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Can you show me how

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Mike was sitting at his computer desk surfing the internet for porn. He had a powerful hard-on that he wanted to get rid of it. He came across a video of two women making out and fingering each other. He unzipped his pants and up popped his 7” erection onto his stomach through his boxers
He started stroking himself with his right hand and rubbed his chest with his left.
“Ugh,” he panted as he started to stroke faster and faster. He pulled off his shirt really fast revealing tight pecs and cut abs.
“Ugh,” he panted as he could feel himself getting close to cumming. His body started to lose energy and he felt his legs going weak. He shot out a huge wad of cum onto his chest and the next shot hit his stomach. The rest dribbled down the side of his cock and into his pubic hair.
“Wow,” said someone under their breath.
Mike turned around and was shocked to see his little brother Tony standing in the door way staring at him.
Tony was an 11 year old counterpart of his older brother. He had short black hair and brown eyes. He had tan skin and was about 4’9” and very skinny. Mike also had short black hair and brown eyes but was more than a foot taller than Tony standing at 5’11”. He also had a muscular body from his years of being on swim team.
“What are you doing?” said Mike with a hint of anger in his voice.
“I’m sorry,” said Tony, walking into the room and closing the door behind him, “but I heard you panting and wanted to see what was going on.”
“Oh,” said Mike. “Well, next time knock before looking in on someone.”
“Ok,” kocaeli escort bayan said Tony, happy that his brother wasn’t mad. “So, how did you do that?”
“Do what?” asked Mike, grabbing a tissue from the top of his computer desk and wiping off his chest and stomach.
“Shoot all that white stuff out.”
“I was jerking off,” said Mike, now cleaning off his dick and pubes.
“Can you show me how to do that?” asked Tony, rubbing on the bulge in his pants.
“Sure, I guess so,” said Mike, throwing the tissue into the wastepaper basket. He stood up and took off his pants and boxers and threw them aside. “Take off your clothes too. Makes less a mess of things.”
Tony hurried and pulled off his shirt and pulled off his briefs and pants. Tony’s 4” boner was already standing at attention. Both his balls and dick were absent of any hair yet.
“Ok, you already have your hard-on,” said Mike with a chuckle. “Now, start stroking it like this.” Mike started to stroke his flaccid cock with his right hand. Tony was so eager to shoot out the white stuff that he was stroking with a maddening speed.
“You don’t have to go that fast,” said Mike, stopping his brother. “Start off slow.” He motioned for his brother to sit on the bed. Mike sat next to Tony and grabbed his brother’s dick with his fingers and started to stroke it for him. Tony loved the feeling of having someone else’s hand on his prick.
“You like that?” asked Mike.
“Yeah,” said Tony, “Don’t stop.”
Mike kept stroking his brother’s dick but wanted to go further izmit escort with it. So he got down on his knees and put his brother’s dick in his mouth.
Tony gasped. He tilted his head back and hunched his hips forward letting Mike suck all over his dick. Mike was licking his brother’s dick and sucking on his little balls. He put the dick in his mouth again and started to bob his head up and down real fast.
“Mmm,” moaned Tony.
Mike started bobbing faster, caressing his brother’s thighs with his hands. Tony started to pant fast bucking his hips forward.
“I think I’m gonna pee,” said Tony, sounding out of breath. Mike ignored him and kept going.
“Ahh,” moaned Tony loudly as he shot out cum into his brother’s mouth. Mike kept sucking as each shot was filling his mouth with more sticky cum. Tony fell backward onto the bed panting.
“How was that?” asked Mike, licking his teeth of the cum.
“That was great Mike,” said Tony, just lying on the bed.
“I want to show you something else now.” said Mike. He walked to the dresser next to his bed and grabbed a tube of lotion from the top drawer. “Turn over.”
Tony turned over and got onto his stomach. Mike squirted some of the lotion onto his fingers and set down the tube. He got onto his knees behind his brother and used his free hand to so spread Tony’s butt cheeks. He took his fingers and spread the lotion on the insides of his brother’s ass. Tony let out a little gasp as he felt the cold lotion being spread in his butt.
Mike put more lotion onto his fingers escort bayan and this time stuck the fingers straight into Tony’s little hole. Tony winced as at the feeling and Mike could feel his fingers being squeezed by his brother’s butt. After he put the lotion in his brother’s ass he put a little bit onto his now hard cock.
“Ok, get onto your hands and knees.” Tony did as he was told. Mike made him scoot closer to the edge of the bed, that way he could stand while ass fucking him.
“Will this hurt?” asked Tony a little worried.
“Don’t worry,” said Mike,” I’ll be gentle.” Mike spread his brother’s cheeks with his hands and started to slowly insert his cock into Tony’s hole. He felt it tight around his cock head but continued to push in. Tony was gritting his teeth as he felt his brother’s wide member enter him.
Mike started to push harder, getting more than half in. He pulled it out a little and then rammed it back in.
“Ahh,” shouted Tony, feeling pain in his bum.
“It will be ok,” said Mike as he started pumping his brother’s ass. He put his hands on Tony’s thighs to pull him back as he pushed forward.
Tony started to moan as he got accustomed to the feeling of a hard cock in his tight hole. Little beads of sweat were coming down his face. Mike started shoving harder and farther until his whole cock was in his brother’s butt. His large, low hanging balls were smacking against the bottom of Tony’s ass.
“Almost there Tony,” he said, panting.
“Ahh,” panted Tony. “It feels so good.”
Mike closed his eyes as he thrusted his hips forward shooting cum into his brother’s hole. He moaned as cum leaked out, dripping down Tony’s legs. He pulled his cock out and a glob of cum fell to the floor. Mike and Tony both collapsed onto the bed exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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