Kas 13

Campout Peeping Ch. 01-02

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Chapter 1: The First Jerk Off

Scott and I had been best of friends since we were kids. We lived across a large lake from each other and spent most all of our time together. We went to the same school, looked the same with brown hair, brown eyes, both tall and skinny, most people thought of us as brothers. Now, at age 18, sex was our main topic of conversation every day, all day. It was summer time and almost every night, we camped out either in his neighborhood or mine. This particular night, we were camping out near his house and had decided it was too hot to stay in the tent, so we headed out to snoop around and see if we could catch parkers around the lake shore.

It was about midnight when we happened to see one of Scott’s neighbors walking from his deck into his house. He was naked. Now, both of us had seen our teammate’s nude in the showers at school and we had seen many nude pictures of men and women in Hustler and Penthouse, but this was the first time either of us had seen a naked man. We decided to sneak closer to the house, climbing up on bluff near the back side. From our new vantage point, we could see directly into what appeared to be his bedroom. We stared hard, trying to catch a glimpse of him again when we saw a woman walk into the room naked. She climbed on the bed, lying on her back. She began to rub her tits, which caused my cock to grow instantly to full mast. It was dark and I glanced at Scott, who was rubbing his crotch, so I assumed that he was hard too.

“Let’s move a little closer,” he suggested, so we eased a little closer to the edge of the bluff behind a large juniper bush. This gave us a much better view.

She continued to rub her breasts for several minutes, and then sat up on her elbows as the man walked into the room. We watched, with aching cocks, as she reached out and began to stroke his cock, which grew long and thick. She then leaned over and began to suck his cock.

“Man! Check that shit out!” Scott whispered, still rubbing his crotch.

“This is great!” I said, “I bet they’re going to fuck,” I added.

About that time, she stopped sucking him and he climbed between her legs and began to eat her pussy. She was obviously moaning and she began to pull at the sheets, thrashing around.

Now my cock was hurting inside my tight cutoffs. Scott was apparently just as uncomfortable, as he kept shifting from side to side pressing his hand hard into his crotch with each shift.

Soon, he turned the girl over and it looked like he was eating her ass. Neither of us had ever seen a picture of a guy eating a girl’s ass and were very curious.

“Man, I bet that tastes nasty!” I said, still mashing my cock trying to relieve the pain. “I don’t know, it doesn’t look like it and she loves it,” Scott observed.

“Yea, she does look like she likes it and so does he.”

Next, he pulled her butt cheeks apart and stuck his tongue directly into her asshole.

My cock was now on the verge of cumming, from the show I was watching and the constant rubbing and shifting. Scott still appeared to be in pain too.

The guy then climbed between her legs and slid his dick into her, but from our angle we couldn’t tell where he was putting it!

“Do you think he’s doing her ass?” I asked.

Scott swallowed hard and in a gasping breath replied, “I think he might be! How fucking cool is that!”

“I guess people really do that, I thought it was only in the magazines!” I added.

“Man, I’m going to have to get some relief soon!” Scott exclaimed.

Acting stupid, I asked, “from what?”

Scott pointed to his cock and answered, “From this aching hard on! My shorts are too tight and my dick hurts!”

Finally having it confirmed that he was in as bad of shape as I was, “Mine too! I almost shot off a few minutes ago from trying to rearrange mine!”

Scott grinned then asked, “Do you jerk off a lot?”

Not wanting to sound totally perverted, as all 18 year olds gaziantep escort are, I answered, “well, you know, a couple of times a week.”

“A couple of times a week!” he repeated, “Man, I do it a couple of times a DAY!”

Now I didn’t feel so bad, so I admitted the truth, “Me too! Every morning and almost every night!”

Though talking to each other, we continued to watch the couple fucking. Soon, the guy pulled out and the girl turned around and took his cock back into her mouth. At that point, the guy was clearing cumming as he was shaking and jerking his hips into her face. We continued to watch until she pulled her mouth off of the guy and then began kissing him.

“Wow! She sucked him off and now she was kissing him with his own cum in her mouth!” Scott observed. Now I was really about to explode, “can you believe that! Looks like he loves it too!”

He then laid face down on the bed and she began to rub his back. I looked at Scott, “let’s go. Looks like their done and I don’t want to get caught!”

He agreed and we began to move from our vantage point back down the bluff. I was leading the way when Scott said, “Oh SHIT! Look at that!”

I stopped to look into the window and saw that the girl was now licking HIS ass! She had her face clearly buried between his butt cheeks and was licking up and down the length of his crack. She then pulled his butt cheeks as wide apart as she could and began tonguing his whole!

“Man! These two are awesome, better than any magazine I’ve ever seen!” I exclaimed.

Scott then said, “I can’t wait man, I gotta jerk off”, he then pulled his shorts and underwear down in one swift motion and grabbed his cock and started to jerk off. “Come on man, do it too!”

I was half in shock. I had seen him naked once or twice, but I never really saw him like this. Though it was dark I could make out that he had a small patch of hair at the base of his cock and it looked thicker than mine, but not quite as long.

“Well?” he began to ask, “are you going to just stare or are you going to jerk off? Come on man, I’m already doing it and I’ll be embarrassed for ever if you don’t too!” He was almost pleading, his breath short and his hand increasing its tempo.

“Okay,” I mustered, “check them out now!”

The girl in the window was now fingering the man’s asshole. She was plunging what looked like two fingers into his ass, while she continued to kiss and lick the cheeks.

That was it for me, I dropped my shorts and began to jerk off, trying to match Scott stroke for stroke.

He was staring as intently as I had done and he spoke first, “great cock! It looks pretty long, longer than mine.”

“Yours is thicker!” I exclaimed. We had both lost interest in what the couple was doing and were checking out each other’s business, which made us both even harder. When we realized we were staring at each other, Scott was the first one to turn and look back down towards the window. The light was off and the drapes now closed.

“Well, I guess they finished,” he said.

“I guess so, I’m about to finish too!” I said with a smile. “Oh man, me too! Here is comes now!” he exclaimed, closing his eyes and pounding his fist faster.

I watched closely, and even in the dark, I could see the cum erupt from his fat cock. He shot four or five huge loads and then milked himself, draining several more drops from the deflating cock.

Seeing his first load fly out, caused me to cum. “Oh man, here’s mine!!!” I announced. I too shot five huge loads, and then I milked myself as Scott had done, forcing two long strands of cum to follow the rest of my load onto the rocks.

When I opened my eyes again, Scott was still looking at my cock and was smiling from ear to ear. “Man, that was awesome!” he said, “I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard, maybe we’ll be able to catch them again!”

“I know what you mean, my dick was killing me and I shot enough to paint a house!” I added. “We better get our shorts on and head back.”

“Yea, but I got cum all over my hand, I guess I’ll use my underwear to clean it up.” Scott said.

I then realized that I had cum on my hand and one the inside of my thigh, so I thought I’d do the same thing. As I reached for my underwear Scott said, “hey wait, just use mine too, no since ruining two pairs, besides I can wash mine in the morning after mom goes to work.”

I agreed then he handed my the underwear and I wiped my hand off on the inside, then cleaned my cock and thigh. Doing this caused me to start to get erect again. But then Scott did something that shocked me, and caused my dick to instantly become hard as a rock again. When I handed the underwear to him, he slipped them on! My cum was now resting against his cock and balls.

“Ohhhh, that’s a little cold on the nuts!” he exclaimed, then proceeded to put on his shorts.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked.

“Well, I can’t stick them in my pocket, so why not wear them? Every time I jerk off at school, I shoot off in my underwear and put them back on. It actually feels cool, you should try it.”

I guess it had not dawned on him that it was MY cum he had against him. We then headed back to the tent.


Chapter 2: The Tent

After getting back to the tent, Scott said, “I’m taking these off and switching to my swim suit, my cum is getting a little cold and sticky.”

I decided to correct him, “well, actually, it’s my cum.”


I’m cleaned my cum up with the inside of your underwear. When you handed them to me, they were wet with your cum on the outside, so I turned them inside out and cleaned up with the inside. Sorry, I guess I should have said something.” I was a little more than embarrassed.

“Oh, I thought when I took them off I turned them inside out, that’s usually what I do.” He laughed a little, “its okay, I mean cum is cum.”

He changed, striping naked in front of me like it was something we did all the time. While he was naked, he walked over the cooler and wet a rag, then wiped the cum from his crotch, letting a yell about how cold it was. Then he put on his Speedo swimsuit.

We laid on our sleeping bags and talked about everything we had seen; the girl sucking him, him screwing her, the cum in the mouth, kissing, butt licking, everything, except what Scott and I had done.

The more we talked the harder my cock got. The tent had very little light, but I was sure he was hard too. We wondered aloud what it was like to get your dick sucked, to fuck a girl in the pussy and in the ass. We even discussed why he might have liked having her playing with his ass.

I was leaking a gallon of precum about every two minutes. I decided to take the initiative this time.

“Man, we either have to stop talking about this or I’m going to have to jerk off again,” I said laughingly, “my cock is just as hard as it was before!”

“Me too!” he went on, “I guess since we are alone and no one can catch us we can do it if we want.” As he said this, he stripped off the swimsuit and began to play with himself.

I followed suit and stripped off my shorts and underwear and began jerking off too.

With a couple of minutes, Scott began to moan and said, “oh man, I’m not going to last long, how about you?”

I was already feeling the tingling in my balls that signaled my pending cum, “any second.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that he had stopped and was now on his side facing me.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, nothing, I was just wondering…..would it be okay….if….I watched you, well, you know, watched you shoot off?” He was stuttering through his request.

Still stroking, but not as hard, slowing my release, I replied, “only if I get to watch you.”

I could see a smile come across his face, “deal!” He said, then he grabbed the flashlight and turned it on, pointing it in the direction of my cock!

“What the hell! I didn’t know you were going to turn on the light!”

“Shit yea, I said I want to SEE you do it!” he laughed again, “you get to turn it on me, come on!”

“Okay, but we can’t ever tell anyone about this or about anything we do,” I added the extra ‘anything’ hoping that this would not be the end of our curiosity.

I then began to jerk my cock again as fast and hard as I could. Scott moved closer, within a foot of my cock! In my mind, I wondered what it would be like if Scott sucked me and the instant that thought it my mind, my cum shot two feet, landing on my chest and stomach. I continued to cum, until there was only a small trickle dribbling from the tip of my cock.

“WOW! That was fucking great! Here, I’ll get you a towel,” Scott was very excited and his cock bobbed up, down, back and forth as he searched for the beach towels. As he was looking, I got a really great shot of his ass by turning the flashlight towards him in an effort to help find the towel.

His ass was bright white, framed by his dark tanned legs and back. My cock was already stirring again and I was flooded with guilt for thinking that he had a nice ass. He tossed me the towel and I cleaned up the cum. Scott then lay back on his sleeping bag and I repositioned myself so that I was at least eight or nine inches from his pounding fist.

I got a great look at his cock. Shorter than mine by at least an inch, but almost twice as thick as mine! I realized that my mouth was dry and my breathing was shallow as I watched him. Soon, the cock swelled even thicker and he began to blow his cum all over his body. He was moaning loudly when he finally finished. He had a huge wad of cum on his hand and he flicked his had, causing the cum to fly off of him and land directly on my leg!

“Oh shit! Man I’m so sorry, I’ll clean it up!” he was shocked by his own action.

He reached over with his other hand and wiped the cum up in a single motion, then smeared it on his chest with the rest of his load.

I laughed and said, “it’s not a big deal, my cum was all over me, what’s another drop?”

We both laughed, he cleaned up and then said, “now I’m beat, so to speak. It’s so hot, I think I’ll sleep naked, you want to?”

“Sure!” I exclaimed, any chance to see him naked was fine with me. We said good night and drifted off to sleep.

At about seven in the morning, I woke to the sun rising and peeking into the tent. Scott was lying on his stomach, with his perfect white ass within an arms length. My cock was already at attention and my mind drifted wildly.

“Are you awake?” I asked. “Hey, Scott, you up?” No response.

I slowly moved towards my sleeping friend and gently stroked his white butt cheeks. They were firm, the skin was soft, hairless and I glowing! I ran my hand over each cheek, loving the feel. I forced myself to stop and slid back over to my sleeping bag, staring at my rock hard cock that was giving my desire away! Could I be gay? I loved to play with a girl’s pussy, and with tits. Of course, only two girls had let me and my cock got just as hard with them. I was confused.

I heard Scott rustling around, so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep so I could explain my hard-on as a dream.

“Hey man, you awake?” he whispered. Then I heard him gasp, “Damn, look at that cock!” I heard him moving, but still did not open my eyes.

“You up? Well, part of you is!” he giggled to himself.

Then, I felt his fingertip trace up the side of my cock! I fought hard not to jump or move an inch. He continued to trace my cock with his finger. He moved his finger down to my nuts and slowly circled them. That was more than I could take and I let out a low moan. He quickly moved away, ending my hopes for a wet-dream.

Through squinted eyes, I saw him slip on his shorts and leave the tent. About ten minutes later, after my cock went limp, I got up and headed out too. We had plans to spend the day together and the night too. So, I began to develop a plan to get him to finish what he had started.

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