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Caught By My Twin Sister

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Just another boring winter day in Indiana. Nothing to do except stare at the TV until someone got home. I just turned 18 and am a senior in high school. Mom and Dad both work nights on Thursdays and my twin sister has cheerleading until at least 9. I would call a friend to come over and hang out but with the snow outside nobody in their right mind would drive more than they have to. Plus they all have girlfriends. Shit… one of them is married! I personally have never had a girlfriend. Not to say I’ve never had sex or anything, but just no girlfriends. To be honest though, I’ve only had sex twice and I paid prostitutes for those two times. I am the one that gets put in every girl’s “friend zone.” I hang out with them all the time around school, but then I can never get them to go out with me and it’s too awkward to ask. Plus, my type is out of my league. I’m 5’11” 165, pale, with neck-length dark brown hair; thick eyebrows and dark brown eyes. Nothing special enough to attract the women. No super muscles, no perfectly-aligned smile, and definitely no special body. I do have about ten inches in my pants, not that anybody has ever noticed.

It’s about five o’clock and I’m bored of watching the news. Syria, Donald Trump, murders and bombings. Why should I care about that. So I flip the TV off and take out my laptop to watch some porn. I’ve always been into the weird stuff. The nastier the better. You know… pain, piss, diaper, even scat. That’s one reason I’ve never had sex with someone I know. I’m afraid that if I tell them that I’m interested in that shit, they’ll never talk to me again. I flip the laptop up and flip out my semi-hard cock. I start to masterbate as I look for the perfect porn that’ll keep my interest for a few minutes. The one that catches my eye… “Tranny forcing her slave to eat her shit.” Like I said, the weird shit turns me on.

My cock is hard almost immediately. When the video starts, the tranny is telling her little sissy slave (who’s also dressed up like a girl, but clearly is a man) to bend over and pull up “her” skirt then the tranny spanks the shit out of the slave until his ass is bright red while she makes him beg for her cock. After about five minutes of that she finally takes off her clothes revealing her huge dick (even bigger than mine I think) and tells him to lay down flat.

“Do you want my cock?,” she asks.

Trembling, the slave replies, “yes mistress please let me suck your beautiful cock.”

“You’d like that huh, bitch?” the tranny replies. “OK open your mouth cuntface!”

She buries her cock deep in her slave’s mouth, then he starts choking as tasty-looking yellow piss starts to flood out of his mouth and onto his blouse. She backs out, still peeing and the slave starts to swallow some of it…

God how I’d love to be that slave. I’m rock hard thinking about it. Thinking about being feminized and used like a bitch.

…As the slave licks up the leftovers off of the floor the tranny asks again, “You still want my cock you little fag?” As he nods and murmurs “yes” she continues, “Well you’ll have to earn it dumbass. I don’t just give away this cock like some slut! Lay back down cunt!” The slave lays down, face up as the tranny mistress squats over his face. “If you eat all of your dinner, maybe I’ll give you a taste of my tranny cock for dessert.” Just as the light brown poop is starting to protrude out of her asshole (and I was soooo close to cumming), I hear a key unlocking the front door of my house.

As quickly as I possibly can I shut the laptop and turned the tv on. Then I throw a blanket over me really quick to hide my huge bulge in the pants that I just zipped up. In walks my sister, Eva. Eva is tall, hot, and gorgeous. Amazing that we came out of the same womb at the same time. She must have stolen all of the good genes. Eva is 5’10” with long red hair down to her mid-back… the sexy dyed dark red hair, not natural. She has beautiful tanned skin and fucking perfectly thick lips. Probably 160 pounds, but all in the right places. She has natural 38DD tits (I know because I sometimes dress up in her clothes) and size 16 panties, even though she has a tiny waist. That’s how curvy this girl is. Sefaköy Escort If she wasn’t my sister, I’d probably be dating her. Who am I kidding, no I wouldn’t; I’d just be ogling over her as other people date her because I’d be too shy to talk to her.

“Why the fuck are you watching Power Rangers???” she said with an awkward laugh.

I hadn’t even realized what show I’d turned it to, but unfortunately for me, not something that I’d believably be watching. “I just have it on for noise,” I reply. “I just finished up my homework.”

“Is that what we’re calling it now… homework?” she laughed again. “I’m curious. What kind of shit do you watch?” as she takes the computer off the table.

“Please don’t!” I yell. But it was too late. The computer was already starting to start up… right where I left it.

“HOLY FUCK. What the FUCK is this!?! Fucking disgusting. I figured you’d be nasty, but not like this. Like I figured, you know, trannies or gay or something. Not a shemale shitting into a crossdresser’s mouth. Like holy shit WHY? You need help. Like professional help.”

I don’t know how to respond. I mean, maybe I do need help, but my sister never needed to learn about this. Goddammit! What do I do? I really can’t think of anything to say so I just murmur “I wish I could get some help.” She wasn’t even supposed to hear it. It’s just a thought that happened to come out of my mouth. And it didn’t sound like I wanted psychological help. It sounded sexual.

I am surprised at her response though. “Have you even had sex before? Like, regular sex? I’ve never seen you go out with a girl or anything and you sure as hell haven’t had a girl here. Right?”

I respond honestly “I have had sex before. Twice. Each time cost me $200. And yes, it was regular, vaginal, and oral, sex.”

“So not only are you a pervert but you’re paying whores to fuck you? Ha! You are fucking pathetic. You know that though don’t you? I feel bad for you in a way though. EVERYONE else our age has done some dirty stuff.”

I can’t help but to ask, “So, that includes you?”

“Uh, duh.” Not the response I was expecting, but I’m listening. “I’ve been in a piss orgy with nine guys and I’ve had a slave that I dressed up like my little sissy girl. Do you really think I cheer at 18 years old? That I don’t have anything better to do? Whenever I’m at ‘cheer practice’ I’m fucking some guys brains out or getting pounded in the ass. Did you really think that I’m an innocent little girl still?”

Wow! My twin sister is the school slut and I never knew.”I mean… I didn’t think you were innocent but I didn’t think you were a skank or anything.”

That did not make her happy. “Skank! You think I’m a fucking skank because I get to experiment? I think you’re just fucking jealous aren’t you?”

“Y-y-yes. Maybe. I don’t know! I just know that I’m embarrassed that you saw how perverted I am and… Can you stop being a bitch and just go somewhere?”

She gives me a sexy but angry glare. “Bitch I’ll show you who’s the bitch you fucking perv. Lay down on the ground. Now!”

Hesitantly, I lay down flat on the ground, face down.

“Mouth up dumbshit.”

Slowly I flip myself over to see her standing over my face. I can clearly see up her short skirt. A pink, satin g-string. For the first time in my life that I can remember, I get to see Eva’s beautiful huge ass without anything covering it up. I can also see the outline of her pussy, which I can tell is starting to moisten.

Unexpectedly, I hear three words that turn me on more than anything I’ve ever heard. “Open up bitch.”

As I open my mouth as wide as I possibly can I watch as Eva’s tiny panties quickly fill with piss. A split second later the pee starts to come out on every side like a waterfall. A waterfall that ends on my face… and in my mouth. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life than for the piss to hit my tongue so I can taste the yellowish, nearly clear liquid and feel the warmth go down my throat. It’s only been about one second but after what seemed like an eternity I taste a flavor that I’ve never had. I’m not sure if it tastes good or not, but I love it. Very warm Sefaköy Escort Bayan and a little salty with a slightly sweet hint. I gag a bit as I attempt to swallow as much as I can. For a solid minute the golden rain continues to fall on my face and more and more gets into my mouth as Eva lowers her bright pink pussy closer to my face little by little. Right as the pee stops flowing my vision goes dark and I taste her wet cunt touch my lips. Something else I’ve never tasted.

“Lick, bitch!” Eva demands.

Naturally I stick my tongue out until it starts to protrude into my sister’s piss-glazed hole. Fuck it tastes so good. And the smell is fucking amazing. It smelled like a used cunt. Like she worked out today. She grinds her pussy on my tongue until I can’t breathe. She lets up for a second… enough for me to take one breath, then sits back down on my face. Her ass is so perfect. I can feel it swallow my entire face. She continues this pattern, letting me get only one breath at a time, for what feels like at least five minutes until all of a sudden she stops and lets up and liquid gushes out of her cunt. Not the same liquid as before either, but cum. Clear, extra salty cum. I swish it around my mouth a few times before swallowing it, savoring every drop.

“Jesus you’re gross. You actually like all this don’t you?”

I nod my head and nervously murmur “mm-hm.”

Still squatted over my face Eva replies with a smirk, “Good. now keep that nasty mouth opened you filthy fuck.”

With her ass hovering about six inches over my face, the bottom of her skirt almost touching me, my sister lets out a massive, loud fart. The smell is horrible and makes me gag a bit, but yet I love it. It’s so pungent that I can taste it. But for some reason, that’s not a bad thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I HOPE that my twin sister shits in my mouth. Eva lifts her skirt up and pulls her thong to the side, revealing her beautiful asshole.

“I don’t want a mess when mommy comes home,” she instructs me. “Do you understand?”

Again I nod my head and murmur confirmation that I understand.

“That means you need to swallow every bit of it. If there is a single brown stain on anything other than your tongue, you’re licking it until it comes up bitch.”

She releases one more big, long fart. Must have lasted five whole seconds, blowing the stench into my face. I look up and see a tiny bit of dark brown sticking out. I can tell this is going to be a big log of shit though. Eva squeezes her ass cheeks together and pushes out a little more… probably an inch or so sticking out, and I feel a shot of piss land on my stomach and chest as I listen to her groan as she pushes again. Still it’s sticking in. One more big push and an outright moan from my sister and a huge, coke-can-thick 5-inch log of poop lands perfectly in my gaping mouth. I gag loudly immediately. I never would have guessed the actual flavor of shit. So many flavors rush through my taste buds. I taste a well-done hamburger, mixed with dark chocolate, and there are little chunks of mushrooms that still taste the same as the first time. It’s such an interesting flavor. Like with the piss, I’m not sure if I like the flavor but right now, I LOVE the feel of the shit in my mouth. I start to take my first bite out of the chunk and halfway through the bite, I can’t stop gagging. I don’t want to, but it’s just happening. Still, I power through and finish biting the log in half, allowing the entire piece to fit in my mouth at the same time without any sticking out.

Eva looks down at me, grinning, and sighs obnoxiously. “Fucking chew it already. I’m not done.”

Looking up I can see that she’s not lying. Another piece of shit is halfway out. Trying to avoid my natural gag reflex, I start to chew quickly. It’s so soft and chewy, then the more I chew it turns into a very thick liquid with chunks of mushrooms floating around. i keep chewing and chewing for what seems like forever with Eva watching me, waiting to feed me more… watching as the gooey shit stuck to my teeth as I chewed. I’m pretty sure she’s getting off to this as well. Finally I stick out my brown shit-stained tongue Escort Sefaköy to show her that I’m ready for more and without any hesitation, Eva squeezes her ass cheeks again and another log comes straight out, followed by one more push that gave me another little ball of poop. This log wasn’t quite half as big as the first one, but I gagged just as much. The taste of this one was definitely stronger, like it’s been in her intestines for a long time. This one doesn’t have nearly as much flavor. It’s much more like you’d think shit would taste. I still enjoy it but goddamn it’s hard to chew up. About halfway through chewing it I taste vomit coming up. It tastes like the first log again. I swallow hard as to not show my weakness and I keep chewing until finally I have a mouthful of brown liquid again.

By this point Eva is staring at me with a smile beyond any that I’ve ever seen her have. “Toilet paper. Now!”

I start to get up to go get the toilet paper for her until she pushes her foot down on my forehead, forcing me back to laying down.

“Dumb bitch. Your tongue is the toilet paper. Clean my asshole now!”

I don’t know how much more poop I can handle, but I’ll take all I can get since this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime event. She lowers her asshole to my face again, still with the g-string pulled to the side and I lift my head up just enough to reach my tongue to her ass crack. I lick from bottom to top several times, tasting leftover poop and sweat and a few hairs mixed in. Then I stick my tongue in her asshole, as deep as I can go and swirl my tongue around, cleaning Eva’s insides. I swallow what’s left in my mouth and then the (very) unexpected happens. My sister dismounts me, bends her face over mine and kisses me. Then she kisses me again, more sensually, until her tongue is in my mouth, swirling around all of my brown saliva.

She backs up slightly from my face and has a sexy glare in her eyes. “I’ve never been that turned on before in my life. Like I thought I had tried everything then I came home and you were watching that gross shit on the internet. Now I see why you haven’t had a girlfriend or fucked any of the girls at school. I love you.”

She brings her face in for another long kiss. Her lips are so soft and her tongue is strangely long. She explores the inside of my mouth, tasting what just came out of her.

“And I can’t believe I’m tasting my own shit in your mouth. But I actually like it. I really do love you. I love you so much that I’m going to make your dreams come true.”

I wonder what she means. Is she going to have sex with me? Give me a blowjob? Let me cum in her bra?

“I’m going to be your mistress from now on. You’ll do as I say, wear what I tell you to, wear a cock cage, and be my personal toilet whenever I feel like it. You’re going to be my sissy slave forever.”

Holy shit! Not what I thought she was going to say. She wants more? “How can you possibly do that without mom and dad knowing about it? What about at school? My friends will ridicule me.”

“Damn straight they will, especially when you have to wear one of my bras to school.” Eva laughs hard at the thought, then continues. “Mom and dad WILL know about you becoming a sissy fag and they WILL smell your shitty, pissy breath but they WON’T know that I have anything to do with it, or else they’ll watch the video of everything that we just did. The webcam’s been up the whole time. I don’t even care if they know what I’ve done. I could have just been being vengeful.”

“S-s-so have you been into scat all along?” I had to ask.

“I told you. I’m into anything fun and THIS was definitely fun. And I realize now how intimate shitting in your mouth really is. We’re going to have fun together. Now get dressed before mommy gets home.”

“OK.” I begin to put my boxers back on and Eva slaps my wrist.

“No!” she screams. “Put these on you sissy fuck,” and hands me the g-string that she’s been wearing. It’s drenched in piss and the string part has brown stains from where it slipped in the way of her using me. Reluctantly I slip the panties on. Still hard as hell, my dick doesn’t even come close to fitting in the panties. “We’ll have to fix that,” Eva remarks. “I’m buying a chastity cage online tonight. Should be here tomorrow.” I have nothing to say to that as I pull on my jeans and then put on my shirt over my still-wet torso.

My sister looks at me and gives me a huge smile. “We’re going to have fun!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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