Lin will drive on.”

I said, “Lin? Is that your name? And I am not sure what you want from me.”

Lin said, “Zalika, we can tell you are aroused by us and we want to enjoy your body and you enjoy ours too!”

I said, “WOW! Now I have heard everything! This is a first for me! I should not tell you this but I had a dream about this very thing happening to me and now it is coming true.”

Shaw said, “Then otele gelen escort if I asked you to take all your clothes off, then would you?”

I did not answer him but started removing my clothes and folding them and laying them in the back window of the cab as well as my purse. When I finally was nude then Lin got in the back and he was nude also. Shaw had removed his clothes too while I did. Shaw reached over and licked my nipple then took it in his mouth and started sucking on it. I started moaning and Lin stuck his middle finger into my pussy and I contracted and spasmed around it. I grabbed both cocks and pulled them toward me until they were in front of my face and I started licking them both together and they groaned. I have always wanted to suck on 2 cocks at the same time and now I have the opportunity to do it and I am not passing this special treat ever.

Shaw’s cock was thick and about 6 inches. Lin’s cock was thin but about 9 inches. I took them both into my mouth and started sucking and then licking both heads but would suck on them both ever so often at the same time. I noticed that they both had their arms around each other but their other hands was on the sides of my head. They had their eyes closed in ecstasy and they would open them every once in awhile when I started licking their shafts. I then started sucking Shaw’s balls and then Lin’s balls and then started sucking the head of their cocks again. I had so much saliva pouring out of my mouth that it looked like a river.

Lin opened the back door and had us all get out and get in the dark alley he parked in. There was a chair that looked almost brand new sitting next to a door that looked like it belonged to someone. He sat down in it and had me straddle him and I sat down on his huge cock and the Shaw spit on his hand a few times and got his cock wet and inserted it into my ass. I gasped and for the life of me I could not believe he went in all the way balls deep so fast.

Shaw said, “Damn woman your ass is tight!”

Lin said, “So is her pussy but she is soaked and it feels like a river flowing over my cock. This chair is going to be soaked by the time we all cum cause of Zalika.”

I laughed but did not say anything cause I was concentrating on the feelings masöz escort that was radiating from my body cause of both my holes filled to the brim. All of a sudden I felt my pussy contract so hard that I screamed and Lin covered my mouth with his to stifle the scream. They could tell I was cumming real hard cause I kept contracting my pussy muscles so much and I soaked them even more. As Lin would almost pull out of my pussy and Shaw would enter my ass I felt like I had a fantastic rhythm going to get me to cum again and I did. I started thrashing so hard that they had to pump into my ass and pussy at the same time to keep me in place. Then all of a sudden Shaw’s cock slipped out of my ass and when he tried to put reenter my ass he missed and it actually went in my pussy and then I had 2 cocks in my pussy.

I had the most intense orgasm from that happening that I did not even react and notice it. I squirted and clinched my pussy muscles so hard that I know not only was I having a clit cum but a g-spot cum too and I bite down on Lins arm. He bite my neck and Shaw was trying not to scream cause they both came at the same time I did from me squeezing so hard.

When we finally got our breath back and calmed down then we walked back over to the cab and we dressed. Lin said, “Damn Zalika! I have never fucked a woman that way before with my cock and another cock inside a pussy before and I have never felt a woman squeeze that hard. It felt like you had a vise grip on us and it almost hurt.”

Shaw said, “Zalika, I am going to give you my business card and I want you to give me a call so we all can get together again. I always ask for Lin when I call for a taxi so we can have some more fun if you want to.”

I said, “I would love that but I have a question?”

Lin said, “Ask away.”

I said, “You 2 act like you have been with many women together. And you seem really comfortable with one another. Are you 2 bisexual by any chance?”

Shaw said, “Yes we are bisexual and we have had sex with one another every so often and why do you ask?”

I said, “I have a fantasy of seeing 2 bisexual men together.”

Lin said, “Then we will have fun together in every way you want then Zalika.”

After we got dressed then Lin started up the fare again and drove the extra 2 blocks and dropped me off at my address. Lin handed me his business card and kissed me and then Lin handed me a piece of paper with his phone number on it and then kissed me too. I turned away and they waited till I was in the door with the lights on and I turned and waved bye to them both and they drove off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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