Can’t Break My Flo Pt. 07

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“I’ll take what I can get, I guess.” Maggie smiled and ran her fingers through her friend’s hair.

Florence wanted to playfully slap her, remembering she had lost her arms. She had to settle with sticking her tongue out. “This feels good… I’m starving though.”

Maggie laughed. “Typical,” and scooted out of bed before Florence could kick her. She walked naked to her room and pulled on her bathrobe. Peeking back into Florence’s room she said, “You can stay there if you want.”

“I’ll come out.” Florence struggled with the tangled sheets. Maggie pulled them off, grabbed Florence by the ankles and dragged her to the edge. Florence screeched and stomped playfully.

Maggie got the usual, panties and a t-shirt and helped Florence into them. In the kitchen, Florence sat cross legged at the dining table, while Maggie grabbed some eggs and veggies. She warmed a pan, started slicing into an onion and stopped. “Flo, I want us to be on the same page… What are we?”

Florence looked at the ceiling in though. “Right now? I think… two friends who really love each other.” Maggie looked a little disappointed. “Aw Mags, don’t look at me like that. This is normal! Going on a first date doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship.”

Maggie’s shoulders drooped a little and she turned back to the onion. She was surprised by a chin nudge on the shoulder and a quiet voice, “This is just new for me… OK? Not weird.”

“Got it. Not weird. Thanks Flo.”

There was another light peck. “I miss hugging you.” A shoulder swiped across her back.

“FLO! I’m trying NOT to cut my fingers off here!”

“Ack, haha!” Florence ran back to her chair, giggling.

Their behavior followed like this. Maggie was trying to be respectful to Florence’s wish to ease into things. Florence was constantly sneaking up on her to press her boobs into Maggie’s back, or blow in her ear. It was driving Maggie up the wall. That evening Florence thanked Maggie for her help that day and promptly shut her bedroom door.

Maggie was stood motionless, staring at the door, wanting so badly to just turn the knob. Time was imperceptible then, but an eternity later, she turned and went to bed.

This sort of behavior went on for a month. Every once in a while they’d have a date night, which was very romantic, but Florence would end each evening by slamming the door. Maggie was going insane with the tension.

This new, quasi-romantic world was maddening. One moment was bliss, the next, empty. One night, they watched a movie on the couch. Florence had fallen asleep on her… again. She was wearing only a tank top and panties. Her peaceful face was irresistible… Maggie wanted her so badly in that moment, when Florence’s eyes fluttered open.

“Hey Mags. I think I’m going to bed.” Florence abruptly sat up and walked to her room. Maggie sat, looking at the floor. Not again. Florence entered her her room and kicked the door shut. The sound of it shutting didn’t seem to happen. She kicked the door again, and finally turned to see Maggie’s red fingers holding it slightly ajar.

Maggie stepped forward, fear and determination in her eyes. Florence didn’t move. Maggie closed the distance and put her hands on Florence’s cheeks. “I need you. Now.”

“What took you so long?” Florence sidled around Maggie and shoved her.

“Wha-What?” Maggie was absolutely confused.

“I was starting to think you didn’t want me.” Florence rammed into her, knocking her onto the bed. Maggie could only stare as Florence grabbed the hem of her PJ pants with her teeth. Maggie regained her senses and help pull at the waistband. “Stop.” Florence looked at her intensely. “My turn.”

Using her teeth, she yanked back Maggie’s pants as far as she could. She moved to the other leg and repeated. Pulling them off completely, Florence did a flourish by grabbing them in her toes and kicking them away. They got caught in the ceiling fan, spun and flew into her tray of product. The containers flew everywhere.

“Not important.” Florence got on the bed and over Maggie. She pulled at Maggie’s top, which took a few yanks, but was off. Florence moved to Maggie’s panties and made eye contact as she slowly peeled them down with her teeth.

Maggie helped by lifting her legs, then quickly undid her bra while Florence was busy down there. Florence’s face appeared again, ready for the next challenge. “You want me.”


“Of course you do.” Florence walked to the side of the bed and pushed Maggie onto her side. Her bra clasps were undone. Florence sighed. “Hook it back up.”

“O-Okay..” Maggie did as she was told and fastened her bra again.

“Roll over.” When her lover was face-down, Florence straddled her, and used her teeth and chin to undo the clasps. It took some time, and Maggie could tell that Florence was struggling. “On your back.”

Now face-up, Maggie watched Florence bite on the bridge of her bra, between her breasts, and pull up. Maggie raised her arms to allow the bra to come off. She was now nude.

Florence moved off of Maggie escort bayan and sat on the edge of the bed. She tilted her head to her right shoulder and pulled at the strap of her tank top with her teeth. She did the same with the other strap. In a start-stop motion, her top slowly raised over her head. Florence slowly pulled it off, one mouthful of fabric at a time.

Her breasts slid out and bounced into place. Being the widest points of her torso, Maggie could easily gawk at them from behind. Florence leaned forward and wiggled until her top finally fell from her.

She positioned her butt over the edge of the mattress and ground herself backward. It was incredibly sensual to watch. Her panties crept off of her rump when they were low enough, she grabbed them with her toes and dumped her undies to the floor.

She rose to her feet and turned to face Maggie. Her gaze was intense. “Spread them.” Her lover obeyed. Florence crawled on her knees, leaning over them between Maggie’s legs. She lightly kissed her inner thighs, making sure her hair brushed her lover’s skin as she moved from side to side, slowly getting closer to her destination.

Maggie grabbed the corners of her pillow and let out tiny grunts of anticipation. The airy touches made her body twitch. She tried piecing together what was going on here; her best friend and erstwhile lover had been shutting her door to Maggie for weeks.

Meanwhile Florence was nearing her destination. The intervals of movement delayed that moment, which was driving Maggie wild. “God, Flo ple-“

“Shhh.” Florence looked up at her without leaving her crouched position. All Maggie could see were her face, breasts and knees. Like she was barely there at all.

Florence changed positions, opting now to lay on her front. Inches away from Maggie’s vulva. There would have been steam if it were a cold evening. The armless woman’s breasts pillowed under her weight, pressing against Maggie’s inner thighs. A kiss, and another; light pecks. Her hair continued to tease Maggie’s skin.

A lick. A kiss. A tongue. It slowly inserted itself. The tongue pushed itself up and out, flicking Maggie’s clitoris gently. Maggie’s glasses fogged up almost instantly.

Florence continued to give her friend’s clitoris more attention. She wrapped her lips around it and sucked the air out of her cheeks, pulling at the sensitive little nub. She rolled her tongue around it a few times.

Then it stopped. Maggie was breathing heavily, and her legs constantly shifted, unsure of where to put them. Then the munching began. Florence used her entire mouth now. Chewing into Maggie’s labia and clitoris at once, careful not to get her teeth in contact with either. In spite of her care, she was now a monster. Each time she brought her lips together, she twisted her head and groaned.

The new intensity brought waves of color to Maggie’s brain and her intellect ebbed, allowing only primal groans and wails. She was a simple animal, experiencing only stimulus/response.

The sensations peaked and Maggie grabbed Florence’s head as she screamed. Her body shuddered as she climaxed. “S-stop… Flo… too sens… stop, stop.” Each time her clitoris was touched was like an electric shock.

Florence shuffled her knees in and lifted herself up. Her face was wet. She lifted her leg over Maggie’s and flopped over on her side. Her head made contact with Maggie’s elbow and both winced in pain.

Maggie tried to speak, to ask if Florence was ok. But the gorgeous face next to her erupted into laughter. “Sorry, Mags. Not that graceful anymore.” She wiggled her empty shoulder.

“I… You… I…”

“Just kiss me.”

Maggie wreathed her arms around Florence’s body and drew her close. Florence used a leg to bring the rest of her closer. Maggie kissed her passionately and rubbed her body against hers.

They were both sweating heavily and Florence’s hair had fallen into her face. She tried to flick it away with her head, but her damp forehead made it stick. “Mags,” kiss, “Mags, ha-” kiss, “hair.”

“Oh.. hang on.” Maggie took her steamed up glasses off. “Sorry, these things are awful sometimes.” She wiped Florence’s hair and pulled it behind her ear.

“You know,” mused Florence. “I never get to see you without them on.” Maggie kissed her again. “You look totally different without them.”

Maggie arched an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“You look beautiful. You should get contacts.” Maggie rolled her eyes. “Oh come on. Anyway, my turn.”

“I don’t know if I can compete.”

“Go to my vanity. There’s a toy in the drawer.”

“Oh?” Maggie grinned and rolled over. She edged herself to the side of the bed and did her best to walk. Her knees felt shaky. Opening the drawer of the vanity, there a white box with some fancy script lettering and a pink object depicted on it. She picked it up and glanced at the back. Everything was in… What was it, Dutch? She opened it and found a bright pink egg-shaped device with a small plastic tail at the end, and had a grippy texture. Also inside the box was a controller. izmit eve gelen escort On/Off, Mode buttons and a slider.

She turned, holding up both devices. Florence nodded. As Maggie approached the bed, she asked, “Do I need… you know, lubrication?”

“I’m so fucking wet. Put it in.”

Maggie crawled onto the bed and slowly inserted the egg until only the plastic tail remained.

“Set it to low and turn it on. Don’t worry about the mode.” Florence grinned as Maggie pushed the power button. “Mmm… Kiss me. Touch me.”

Maggie straddled Florence and sat there for a moment, taking in the sight of her lover. Her perfect face, her lithe body, her large breasts resting where her armpits would have been. She pushed up the slider. Florence’s legs curled up against Maggie’s rump. She left the slider a quarter of the way up and laid it on the mattress. Maggie grabbed her lover’s waist and moved her hands up to her breasts. She collected them in her hands, forming inches and inches of cleavage and let go, causing them to flop back to their resting position.

Inching up along her body, Maggie left a trail of moisture along Florence, then leaned over and kissed her. Maggie continued to massage Florence’s breasts as their tongues lashed at each other. They both gasped for air as they continued to kiss. Maggie let go of a breast and grabbed the remote, sliding it up to 75 percent, her mouth never losing contact.

“Nnnnhhhhh, ohh-” kiss, “hahh, hahh-” kiss, “Oh FUCK.” Florence’s body was convulsing.

Maggie slid it to 100% for a moment and felt Florence’s knees hit her back. She set it back to 50% and continued playing with her nipples. Then she slid a hand under Florence and grasped a cheek of her rump. She squeezed hard, stuck her tongue in and turned the slider back to 100.

“MMMMMMMM,” Florence’s body bucked so much that Maggie pulled back for a moment just to watch. “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!!”

Below Maggie was a localized earthquake of profanity. She left the remote there and grabbed both of Florence’s nipples then leaned back in for more intense kissing.

Florence had experimented with the device, using her toes to control it, but to have someone else control it, as they saw fit was beyond erotic, and Maggie, her nerdy shut-in friend was driving her to higher and higher peaks of pleasure.

This had been the test. Maggie was a virgin aside from her. Could she cut it? Florence had a standard. Tonight, she was in heaven. Maggie had grabbed the door. Her hands were purple from keeping it from shutting.

It was a perfect analogy to her heart. Someone who could withstand her forceful personality might satisfy her. Maggie had passed every test. “Make me cum.”

Graduation Day. Maggie watched as person after person was handed a diploma. Various groups cheered for each one. Sometimes just a polite applause.

The dean announced “Florence Miller.” Cheers erupted. Florence took the stage with a smile that resembled the sun. Her gown sleeves trailed behind like dark flags. She and the dean made a slight bow to each other, which had been practiced ahead of time. Maggie ran up to the stage as Florence accepted the diploma between her shoulder and cheek.

Maggie got to the stage and reached out to grab the padded leather folder. She made a quick kissy-face.

Florence winked at her and mouthed, ‘Thank you.’

As Maggie headed back to her aisle seat she reached into her pocket, turned the slider up to 50% and looked back.

Florence hunched over on her way down the ramp. A few concerned people rushed to the armless woman and helped her walk. Maggie turned it up some more. Florence fell to her knees. Everyone stood and Maggie ran back. She turned the slider back to zero. “I got her! She’s my friend!”

Everyone let Maggie take over, relieved that, not knowing what to do with a double amputee, they were no longer responsible.

Maggie walked her down the aisle and reached back into her pocket, turning the device up to 75. Florence gasped and fell to her knees. Maggie turned it back to zero, and helped her back up.

“I’m so hot right now, Mags,” whispered Florence. She was completely helpless to Maggie’s desires in front of her peers and their families.

“Babe, that makes two of us,” she whispered back and turned the dial down to 25. They slowly walked through the audience, some stopping them to see if there was extra help needed. “I just… get tired… sometimes,” panted Florence.

Maggie had never been more turned on. They exited the grounds and got to Maggie’s car. She helped Florence get in and was about to buckle her up.

“Wait, wait… unzip me. I’m so fucking hot.” Maggie slowly unzipped Florence’s graduation gown, revealing her nude body and little pink vibrator extension. “Ahh… that’s so much better.” The breezed settled on Florence’s exposed body.

Her lover quietly flexed her body as they drove home.

They were at another pool party at Amy’s house. Glen wasn’t there. Florence was chit-chatting izmit otele gelen escort with friends in a bikini and sarong combo. A couple of guys stood by the barbecue.

“I’d fuck her in an instant,” said Randal.

“Dunno, dude,” replied Doug. “The arm stuff. It’s fucking drama waiting to happen.”

“Yeah, yeah… I see where you’re going. But… Shit. Imagine a girl like her on top of you. I don’t know… Worth it.”

“Yeah, totally worth it,” came a female voice.

“Uh, what?” Randal looked confused at the bespectacled, mousy looking woman who had somehow joined their conversation.

She pointed. “You’re talking about the armless woman right?”

“Yeah… you into chicks or something?”


“Cool, cool,” said Randal. “Hold my beer. Watch thi-” A hand went up in front of his face.

“Wait, let me try,” said the Daria look-a-like.

Randal snorted. “Psshhhh. Twenty bucks says she yeets.”

The other guy elbowed him. “Bro! No arms, dude.”

“Twenty bucks. I’ll be right back.” The short, unassuming girl approached their quarry. The two guys laughed as they watched. The nerd and the buxom armless woman spoke for a moment, parted from group and began to kiss. It was more than kissing. They were making out.

Maggie could hear a distance, “what the FUCK,” as the barbecue tipped over. A lot of things happened. A lot of things tipped over. A lot of people ran. The deck was on fire.

Maggie simply walked Florence into the same swimming pool that she had been thrown into months ago by Glen. They stood in the pool and made out while the other party goers huddled for safety.

Anything obscured by water was fair game for Maggie, and Florence came a couple of times as firefighters doused the property.

“Flo?” They stopped kissing for a moment. Maggie’s hair was dripping behind her glasses. Her eyes were further obscured by the globules of water sitting on the lenses.


“The world around us burns. Things fall apart. Our lives are nothing nothing but managed chaos. Except for one thing.” She looked at Florence as if elemental truth had struck her in the face.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

Maggie drew in a deep breath and knelt down in the pool. Her hand emerged from the water, and like the Lady of the Lake, it gripped a holy relic; a diamond ring. Seconds went by as Maggie wondered how long she could stay under.

The ring was taken from her hand. Maggie shot out of the water, he glasses slipping from her face. Seeing only a blurry contour of Florence, she was able to at least make out the ring in her mouth. “Is that a yes?!”

“Mayffee… I haff uh fink affou’ i’. Khin I kheef ‘he ring ‘hough?”

Maggie fumbled for her glasses, which were slowly drifting down. She clumsily snatched them and put them on. “You asshole, of course you can.”

“Daff wha’ I fough’ victh!” Maggie took the ring out of her mouth. “How’m I supposed to wear the damn thing, weirdo?”

“Flo… It’s a toe ring.”

They emerged from the pool and carefully made their way to the front yard. She spotted Randal. As they walked past him she simply announced. “Twenty bucks.”

He slapped a bill into her hand.

“Wait,” said Florence. “Twenty bucks for WHAT?”

“That I couldn’t hit on you.”

“Haaaaa, haha!” Florence couldn’t contain her reaction to how strange the day had been. “Free dinner!” She pecked Maggie on the cheek.

“Yeah, pizza night. I’m NOT cooking.”


A face popped into her room. It was accompanied by a hand taking an earbud out. “Sorry Flo! I was cooking to Clara Schuma-“

“My nose itches, I finished Season One, and I’m hunnnnngry!”

“Oh! OK well dinner’s almost-“


Maggie rushed over to Florence’s bed. The armless girl was propped up with pillows with a wet rag on her forehead. She was wearing an oversized shirt and undies, and was kicking her legs across the mattress like a child.

Nose scratched, Maggie moved on to the next order of business. “Want me to start Season Two?”

“Not if YOU’RE not gonna watch it!”

“I will sometime, it’s OK. I’m still catching up on The Doctor.”

“Your shows are bullshit,” said Florence with a pouty face. Maggie simply stood by the TV with remote in hand. “WHY DID YOU TALK ME INTO THIS YOU FUCKER!!”

“We agreed that it should be you.”


“I know this is frustrating, but-“

“YOU’RE not the pregnant one, bitch!”

“If I was the grumpy one,” replied Maggie with a grin, “Would you be able to help me, asshole?”


“Season Two, my love?”

Flo looked at something else. “…Yes.”

“Yes.. please?”

“I CAN STRANGLE YOU WITH MY LEGS YOU KNOW!!” Her empty sleeves jostled as she writhed against her pillows. Her stomach was huge.

Maggie snorted. “Sorry! Sorry… Here we go.” She navigated around and got the show going. “Fresh rag?”

“I’m sorry, Mags…”

Maggie took the rag from Florence’s forehead. “Babe… You took on a lot by doing this. I’m going to help you every step of the way. And… I know you hate looking like this.” She place a hand on Florence’s huge belly. “But you’re an Instagram mommy, one hundred percent. You’re gorgeous.”

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