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Chad and Blaine Ch. 05

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Sorry dear readers that we took so long with this chapter, I take full blame. Baby has done an amazing job; her writing just gets better every day. I hope you enjoy reading this chapter as much as I did. ~Jezebel875

Hope you enjoy the chapter, it took a while to write but here it is! Happy reading. And Merry Christmas. Baby789


“I love you,” Chad murmured against Blaine’s pink lips.

“I love you too,” Blaine smiled and kissed Chad again, gazing up into the dark blue eyes of his handsome boyfriend. “You’re going to have to let me go you know.”

“I know, but I don’t want to yet,” Chad grinned and licked at Blaine’s lips. Chad kissed down Blaine’s neck and Blaine wondered how he had gotten so lucky, landing the most popular boy in school and moving in with him, it was turning out to be the best year of Blaine’s life. “Anyway, it’s Christmas. I want to keep you all to myself.”

“I want to stay in bed too, but your Mother has been calling us for nearly half an hour,” Blaine giggled and ran his hands down Chad’s smooth back, his hands finally coming to a rest on his ass. The warm globes flexed under his hands as Chad thrust his hips up against Blaine’s crotch.

“Then they can wait a little longer, I haven’t had my fill of you yet.” Blaine squealed then laughed as Chad tickled his underarms and dragged him further underneath his big body, looking down he admired his man, black hair that was all ruffled wrapped around his face, sticking to his forehead, his dark green eyes sparkling with love and mischief, his cheeks flushed with a rosy tint, and his full lips swollen from Chad’s kisses.

“I haven’t had a taste either.”

“I’ll let you taste all you want tonight if you let me up now.” Blaine ran his hands through Chad’s honey blonde hair and smiled.

“All I want?” Chad whispered his lips latching onto one of the pink nipples on Blaine’s hairless chest, licking it with the flat of his tongue, making his baby squirm.

“All you could ever want,” Blaine breathed his cock stiffening slowly; if he didn’t want this to continue he was going to have to push away from Chad’s ministrations, “All night long.”

Chad took one more pull and pushed up, pulling Blaine along with him, “I suppose I can work with that.”

“Good,” Blaine smiled and slipped his skinny jeans over his hips and zipping them carefully, mindful of his erection, then pulling on one of Chad’s hoodies.

“That’s mine,” Chad growled and grabbed Blaine around the waist, pulling him closer to his nearly naked body, until Blaine’s face was level with his. Staring into the dark green eyes of his love he grinned and kissed him on the tip of his nose, hoisting him up his body; Blaine wrapped his legs around Chad’s waist.

“I look good in it,” Blaine grinned down at Chad and kissed him again, Chad chuckled and threw Blaine onto the bed, following him down. Chad kissed Blaine urging his lips to part and snaking his tongue inside for a taste. Blaine whimpered and wrapped his fingers into Chad’s hair, keeping him in place, his earlier reticence forgotten.

“Stop! You need to be in the kitchen now!” Thomas yelled from the doorway behind them, his arms crossed over his beefy chest.

“You two should get a room.” Thomas chuckled at his own idea of a joke and grabbed Chad’s arm tugging him up, Blaine had to let go of Chad’s hair if he didn’t want to have a chunk of it in his hand. “You get dressed, you come with me,” he threw at Blaine.

“You suck,” Blaine rolled his eyes and pouted as he sat up.

“Not recently,” Thomas grumbled and urged Blaine from the bedroom so Chad could get dressed.

“What about Michael?” Blaine asked craning his neck up to face the 6’10” man. “What about him?” Thomas asked nonchalantly.

“Why don’t you ask him on date?” Blaine rocked back on his heels and smiled.

He was nervous that he had overstepped Thomas’ boundaries when he scowled at him; Blaine took a step back, relieved when he felt Chad wrap his arms around him from behind.

“Breakfast is getting cold.” Thomas stomped back to the kitchen with a fowl look on his handsome, rugged face.

“What did you say to him?” Chad whispered in his ear, kissing the side of his head.

“I asked him why he hasn’t asked Michael on a date.”

“He’s nervous I think.”

“Why?” Blaine turned and gazed up at Chad, everyone in this family except for Tina were taller than him. Blaine didn’t mind though, it meant that he fit perfectly into Chad’s arms.

“He got out of a five year relationship a while ago and it really tore him up. Losing somebody you love after so much time.” Blaine wondered if Chad knew he tightened his arms around Blaine, as if trying to keep him close by.

“I think we should get him back into the dating pool then, Michael told me that he really like Thomas.”

“We can try,” Chad kissed him again and thrust his tongue inside his baby’s mouth, his cock perking up at the sweet taste. Chad thrust his groin against Blaine and lifted him so their crotches were aligned.

“We Sakarya Escort can’t do this again,” Blaine said on a moan, his hips moving of their own accord.

“I don’t hear you complaining,” Chad said on a chuckle and pushed Blaine up against the wall.

“I am though,” Nick said with a grin from behind them, Chad groaned and rested his forehead on Blaine’s shoulder. Blaine chuckled and patted his head, kissing his temple as he pushed away from Chad landing on his feet with grace. Reaching down without bending his knees he grabbed his phone and iPod that had fallen from his pocket.

“You’re very flexible,” Nick laughed as he watched Blaine grabbed his items, his eyes tracking the tight ass encased in the tight black jeans.

“What are you looking at?” Chad growled as he watched Nick’s eyes trail his boyfriend; wrapping his arm protectively around Blaine he scowled at Nick.

“I used to do gymnastics,” Blaine said avoiding the look Chad was giving his brother-in-law. Chad saw everyone as a threat, including his own family. Granted Blaine knew he looked like a typical twink, but it didn’t mean Chad had to act as if he was helpless.

“Let’s go,” Chad kissed the side of Blaine’s head the sweet scent of him calming down the green eyed monster inside of him.

The boys walked into the kitchen intertwined with each other, smiling as they sat side by side.

“No way,” Nick stood and picked Blaine up and plopped him down in the seat he had vacated and moved into the chair next to Chad.

“What?” Chad asked with a frown furrowing his brow.

“If you two sit together then we won’t get anywhere.” Nick dug into his breakfast with a sigh.

“That is not true,” Chad scowled and stabbed his bacon viciously.

“You know it is,” Kyle said from across the table, taking a swig from his orange juice.

“If I had Blaine in my bed I wouldn’t let him out either,” Katie said with a grin, earning scowls from both of her husbands.

“Enough bickering and finish your breakfast!” Jack yelled from the head of the table, “I don’t want arguments on Christmas.”

“Sorry, Dad,” Katie and Chad said as, Nick, Kyle and Blaine said, “Sorry, Jack.”

As the family ate breakfast Blaine looked around the table, he had never had a nice Christmas his mind flashed back to Christmas three years ago.

“I said I wanted the X-12 not the X-10, you are such a stupid fag.” Blaine’s father yelled and threw the laptop across the room, landing in a crumpled heap at Blaine’s feet, the keys scattered across the stained beige carpet in the living room.

“S…Sorry…Dad.” Blaine stuttered and bent to pick the expensive laptop of the floor, the one his father had wanted was almost twice as expensive as the one he had purchased for him, Blaine should have known not to get this one; he knew it would end in a disaster.

“I told you not to call me that.” Tony grabbed the vodka bottle and took a healthy swig of the bitter liquid, scowling at Blaine above the bottle.

Blaine bent on the ground and picked the scattered keys up and placed them on the broken laptop, he stayed on the ground when his father yelled at him. “I never even wanted a kid! Then your Mother got pregnant with you and she was too stubborn to abort you.”

“S…Sorry…Tony.” Blaine sniffled and placed the laptop on the kitchen table, Blaine had saved all his money from the summer job and odd jobs he done around the neighborhood to buy the present for his father. Someone who didn’t even want to have a son let alone a gay one, life for Blaine had never been easy, since he was seven and his Mother left for her first overseas job his Father had took his rage out on Blaine, Tony always hit him wear it could be covered, his ribs, his stomach, his back and his legs. Tony had always said that if his Mother found out that she would divorce him then he would be left with him. Blaine shuddered in horror at the prospect, he was almost always alone with Tony, the only time he was ever alone was when he was at school.

“I wish your mother was here, at least then I would have something to fuck.” Tony scowled and scrubbed his hands through his hair. “But no, she had to land a fancy job and fuck off to Thailand for Christmas leaving me here to look after your fag ass.” Tony stood and stalked towards Blaine who backed into the wall, tears streaming down his freshly healed face, the bruising had finally faded away, allowing Blaine to stop wearing his Mother’s foundation to cover the ugliness caused by his father.

“Don’t cry it’s your fault she’s there. If that stupid cow hadn’t gotten herself knocked up then she wouldn’t need this fucking job.” Tony yelled and Blaine watched as if in slow motion as a beefy fist aimed towards his eye again.

“Blaine, baby?” Chad whispered in his ear, standing behind him, knocking him from his memory and back to the present. Seeing all the concerned faces aimed his way he gave a watery smile, tears streaming from his eyes.

“I’m okay, I promise,” Blaine gave another Adapazarı Escort smile and looked up at Chad, landing a small kiss on the corner of his pink plump lips. “This is just my first real Christmas.”

“Are you sure?” Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine his gaze still full of concern. “I’m sure,” Blaine whispered and leant up to kiss Chad on his downturned lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Chad kissed him one more time and sat back in his seat.

“Shall we go open presents then?” Tina asked, diverting everyone’s attention from Blaine to her, Blaine sent her a grateful look and got a smile back.

“I’ll help you with the dishes.” Blaine smiled and piled the plates up and placed them on the counter, his eyes following Chad as he left the kitchen messing around with Thomas.

“You don’t have to help, Blaine.” Tina said as she cleaned the plates and placed everything back into the fridge.

“I want to help.” Blaine ran hot water and liquid soap into the sink and dropped his hands into the suds, sighing in pleasure as heat engulfed his cold hands.

“Do you want to talk?” Tina asked, coming up beside him with a dishcloth in her hands.

“About what?” Blaine placed a clean cup on the draining board.

“Anything you want.”

“I was 7 when it started.” Blaine stared into the bubbles and bit him bottom lip.

“What started, sweetie?” Tina asked, although she had a feeling what Blaine was talking about; placing cups into the cupboard.

“The beatings.”


“Mum was away from home and Dad was always mad about it, then he would get drunk and become mean and decided to take it out on me. He never did it when Mum was home but as soon as she was out of the house he would start yelling at for being useless or some other thing.”

“You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to.” Tina placed a comforting hand on his back and smiled.

“I try talking to Chad about this but he freaks out and gets angry, I never make it any further than here.”

“Chad is like that, he hates the idea of anybody abusing someone who is defenseless. Chad thinks fight fair or don’t fight at all. He feels it even more keenly because it’s you, he hates that he couldn’t be there to stop your pain and defend you.”

“I know, anyway, when I was 14 the beatings were coming almost every day, my Mum was gone from home so much,” Blaine whispered; “Then when I was 14 my father found out I was gay, he said he wouldn’t have a fag for a son, he went crazy and went after me with a broken bottle. That’s how I got this.” Blaine lifted his shirt up to reveal a small jagged scar down his ribs. “Things just got worse from there, then Mum got the promotion and we moved here and well you know what happened at that point. After everything that happened with my Dad and then Dean I didn’t think my life would ever be worth living again, but I was wrong. I couldn’t ask for more.” Blaine sniffled and gave a Tina a watery smile.

Tina pulled Blaine into a hug and whispered in his ear, “No harm will ever come to you again. You’re family now, we must protect our family.”

“You’re like the Mum I never had.” Blaine sniffled and took a deep breath of the lavender soap Tina favored, tears seeping lazily from his eyes.

“Mom? Dad wants you in the living room.” Thomas said from the doorway with a smile plastered on his face, a red mark forming under his eye.

“What happened?” Blaine pointed to said mark and jumped as Thomas let out a booming laugh.

“Get used to it, brother. Me and Chad fight all the time.” Thomas slung his arm around Blaine and grinned down at him. Thomas had called him brother; it felt nice, sending a warm buzz throughout his body.

Tina urged Blaine and Thomas from the kitchen into the living room, Blaine immediately sitting next to Chad, Thomas sitting on the floor next to the sofa. Chad frowned and pulled Blaine onto his lap causing Blaine to squeak and scowl at him.

“What?” Chad asked a smile plastered on his still worried features.

“Nothing,” Blaine smiled and stroked his hand down Chad’s cheeks the stubble tickling his palm, reaching up he placed a chaste kiss on Chad’s full lips “Nothing at all.”

“Present time,” Kyle laughed and flopped onto the sofa next to the couple. Chad smiled and urged Blaine off his lap and reached down to grab the big black bag next to the sofa. Handing the gifts out, he handed Thomas a small black bag with a wink, then biting his lip he faced Blaine, handing over the box with the boots in it, watching as Blaine squealed in delight as he unwrapped the present and threw himself into Chad’s arms.

“I want some,” Katie whined her gaze locked onto Blaine’s new boots that he was now pulling over his feet.

“We’ll get you some for your birthday.” Nick smiled and kissed her cheek.

Chad grinned and sat back on the sofa watching as Jack and Tina handed the rest of the presents out, Blaine got an iPod filled with his music, Chad got an Xbox 360, Kyle and Nick got a new Serdivan Escort set of leathers, Katie got a new laptop and Jack gave Tina a very expensive looking necklace, when Tina handed over some sort of box filled with records, Jack’s eyes filled with love towards his wife. Blaine handed out his presents, he hadn’t had much money after buying his present for Chad but he had tried, he had just bought random little knick knacks. He felt completely useless, especially after receiving such amazing gifts from his new family.

“Blaine, don’t worry about it. You’re here that’s all that counts,” Tina said, as if reading his mind once again, and stood to give him a hug. “Christmas is for family, and that’s exactly what you are.”

“Thank you.” Blaine squeezed Tina’s curvy frame and smiled. Everything was right in his life at the moment.

“I want to give you my present now,” Blaine said to Chad, and grabbed the rectangular gaily wrapped present and handed it to him, with his thumb nail in between his teeth, Blaine watched nervously as Chad shook it then tore into the wrapping paper like he did with every other present. “You got me the new iPhone?” Chad asked in shock, Blaine just nodded. Blaine squeaked as Chad landed on him and kissed him hard on the lips, his tongue sliding into his mouth before he knew it.

“You like it then?”

“I love it.” Chad laughed and fiddled with the new phone, instantly downloading a game called Angry Birds. Blaine smiled and leant his head on Chad’s shoulder watching as he flung a red bird towards some green pigs.

“That is Angry Birds?”

“Yeah, isn’t it great?” Chad beamed as the pig popped, Blaine watched as Jack and Tina stood and left the living room.

“If you say so,” Blaine patted Chad’s knee and stood up, stretching his arms over his heads he bent his back backwards and sighed as he felt a pop, hearing Chad growl he turned around and saw his boyfriend looking at his stomach, which was on show from his stretching. In Blaine’s eyes Chad was a lion, if he saw something he liked he would have it, and Chad really liked Blaine; Blaine grinned, pulled his hoodie down and fled from the living room before Chad could pounce… Skidding to a halt in the kitchen he smiled at Tina and Jack. “Hi.”

“What have you two done?” Jack asked suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Blaine held his hands up in surrender and grinned. “I came to help with dinner.”

“Nice try, son, but Tina only lets herself in the kitchen on Christmas. I’m lucky I’m not skinned alive.”

Blaine smiled and squeaked as strong arms encased his torso and lifted him from the ground. Turning his head he smiled up in shock at Nick, although he was more of the dominant type of man Blaine couldn’t help but appreciate his beauty. Nick had shoulder length wavy, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a short nose that made his jaw bones look sharper and defined. All in all Nick was a very hot piece of eye candy. Although he was Dean’s twin Blaine felt very comfortable around him; he was everything that evil piece of shit pretended to be. “What are you doing?” Blaine squirmed in Nick’s strong hold, knowing he could break free any time he wanted to.

“Chad wants you outside,” Nick stated and plopped him next to the back door and handed Blaine his coat, gloves and scarf over with a wide grin, as Tina and Jack emerged from the kitchen, waving at the two boys.

“Let’s go!” Thomas said enthusiastically from behind him suddenly, causing Blaine to jump and turn around.

“Where are we going?” Blaine asked as they all bundled up in there snow clothes.

“It is exactly 11.30 and it’s time for our annual snowball fight,” Thomas said explaining the tradition Thomas, Katie, and Chad had started as children; he stepped outside and grinned widely rushing towards the backyard.

Blaine looked around the garden, it looked like a winter wonderland, and he was enjoying the view until a snowball hit him in the face, frowning he turned to see Chad wiping his hands on his trousers.

Chad, Katie, Nick, and Kyle banded together against him and Thomas. He knew the husbands wanted to ensure their pregnant wife didn’t overdo it and Blaine was pretty sure Chad wanted to even some old scores against Thomas. So there they were a pixie and a giant, they didn’t stand a chance!

“Oh…bring it on!” Blaine shouted and threw a snowball directly into Chad’s groin.

“That’s evil,” Chad wheezed as he fell to his knees.

“All’s fair in love and war baby.” Blaine grinned and ducked as a snowball flew past his shoulder and landed in Thomas’ face behind him, turning he laughed as Thomas wiped snow of his rosy cheeks, screaming as melted snow dropped down his shirt, turning back he scowled at Chad.

“Surprise,” Chad yelled and pelted snowballs their way; Thomas and Blaine fought as best as they could but the odds were stacked against them. Suddenly Blaine dived for Chad’s legs and pulled him into the snow rolling so that he landed on top of Chad.

“I win.” Blaine grinned and looked down at his man.

“Yeah…okay.” Chad nodded then hooked his leg around Blaine’s ankles and flipped him into the snow.

“Or not.” Chad gazed down into the pale green eyes of his boyfriend. It felt as if a switch had been flicked because suddenly all he wanted was to be alone with Blaine.

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