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Caring Sister

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The past few weeks have not been good to me. I have some physical issues that the doctors can’t get a handle on. I seem to be tired quite often. I also found out the company I work for is downsizing. I am out of a job. My wife has zero sympathy with what I am going through. We haven’t had sex in months.

I got a call from my sister Erica. I rarely hear from her these days. She went through a divorce last year and she tends to keep to herself.

“Mom just told me,” she said.

“Told you what?” I asked my sister.

“All the problem you are having. I want you to stop by and see me.”

I knew how the news had travelled. My wife Louise immediately told my mother and then Mom called Erica. I told my wife I wanted to keep things quiet. Now everyone was finding out my problems. I did tell Erica I would stop by soon to see her. When I stopped by and rang the doorbell Erica let me in.

I barely stepped inside and my sister had her arms around me.

“How are you holding up Jeff?” My sister asked.

I told her I was fine and not to worry. My sister had her body pressed into mine. I could feel her big breasts on my chest. I never could understand why my ex-brother-in-law left my sister. Erica was quite good looking. Supposedly Tom took up with a younger woman. At least that is what I was told.

I could feel my dick getting hard. My sister was turning me on with her tits brushing against me. I had my hands on Erica’s ass. She didn’t say a thing about it. She must have felt my bone, however.

“Are you getting hard?” She asked me.

My face must have gotten red. Erica stepped back. She put a hand on my crotch.

“Damn, you do have an erection.”

Instead of removing her hand, my sister squeezed the front of my pants. I couldn’t believe my sister bursa escort bayan was doing this. She finally moved me over towards her couch. She told me to sit down. Once I was on the couch, Erica knelt down on the floor in front of me. She removed my shoes and socks.

Erica unfastened my belt and pulled my pants and briefs off. My cock was half erect.

“Damn, I never knew how big you were!” My sister told me.

I still can’t believe the next part happened. Erica stood up. She took off her pants and panties and then removed her shirt and bra. I almost did a double take. Erica’s body looked beautiful. Her breasts were firm and her pubic hair was shaved way down.

Erica didn’t waste any time. She got onto the couch sliding her legs on either side of me. She began to rub her slit against my shaft. It didn’t take long before I had a hard pole. Erica didn’t say a word. She pulled up over top of me and then lowered her body. My mushroom met her wet opening.

I pushed up and Erica took my cock. I just lost it. I thrust upward filling my sister’s belly.

“God Jeff, you feel enormous!”

All I knew is that I had to have my sister. I was going to fuck her until she exploded. My hands went to her tits. I squeezed and pinched her pink nipples. Erica started to scream out loud.

“I need your cock Jeff, I dreamed about this!”

I never had a clue that my sister desired me. I was going to have to fix that. We got into a nice fucking motion. Erica’s muscles were gripping me hard. I was filling her belly with my long pecker.

“You’re making me orgasm!”

I could feel those pussy convulsions. It was like a small hand squeezing and then letting go of my shaft. I hadn’t done this kind of thing in many months. I was trying to hold back. I couldn’t gorukle escort contain myself any longer. I sent a blast of my cream into Eric’s belly. My sister threw her head back and took my cum from me.

The harder she wrapped her pussy around me the more I gave her wads of my white juice. Erica had her arms around my neck. She was trying to steady herself. Her body was shaking after we ending having sex. We slowed down and Erica tried to compose herself.

“I haven’t felt like that in a long time,” she said.

Erica did get up to her feet. She ran back to the bathroom quickly. She soon came back and sat down next to me and we kissed.

“I would go again but you really did a number on my pussy. I’m sore all over.”

It was probably just as well. Louise would be wondering why I was gone so long. We made plans that we would do this again sometime soon. Erica said to text her later that evening. I dressed and left my sister’s place. All I could think about was the crazy sex we just had together.

Louise barely grunted when I got home. It was just as well. I think we were just tired of each other. There was no sense in pretending otherwise. Erica ended up texting me first.

“Jeff, I could get addicted to you fucking me. I can feel some of your cum still inside me. I still hurt some but I would have you right now if I could.”

Reading that kind of thing made my cock hard. I asked my sister if she could take a couple of days off for vacation. I wasn’t working at the moment. For two days I went to my sister’s house and we had sex. We did it from early morning to late afternoon. My wife was at work so it all worked out nicely.

Erica did become addicted to my cock. I took her in so many positions. I had her lie on her stomach. bursa merkez escort bayan I lifted her ass up and spread her cheeks apart. I wedged my dick into her tight pussy. God, did she cry out when I had my prick buried in her body. I pumped hard into her tight hole until I sent a gusher of seed into my sister.

I would also have Erica lie on her side. I lifted her one leg up. I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I slammed Erica hard. My sister would scream loudly when I finally coated her pussy walls. Erica would end up telling me she was wore out by the end of the day. I was too. My tiredness was kicking in but I struggled through. I hadn’t had sex like this in a long time. I wanted to make it last.

At the end of our second day together, Erica asked me what we were going to do. She didn’t want to have me for just a couple of hours a week. She asked if I would ever leave Louise. It was the first time I really considered it. Before, I had no one else to go to. I told Erica I had a few troubles I was going through.

She said she didn’t care. We could work through them together. My wife never said anything like that to me. I was always on my own. I told Erica I would think about it. I did go and see a lawyer about a divorce. He told me I would end up taking a bath but he could help me limit my losses.

I gave it some thought and one night I told Louise I wanted a divorce. She thought I was joking.

“Where will you end up going?”

I told her it was none of her business. I was tired of living this way. I said I had seen an attorney. Louise realized I meant business. All of a sudden she pleaded with me not to go. Who would take care of me? I said she didn’t give a damn about my troubles until now. My mind was set.

I did lose a lot divorcing Louise but I gained more. My sister is my friend and lover now. My doctor’s think they found out what is wrong with me. The treatment is slowly working. The sex with Erica is incredible. Sometimes it’s almost too hard to satisfy her. She needs cock constantly. Thankfully I have lots of cum to keep her happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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