Celeste Pt. 07

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AN: You are about to start part seven of an ongoing story. Tags of note are: gay incest, a cuntboy (a man with a penis and vagina), squirting, male lactation and dirty talk. If you wish to read it, I hope you enjoy!

If you did not read any of the side stories here is a recap: While Celeste was hibernating, Lawrence and Connor expressed having deeper feelings for each other. Bartholomew and Lawrence started a sexual relationship. The god of death Marcus attempted to seduce Lawrence to no avail. Marcus caught Bartholomew fucking Lawrence. This story is set after both side stories: Jackal and Wildfire.

Connor blinked his eyes open and let out a yawn. He felt a presence to his right so he turned his head and was not surprised to see his lover, the god of rebirth, sitting at the desk. He smiled, “Lawrence…were you here all night?”

Lawrence glanced up from the book he was reading, “Most of it…yes. Why? Does that disturb you?”

“No,” Connor sat up, “just…well…you’re welcome into my bed.”

“I’m aware,” Lawrence sounded matter of fact.

Connor sighed, “What I mean is…well…I’d like either fall asleep or wake up with you beside me sometimes…” he started to fuss with the sheet.

Lawrence slowly closed his book and was amused by Connor’s fussing. He looked a bit bashful and he found it cute. He decided to put his heart at rest so he said, “This I can grant you,” he stood, then bent his tall frame over and gave Connor a kiss on the forehead.

Connor smiled then reached up and taking Lawrence’s cheeks in his hands he pulled him further down until they could kiss in earnest. He moaned against the god’s lips and already began to feel his desire grow.

“My my…that’s lovely!”

Connor pulled away and looked towards his door, “Celeste!!!”

He took in the god’s appearance, his bare feet, wild hair and short pale pink summer dress that barely contained his cock. In fact, when he moved too fast the tip would peek out now and again.

The god of lust laughed and his deeply sexy voice filled the room, “You sound so excited to see me!”

“I am!” Connor was grinning from ear to ear.

Lawrence was smiling as well, “Have you been awake long brother?”

“Nope,” Celeste walked over to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, “in fact I feel quite sleep clammy. I was looking for you,” he placed his hands on Lawrence’s chest and rubbed him slowly there, “I want you to take a shower with me.”

“I’ve already–“

He was cut off by Celeste addressing his human lover, “You too handsome,” he winked at him, “You can wash my back.”

Connor perked up, “I’d be happy to!”

Celeste smirked then looked at his brother, “Please say you’ll come along…”

Lawrence took a deep breath and glanced at Connor. His human was practically buzzing with excitement. He chuckled, “Fine.”

Celeste clapped his hands, “Good! Come now!” He reached over and yanked Connor from his bed and pulled him along. Lawrence followed with an amused expression.

“Hey,” Connor adjusted his hand so his and Celeste’s fingers were interlocked, “shouldn’t we go ask Bartholomew too?”

“He’s not here, he’s in your world. There’s a massive scuffle that’s broken out and he said it’s leading to war,” Celeste shrugged, “so he went down there to fight. He was…delighted to join the fray.”

“Oh so…he starts wars?”

“No no no!” Celeste’s bright blue eyes went wide, “I’m surprised you haven’t been taught this already! Anyway, there are two types of divine beings: creators and observers. Lawrence is a creator. Bartholomew and I are observers. We make sure our calling is being used well by the humans and being divvied out as equally as we can without disturbing free will. So Bartholomew is making sure the humans don’t wipe each other out. Apparently there have been quite a few close calls,” he shrugged.

That news saddened Connor but didn’t surprise him. He looked back over at Celeste as the three of them continued down the hall, “And you…”

“Being a succubus, I don’t have to do much,” Celeste smiled, “mostly I work in tandem with Bashir, the god of love. We don’t want lust to overtake romantic feelings of love. It’s such a rare thing to happen though. We really have the easiest duties.”

Lawrence sighed beside him, “You really do.”

Celeste chuckled, then his eyes went dark and he stopped quickly in his tracks. He placed a hand on Connor’s chest and looked at him seriously, “For the record, sexual assault has nothing to do with lust. It’s all power, control and anger. It has nothing to do with me!”

Connor felt fearful for a moment, he had never seen Celeste look so intense. He was quick to answer, “I didn’t think it did!” He insisted truthfully.

“Good,” Celeste nodded then turned, “I don’t need you thinking I’m the patron saint of pedophiles or something.”

Lawrence smiled at his brother, proud that he was so good at his duty and cared so much that it was understood well by Connor. A lot of the gods didn’t bother to actually get to know Celeste. They kocaeli escort assumed he just ran around to spread his legs and have sex all day. And while he most definitely does that most times, it was never in disservice to his calling. He was a hard worker and it made both him and Bartholomew happy to know that. Sometimes he wished others respected his brother as much as he did. Celeste said it doesn’t bother him that most of the other gods think he is a promiscuous slut, but it bothers Lawrence a lot.

They finally reached the bathroom; it was the same one Lawrence had accosted Celeste in after the four of them had all been together for the first time. It brought back memories of Celeste’s weeping pussy and tasty clit. The memory of Celeste’s warm cum landing in his hair as it erupted from his cock when he came. Lawrence glanced over at Celeste and his brother was smirking at him, then he winked. He was remembering too.

Connor began to undress, stepping out of his sleep pants and underwear, “Celeste, when you sleep, do you dream?”

“Yes,” Celeste answered but was watching his own hands as they undid the fastenings of Lawrence’s robe, “mostly about sex, but sometimes about places I’ve been or conversations I’ve had. This time I had many dreams about you and my brothers,” he glanced over with a smirk, “there’s so much more to explore with you…” at that the robe dropped to the ground and he looked back over to Lawrence, “I’m still amazed that you are just,” he swept his eyes over his brother’s body, “naked under here.”

“This coming from you?” One of Lawrence’s brows rose as he reached out and touched the tip of Celeste’s cock that had slipped yet again from the hem of his tiny dress.

“You’re not like me,” Celeste stepped closer with a sultry grin, “though…that might not be entirely true,” he slid the straps of his dress down over his shoulders and it fell from his body to pool at his dainty feet on the floor, “Bartholomew told me just how naughty you’ve been…” At his brother’s blush his smile grew then he turned and stepped into the shower.

Connor walked over to the shower and turned on the water then looked over his shoulder, “For someone who’s just woken up you sure did spend a lot of time with Bartholomew.”

Celeste leaned against the wall, ignoring the cold, “Jealous?” He smirked as he ran his hands all over his body. He teased his nipples and dipped a finger into his navel. He lifted his long hair as he began to roll his hips.

Connor and Lawrence stood there, the human in the shower, the god not, watching Celeste put on his little show. The longer they watched the more Celeste moved and Connor saw the god’s member began to swell.

“We haven’t even touched you and you’re already getting hard,” Connor reached out and touched Celeste’s cheek.

The god licked his upper lip as he looked at Lawrence, “You’ve forgotten who I am,” he turned his head slightly and blinked slowly at Connor, “I can feel your lust for me…both of you are practically drowning in it,” he licked one of the human’s fingers then pulled it between his lips and sucked.

Lawrence stepped into the shower then, closing the glass door behind him. He took up Celeste’s previous actions and started to roam his hands all over the god’s body. He loved the feel of his brother, his smooth skin and shapely ass. The rosy nipples and the long line of his neck. He touched his hardened cock and rolled his sac in his palm. He gasped when he felt them shrink away, but when he felt warmth drip onto his hand he grinned. Immediately he sought out the treat and tweaked the big clit that had formed just under his brother’s erection.

Celeste moaned around Connor’s finger and spread his legs. His eyes fluttered closed as Lawrence began to slowly slip two fingers inside of him. His brother caressed his inner walls gently, unhurried, teasing his sweet spot then pulling away before the pleasure built up too much.

Connor pulled his finger from Celeste’s mouth and leaned forward and kissed him. Their kissing was frantic, hungry. Faster and more intense than what was happening between Celeste’s legs. Connor pressed to the side of him, grinding his dick on the god’s hip. Their tongues warred with one another, teeth clashed and each of them moaned and gasped into each other’s mouths. Celeste let out a whine when Lawrence removed his fingers and moved them to his ass. He arched when the felt one of them breach the rim, the finger swallowed up to the knuckle.

Suddenly, without warning Lawrence removed his finger quickly then pulled the two of them apart. He turned Celeste around and pushed his chest into the shower wall. Celeste instinctively bent at the waist and spread his legs further.

Lawrence made a grunting noise then said, “What’s this?” He gripped both of Celeste’s ass cheeks in each hand then pulled him apart. He furrowed his brow when he saw cum oozing out of his asshole.

Connor, confused, looked as well. He saw the mess and instantly understood, “That’s why you know so much kocaeli escort bayan about what Bartholomew is doing today. You saw him first.”

Celeste bit his lower lip and shook his hips, “You aren’t upset are you,” he looked over his shoulder at Connor, but it was Lawrence who answered.

“I don’t want to be inside of your fucked full hole,” then he gave his brother’s ass a strong smack.

Celeste hissed and jerked his hips away. Another smack and he whimpered, clenching in pain. When he gasped out a breath his asshole relaxed and more cum bubbled out. He couldn’t tell if Lawrence was actually mad at him or not. He tried to use his gift to feel him out but every time he went to do so he was distracted by another slap to his quivering ass.

Lawrence wrapped an arm around Celeste’s waist and yanked him hard. It forced his brother up to his toes and he began to spank him in earnest. Over and over again he lay his hands on him, watching the perfect globes of his ass redden with each smack. They shook upon impact and he watched as the hole reacted, fluttering open and close, dripping his other brother’s spunk like some lewd confession.

“Bartholomew told me you were a slut, I told him not to use that word. That it was too harsh, but now I see that he was right,” a harder slap and Lawrence was pleased to hear Celeste’s cry, “First thing you do when you wake is find our brother. How did you come to him? Did you seduce him slowly or just show up naked and ready to be fucked?”

Connor’s eyes were wide, but his cock was hard as a rock. It was rare that Lawrence showed his dominate side, but when he did it was incredibly sexy. He looked powerful and a bit out of control and Connor remembered the few times Lawrence had taken him when he was like this. Lawrence could fuck him into silence and it was a pleasure to be desired so strongly during those times. He could see that his lover was extremely turned on, though he couldn’t tell if it was from the spanking he was handing out or from seeing his brother full of his other brother’s cum. Whatever it was Connor loved this twist in events. He glanced at Celeste and saw that while his erection had never gone down, he looked confused and a bit worried. They should all be enjoying this so he decided to intervene gently.

He reached out and ran his fingers through Lawrence’s long hair and said, “You’re not really angry though are you baby? You like seeing your brother used up like this. You just wanted an excuse to spank him. You’re such a pervert.”

Lawrence smirked and then both of them heard Celeste gasp and his body shook violently. Lawrence looked up concerned, “Celeste? What’s–“

“Fuck Lawrence,” Celeste breathed, his body settling once he got a handle on himself, “I was too distracted to feel it until now. Your desire…it’s…” he shivered and took a deep breath, “oh fuck yes,” he hung his head feeling the sting on his ass. How is it that all three of the siblings were into spanking with no prior conversation?! It was thrilling and he wiggled his hips to show that, now that he knew it wasn’t in anger, he was ready for more. He felt Lawrence rub his hand over his warmed ass and he felt his asshole and pussy tighten with need. He looked over his shoulder and said, “I came to him clothed, but once the door was locked I undressed and straddled him where he sat at his desk.”

Lawrence’s palm came down once more, “Continue.”

“He didn’t waste time,” Celeste gasped out as his brother’s hand spanked him more, “he said he wanted my ass. Said I didn’t have to change.”

Connor reached out and rubbed his hand over the reddened ass cheek that wasn’t currently being smacked, “What do you mean?”

“He…he,” Celeste moaned, “oh fuck,” he rolled his hips and Lawrence gave him three swift smacks. He whimpered and bit his bottom lip, pleasure blooming through his senses like an addiction, “He bent me over his desk, played with my balls while he fucked me,” Connor and Lawrence both groaned, but Celeste continued, “after he came I begged for one more round, but he wouldn’t. So I looked for you.”

Lawrence narrowed his eyes, “So greedy, ” he pushed a finger into his brother’s ass and watched him moan, “but I still don’t want this sloppy hole.”

“I’ll take it,” Connor nudged Lawrence then gripped his wrist and pulled his finger from inside of Celeste, “go up front…you know you want to suck his clit anyway,” he chuckled when he saw Lawrence’s eyes widen minutely in hunger. He watched as Lawrence obeyed and in unison they both went to their knees.

Celeste cried out when he felt Lawrence’s hands spread his outer pussy lips wide, wider than they needed to be for him to gain access. He then felt Connor’s hands at his ass and he was spread there as well.

“Fuck,” Connor’s breath tickled Celeste’s rim as he spoke, “you’ve leaked so much, did you leave any for me?” Then he opened his mouth and gave the god’s backdoor a rough lick.

Celeste’s belly tightened at the sensation and he found that his legs were escort kocaeli shaking a bit in anticipation as he waited for Lawrence. But his brother never moved, just kept his lips apart. He started to pant once Connor began to lap at his hole, over and over. The human would lick all around then push his tongue against him until he opened up a bit, the pull back and lick all around again. Still though Lawrence just sat on his knees, looking at his dripping sex like he was trying to memorize it.

He whined a bit and reached down and tugged on the back of Lawrence’s head, trying to get him closer. In response his brother slipped his thumbs inside then pulled him open. Now his front was gaping, drizzling his clear pussy juices straight to the floor. He tried to wiggle, but at the slightest movement Connor would dig his fingers into his skin and spear the tip of his tongue into his ass, silently telling him not to move.

Celeste didn’t know what Lawrence was doing so he asked, “Brother, please…why won’t you–“

“Every time Connor licks you, your pussy squeezes and leaks. I’ve been watching your clit blush. It’s sexy, up this close.”

Celeste felt arousal warm him at the knowledge that Lawrence was indeed memorizing his private area. He was exposed to his brother while he watched it react to the pleasures he was receiving from behind. It was embarrassing and sinfully erotic all at once.

Lawrence sighed, “I feel as though I should apologize to you,” he licked the clit suddenly and was grateful Connor was there to catch Celeste when his knees buckled, “you’re a man, yet I am drawn to temporary jewel of yours,” another lick and Celeste slid a bit down the wall, “I want to suck this so much more than your cock,” to prove his words he took the hot bud into his mouth and applied suction. He heard Celeste cry out ‘yes’ and felt his pussy clamp so strongly that it almost snapped closed even with his thumbs still spreading it wide. He pulled off with a wet sound and Celeste keened, “does that make you angry?” At Celeste’s mantra of ‘no, no, no, oh fuck no’ Lawrence smiled then took him in mouth again. He enjoyed his time tasting his brother this way. His eyes were closed and he savored the way the thick clit throbbed on his tongue. He gently took his teeth to it and the new sound Celeste let out, made precum dribble from his own cock. He reached down and palmed himself and felt just how slick he was. Apparently, he had been weeping precum this whole time. Though he shouldn’t have been surprised, spanking his brother had been exhilarating. He let out a moan at the memory, then a painful grunt when the back of his head slammed into the wall.

Lawrence’s eyes snapped open and he saw that Connor had entered Celeste and had started fucking his ass. There was too much movement for him to continue sucking the clit, so he slid up the wall. Once face to face to his brother he was surprised when he was suddenly kissed by him. Celeste pushed his tongue in deep and groaned into his mouth as his hands gripped his waist. When he pulled away he looked utterly pleased.

Lawrence reached out as well, holding onto Celeste’s hips as he watched his lover fuck him. He could feel the sway of his brother’s body, hear his moans and the trickle of his cunt. He looked down and saw that his pretty cock was leaking precum and bobbing with each thrust Connor made. When Lawrence looked back up he locked eyes with his brother and watched the pleasure play out on his face. His heart was beating so quickly wondering if this was how Connor felt watching him get fucked by Bartholomew. He was so turned on, watching his lover please another and he realized that this couldn’t be the last time.

Celeste let out a gasp as his eyes widened. He could feel Connor spilling into him, so hot and copious that it started to overflow and run down his inner thigh. He heard Connor’s groan of contentment and felt the last pulse of his cock before he began to pull out. Celeste smiled then whispered, “Sleep,” and carefully guided the human to the floor without moving from his place in front of Lawrence.

Lawrence furrowed his brow, unsure as to why Celeste would forcefully put Connor to sleep. He opened his mouth to ask him but he was kissed sweetly by his brother.

“It’s just us now…” Celeste sounded breathless, “May I touch you?”

Lawrence blinked, “Of course,” he didn’t know why he was asking, but he soon understood when he saw Celeste sloppily suck on two fingers then dive down and seek out his ass. Lawrence tensed as Celeste swirled his fingers around his opening and Lawrence was too shocked to relax just yet.

Celeste began to lick Lawrence’s neck, he then kissed his jaw then nipped his earlobe, “It’s not fair that Bartholomew gets to have you,” he licked the tip of his ear, “surely you’ll let me indulge too…” his other hand slid up Lawrence’s chest and pinched his nipple. Lawrence closed his eyes and moaned, and as he did he relaxed just enough to allow Celeste’s finger to breach him, “there you are,” Celeste’s silky voice praised, “and so nice and tight,” he dipped his head and kiss his brother on the lips again. He started up a litany of soft phrases to soothe him further: “you’re so warm here”, “I can’t wait to be inside of you”, “you’re so lovely”, “moan more for me”, “my sweet brother, I love you so much.”

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