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I was lying on my bed, holding a tattoo mag, slowly wank, to my favorite hot body.

I getting close to my release when, “Hey, Kevin?”

On hearing my mum voice, I instantly cover my crotch with the only thing i had the mag, “Mum, what the hell?”

“Is that one of my tattoo magazines?”

“What?” I look down at it. “Um… yeah.”

“Were you just…”

“Mum, it’s none of your bloody business.”

“Oh, I know, I just find it kind of funny, that you’re wanking to one of my ink mags.”

“Well…” I stammered, “the chicks in it are hot. Mum, seriously, what do you want?”

“You know, I have tattoos.”

“Yes… mum… you’ve told me.”

“Have I shown you?”

“WTF… Mum…” was all i could say as mu mum turned her back to me, then she takes her shirt off, then takes off her bra.

She then turns her head towards me and smiles. “What do you think?”

“Mum… I don’t…”

then turning to face me completely. my mouth dropped opend at the sight of my mum’s bare tits.

“You know… Kevin… I always imagined that maybe you fancied me.” She say as she then slides off her jeans down, and her panties with them. It was my first sight a real woman naked and i had never seen my mum naked before that moment.

“Mum… what are you…”

total naked she walks over to the foot of my bed and then crawls onto the bed, and towards me. “But now… this all but confirms it… You want to shag me… don’t you, son?”

“Mum… ”

Mum takes the magazine off my crothc and tosses it aside.

“Sweetie, you don’t need this anymore… ”

With that mum kisses me, not a sweet mum-son kiss but a thrust your tongue into my mouth kiss. Which I quickly got in to, meeting her tongue with own. As We made out, Mum wrapped her hand around my cock, and starts to slowly jerk me off.

“Oh… Fuck… Mum, This is so wrong, but I do want you…”

“You want to fuck me?”

“Yes!” izmit escort I moaned.

then she leaned down to wrap her lips around my son’s cock, and starts to suck him off.

“Oh… fuck… ” I moaned. I had had blow jobs before, four in fact, two from the girl i was dating, one from a slutty girl at a party, and from a guy on a dare. nothing felt as good as my mum’s mouth on me as I watched her lips slide up and down my hard shaft. Mum takes my cock out, and flicks her tongue on the underside, then licks all around my swollen head, before returning it to her mouth to continue sucking me off. After a minute or so, she again pops it out of her mouth and jerks on it, this time more vigorously, thank to all her spit added lube.

“You ever thought of me while you did this?”

“A few times… ”

“So… that’s mutual too… then. Want to eat my pussy?”

Of course i said, “YES!”

we traded spots mum lying where i just had been with her legs spread. As I started licking the outside of my mother’s hairy, slopping wet pussy, I gave no thought to the ideal that nineteen years ago i had popped out of the very pussy i was licking. it wasn’t until later i realized how nasty wicked that was.

“Mmm… spread my lips… get in there… taste how wet you made me!”

I spread my mum’s pussy-lips, revealing the practically drooling, pink inside, and dove in licking up her sweet pussy-juice.

I loved hearing her say, “Yyyesssss…” and hearing her breathing hard. as I flicked my tongue on my mother’s clit.

“Oh… fuck… i’ve got to have it… ,” Lena moans throatily, “I want your cock, Kevin, now get it in me!”

I should have stop to ask if i should put on a condom but that part of my brain was turn off as soon as i pressed the tip of my cock to my mother’s dripping cunt, then pushes it in, eliciting a long, loud moan from both of us.

As i had never izmit escort bayan gone this far before with a girl, i had no experience to compare it to but at that moment i was sure i had just sunk my cock into the hottest cunt a guy ever had. the only thing that felt better was move in and out of my mum’s pussy, her lips opening as I pulled out, then closing as I pushes back in.

“Oh… fuck… Kevin… I can’t believe we’re really doing this!”
my mum cried out as I fucked her, with harder thrust my mum’s tits start to bounce and jiggle.

I leaned down, so I and my mum were face to face.

“Oh… fuck… Mum…” I moaned breathing hard, as I thrust into her. my mum pulled me down, and we again were kissing.

Some how as we kissed mum rolled me onto my back, and then i was holding my mother’s love handles, as she rode me, her hands were on my chest to steadied her as her cunt up and down on my cock.

“Oh… fuck…” my mum moaned, tilting her head back, “Kevin, your cock feels sooo good inside me… ”

I have no ideal how long she rode me, but it was long enough for her neck, chest, and stomach to become shiny with sweat. Suddenly She lifted completely off me and instructed me to take her from behind. I couldn’t believe it my first time was not only with my own mum but we were move to our third position.

mum was bent over, hands on my headboard as I rocked into her doggy-style, her heavily tattooed back glistened with sweat.

Watching as my cock moving in and out of my mum’s pussy, her lips gripping my shaft was to much, “Oh… fuck… I’m gonna cum!”

I continued thrusting even as i felt my cum boil up and shot through my shaft, my mum let out a loud, throaty groan, as she too climaxed.

Breathing rapidly, maybe it was the excitement of it all or the nastiness of blowing a load into the very hole, i had come from i was still hard. Suddenly i want to do something gebze escort bayan to my mum i had only dreamed about. she looked back at me as i grab hold of her ass cheeks, spread them

“What are you… ” She then smiles, as she realizes what I was about to do. “Oh, you are a nasty boy, aren’t you?”
After lick my mother’s ass, lube her back door with my spit and stretch her slightly with my fingers.

“Oh… Kevin… this is so nasty… so wrong… but i never…want to stop… put your cock in my ass… make ever one of my holes yours!”

I was breathing hard as i pressed the tip of my rigid cock against my mum’s back hole and she started breathing hard as i push past her tight ring and feed her ass every inch of my cock.

“Oh… fuck!” she gasped,once my balls were against her pussy lips, “You have no idea how long it’s been since I had a big, hard cock like yours in there!”

She grimaced and let out a straining groan, as I started to slowly fuck her ass. As turned on as i was at the sight of my cock move in and out of my mother’s pussy it was nothing to how turn on it was to see my cock in her ass. as i increase the speed of my thrusts, my mum leans down, bites down on the headboard, and screams into it.

“Oh… Kevin!” she groans loudly, “I’m this close to cumming again!”

hearing this i sped up a little more, making her starts to whimper and moan hoarsely. Suddenly, my mum reached between her legs and rubbed her clit furiously and then a hot liquid sprayed from her pussy all over my thighs and my bed, while she screams, “Oh… fuck… yes!”

A moment later, I yanked my cock out of my mum ass and started jerking it spray my cum all over her sweaty back and ass, like i had seen guys do in pornos.

for a few moments the two of us laid there breathing rapidly, “Come here, baby…”

we laid face to face as she spoke, “I am so glad we did this, Kevin. I mean it, you really are the best lover I’ve ever had.”

I smiled bashfully. “Thanks, Mum.”

“Hm, come here, baby…” She pulled me to her and we share a long, lusty kiss.

I had no ideal want tomorrow would bring but it wasclearly my jerking off days were over.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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