Kas 21

Camilla Ch. 110

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Three days after the second sexual encounter between Camilla and her son Eros, a third would happen. Now unconscious Camilla was reliving that memory, in the hopes of gaining more insight into the psychic powers her son had given her in the come he’d shot inside her.

She’d been walking to her car in the university parking lot on the last Friday night of July, so tired from a long day of teaching that she thought she’d collapse on the concrete. Then suddenly, three male students of hers, a bit drunk and very aware of her reputation with the college boys, suddenly appeared from their hiding places behind the other cars.

“What the…? she said.

“Hey, Fox,” said one of the young men.

“GIve us all a taste of your foxiness,” said another of them.

They grabbed her and shoved her against her car. She tried to use Nigrovum to get them off her, but she was too tired to focus her thoughts.


Back at home, Eros sensed his mother was in danger. He closed his eyes and concentrated, psychically scanning all of Montreal, but starting with the university campus, since he correctly assumed she was still there. Within seconds, he pinpointed her location in the parking lot, and he could feel her fear and sense the boys attacking her. Then he visualized himself already in that parking lot with his mother and those men.


With the teleportation ability he’d acquired from Nigrovum’s power, he disappeared and reappeared by her car in a puff of smoke.

“What the fuck?!” the first man shouted.

“Who the fuck are you?” the third man said.

Eros closed his eyes and visualized all three boys being thrown off his mother and knocking against other cars surrounding them. A second later, each boy felt an invisible fist punch him so hard that they all flew in the air, the first at ten o’clock from Camilla, the second at twelve o’clock from her, and the third at two o’clock. Indeed, they all landed hard against cars, about ten yards away from Camilla, smashing against windshields and being knocked unconscious.

“My son, my hero,” she said, hugging him tightly. Then she felt something strange and disturbing in him: her own lust-energy! Has he eaten my come recently? she wondered. It sure seems that way.

Sensing that she’d felt her energy in his body, Eros knew he had to think fast. “C’mon, Mom,” he said, pulling away from her and opening her car door for her. “Let’s get in the car and drive away fast, before those punks come to.”

They quickly got in the car and she drove them out of the parking lot. As she continued driving out of the campus and towards their home, her suspicions grew as she vaguely began to sense the energy of a foreign substance that had been in her body from a few days before. Did I have the date rape drug in me? she thought. Is that why I’ve been so tired Merter Escort lately?

Eros felt her suspicions, and quickly concluded that he couldn’t use Rohypnol on her anymore. He tried to keep his mind completely blank, for he sensed that she was trying to scan his mind, though she was too tired to concentrate properly.

His only reason for having used Rohypnol on her before, instead of controlling her mind exclusively with Nigrovum, was that he was worried that she’d know he was psychically manipulating her. By diversifying her sources of fatigue, he was hoping she’d be too confused to figure out that he was every source. Now he’d have to use only Nigrovum, because she’d know by prediction that her next bourbon was drugged. In any case, he was eventually going to reveal his love to her, in carefully planned stages; therefore, it was just as well that he started with this night.

She drove them onto their driveway, and they got out of the car–Eros most awkwardly because of his gargantuan size. As they walked from the car to the front door of their house, he looked at her and asked, “Will you be OK, Mom? That must have been quite a fright for you.”

“I’ll be OK, baby,” she said, yawning. “I have bigger worries than those boys.” He knew exactly what she was implying by that. They went into the house.

She went to fix herself a bourbon while he went upstairs to his bedroom. He sat on his bed, closed his eyes, and started meditating, focusing on her fatigue. He ever so slightly, slowly expanded those psychic waves in her that made her sleepy, gradually making her sleepier. He did this with the utmost care, as to make her increased fatigue feel natural and not caused by his power.

Camilla took her drink into the living room and sat in her chair, yawning again. She sipped her drink and set it on the table by her chair. Her head and her hands soon became too heavy to pick up the remote control and turn on the TV, let alone watch it. A few seconds later, she fell asleep.

Then Eros came downstairs and into the living room, after having changed his appearance into that of Joey, the young man Camilla had met in Club Ritz in Toronto eighteen years before, just after she’d given birth to Eros. Taking advantage of her fatigue, and therefore, her inability to counter his psychic powers, Eros used Nigrovum to wake her up and make her think she was in the burning mansion of her old dreams.

“Joey?” she said, rubbing her eyes and assuming Joey’s ghost was visiting her in her dreams. “Now you want sex with me, right?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Eros said in Joey’s voice. “Can I touch you where your baby was, when you were pregnant”

“Oh, yeah,” she moaned, getting up and unbuttoning her dress shirt. “When I met you, I was giving you lap-dances shortly after I’d given birth to Eros.”

“Yes,” he sighed, getting Merter Escort Bayan closer to her. “You said you were a ‘yummy mummy’, remember?”

“Yeah, that’s right.” She removed her shirt, revealing a white bra. “You’re not mad at me about dying from the Nigrovum either, eh?”

“Not at all.”

Though she was glad to hear this, she couldn’t understand why the ghosts, hitherto always blaming her for their Nigrovum-induced deaths, now all of a sudden were no longer mad at her. In the back of her mind, she suspected Eros was meddling with her thoughts; but her exhaustion made it impossible to use her psychic powers to scan him. So she decided simply to go with the flow, and continued undressing.

She pulled down her pants as he pulled down his. As he took off his shirt, he smiled at the sight of his mother taking off her bra and revealing her large breasts. Next came off their shoes, socks, and underwear. They stood naked before each other, admiring each other’s bodies.

“Can I touch you now?” he asked timidly.

“Of course, Joey,” she said.

Eros touched his mother’s belly, gently moving his fingers all over the area where the real Joey had touched eighteen years before. Eros could feel not only Joey’s energy, but also his own, as an embryo inside.

Wow, he thought. I was once housed in that beautiful shrine. I can’t stop being amazed at that fact, at the reality of my mother’s divinity. I love her so much.

He lay on his back on the living room carpet, and she got on top of him in the cowgirl position. He aimed his hard cock up at her descending pussy. She fed it in slowly, and they began fucking.

“Back when…I was…lap-dancing you,” Camilla said in sighs as her son’s cock was pleasuring her, “You said…you were…a student. Oh!”

“Yeah,” he moaned, poking his knob against her A-spot. “Soon to start…my first…year business…in college. All that…pressure to…study. Ah!”

“Parents pushing…you too hard? Ah!” His psychic abilities had made him extremely sensitive to how his mother liked cock to move in and out of her; with this knowledge, he pushed in and out in perfect imitation of her best lovers. He also used Nigrovum to adjust the length of ‘Joey’s’ cock to make it the exact size that would please her best. Screaming in ecstasy, she soon came all over his cock, balls, and thighs.

“Yeah, my parents…sure did…pressure me…too much…unh!” he grunted, still imitating Joey. Then, wondering about some of his mother’s other skills, he said, “A blow job…or two…would’ve helped…me study much better. Oh!”

“You want…a blow job, baby?” she asked while still bouncing on his cock. “Oh!”

“Have I been…a good boy?” he asked. “I saved you…from the rapists, remember?”

“You did?” she asked, not remembering Joey having had anything to do Escort Merter with that. “Ah!”

Realizing that his excitement had made him temporarily forget that it was he as Eros who saved her, not Joey, Eros had to think fast. Since she was supposed to be having a non-rational dream, he figured he could get away with making her think it had been Joey that saved her. “Yeah, don’t you…remember? Those guys…tried to…rape you…in the parking lot, and I came…from my business class, and saved you. Remember? Oh!”

“Oh, yeah, OK,” she moaned. “Your mama…never gave you…the help…you needed…to study better, so I’ll be…the mama…you never had. Don’t worry, baby, Mommy will…blow you now. Oh!” She came again, drenching his groin.

She got up, tingling and squealing at the sensation of Eros’ cock tickling her wet vaginal walls as it came out. Then she knelt between his legs, bent her head over his cock and took it in her mouth. As it went in and out of her salivating mouth, she looked up lovingly in ‘Joey’s’ eyes, as if he were her son.

If only she’d known, she might not have been so enthusiastic about it.

Eros looked down at his mother, as awed by her skill at cock-sucking as he was with the diligent care she showed in getting him off. More and more, he could understand why all the men were hot for her. He just kept on hoping he could be sufficient as a lover for her not to want anyone else.

Her lips and tongue slid up and down his shaft, stimulating his bulging corpus spongiosum. She had his balls in her hand, gently shaking them. Then she took his cock out of her mouth and put his balls in. With his scrotum in her mouth, she flickered her tongue to make his balls shake in a frantic dance.

Then she took his balls out of her mouth and took his cock back in, all the way. His pubic hair tickled her face as she deep-throated him. After pulling her head back to have his cock half-way in her mouth, and tickling the underside of his cock with her tongue for several seconds, she felt him coming in her mouth; she swallowed every last drop. He was nothing less than amazed by her talent at giving head. Instead of thinking of his mother as a whore, he thought of her as just that much more of a goddess.

Exhausted beyond all ability to stay awake, she collapsed on the living room carpet and lost consciousness.

He scooped up all her come off his groin area and ate it. After that, he got up and went to the bathroom to clean off the rest of her come in the shower. When he was finished there, he changed back to his original towering form, went back to the living room, picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. After putting her in bed, he went to bed himself.

As he lay in bed and drifted of to sleep, he thought, I’m your best lover yet, Mom. Pretty soon, you’ll have to admit it.


The Camilla of two months later, unconscious while ghosts were gang-banging her passive body in the aquarium, could only think about how those nights with Eros had been her most horrific sexual experiences yet; for indeed, they had given her her greatest pleasure.

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