Eki 15

Chains: First Link

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I suppose I should tell you why we were here.

We had moved recently. My wife had decided to join the Newcomers Club so she could get to know people. I am not a social person. I went to two meetings and that was it for me. She went to everything. Eventually she found a group that she could get along with and she began to see them outside of the Club. I had my computer and my workshop. Eventually her group had a social event that required a husband to attend. She dragged me along. This was the second such event.

I went under protest. She said it was a Chain Party. I didn’t know what that meant. Neither did she, but we were about to find out as the door in front of us opened and we were invited in from the hot sticky evening air into the dark cool interior of a large mansion.

While Sue made all the proper introductions, I glanced around at the large entrance hall. We were in a foyer that extended back to a double wide staircase to the second floor. To the left was a large open room with about twenty people milling about with drinks in their hands. To the right was a double door that opened into a library or study. The doors were open and a few people were gathered there. I noticed the bar at the back of the larger room and a bartender serving drinks. As soon as I was free I ambled back there.

With a drink in my hand and Sue on my arm, we made polite noises to several groups before Sue found one of her regular friends to talk to. I listened quietly for a couple of minutes then drifted over to a window and stared out at the immaculate lawns and flower beds. There was a tall hedge at the border of the property that appeared to surround it. We had driven through a wide gate that was cunningly hidden behind a turn in the road and this same hedge. It was a very private property.

Just as I finished my drink, I heard the host trying to get everyone’s attention. I put my glass on the window ledge and turned to listen.

“Good evening friends! I know that some of you are wondering what a Chain Party is so I will fill you in. We will give each man here a length of chain and a lock. He will then take his significant other and chain her to a fixed object somewhere on the property. Then he will return here and drop his key to the lock in this box.” He held up a small wooded box. “When everyone is chained up, the men will draw a key from the box and then try to locate the woman that is chained. When the woman is free, she will then be his date for the evening which ends precisely at two. There are a number of activities including dancing by the pool, swimming…” He rambled on for a while listing the various activities available.

Sue was at my side the instant he closed his mouth and she pushed me to the head of the line to get a chain. Once I had it, she dragged me outside the French doors that led to the pool deck. Here she had me chain her to a lamp post beside the main walkway to the deck. I wrapped the chain tightly around her waist and closed the lock. She wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry. I took the key back inside and calmly dropped it in the wooden box. Then I got myself another drink.

I stood back and watched as the men dropped keys and stood waiting. Some were impatient and nervous. Others , like me, seemed slightly bored with the whole thing. I talked with one fellow and found out he too was into woodwork. I thought I might like to get to know him later.

All the keys were turned in. A new line formed to select a key. I managed to be the second to last person to get one. The only person behind me was the host. I selected my key and wondered what was next. I could hear the laughter and giggles all around as men tried their keys in various locks. I figured that all the easy finds would already be made. I looked out the French doors and sure enough, my wife was already gone.

I wandered around the house for a while, gradually getting lost. I was on the second floor and found a second staircase. I went down it and seemed to be in a small dining room off the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and looked around. Off to the side was another door. I opened it and looked in. A small bathroom for the staff, I assumed. It had another door on the other side. I went through this door and found myself in a laundry room. I glanced around quickly, but there were no other doors.

I turned to go out again when I heard a rattle of chain from behind. I turned and saw a young woman standing behind the last dryer in the row of four machines. She had obviously been sitting and had just stood up. Her chain was attached to a water pipe that ran down beside the dryer to an outside tap.

“Hello,” I said, “you seem to be well hidden.”

“Hello, she replied. “Yes, my husband is a… is different.”

“Should I try my key?”

“You might as well. You are the only one to find me so far.”

“Not much chance then, but who knows.” I walked over in front of her and knelt down to better reach the lock that dangled almanbahis adres directly on the crotch of her jeans. I slipped my hand behind it and pulled it away. I tipped it up and tried the key. It fit. It turned, the lock opened, the chain fell away. She gathered it up and put it on the dryer beside her.

“Well, fancy that. Odds of about one in thirty. Maybe I should go gambling tonight.” I smiled at her.

“Anything would be better that this party,” she said.

“Anything? Hmm. Like what?”

“Like anything. Reading a book. Knitting. Going to a bar. Walking on the beach. Anything.”

“Reading is hard to do as a couple, but how about a walk on the beach?”

“Seriously? There is no beach here.”

“Sure. My car is down the road a ways, nobody would even know if we slipped off together as long as we are back by two.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yup. I can grab a bottle of wine and some munchies from the kitchen on our way out and there must be a way through the back.”

“No, I couldn’t…”

“Come on.” I took her hand and led her back to the kitchen. I looked in the wine storage and found a bottle, then I took a small cardboard box, put the wine in and put in a few of the canapes that were scattered about. Just as we were ready, one of the serving girls came in. I asked her how to get out and she said to follow the path from the door at the side of the kitchen. She took a platter and headed out again.

I took our box, her hand and led the way to the back door. Ten minutes later we were in my car slowly weaving through the roads to a small private beach access I knew about.

I opened my door, rescued the box and a blanket from the back seat. Then I went to her side of the car opened the door and held out my hand.

“We shouldn’t…”

I put my finger to my lips and held out my hand again. She sighed and put her hand in mine. We walked up a path that led behind the ‘No Trespassing’ sign and up to the top of a small rock bluff. Once at the top, I quickly spread the blanket, put the box in the middle and sat to one side looking out at the water.

She stood gazing out at the waves that broke on the rocks below us. Her arms were tightly crossed under her full breasts. Her shoulder length hair moved gently in the breeze in time with the hem of her skirt. She sighed again and looked down at me as I got out the bottle of wine. Then she sat, her knees drawn up to her chest, her arms hugging them tight.

I used the corkscrew on my keychain to open the bottle. It popped with a satisfying sound. I wiped the lip with my shirt sleeve and held out the bottle to her. She hesitated before taking it, but then took a full mouthful and passed it back. We sat and munched on the canapes, drank the wine and gazed out to sea. There was an island not too far off shore and the moon was coming up behind it.

The empty bottle of wine lay in the empty box that sat between us.

“What will you tell your wife?” she asked still looking at the water. These were the first words spoken since we had left the party.

“If she asks, which she probably won’t, I will tell her I met another woodworker which I did – earlier. Then she will tell me all the things I missed.”

She lay back with her hands behind her head. “I wish my husband would do that. He will want a blow by blow commentary of everything that happened, especially if it is sexy.” Her voice showed her disgust.

“Wow, how do you know that?”

“This is the third party like this – this one is the tamest. He interrogated me for hours last time. He will do it again.”

“Yet he locked you in a room where you wouldn’t be found?”

“No. In a room where anything could happen. He probably told everyone where I was.”

“Hmm. I suppose.”

We were silent for a while, watching the moon climb above the island, watching its silver reflection beat a path to our rock. “You could make up a fantasy to tell him.”

She snorted. “Wouldn’t he love that.”

“Probably. Especially if it was sexy.”

She snorted. “I wouldn’t know how to start.”

“It always starts with a kiss.”

“So what would I say? It started with a kiss?”

“Yup, and what kind of a kiss?”

“What do you mean?”

“A soft, sensuous kiss or a hard demanding one?”

“Oh, definitely a soft sensuous one.”

“Like this?” I rose to one elbow and leaned across the box of leftovers and kissed her softly, sensuously, slowly, then lay back staring at the night sky.

There was silence for a while. Then she whispered, “Just like that.”

“And then?”

“And then… he would kiss me again… a long passionate kiss…”

Her quiet words trailed off into silence. Again, I rose to one elbow and leaned across the box of leftovers and kissed her, passionately this time, until we both needed to breath.

Then I lay back again. I whispered, “You would have to be explicit… describe everything you want…”

Her almanbahis yeni giriş whispered words broke the delicate silence. “… Another kiss?”

Again I leaned over her and kissed her. I felt her tongue tentative against my lips. I ignored it until I broke away.

“…a little tongue…”

I moved the box out of the way and leaned over her. I quickly kissed her and my tongue met hers. Out tongues duelled for a time, then we broke the kiss.

“…kiss my ear… my neck… below my chin…”

I had one arm over her, my hand planted firmly on the ground, not touching her anywhere but my lips.

“… touch my arm …my shoulder… hug me… kiss…”

Each word was a command that I followed explicitly – no more, no less.

“…put your hand there…”

“Where? tell me where…”

“On my waist… under my blouse. Oh god! What am I saying? Kiss me.”

I kissed her again as I slid her blouse up and put my bare hand on the warm smooth skin of her waist. “Now what?” I breathed in her mouth.

“Oh god! Caress my tummy… and kiss me…”

I kissed. I caressed. “Tell me more…”

“..higher, caress higher…”

“I can’t. Too tight…”

“…undo a button… Kiss me! God! Oh God!” I slid a button out and caressed higher – to the bottom of her ribcage, to the edge of her chest.

“Caress higher… another button… kiss me… I’ve got to stop…”

Another button let go and my hand slid up on her ribs, to the bottom of her bra. She gasped.

“…button… higher… kiss… don’t… Oh God!”

I opened the third button, right below her bra, and caressed the space between, then to the left and right – not touching her breasts.

“…undo button… caress my breasts… I can’t stop…”

One button left, I rubbed my hand around her left breast, then I cupped it under the bra and pushed gently up. I switched to the right breast. She was lost, her eyes were closed and her head rolled from side to side. Her hands were tangled in my hair, pulling my face down for another kiss.

“…button – undo… squeeze my breasts… kiss…”

I slipped the last button out. Her blouse was now undone. I squeezed her right breast through her bra (white and lacy, shinning in the bright moonlight) then I switched to her left. She moaned. She thrust her breasts up into my touch. I kissed her hard, bruising her mouth. She tried to suck my tongue out of my mouth.

“…pinch my nipple… kiss my neck… my chest… my breasts… this is crazy… kiss me between my tits… I’m married… Oh, God, I’m married! … suck my tits… Oh, shit… roll over…”

I rolled, she followed, straddling me. Her blouse drooped open, her breasts almost fell out of her bra. I continued to suck a nipple through her bra, my hands were rolling us and fixing the blanket. She bent her head to kiss me but I moved aside.

“Kiss me! Play with my tits!”

I reached up and squeezed both tits as her mouth found mine and we kissed again. I felt her hands fumbling with my shirt buttons.

“What are you doing? Tell me!”

“I am undoing your shirt. Now shut up and play with my tits. No, pull my shirt out and… unhook… my bra… Kiss me!”

I grabbed two handfuls of the waist of her blouse and pulled it from her jeans. Then I slid my hands up her back, feeling the sinuous muscles move as we kissed. I found her bra strap and unhooked it. When it released, she sat up and pushed her hair back over her head then she slipped her arms out of the blouse. It fell behind her. Now I was looking at her white bra-covered torso gleaming in the moonshine. The cups hung loosely over her sharply pointed nipples. With a shrug, it fell between us, across my stomach. She tossed it aside.

Feeding me a nipple, she demanded, “Suck it, kiss it, pinch it, bite it, make it feel good… I will caress you chest and push this shirt out of the way..”

I did as she said. I kissed, sucked, pinched and bit her tit while she maneuvered my shirt off.

“The other one…” she gasped “now the other one.” She held my head tight to her bosom.

I did as requested.

“Run your hands over me… feel my skin… feel my shape…”

I ran my hands over her back and up to her neck.

“Lower…” she muttered as she ran her hands over my chest and down to my stomach. “I am going to undo your pants.” She wriggled lower on my legs so she could reach my belt and zipper.

I rubbed her lower back down to her belt line and around to her stomach.

“Lower, damn it, lower…” The last word came out as a growl.

I could feel her open my belt and pull the zipper down. She had to work a bit to open the button.

“Christ! Lower, open my pants, undo my belt like I am doing to you.”

I quickly slipped her belt, wrenched the button free and ripped the zipper down. Under her jeans were lacy white panties that matched her bra. I gently rubbed almanbahis giriş the bare skin around the top of her panties.

“Nibble on my tits again while you caress my bum under my jeans. Make me want to take them off…”

I nibbled. I caressed. I caressed her bum. I caressed the crack down to her asshole. I must have done a good job because it wasn’t long before she continued speaking.

“I shouldn’t do this. I have a husband and you must have a wife. What will she think? What would my husband think? Kiss my chest and tits. Oh, God. I can’t stop now. Break. Thirty seconds to get the pants off. When I say go. Then back to this position. Got it? Oh, God, what am I saying? Go!”

In a flash she rolled off me and dragged her pants down her legs. I kicked off my runners and followed her example. I lay back as soon as I was done and prepared to have her resume sitting on my thighs, but she was still working at her pants. She had not taken off her shoes and they were stuck in the leg. She was giggling. I snickered.

“Help me, you idiot!” She laughed.

I reached over and pulled the shoe from the end of the pant leg. Then I pulled the end of the pant leg until it slipped off her foot.

“Kiss me, hug me, fondle my tits, you fool!”

Of course, I did.

“Lie back… let me look at you…”

I lay back and put my hands behind my head. My erection was stiff and headed for moon light. My bikini underwear didn’t hide much. She looked and looked again.

“I am going to touch you…”


“I am going to touch your… cock… and rub it and (gasp) uncover it…” She dragged the waistband of my shorts down to my knees. One hand fumbled trying to get my underwear off while the other gently traced the lines of my cock. She sat on my thighs again and stared at her hand stroking its turgid length.

“I shouldn’t do this… I will regret it… I will regret it if I don’t… Pull my panties off. Kiss me as you do.”

I was awkward getting her panties off. I used a little license and ripped them down the back and tore the leg bands off. She moaned with the sound of ripping cloth.

“Now I want to fuck you. Play with my tits and match my speed. Help me get you in. It is a good thing I can’t have kids. Oh, god, get it in.”

We fumbled a little but she was wet and slippery and my cock sank quickly into her juicy canal. Her eyes closed and she sat still savoring the feeling of my cock buried deep in her cunt. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began a back and forth movement that moved my cock in and out. I played with her tits as ordered. I groaned out, “Tell me… how it… feels.”

“It feels… great… Ohhh… slippery…. full… touching places… not touched… before… Oh god…” She pushed herself upright, still moving up and down. Her face and glistening breasts were bathed in silver moonlight. Her eyes squeezed, tightly shut, her mouth pursed as she concentrated all her being on moving her hips up and down my engorged cock. “Oh god, I’m going to come…” a short pause while she frantically gyrated her hips on mine. “I’m… cum… ming… cum… ming…”

She froze on top of me and I watched a single drop of sweat run down to one brown nipple and drip down on to me. Her rigid body slowly relaxed and she crumpled down on to my chest. I continued to slowly pump into her.

“Tell me… what you want…” I whispered, still thrusting.

“You didn’t cum? Oh god, keep moving… slowly… hug me… kiss me…”

I hugged, I kissed, I pushed my hips up into hers. We lay like that for an eternity, washed in the reflected light of the moon.


My slow pushing became a steady thrusting.


My thrusting became the rapid in and out of an over heated steam engine.

“Tell me… when to… cum…” I muttered between thrusts.

“Faster… harder… I’m near… ohhh… Now! Cum Now! Oh shiiit!”

I came. I exploded. I shot pulses of man juice deep in her cavern of love. I painted her walls white. I splashed thick heavy cream and waded through it to get to heaven. The last thrust of my cock forced it to ooze out into the night air and the moonlight.

She collapsed on top of me, limp as a rag doll, replete, depleted, completed. We lay there breathing heavily, slowly cooling in the night air. We kissed.

“We need to get back,” she said, “it will be nearly over.” She rolled off me and began to dress. She used her torn panties to wipe herself, but when she would have thrown them away, I reached for them. I carefully folded them as she watched, then I slipped them in my pocket.

We gathered the blanket and the box of remains from our picnic. We hiked back to the car and got in. The ten minute drive was done in silence. I parked where I had left the car before and we entered the party house the same way we had left. I guided her back to the laundry room, where I took the chain that was still on the dryer and wrapped it around her and locked it.

She was surprised but I kissed her before she could speak, then I whispered, “The key will be in the box where it came from, tell your husband a good story.” I kissed her again and quickly slipped back into the main house to find my wife.

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