Cara Finds Phyllis

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Yet another story about Cara, the closet lesbian who pretty much runs a library and who has used the institution as a means to find naïve young ladies who have certain qualities that are out of step with current culture. The middle aged woman has spent her whole life being the one in charge both in work and of affairs of the flesh, and now she has found herself on the receiving end.


“Drive away… drive away…” the librarian kept repeating as her shaking fingers drummed the steering wheel while she looked at the crummy three story house where Phyllis Gross supposedly lived, muttering, “You don’t need this.”

The problem was that she did need this. Cara had lived her life preying on young ladies who were insecure, timid and most importantly hairy. Those characteristics had been increasingly more challenging to find as time has gone on, and Cara also suspected that as she aged she had become less appealing.

Phyl had been right in that Cara had become dependent on the butch mechanic’s version of affection, turning the dominant into the submissive, and that the worse Phyl treated the librarian the better she liked it, or maybe needed it.

That was why today when Phyl didn’t come herself to the library to fix the elevator – a service call Cara had requested but that wasn’t needed because the elevator was fine – Cara had found out where Phyl lived and come to see her. She found herself needing the sight and scent of the coarse mechanic. The neighborhood was as nasty as Phyl, and Cara was shocked that a woman with a good job would live in such a decrepit part of the city.

There were a bunch of rowdy young men on the steps of the house, and Cara was growing tired of waiting for them to disperse but the sun was going down so she finally got out of her car and nervously approached the house. The hoodlums made a narrow path for her up the stairs, and the vulgar comments they made were bad enough but one of them squeezed her bottom on her way past.

When Cara got to the front door she looked at the mailboxes to see what apartment Phyl lived in but only a couple of them even had names on them. In desperation Cara asked the group if they knew which apartment Ms. Gross lived in, and they thought that was a riot.

“Hey lady,” one of the hooligans snapped as he rose to his feet and joined her on the landing. “You don’t need that dyke. I got about 10″ that can take care of what you need.”

“Last door first floor,” the guy finally answered, and after Cara fumbled with the doorknob the punk helped her with it, adding, “remember what I said – no bullshit – I got what you really need.”

Cara practically jumped inside the front door with her heart racing, and after her eyes adjusted to the dingy light of the hallway she walked down to the last door and timidly knocked on it while looking back at the front door in fear. It took a couple more knocks before the door opened and an angry looking Phyl stood in the doorway with an intimidating stance.

“What the fuck do you want?” she snarled as a greeting.

“I mersin escort – I wanted to talk with you,” Cara explained as she looked back towards the entrance. “Can I come in?”

“What’s the matter? Afraid of the little boys on the porch?”

“They were mean.”

“Pussies,” Phyl said as she let Cara inside and closed the door behind her. “I’ve kicked a couple of their asses before, and the ones that beat me up took enough of a pounding to make them not want to try me again.”

“You fight them?” Cara asked as she looked at Phyl who wasn’t wearing her uniform shirt but only the same familiar wife beater with the sweat stains under the arms, and nothing else. “You like to punch people, like you did me the last time we were together.”

“I didn’t punch you Cara, I slapped you.”

“It knocked me down,” the librarian sniffed.

“If I punched you, you might still be on the floor,” Phyl declared. “You swore at me.”

“You were hurting me. Squeezing my nipples like you wanted to crush them.”

“You usually love that. Anyway, I left didn’t it?”

“Only after you… you know,” Cara said as she looked at Phyl’s ripped arms and shoulders.

“No. Tell me.”

“After you peed on me,” Cara mumbled. “Burned my eyes. It was disgusting.”

“If it was so bad, why are you here?”

“I – I don’t know,” Cara admitted.

“You came to apologize for swearing at me, didn’t you? “

“No – I mean I guess. I’m sorry.”

“And you won’t do it again?”


“That’s better. Take your clothes off.”

Cara did as she was told and the mechanic even expressed satisfaction in seeing that the librarian wasn’t wearing the breast binding she wore at work to avoid men staring at her large bust, and after Cara had stripped with her pudgy but voluptuous body naked in the middle of the rundown apartment, Phyl peeled her nasty wife-beater off and threw it at Cara.

“Put it on,” Phyl commanded, and after Cara gingerly put on the soiled shirt Phyl laughed as the way the shirt was straining to contain the librarian’s breasts and made light of her own flat chest. “That thing isn’t used to having tits in it. Now go out and check my mailbox. I forgot when I got home.”

“Like this?” Cara asked.

“Either that or without the shirt.”

“What about those roughnecks?”

“Maybe they’ll get a hard-on,” Phyl suggested and then admitted, “Got to admit seeing you like that is making me wet. Don’t worry, you’re so short it covers your cunt and ass. Now go fetch. It’s the mailbox on the far right.”

Cara walked down the dank hallway wearing only Phyl’s rank shirt, the scent seeming to give her courage as she reached the front door and tried to open it without alerting the randy pack on the steps, but she failed.

“You, check it out!” one of them yelled as the librarian ducked out the door and tried to yank the mailbox open, but the old rusty thing balked at her efforts.

“You need some help.”

“No – please – I can…” Cara protested, but the hands that came around mersin escort bayan her had no interest in opening the mailbox but instead came up under her arms and clamped over her bosom, squeezing and kneading the huge breasts while another hand was reaching under the shirt from behind, seeming to be intent on slipping a finger or two between her buttocks.

The librarian’s head spun as the mauling of her breasts brought back memories of her brutal uncle back in her youth. This was the way he had molested her, crudely and cruelly, and back then he would yank down her panties and savage her from behind, first forcing his huge manhood into her pussy and then into her anus with the intent of causing her as much pain as possible.

The middle aged woman was about to faint when she felt a hand grab the neckline of the back of the wife-beater and jerk her backward inside the building. A naked Phyl pulled her inside to relative safety, and she yanked the front of the shirt upward for the animals to see while cackling, “these are all mine, assholes1”

“You’re welcome,” Phyl said after they got back to her apartment. “Now give me my shirt back,”

“They were horrible. Why do you live in such a place?” Cara asked as she peeled off the tank top and handed it to Phyl.

“They wouldn’t do shit like that to me,” the mechanic correctly said and then looked at the shaken professional. “Funny how they didn’t think you were such a big shot and didn’t care about your degrees when you were out there. All they cared about was your jugs, and don’t tell me you didn’t like them all over you.”

“Of course I didn’t,” Cara mumbled under her breath and the said, “I would be glad to buy you some more of those shirts if you would like.”

“I’ve got plenty of them. I just work hard and sweat a lot,” Phyl reminded her. “You seem to like that.”

“I do,” Cara said softly and then very unsurely took a few small steps towards the mechanic who stood there unapologetically naked like an Amazon with her hands on her hips and her legs lightly spread, the profuse hair on those muscular limbs glistening with a light coating of perspiration.

“I missed you – I love you,” Cara heard herself saying as she came up to Phyliss and put her hands up on the taller woman’s shoulders, gently kneading the rock hard muscles and hearing Phyl chuckle under her breath at that.

Cara leaned forward and kissed the mechanic’s collarbone before nibbling down the barely perceptible swell of her breast and capturing the plump little nipple with her mouth, sucking the bud excitedly while letting her hands slide over Phyl’s muscular body before going up her rib cage, and Cara held Phyl tight while her thumbs stroked the most tufts of hair under her chiseled arms.

Phyl raised her arm and with her free hand took the back of Cara’s scalp in hand so she could bring the librarian’s face over to the steamy hollow, and Cara responded by running her tongue up and down the salty fur before Phyllis yanked her backwards and led in into the bedroom, shoving escort mersin her on the bed and onto her back before kneeling at her hip and running her hand through the wild jungle of hair between her own legs.

“I know what you want,” Phyl snickered while using her other hand to pull roughly on Cara’s nipples before lifting her leg over the librarian and straddling her face, easing down and holding onto the headboard for balance. “C’mon Cara, lap my pussy.”

The mechanic left Cara no choice after easing down and enveloping the librarian’s face with the thick coarse hairs that surrounded her sex, but Cara welcomed Phyl grinding her pussy into her face, offering her tongue as the butch rode her face without mercy. The kinky hairs scraped Cara’s sensitive cheeks much like a kinky dermabrasion, and while Cara occasionally fought for a breath of air she said nothing while Phyl moved her hips up and down her face.

Finally Phyl came, growling like an animal while nearly crushing Cara’s skull in the process, and after she stopped coming she mercifully raised up the head of the crimson faced woman who hungrily took in breaths of air. Phyl grabbed a half glass of water from the night stand and poured it in and around Cara’s mouth.

“You look like you could go for some dessert,” Phyl opined as she raised a leg again to straddle Cara’s face, only this time facing the other way, and as she pushed the furry crack of her ass over Cara’s nose she said. “I know you like this as much as I do.”

Phyl leaned a bit forward, spreading her ass cheeks as she did, and she cackled when she felt the librarian’s tongue began to work into the crevice, and when Cara hit the bullseye Phyl shivered.

“That’s it Cara, lick all around it before you dip in,” the mechanic instructed while reaching out and grabbing Cara’s chubby thigh and pulling it up before sliding her hand between the librarian’s labia.

Phyl frigged Cara roughly with several fingers while grinding her ass into her face, and the mechanic didn’t stop until Cara came hard and loud. Only then did she get up and look at her very disheveled guest whose body was gently convulsing in the messy bedding, and then while announcing Cara would have to leave took care of a little unfinished business by rolling her over onto her stomach,

“You just showed up without warning – not nice. What if I had company?” Phyl seethed, and then proceeded to slap Cara’s buttocks hard, left and right, while berating her and calling her the most vulgar names. By the time Phyl was done with her spanking Car’s ass cheeks were hot and glowing red, but the librarian didn’t utter a word of complaint and simply got dressed and left as she was told.

Cara was happy that the bullies were gone as she went down the steps, and after she got into her car she looked at her reflection in the rear view mirror and cringed at what she looked like. Cara started her car and eased out of the space, pausing when a woman crossed the street right in front of her. The librarian had started up again when she hit the brakes again and looked back into the semi-darkness to see who that was she almost hit.

“Was that?… Laura?” Cara said to herself, but concluded she must have been seeing things and headed home.


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