Casting Spells

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Here I stood in the middle of the hottest club in town. I was looking for my next lay. I loved having a cock deep inside me. It didn’t matter if I was on my back letting him ram his cock into me or if I was on top riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. I felt empty without having a cock filling me up. I smiled at the bar tender taking my strawberry daiquiri. My eyes scanned the room. Plenty of men to pick from but my eyes fell upon a stunning women. Tints of red and purple sparkled from her black hair. Her green eyes danced with my brown orbs. My mouth watering seeing her breasts bounce as she grinded on the dance floor. Her nipples hard poking the fabric of her red dress. The bottom hem of her dress rose up with every booty pop. Her ample ass showing to all. Her bright neon yellow g-string sitting snugly between her ass cheeks. I downed my drink my eyes never leaving her body. I felt I was under a spell and she had cast this spell over me. I’ve been with a women before but I hadn’t found it satisfying. Now all I think of was having her pussy against mine. Her tongue licking my clit, her fingers pounding away in my wet tight hole.

The closer she moved my way the easier it was to see her nipples wanted to be free. Not only was her ass on display but her wet yellow g-string was having trouble covering her pussy. I licked my lips letting her lead me to the dance floor. She spun me around pulling my ass into her pussy juice filled g-string. My pink thong growing wet. I grinded against her, the need for her to fuck me growing in the pit of my stomach. I was taking by surprise being spun around her soft lips pressing against mine. As our tongues found their rhythm I pulled her closer our clothed covered pussies rubbing together. Moans were escaped into the kiss by both of us. I bit my lip my lungs filing up with oxygen. casino ┼čirketleri I needed this woman now. She had the same idea as me. She drug me outta the club into an waiting cab. She gave the cab driver directions. Her hand roamed under my teal dress that stopped mid-thigh. Her fingers moved in circles along my flesh.

“I don’t fuck strangers, your name?” Her voice was smooth as glass. I was enchanted.

“Carmen. Yours? I don’t let strangers fuck me either.” It was hard to concentrate with her fingers hovering above my wet thong.

“Liana.” She replied removing her hand. “Have you been with a women before?” Her eyes locked onto mine.

“Once on my 19th birthday. It wasn’t any good I was left to get my self off.” The truth rolled out of my mouth.

“After tonight you’ll see what a real women can do, but be warned it’s a one time thing. I don’t do seconds. When I’m done having my way with you, you will leave and never look back. Are we clear Carmen?” I gave her a nod seeing we were now stopped. She paid the cab driver before pulling me out. With every step I took my insides tied them selves into a knot. I jumped slightly hearing the door shut behind me. “Take your dress off. Keep your thong and bra on, that is if you are wearing a bra.” I wasn’t wearing a bra, there was no way I could get a bra to fit under my dress. I peeled my dress off, slipping my heels off. I didn’t dare move from my spot. Liana came back in a black silk robe. A soft smile graced her soft pink lips. She took my hand in hers leading me to the bedroom.

She pushed me on the bed crawling on top of me. A trail of fire burned across my skin behind her lips. My body seemed to burn. She pushed her tongue into my waiting mouth. Her fingers pulling on my nipples. She pulled away kissing down my jaw line, placing a few casino firmalar─▒ soft kisses to my left shoulder. She scooted down taking my left breast in her mouth. I focused on the sensations her sucking and biting did to me. I grew wetter, my thong had to be soaked. Her fingers pulled, pinched and rolled my right nipple. Growing tired of sucking on the same nipple she switched to suck on my right nipple making sure to bite a few times. Her fingers were magic on my nipple. She pulled off my breasts kissing her way down to my navel where she tongue fucked it getting me to moan. She kissed down my right leg switching to my right leg kissing back up. She placed a soft kiss to my soaked thong covered pussy causing me to bite my lip keeping a moan in.

She sat up taking her robe off, revealing her naked form to me. Her tits rubbed up my body. She grabbed a boob running the nipple over my lips. I brought my tongue out licking her hard nipple. She pushed her boob into my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around her nipple. I sucked greedily on her tit more evading my mouth. I watched as she played with her free breast. She pulled away shoving the opposing boob down my throat. I sucked like there was no tomorrow. Pulling away yet again I found her pussy in my face, smelling her sweet scent. I licked her clit hearing her gasp. I licked her slit my fingers rubbing her clit. I pushed my tongue in to her wet hole tasting her sweet nectar. I went back to licking her clit, I pushed two fingers into her wetness. She grinded against my fingers. Her moans reaching my ears. I moved my fingers faster, sucking on her clit.

“Ooohhh fffuuuccckkk.” She yelled clamping down on my fingers, her juices spilling out. I licked her clean pulling my fingers out I slipped them into my mouth tasting her essence. She wasted no time in moving g├╝venilir casino down my body her tongue lapping at my clit, her fingers prodding around my hole. I grabbed her hair. A soft moan escaped. She moved her fingers faster hitting my g-spot dead on.

“FUCK!” I screamed spilling my juices over her fingers. She kept moving her fingers with in me as I came down from my high. Her tongue lazily licking my cum up. She pecked my lips getting off the bed. I watched her walk to the corner of the room. She placed a harness around her waist, putting a purple dildo in it. I watched her jack the dildo off as she walked back to the bed. She crawled to up to my head stuffing the fake cock down my throat causing me to gag. A wicked smirk crossed her face well she fucked my mouth.

“Get on all fours.” She demanded pulling the dildo from my mouth. I did as told. I felt her behind me. The tip of fake cock pushing at my entrance. With one swift move she rammed the dildo deep within me. She stayed still cupping my breasts. Feeling relaxed I moved back against her. She slowly pulled out pushing back in. I moved my hips to meet her. I was used to real cocks filing me up, twitching inside of me. A plastic cock was a new feeling that excited me. Every thrust sent me closer to the edge.

“Harder, faster.” I moaned. She gripped my hips digging her fingers in. She pulled put ramming the dildo into me. Her pace sped up. With every thrust in I moved back meeting her. The bed was not only creaking but slamming against the wall. Moans of pleasure filled the room. I could fill my release ready to explode. I screamed coating the fake cock worth cum. Liana kept thrusting into me as my orgasm washed through me. She pulled the dildo out letting me collapse on the bed. Coming down from my sexual high I flipped over frowning seeing that Liana was gonna. I got off the bed getting my thong on not remembering when she tore it off. I walked to the door seeing no sign of her. I slipped my dress over my head fixing it before I stepped into my shoes. With one last look around for Liana I walked out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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