Call Me Daddy, Part 8

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‘Oh My God’, I thought to myself. ‘He brought a woman into my bedroom.

“Take your place up on her pillow.” I heard Daddy say. “Perhaps your scent will be a constant reminder as she sleeps.”

I felt to bed move as this woman climbed up and took her position in front of me, her legs on the outside of each of my arms. I then felt His hands on my rump… at least I assumed it was His Hands. After all, maybe He invited an entire bus load over.

“SMACK!” I jumped as I felt his open hand make contact with my bare butt.

“Focus, Slut” His powerful voice filling the bedroom… my bedroom, OUR bedroom. The room where my hubby and I sleep every night. the room where we are trying to conceive our second c***d…. and now two strangers, well, Mt Daddy and this woman, are in that same room and I am giving myself willingly.

I then felt Daddy stoking my ‘tail’ since the plug was gently being tugged.

“Do you like your present from Daddy?” He asked, knowing the answer.

“I do, Daddy” I said very nervously, knowing that this strange woman, seated on my pillow in front of me, was inches away and seeing and hearing everything. I then felt her soft hands cup my swaying breasts.

“Tell Daddy what you like about it best.” He asked.

“I loved how you had me pampered” I answered “and how it made me feel so special.”

“You ARE special” Daddy replied. “And what about your new tail?” He continued.

“I love that too” I replied

“Why?” He continued

“Because it is a gift from You” I tried to sound as genuine as I could ” and I love the weight of it and how it fills me up. It reminds me that I belong to you.”

“She catches on quickly” said this other woman… the second time that she had spoken. “Her breasts are very full, so you know.”

“Here that?” asked Daddy. “Your breasts might need milking.”

“Yes Daddy” I softly replied.

“So” Daddy continued, “You might wonder why I brought someone with Me today?”

“Yes Daddy” I confirmed.

“As My slut” Daddy went on, “You need to know all of the aspects of being a perfect whore for Me”

‘WHORE?’ I thought to myself. ‘Did he just call me His WHORE?’

“I will, on occasion” He continued “Require you to entertain another Woman with or for Me and you need to be able to please and not embarrass Me. If you do well today, then you will be rewarded. If you do not, you will be given to My special friend here to teach you the art of pleasuring another woman.”

I was shocked with what Daddy was saying…..

“And let Me assure you, slut” Daddy continued “She will be very strict with you. A Woman can inflict much more pain on another than any man can…. wanna know why?”

“Why Daddy” I asked while trying to remain calm.

“Because another woman knows where it hurts the most!” Daddy said as He laughed. He then lifted my tail across my lower back, exposing my wet vagina and roughly pushed His fingers into me.

“Now, lower your chest down and lick that very desirable cunt that is being offered to you” Daddy ordered “It’s right there, in front of you, on your pillow.” Daddy added, as He roughly dug into my depths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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