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Caleb 22 – Josh and Louise

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Caleb 22 – Josh and Louise

Josh and Louise had the house to themselves. Caleb, Jules and the twins were at Jules’s parents’ again and wouldn’t be back until the following week.

It was halfway through the summer break, and they had spent the afternoon at the mall. Since neither was particularly good at cooking, they had eaten before returning to the house and were just settling down in front of the television.

There was a knock at the door.

Josh opened the door, and a mountain of a man slammed his shoulder against it, knocking him onto his ass. Five men rushed in. The first planted a boot into Josh’s midriff, not really hurting him, but winding him.

Louise didn’t even get a chance to scream before one of the men grabbed her, pulled her over the back of the sofa by the hair and threw her onto the floor beside Josh. They both looked up, hurt and confused, into the eyes of someone they had thought they would never see again: Jerome Kraft.

“Hello again”, he said with an evil grin on his face. “How are we all doing?”

Josh looked around, identifying all five of the men whom Caleb had caught attempting to rape Louise at the end of the last holidays. He’d never truly forgotten about them, but had been confident that Caleb and his contacts at the FBI had sent them away forever. He was so shocked by their reappearance – plus by the blow to his stomach – that he was having trouble thinking straight.

The two big biker types loomed behind their ringleader. They were both over six feet tall and heavily muscled, and looked similar enough to be brothers. Flanking them on either side were the skinny black guy, who had been holding Louise’s arms down when Caleb had walked in through the door last time, and the skinny mixed-race guy, whom Louise had kicked in the balls.

Kraft himself, who obviously had a flair for the dramatic, was dead center. At about five-six, he certainly wasn’t big, but he was wiry rather than skinny.

“Donnie, Davey,” he barked. “Check the rest of the house.” As if his position in the room hadn’t been enough to drive it home again to the vulnerable pair, the way his minions rushed to obey his orders clearly communicated that Kraft was in charge.

The two bikers moved off, and, guns in hand, searched the house to find that there was nobody else at home.

“Where are they?” Jerome asked Josh, prodding him in the stomach with his gun.

“Not here,” said Josh. He considered telling them that they would be back soon, but decided against it. He didn’t want Kraft feeling any kind of pressure. He struck Josh as a tightly-wound spring – one that might uncoil violently at any moment. “They went out of state for a vacation. They won’t be back until next semester.”

“Hear that, boys?” Kraft chuckled. “It seems we have plenty of time.”

“What do you want with us?” asked Louise. “The FBI took your stash. There’s nothing here for you.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that,” said Kraft, running the barrel of his pistol up her leg and pressing it gently against her mound. “We may not have any business left, but I recall some unfinished pleasure.”

Louise’s eyes were focused on the gun. While Kraft had had a gun last time they were there, she hadn’t had it quite so close to her. The fear running up her spine triggered something else: her arousal.

“Zeke,” Kraft barked, and the skinny black guy came over. “If I remember correctly, you were up top?”

Zeke nodded. Kraft jerked his head toward Louise and Zeke pulled out a switchblade, clicking the blade out menacingly. He inserted it into the neckline of Louise’s t-shirt and drew it down, easily slicing through the cloth. The cold metal of the blunt side of the blade drew a line of fire down her front and between her breasts. She shivered, and her pussy began to weep. Two more slices, and her T-shirt was gone. A further nick and her bra followed, exposing her C cup breasts, the nipples already standing proud. Zeke took up a position on the floor, above her head, and began groping her chest, moaning in appreciation.

“Nice,” he said, tweaking her nipples almost cruelly.

“Donnie, Davey,” Kraft barked. “I believe you and lover boy here were on the sofa?”

The biker brothers grabbed Josh’s T-shirt to haul him to his feet but it tore completely off, baring his chest. Donny grabbed his arm and pulled him up, propelling him to the sofa where they, as they had last time, sat on either side of him.

Josh was panting. At first sight, it could have been mistaken for fear, but the tenting in the front of his trousers gave away the real reason.

“Robson,” said Kraft, “go get me a beer. You know where you were. This time don’t fuck about.”

The other mixed-race guy went into the kitchen and came back with a six-pack of beers from the refrigerator. He put them on the floor beside Kraft, who, himself, had dropped into the same chair he had occupied when Caleb had interrupted them last time. He wanted to recreate the scene exactly as it was, and then finish it as he should have done back then.

Robson approached Louise warily. Last time, she had planted her foot into his balls, and he didn’t want a repeat of that experience.

“Zeke,” he said, and once more Louise heard the ominous snick of the switchblade opening. She felt cold metal press against her throat.

“If you move,” he whispered in her ear almost tenderly, “I’m going to cut your throat.”

Louise stiffened, a tremor running through her body. Like with her boyfriend, what easily could have been mistaken for fear was something else entirely. In her case, it was a small orgasm.

Robson undid her jeans and yanked them down, her panties coming with them. The scent of her arousal hit his nose immediately and he grinned.

“The fucking slut wants it,” he said gleefully. He roughly pushed two fingers inside of her. They entered easily; her pussy was practically gushing. After pulling his fingers out of her, he held them up to show the gang. They were soaked, and a long string of her thick juices slowly dripped onto her belly.

He finished divesting her of her jeans and she lay on the floor, naked, in front of him. Zeke knelt above her, his legs on either side of her head. Sitting up on his haunches, Robson feasted on her with his eyes as he began to undo his pants. He knew there was no rush, so he took his time, standing and removing first his boots, and then his pants; he wore no underwear. His cock stood at a proud seven inches, and looked bloated and angry.

He slipped off his shirt, rendering him completely naked. He took the time to place his clothes carefully on one of the empty chairs. He wasn’t a particularly fastidious person; he just wanted to savor the entire experience. He had sat in a prison cell for the last four months thinking about this moment – thinking of when he was going to get payback on the bitch that had hurt him. He was going to fuck her, and he was going to fuck her good.

While Robson had disrobed, Zeke had been whispering in Louise’s ear.

“See your boyfriend, over there?” he asked.

Louise nodded.

“If you fight,” he said, “my friends are going to cut his fingers off, then his toes, and then his cock. Are we clear?”

Louise nodded again, her surrender complete. Zeke still had the blade to her throat, although it did feel like the blunt edge was against her skin, but she knew he could turn it around in an instant. Kraft still had his gun, and the two bikers had Josh. She would do whatever they wanted her to.

Robson knelt between Louise’s legs, scooping them up and passing them to Zeke to hold, bending her almost double. He paused to once again admire the view. Her pussy was soaked, glistening as the juices ran from it and over her asshole. He ached to rape that hole as well, but knew that it would have to wait.

Lining himself up, he pushed the tip of his cock just inside her opening, pushing it in and out a couple of times. He wasn’t being kind; he just wanted to cover himself in her juices. Had she not been so wet, he would have made her – or maybe even her boyfriend – use one or both of their mouths to get him wet. All five of the men had been in prison, and so had no qualms about fucking anyone, male or female. He had once rammed into someone dry and hurt himself badly; he was not anxious to do that again.

Once he was satisfied, he lined up again and looked down at the nubile college girl who was spread beneath him. He wanted to watch her face – to look into her eyes as he took her for the first time. Suddenly, he lunged forward, ramming his full seven inches into her. He had hoped to see pain, surprise and despair, as she was taken against her will. What he actually saw was Louise screaming out as she came, the sudden penetration slamming her into an orgasm. His balls were coated in her juices as she squirted around him. Her pussy clenched on his cock, almost sucking at it. He came, shooting his load deep inside her, his balls clenching as they emptied their load into the young girl being held spread beneath him.

“Did you just cum?” asked Zeke in delighted amazement. He began to laugh. “Wow, I didn’t realize we had a virgin on the team.”

“Fuck off,” said Robson. He pulled out, a river of his slime running out of her and down her ass crack. “I was just worked up is all.”

He stood and walked over to Josh, thrusting his cock into his face.

“Smell that?” he asked as Josh tried to turn away. “That’s the smell of your girlfriend’s twat, filled with my spunk.”

“Clean it,” he snapped, and Davey, the biker to Josh’s left, ground the gun he was holding against his side into his ribs

“Now,” growled Davey.

Reluctantly, Josh turned his head.

“If you bite me,” reminded Robson, “my friend over there will gut your girlfriend. Understand?”

Josh nodded and opened his mouth, taking the softening cock, covered in the mixed juices, inside of it. He cleaned it off before pulling back, allowing the clean – or cleaner – and recovering cock to slip from between his lips.

“He has a nice mouth,” Robson said. “Donny, I think you’ll like him.”

The biker to Josh’s right grinned.

Meanwhile, Zeke had let go of Louise’s legs, and had knelt up and shuffled forward, bringing his balls down onto her mouth.

“Bitch, you better do what you know you need to,” he said, still holding his knife to her neck.

Louise began lapping at his balls. For a black guy, Zeke wasn’t particularly well endowed; he was only about five-and-a-half inches hard. In prison, he had spent more time as a bottom than a top, and had been fucked by each of the men in their gang more than once. He didn’t consider himself gay, although he loved having his ass played with. He slid further forward, practically sitting on her face.

Louise took the hint and began to rim him. He groaned. Taking himself in hand, he began groping at her tits while she worked her tongue around and into his asshole. His grip on the switchblade was awkward and tenuous, but he figured that halfway suffocating his victim with his ass was more than enough of an insurance policy. He had laughed at Robson for having a short fuse, but his wasn’t much longer. After only a few minutes of him wanking furiously while groping Louise’s chest and feeling her tongue sliding up inside him, he pulled back, shooting his cum all over her chest and belly.

“What you go and do that for?” asked Davey, “Now she’s all covered in your slime.”

Kraft grinned.

“Boy,” he said. Josh looked across at him. “You want to live? You want your pretty girlfriend here to live?”

Josh nodded.

“You know about me, and what I’ve done,” Kraft said. “It makes no difference to me if they tag another couple of bodies on. I’m either on the lam or in for life. Ain’t no in between for me no more. Understand?”

Josh nodded again.

“You do as your told,” he continued, “and you and your girlfriend here get to live. Misbehave, and you both die. What happens before then won’t change, just whether you end up dead or not. Get me?”

A third nod rounded things out.

“Good boy. Now go clean her up.”

Josh stood hesitantly. Donny and Davey watched him. He went and picked up his torn T-shirt, meaning to use it to clean her off.

Kraft laughed. He almost howled. “What a dumb piece of shit!” he exclaimed. “Oh god, that’s fucking hilarious!” His crew didn’t even have time to echo his laughter; his mirth turned to menace in an instant. “No, dumbass,” he said to Josh. “Use your tongue.”

Josh knelt beside Louise, looking into her eyes, trying to reassure her that everything was going to be all right. He was horny, but the fear was still real. Caleb’s words from the last time, about what Kraft had planned for them when he had finished, rang in his ears.

He prayed that Kraft would honor his word, even though there was literally nothing stopping him from reneging.

Tentatively, he bent forward.

“I love you,” he whispered to her, and then began to lap at her chest, licking up the thick streamers of cum painting her.

Louise started to moan as she felt his tongue running over her body. The thought of what Josh was being made to do, and the fact he was being made to do it added further mental stimulation. When Josh’s tongue passed over her nipple, picking up the cum that had been shot there, a jolt of electricity ran down her spine.

After a couple of minutes, Josh had slurped up all of Zeke’s cum and was about to get up.

“You missed some,” said Kraft.

Josh looked back down at her, not seeing any cum remaining.

“Show him,” he said to Louise.

She parted her legs, revealing her pussy, still covered in Robson’s cum.

Josh moved down her body, taking up a position between her legs, and began again.

Louise started to writhe as he tongued at her snatch, eating the cream pie deposited by Robson a few minutes prior. The fear had mostly left him, he was starting to heat up. His cock, still encased in his jeans, hurt, and Louise’s moans as he ate her pussy made it twitch and spasm.

“Boys, help him out,” said Kraft and once he had gotten all of Robson’s slime out of her pussy, Zeke and Robson helpfully lifted her legs so he could follow the trail, cleaning her asshole and asscrack. Louise spasmed again as his tongue pressed into her ass. He wasn’t technically supposed to be doing that, but he had felt she was close and wanted to give her something.

“These two are freaks!” said Zeke. “They are getting off on this.”

Josh looked to Kraft for his next instruction.


Another thrill of fear ran through Josh. He had heard Robson say he had a nice mouth to one of the bikers, but he had assumed it was just to scare him. Now he wasn’t sure.

Slowly, so as not to be mistaken for doing anything other than as he was told, Josh removed the rest of his clothes. He stood, face flaming, as the men looked him up and down. His seven-inch cock was stiff, and throbbing with his heartbeat.

“On the floor, face up.”

Josh lay down next to Louise. They looked at each other, wondering what was coming next.

“Bitch, kneel over him – sixty-nine.”

“My name is Louise,” she said angrily, but moved to obey.

Kraft laughed. “Your name is whatever the fuck I say it is, cunt. Davey, Donny.”

The bikers stood and stripped.

Every inch of their bodies was covered in tattoos – even their impressive cocks. Josh could see that one had ten inches, and the other ten and a half. He assumed the rulers literally tattooed on their cocks were accurate when the monsters were fully hard – and he likewise assumed that they were right then.

Donny, the shorter of the two, both in height and cock size, took up position behind Louise, his cock pointing directly at her snatch.

Davey took the head end. It was obvious that they were planning on a spit roast.

Donny swabbed the head of his cock up and down her slit a few times to cover it in her juices. Louise shivered. Her pussy was drooling, drops of it landing on Josh’s lips and chin as he lay below her.

Donny’s cock wasn’t just long; it was thick. He had crippled more than one inmate with it when he had been forced to – when they wouldn’t give it up. He wasn’t a particularly cruel man, though. If his partners behaved, and gave it up semi-willingly, he tried not to hurt them too badly.

He lined himself up with Louise’s still-drooling snatch and pushed.

“OH MY GOD!!!” she exclaimed. She felt like he was trying to push a baseball bat inside of her. More than that, he was succeeding.

“Please,” she begged, “take it slow. I’ll take it, but please, slowly.”

That was the best thing she could have said. Donny liked willing partners, or at least partners that didn’t fight. Those that fought made him angry. Those, he hurt. He eased back a little before pushing forward, almost gently again.

Josh could see the gradations along the side of Donny’s cock disappearing into his girlfriend. So far, she had five inches of beer-can-thick cock pushed inside of her.

That’s when Davey decided he’d waited long enough.

“Open,” he said, and Louise obediently opened her mouth.

His cock, while slightly longer than Donny’s, wasn’t quite as thick, and so he managed to get it into her mouth Edirne Escort with little trouble. He stopped, the fat head sitting on her tongue, and moaned in appreciation.

Louise was working her tongue across the underside of his cock, teasing and stimulating the very sensitive frenulum. She wanted to get him off quickly before he got the idea to fuck her throat.

Davey was happy enough to take the freebie. He knew that they would each get at least a couple of goes at them, so it didn’t matter to him if she took his nut quickly the first time.

Donny was eight inches deep inside Louise’s pussy, still pushing in and out, and advancing slowly with each new inward thrust. He had hit her cervix, but knew if he persisted that he would be able to cram all of himself inside her. He loved nothing better than to be buried balls-deep in someone when he came.

Davey’s balls were starting to rise now. He had to admit that their first victim had a talented tongue. He considered where he was going to shoot. His first option was down her throat, but he dismissed it as too easy, and too neat. He then considered shooting his cum all over her face, but he knew that Jerome wouldn’t like that. He didn’t like the feeling of other men’s cum on him, and the boy was underneath her, so he wouldn’t be able to clean her up promptly.

He reached his decision just as he peaked, and his first thick rope of spunk bulged her cheeks.

He pulled back, popping his head out of her mouth, and grabbed his dick, pointing it downward, directing the wads of cum all over Josh’s rigid cock and balls. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy spunk landed on Josh, who moaned when he felt the hot liquid landing on him; it almost made him cum in turn.

Davey squeezed the last drops of cum out of his dick, offering it up to Louise to clean off after she had swallowed what he had deposited on her tongue. She licked him clean, only half paying attention; the cock in her pussy was stretching her beyond anything she had ever had in there before.

She had expected pain, but he was being so patient with her – almost gentle – that all she was feeling was the stretching, and it was giving her some amazing sensations.

“Boy,” said Donnie. He had about nine of his ten inched rooted firmly inside Louise. “Lick her clit.”

Donny watched carefully as Josh brought his hand up, but was satisfied that he was only putting it behind his own head to bring it up so he could comply with the order. Louise’s pussy was stretched out tightly around Donny’s cock, her clit forced out of its hood and sticking out further than Josh had ever seen. He stuck out his tongue to meet it.

Louise shrieked. The instant Josh’s tongue touched her button, she came, hard. Her pussy was being stretched out, the rigid slab of muscle that had been forced inside her was pressing on every inch of her tunnel, mashing her G-spot flat. It had taken only a tiny amount of extra stimulation to tip her over the edge.

Donny smiled. He felt her cunt spasming around his cock, and while he loved the sensations, that wasn’t the point. He applied a firm pressure forward, and each time her pussy relaxed between spasms, he gained ground. By the time she had finished, he was buried up to the root inside of her.

Kraft waited for Louise’s orgasm to pass, and for her eyes to focus again.

“Bi..” he began, but then checked himself. “Louise,” he said with exaggerated courtesy. She focused on him. He nodded down towards the sticky mess all over Josh’s privates.

“Clean that up.”

Josh moaned as he felt Louise’s tongue go to work, lapping up the creamy mess that had been deposited all over his genitals. She carefully lapped around his balls, scooping up the sweet, salty goo and gulping it down. She could tell that as soon as she touched Josh’s cock he would come, and so she avoided it, slurping up all the cum on his belly and legs, leaving only his cock with a thick, sticky rope of cum across it.

She looked up at Kraft for permission.

He knew what she was asking.

Kraft nodded. He didn’t care if they came or not, but he figured it was the perfect opportunity to preemptively dispose of some more cum. He, too, could see that Josh was close. When it was finally his turn with either or both of them, he didn’t want anybody else’s cum visible.

Donny, having managed to get his full length inside of Louise, pulled back about halfway before pushing forward to hilt himself once again. He repeated the movement, this time pulling back slightly further, and a little quicker.

Louise moaned, her mouth still hovering over Josh’s cock, her concentration on that task interrupted by the feeling of the behemoth ravaging her hole.

Donny was taking longer and faster strokes, beginning to work up a froth, churning up her juices as he started fucking her in earnest.

“Boy,” he said, “lick.”

Josh had no idea what he was supposed to be licking, but began using his tongue. He lapped at Donny’s balls when he was stuffed completely inside of Louise, and licked around his cock and her clit when he was not. Louise had forgotten what she was supposed to be doing and was making ‘oh oh oh’ noises with each thrust of Donny’s massive manhood.

Kraft grinned when he saw that Louise was getting close to another orgasm, and he moved to the floor beside her. Louise’s eyes were closed, and her full attention was on the huge cock plundering her pussy, so she didn’t notice.

Donny was starting to get close. The boy had a talented tongue, and his girlfriend had a really hot, deep, and tight cunt. He knew he was only half a dozen strokes from dumping inside of her.

He reached forward, grabbing her tits and mauling them as he rammed deep inside her, but as he finally approached his climax, he grabbed her hips, arching his back, trying to get every inch of himself buried in her.

Finally, with a roar, he slammed home. His cock swelled even more, stretching Louise’s pussy even further. Then it began to throb and pulsate as he emptied the balls that Josh was busy lathering with his tongue deep inside the teen beneath him.

Louise opened her mouth to shriek again. The extra stretch, the throbbing cock, and the feeling of the thick spunk being jetted right against her cervix caused her to hit yet another, even higher peak. She could swear that she felt his cum shooting right through her cervix and straight into her womb.

Before she could let out that shriek though, Kraft shoved her head down, forcing her onto Josh’s cock. Her eyes bulged as seven inches of man meat was suddenly rammed down her throat, and then began to pulse. Josh, who had been right on the edge of orgasm for so long, finally gave up his load, pumping rope after rope of thick, salty spunk straight into her stomach.

They stayed in that position, almost a frozen tableau, while Donny’s cock continued to pulse. It seemed to her like he would never stop cumming in her. The excess was already being forced out around his dick. Despite his own orgasm, Josh hadn’t stopped licking, and was catching Donny,s cum as it was forced out of Louise.

Finally, Donny withdrew, a huge glob of his cum flowing out of Louise’s gaping cunt and straight into Josh’s mouth. He swallowed it down greedily, and didn’t need to be told what would happen next. Donny pushed down on Louise’s hips, and, even though she was still a little dazed from her orgasm, she lowered her pussy onto Josh’s mouth to feed him the copious remainder of Donny’s cream.

Donny moved to her head, and, without being told, Louise used her tongue to clean him up, lapping up the residue of their combined juices until all that was left was her saliva. Then he moved away.

Kraft slid his cock into Louise’s mouth. She reflexively started to suckle at him and he made an approving noise. His cock was eight inches – the middle of his pack. He worked it into her throat with relish.

Louise began to gag, coating him in her spit, which was exactly what he’d been aiming for. He fucked her throat for a few minutes, revelling in the sensations of her hot, tight mouth, but that was not his final destination.

He pulled his cock out suddenly with a pop, and moved around behind her.

Louise’s pussy still gaped from Donny’s massive dick, but that wasn’t his target either. All of the boys knew his preference, and had left it clean and untouched for him. Kraft was going to fuck her ass.

He saw Josh watching him from between her legs, and he grinned. Having the boyfriend observe as he emptied himself inside his girlfriend’s guts would only add to his pleasure.

Kraft hadn’t yet decided if he was going to kill the pair or not. Contrary to what he had told Josh, two extra bodies on his rap sheet would make a difference if he were caught, but leaving them alive would certainly increase the chances of that happening. He did, however, wryly consider the fact that he seemed to be extremely good at escaping from custody.

He pushed a finger into Josh’s mouth and Josh obligingly wet it. He knew what Kraft’s intentions were, and he wanted to help Louise as much as possible.

Kraft pressed the finger against her asshole, and she moaned. She had known, too: her asshole was absolutely going to get raped, and the way that the rest of the gang had avoided it, she’d concluded that it would be a prize jewel for their leader

He forced his finger inside her before pulling it out and thrusting it into Josh’s mouth again. Once again, Josh obligingly applied a generous coating of saliva.

The finger went in easily all the way the second time, and Kraft, after another visit to Josh’s mouth, pushed in a second and then a third, opening her up. He grabbed his cock, which had softened a little and was drying out. Not being bothered to move all the way to Louise’s front side again, he shoved it into Josh’s mouth.

Josh gagged a little, but tried his best to lubricate the eight inches of meat that he was about watch get stuffed up his girlfriend’s anus.

Kraft pulled his cock out of his mouth. “Lick her clit,” he said, and Josh moved to obey, his tongue gently manipulating the still-sensitive button, which, despite his earlier cleanup, still tasted strongly of Donny’s cum.

Kraft spat on her asshole for good measure before pressing the head of his cock against it. He loved this part: the slow push, feeling the muscular ring resist before it tired and slowly, reluctantly gave way, allowing him to dominate the person under him. In his mind, there was nothing that showed his power over someone more intensely and intimately than fucking them in the ass. Mouths and pussies could be unwilling. They could resist a little. The pussy was designed to take a cock, though, and the mouth was no challenge – so long as a sufficient threat of violence kept the teeth out of the equation, anyway. The asshole itself resisted; no external threat of violence could tame it. Sinking his hot, stiff meat into one established him as the alpha. He’d readily declare that feeling better than sex, if only there were some way to separate out the two. For him, there wasn’t. Sexual domination was the ultimate domination.

He could feel her asshole start to give. The resistance was lessening; the muscle denying him access was becoming tired, incapable of keeping him out for much longer. He didn’t increase the pressure. He wanted this part to last. Already, the sensations around his cockhead were causing him to leak precum, which was drooling against her asshole, providing more lubrication.

He felt her ring finally give, and he eased up the pressure. It wasn’t to make it easier for her. He had no concern for her comfort. He loved the feeling of his cockhead passing through the tight band of muscle for the first time, and he wanted it to last. Once he had breached her hole the first time, even if he pulled completely out and went again, it just wasn’t the same. He would have to wait hours until her ass had recovered before he would get the same sensations.

Louise moaned as she felt him ease slowly into her. She didn’t know why, but she was thankful he was taking it slowly. Josh had fucked her ass more than once, and she had enjoyed it, but Kraft was bigger than Josh, and she’d been worried he might hurt her.

Kraft sighed. His cockhead was all the way inside Louise, her tight ring of muscle clamping just behind it. He increased the pressure once more, sliding himself all the way inside her in a single, slow, inexorable thrust.

He reached down and grabbed Josh’s hands, placing one on each of her cheeks, using them to pull those taut, soft-yet-firm muscles apart. Josh maintained the pull, and Kraft was able to push even deeper inside of her as a result.

“Keep licking.”

Josh, had stopped, unable to hold his head up that long. At Kraft’s command, he lifted up again, his neck stiff and on fire. He resumed worshipping his girlfriend’s clit, praying that it would ease her suffering, or even enhance her pleasure. Deep inside of him, he knew she was loving it – probably more than she enjoyed his own cock. That thought humiliated him, and made him feel like even less of a man than his total inability to protect her from Kraft in his gang already did. All of that made him incredibly horny.

The feeling of being stuffed full back there, added to the stimulation of Josh’s tongue on her clit, had caused Louise to start moving her hips, grinding her clit against Josh’s tongue, but also effectively using her asshole to wank Kraft off.

Josh’s head thumped against the floor, his neck unable to keep it in place. Kraft growled as her movement stopped since his stimulation to her clit had ceased.

“Zeke, throw me that pillow,” he said, and Zeke obliged. The rest of the gang were sitting naked, watching and drinking the beers that Robson had brought in earlier. They were waiting for their next turn. Kraft didn’t like to share.

“Lick,” demanded Kraft again, and once again, Josh lifted up, but this time Kraft stuffed the pillow behind his head, trapping his face against her pussy. “Now keep licking,” he said. “Weak-ass college boys, I swear.” That got chuckles of agreement from his gang.

Josh was happy to comply, and relieved by the presence of the pillow beneath him. He reapplied himself to Louise’s button, giving it all the loving attention he could. He knew that Lou liked being fucked up the ass, and that she liked having her clit played with while he did it. It had never happened in any of their sharing sessions with Caleb and the girls, but she had often said she wished he could fuck her ass and suck her clit at the same time. He vowed that, if they lived through this, he would get Caleb to fuck her ass while he sucked her until she couldn’t stand it anymore. He couldn’t deny how hot it made him for other cocks to claim his girlfriend. His only remaining shred of defiance against Kraft was that he knew that Caleb would make Louise feel even better.

Louise was grinding hard, and Kraft was enjoying the sensation of having the teen fucking herself against him. He knew it wouldn’t be enough to get him off though, so he began to move, starting a slow, deep grind against her, relishing the tight ring of muscle around his base and the feeling of his cockhead rubbing against the smooth wall of her rectum.

Like Donny, he loved being deep inside when he came. For him. it was all about power. He was going to force her to take his cum as deep inside her as he could get it – so deep, in fact, that it wouldn’t come out. Instead, it would be absorbed, forever becoming part of her, his invisible brand that nobody could remove. If he thought he could, he would have bred her, forcing his baby inside of her. Much to his chagrin, there were just too many ways for his female victims to avoid pregnancy, never mind that they could just give the child up for adoption. All of that was too complicated and too fraught. It made him feel things that he didn’t want to feel. Sodomy was simple. Force-feeding his victims his cum through their bowels was simple. It was an indelible mark; he willed it to be so, and so, in his mind, it was. The rape was a vital component. He couldn’t imagine the college boy beneath him ever raping his own girlfriend. He was going to do something to Louise that the weaker man simply could and would never do.

As Louise’s movement sped up, so did his, matching her grind for grind. He felt his orgasm start to form in his lower belly. It was best for him if he could shoot his load in her just as she herself was coming. The feeling of an asshole clamping around his throbbing, pulsating cock was sublime, and he watched her movements, trying to judge how close she was.

He began to thrust, pulling back a short way before slamming back into her. Josh was still holding her cheeks apart, enabling Kraft to achieve the deepest penetration, and he relished the feeling of her heat around him. His balls were scraping across Josh’s forehead as he buggered the college student’s girlfriend literally before his very eyes.

Louise started to make a noise: a low moan as once more she began her climb to release. Kraft increased his pace, wanting to reach his climax as she reached hers, and he felt his belly tightening as his own orgasm began to approach.

Josh was working hard on her clit, lashing it with his tongue while watching Edirne Escort Bayan Kraft’s cock pounding in and out of his girlfriend’s rear. The visual and the sounds of what was going on had him fully erect again, and he jumped as Louise, almost instinctively, took him into her mouth and began to suck.

It was far too late for Josh to come, though. He wouldn’t have time for his own build-up before both of the people above him had reached their climaxes. He felt Kraft’s balls rubbing against his head as the older man pounded in and out of Louise. His jaw was beginning to ache from fighting against the pressure as Louise ground into him.

He felt Louise stiffen, and then the vibration of her groan around his cock. His face was splattered with her juices as she once again reached her zenith just as Kraft shouted out his own release, pressing himself deep inside her. His cock jumped and twitched as her ring gripped and relaxed rhythmically around him.

Kraft pushed hard into her, feeling his balls giving up their heavy load of jizz, pumping wad after wad of his thick man cream deep inside. He wouldn’t move until he had given her every last drop he had – marking her, in his mind, as his forever.

Eventually, he softened and slipped out. He slapped her ass, causing her to yelp and her asshole to clench shut, trapping his essence inside.

“Keep my spunk inside you,” he growled at her. He yanked the pillow out from under Josh’s head, causing it to thump to the floor.

“Clean it up,” he said, pushing Louise forward and out of his way as he slid his softening member into Josh’s mouth.

Josh gagged a little at the tangy taste of the mix of spunk and Louise’s ass-juice on Kraft’s cock, but he obediently cleaned him off, licking and slurping at him until the gang leader was satisfied.

Kraft moved from behind Louise and back to his chair, picking up his beer and taking a long pull.

Louise rolled off Josh and onto her back on the floor. She looked up at Kraft.

“Can I get a drink?” she asked. He tipped his bottle toward the remaining beers that were left by his seat, and she crawled over and took one.

She undid the screw cap and took a long pull. She moved to Josh, who had sat up, and handed him the bottle, allowing him to finish it.

When he was done, he slid the empty bottle back toward Kraft, still trying to show that they were cooperating. The move wasn’t lost on Kraft. He still hadn’t decided if he was going to kill them or not, but he appreciated the gesture.

“Let’s play a game,” he said.

Louise and Josh looked at each other. They couldn’t believe they weren’t done. As they looked around the room, however, they saw that the only one who was not fully erect was Kraft himself.

“You’re college kids, right?” Kraft asked and they both nodded. “You have sharpies?” They both nodded again. “Where?”

“In my bag,” Louise said pointing to her backpack which was on the floor on the other side of the room. “Side pocket.”

“Zeke.” said Kraft, and Zeke jumped up and retrieved a sharpie, bringing it back and handing it to Kraft.

“Stand up,” he said, and they both obeyed.

He stood and walked over to them. He drew a large number one on Louise’s cheek, a two her belly just above her pussy then turned her around and drew a three on her ass.

Josh got a four on his cheek and a five on his ass.

“Do you have dice?” asked Kraft. They shook their heads and his face clouded.

“Use Alexa,” said Josh.

“Who?” asked Kraft.

“It’s a computer gadget,” said Louise realizing he was not at all up to date. “You can ask it to give you a number.”

“Show me,” he said.

“Alexa,” said Josh, “pick a number between one and five.”

The device on the table by the door answered. “Here’s a number between one and five. It’s two.”

All the men jumped when they heard the voice, but soon settled when they realized what it was.

Kraft grinned. “Okay then,” he said. “So, here are the rules: one by one, my guys are going to pick a number. Whatever number comes up, they are going to dump their cum into that hole. If you are not the one whose hole is being used, you will help by doing whatever my guy says to help him get off. We’ll go in the order we went in last time. Robson, you’re up.”

Robson got a one. He grinned, walked over to Louise, and stood in front of her.

“Well,” he said, “what are you waiting for?”

Josh nudged the pillow that had been under his head to her, and she knelt, bringing her face level with Robson’s cock. She wasted no time, taking him into her mouth and bringing all her skills to bear.

“Fuck me,” he said. “This bitch could suck-start a snowblower.”

He put his hands on her head and began to thrust into her face. Robson was almost exactly the same size as Josh, and she had no trouble taking him into her throat and swallowing all around him. Josh stood by, waiting for instruction, but Robson didn’t seem to have anything in mind for him. His focus was entirely on the girl on her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him, fixing him with her brown eyes, and that set off his hair trigger.

“Fucking take it, bitch!” he growled as he rammed his cock as far down her throat as he could reach. He began to moan as he unloaded into her for the second time. Louise calmly sat, working her throat on him, accepting his load without complaint. When he was done, he released her, and she pulled back before cleaning his cock off with her mouth.

“Way to go,” said Zeke. “You lasted nearly two whole minutes that time.” The others laughed, apart from Kraft.

“Fuck you, Zeke,” Robson snarled at him.

“What would be the point?” Zeke said. “It wouldn’t last long.”

“Zeke!” said Kraft. “Enough.”

Zeke dropped his eyes. “Sorry, Jerome,” he said.

“It’s not me you need to apologize to,” Kraft said.

“Sorry Robson,” Zeke said. “I didn’t mean nothin’ by it.”

Robson went and picked up his beer. He sat down moodily. Nobody said anything for a few moments, but Kraft wasn’t about to let his minions’ drama stop the fun.

“Zeke, pick a number,” he said.

Zeke got a two. He grinned.

He grabbed Louise’s hand and led her to a chair.

“Kneel on there,” he said.

Louise obeyed and knelt, her legs apart. She leaned over the back of the chair, presenting her pussy and ass to Zeke.

Zeke slid two fingers into her. She was still drenched. The thought of getting fucked – raped – again wound her up immediately.

Zeke stepped up behind her, and easily slid his five-and-a-half-inch penis inside her, pushing forward until it was buried in as deep as it could go.

“You, boy,” he said to Josh. “What’s your name?

“Josh,” he dutifully replied.

“Get on your knees, Josh, and lick my hole,” Zeke ordered. “Get in there nice and deep, and get it good and wet.”

Kicking the pillow to just behind Zeke, Josh knelt behind him, bringing his face toward the older man’s ass. Zeke reached back, grabbing his own cheeks and parting them.

“Go on, Josh,” he said, almost kindly, “get in there.”

Josh dreaded the smell and taste of his ass, but found it to be not too bad. A musky, earthy smell came to his nose. It wasn’t pungent or particularly unpleasant, and he buried his face between the other man’s chocolate cheeks.

“Yeah, boy,” said Zeke as he felt Josh putting his tongue to work, “get in there. Make sure to get it good and wet.”

All the time Josh was rimming him, Zeke kept up small movements, pressing deeper into Louise, almost grinding into her, his balls rubbing against her clit.

After a few minutes, Zeke told Josh to stand up, and he did. Zeke reached down and grabbed Josh’s cock, guiding Josh to stand behind him before pulling him in.

“Slide it in, boy,” Zeke said, pressing the head of Josh’s cock against his asshole. “Nice and steady.”

For a second Josh didn’t move, but then he began to push, putting tentative pressure against the brown pucker.

“Push harder, Josh,” Zeke said. “It’s okay, I can take it.” He reached back and put his hands on Josh’s hips to pull him in.

Josh complied, and his cock slid easily into the older man’s well-used and welcoming hole. Both men groaned.

“You got a nice cock, boy,” Zeke said, grinding back before pushing forward into Louise again. “Now I want you to pull back a little… a little more. Perfect. Stay right there.”

Josh had pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside of Zeke. Zeke pulled back, pulling his cock out of Louise whilst simultaneously impaling himself on Josh’s cock.

He then pushed forward into Louise. All three of them moaned.

He began to fuck Louise, building up a rhythm, all while fucking himself on Josh’s cock behind him.

“Reach around and play with my titties,” he said, and Josh obeyed, finding Zeke’s nipples and beginning to tweak and roll them. As Zeke built up speed and Louise started yet another climb, Josh felt his own orgasm begin to build. He had never fucked another guy in the ass, although he had lusted after Caleb. Indeed the only other asshole he had fucked had belonged to Louise. The older man in front of him was a lot looser, but his ass was just as hot. The feeling of having the ass cheeks pounding into him, along with the visual of the chocolate brown skin against his own pale flesh, was doing something to him.

Zeke’s chest hair was thin and wiry, almost like a scouring pad. It felt strange against Josh’s fingers and hands, but Josh kept at him. He groped and grabbed at the older man’s chest, pinching and tweaking his nipples.

“You gonna cum, boy?” asked Zeke. “You gonna breed my ass with your nut?”

Josh was struggling not to move. All he wanted to do was to ram his cock deep into the man in front of him, but he couldn’t; he wasn’t allowed.

Zeke was building to his own climax. The dual stimulation of having a tight teen pussy on his cock and a hot teen cock thrusting up his asshole was too much for him. Louise, too, was starting to get close. Not only was Zeke’s admittedly-smaller cock doing nice things to her pussy, but the thought of Josh being forced to fuck the ass of the man raping her was pushing all her buttons at once.

All three of them were rushing to their climaxes, but it was Louise that peaked first, letting out a low moan as she came around Zeke’s cock, her throbbing and twitching taking him over the edge.

Zeke pushed deep into Louise as she came, shooting his spunk as deep inside her as he could reach.

“Fuck me, boy,” he shouted at Josh. “Pound that black ass! Breed me with your white-boy juice.”

Josh didn’t need a second invitation. Still tweaking Zeke’s nipples, he plunged forward, ramming his cock up into Zeke’s back channel, and began to pound him. He had been so close that it only took four or five good thrusts to take him over the edge. He, too, thrust hard forward as his cock spewed his heavy load up into Zeke’s rectum.

“Yeah boy, stay right there.” Zeke reached behind himself, putting his hand on Josh’s ass and holding him in place, enjoying the feeling of the pulsating cock stretching his hole, knowing that Josh was emptying his balls deep inside him.

Eventually, Josh’s cock softened and slipped out. Zeke clenched, determined to hold the boy’s seed inside. He loved being filled with other men’s cum. He stepped away, his cum dripping from Louise’s pussy onto the chair.

“I guess you better clean that up,” he said to Josh, who immediately dropped to his knees, and slurped another load of a rapist’s cum out of his girlfriend’s pussy. Louise had another small orgasm as Josh cleaned her out.

Without asking, Josh walked over and grabbed another beer, popping the cap and drinking some, before handing the bottle to Louise, who finished it.

They rolled the empty bottle towards Kraft again.

Kraft looked at the biker brothers.

“Together,” they said.

Kraft called out two numbers. “Davey, four, Donnie, two.”

They both looked at Kraft. “Can we switch?” they asked.

Kraft shrugged.

A thrill of fear ran up Josh’s spine. The huge cock he had witnessed ramming itself into Louise’s pussy was about to rape his mouth.

Louise, too, was nervous. She had taken Josh’s eight inches down her throat, but Danny was much larger. Fortunately, though, he wasn’t much thicker. She felt a pang of guilt when she realized she had been relieved when the brothers had swapped. Donny’s cock was much thicker than Danny’s; Josh was in for a rough ride.

Danny kicked a pillow to Louise and she knelt down, taking his head into her mouth and beginning to work him.

Donny pulled Josh over to the sofa, moving his buddies out of the way.

“You ever deep throat before?” he asked.

Josh shook his head.

“If you relax, and mind your teeth,” Donny said, “I won’t hurt you too much. If you bite me, I’ll knock all your fucking teeth out. Are we clear?”

“Yes sir,” said Josh. He didn’t know why he’d said that, but it felt right. Again, it had been the right thing to say to Donny; a willing partner got treated a lot better than an unwilling one.

“Lie down on there and hang your head over the edge,” he said.

Josh lay back, his own cock standing proud again, despite having come up Zeke’s ass only a few minutes prior.

“Open,” said Donny, and Josh obeyed, opening his mouth as wide as he could, but covering his teeth with his lips. He didn’t want to lose teeth due to an accidental scrape.

The head of Donny’s cock only just fit in his mouth. He began working it with his tongue, hoping he might bring the big guy off quickly.

Donny chuckled. “Nice try. Get it nice and wet. Now take a breath and relax.”

He pushed forward. Josh felt like his jaw was about to dislocate as the spongy head moved to the back of his mouth and into the entrance to his throat.

“Swallow,” said Donny, and Josh tried. Tears began to stream from his eyes as he gagged and retched around the huge piece of meat lodged in his throat. He swallowed again and again with no effect. He could feel the blood pounding in his ears, and the edges of his vision were darkening when Donny finally eased back.

“Good boy,” he said. “Now breathe.”

Louise wasn’t faring much better. She had been right that Davey’s cock wasn’t much thicker than Josh’s, but Davey didn’t want a deepthroat. If he had, he too would have laid her on her back. He just wanted to lodge his cockhead into the back of her throat and use her gagging to massage his head into making him cum. He held her head and did exactly that, making her choke and gag. Her eyes were streaming, and drool and precum were flowing from her mouth and down her front, coating her tits.

Donny put his hand on Josh’s throat and pushed forward once again. Josh had managed to grab a breath and also swallow some of the mess in his mouth. His eyes streamed as Donny’s cock pressed against the back of his throat. He felt himself start to gag, but controlled it, taking deep breaths through his nose as Donny continued to press.

“Swallow,” said Donny again, and Josh did, swallowing over and over while Donny moved back and forth. At the end of each thrust, he held tightly and pressing the back of Josh’s throat while the helpless college student struggled not to puke. Spit was running from his mouth and over his face, and he had to close his streaming eyes. Donny’s cock was pressed as deep as he could get it into Josh’s throat. Then, suddenly, Josh felt a sharp pain as something gave, and Donny pushed all the way in. His cock slipped deep inside and his balls came to rest on Josh’s closed eyes.

Donny groaned, gently massaging Josh’s throat. “Good boy,” he said again.

Davey was pounding into Louise’s face. Louise had managed to change the angle slightly, allowing his head to slip down her throat. Despite Davey’s initial intent, he couldn’t muster the will to reorient himself. Louise was much more in control and more comfortable, taking his full length as he fucked her face. She reached up and began to tug and stroke at his balls. She wiped two fingers of her other hand over her coated tits, covering them in the spit and slime that she had drooled over herself while Davey had been making her gag. Then, without any warning, she shoved them up his ass.

“FUCKING BITCH,” Davey howled as he rammed his cock as deep as it could go, holding her face against his belly and emptying his balls. Louise could feel his cock pulsing on her tongue as he shot spurt after spurt of cum directly down her throat into her belly. He seemed to be coming for hours, and for all that time she couldn’t breathe. The edges of her vision were starting to go black when he finally released her, pulling his cock out of her throat so that the head just rested on her tongue. She pulled several grateful breaths in through her nose as she cleaned him up. He squeezed his dick, milking out the last few drops of his cum, before pulling his cock from her mouth with a pop.

Having achieved his goal of breaching Josh’s throat, Donnie pulled back to allow Josh another breath before once more plunging his cock down his gullet. The next penetration was a little less painful than the first, and Josh found that if he timed it right, he could snatch Escort Edirne a breath as Donny pulled out between strokes.

A sudden image of himself, on his back with a cock crammed down his throat, as seen by a third party, presented itself to his mind, and his own cock stiffened. He almost came as Donny used him like a cock sleeve. Donny held him in place with one strong hand on his throat and the other on the back of his head.

Josh’s jaw cracked a little as Donny’s cock swelled even more, and then it was pulsing and throbbing in his mouth. Donny unloaded down his fucktoy’s throat and into his stomach. The biker moaned and twitched, continuing to thrust while emptying his sack. Finally, he pulled back, allowing the last spurt to land in Josh’s mouth.

“Swallow that down”, he said almost kindly. “It’ll ease the soreness.”

Josh swallowed, finding that Donny had been right. His throat was raw, and the viscous slime coated it, easing the discomfort slightly. Donny stood for a moment, the head of his cock still in Josh’s mouth as Josh cleaned him off, and then finally pulled back, allowing his length to slip free.

Josh coughed and sat up. The room spun at his sudden change of position, and he felt a strong hand pressing him back into the seat.

“Take it steady,” Donny said. “Sit for a while.” Josh felt a cool bottle pressed into his hand and he took a drink of the beer, the cool liquid further easing the burning in his throat. Donny ruffled his hair. “Good boy.”

“Zeke,” said Kraft. “Go get some towels.”

Josh and Louise were both tossed towels and proceeded to wipe away the mess of spit and cum from their previous encounters. Louise grabbed herself a beer, and for a moment they were both allowed some time to catch their breaths and gather themselves. Kraft was up next.

“I’m not going to leave it to random chance,” Kraft said, and immediately Josh knew what was about to happen. Once again, he felt a thrill of fear shoot down his spine and straight into his cock.

“Louise, on your back on the floor. Josh, sixty-nine on hands and knees.”

Louise and Josh exchanged a glance. They both knew what Kraft wanted.

“You ever been fucked, boy?” asked Kraft.

“Once,” Josh replied. “A while ago.”

Kraft smiled. “Almost a virgin. You should be nice and tight.”

Louise lay on the floor and Josh knelt above her. Kraft got into position behind Josh.

“Feel free to help your boyfriend out,” Kraft said to Louise. Josh’s rigid member was directly above her face, and she lovingly ran her tongue up its length. Josh shuddered.

“Pull her legs up and tuck them under your arms,” Kraft said to Josh. Josh complied, and found that it gave him a much more stable position. It also opened up Louise’s pussy again. Suddenly she realized that her turn wasn’t over yet either.

“Robson,” Kraft said. “You get it up?”

“Course,” said Robson. He may have had a hair trigger, but he could perform multiple times.

“Come fuck her,” he said, “but slow. I don’t want you to come before I do. It’s about time you learned to control yourself, bro.”

It was only then that it occurred to both teens that Robson was Kraft’s brother.

Robson knelt in front of Josh and Louise, and, without any preamble, slid himself inside of her. Louise sighed. The feeling of a cock entering her sent tingles up her spine.

Kraft worked his fingers into Josh’s ass, repeatedly spitting on the college student’s pucker as he went from one, to two, to three. When the third entered him, Josh’s breath caught. The stretching was a bizarre mix of pain and pleasure. Kraft pushed his fingers deep into Josh, finding his prostate and giving it a couple seconds of massage. A stream of precum jetted out of Josh’s cock, landing across Louise’s lips and chin. She stuck out her tongue and tasted it. That, allied to the slow, almost loving movement in her pussy by Robson, sent another tingle of pleasure through her.

Kraft withdrew his fingers and lined his cock up with his target. He went slowly, just as he had with Louise, and for the same reason. Josh’s comfort didn’t matter to him at all. He needed to savor the act of domination. He needed to feel an asshole lose the fight, and surrender to his cock, in slow motion.

Robson was doing much better than usual. Taking his brother’s advice, he was maintaining a slow, steady thrust, enjoying the feeling of the young woman’s tight wet twat massaging his cock. He knew he was going to blow another load into it, and he looked forward to it. But this time, for a change, he was relishing the process rather than rushing toward the goal.

Josh was gritting his teeth, doing his best to relax and allow Kraft entry. He knew that if he pushed out it would ease entry and make it less painful, but Josh had only ever been fucked once, and that had been by Caleb, who was smaller than Kraft. There had been a lot more preparation then too.

Josh heard Kraft sigh as he felt a twinge of pain in his ass. Kraft’s head had finally slipped inside.

Once again, Kraft went for depth. He grabbed Louise’s arms, making her spread Josh’s cheeks as wide as she could, giving him access to get as deep a penetration as possible. He felt his cockhead slip through the internal sphincter and he mashed his groin against Josh, claiming him, and establishing himself as alpha over another victim. He couldn’t rightly tell if having already claimed the college boy’s girlfriend heightened the pleasure or lessened it. He decided upon, rather than genuinely felt, that it was the former. They were two different kinds of domination, and thus, two different kinds of pleasure.

Somehow, Josh was thinking exactly the same thing at exactly the same moment, and it turned him on like nothing else.

Louise was starting to build again. She watched Kraft’s cock disappearing inside her boyfriend as she felt a hot, hard shaft in her cunt. She didn’t care just then whose cock it was, only that it was filling her and stroking in and out, creating wonderful feelings that she knew were going to bring her to another delicious orgasm. Josh’s cock was drooling onto her lips and chin, and she repeatedly licked up the result, enjoying his taste. Of all the cocks and all the cum she’d tasted during her ordeal, his still tasted the best.

Kraft started to move. He grabbed Josh’s hips and began to thrust into him – steadily at first, but then increasing his pace. The heat of the boy under him, combined with the tight band of muscle gripping his prick, was giving him some amazing sensations. He decided that this boy’s ass was sweeter than his girlfriend’s – probably because hers had more mileage on it, he decided.

Robson had started to match Kraft’s pace and was pounding into Louise as hard and fast as Kraft was ramming into Josh. Josh’s head was spinning. The feeling of the hot meat slamming into his backdoor, plus allied the visual of a thick, hard tool pounding into Louise’s pussy bare inches from his face, was pushing him to an orgasm even though nobody was actually touching his throbbing prick.

Louise was the first to crack. All the various physical and visual stimulation too much for her. She cried out as she reached yet another orgasm, squirting her juices all over Robson’s balls and thighs as he pounded her. Wanting to gain even more stimulation during her orgasm, Louise lifted her head and swallowed Josh’s cock.

Josh yipped in surprise at the sudden sensation of a hot, wet mouth on his tool. He came, shooting rope after rope of thick, creamy spunk into Louises’ sucking maw. His asshole flexed and clenched around Kraft’s tool, bringing him to climax too.

Kraft pushed as deeply into Josh’s ass as he could. He claimed Josh’s insides as he’d claimed Louise’s, invisibly branding him as his property – as his beta cuck.

Kraft’s cock pulsating in his asshole and against his prostate prolonged Josh’s orgasm, and he twitched and shuddered. He felt like he was having a second orgasm immediately on the back of the first. More spunk drained out of his cock into Louise’s hungry maw as his prostate was flattened once again.

Robson was the last to come, much to his own satisfaction, reaching his climax just as Louise was starting to come down from hers. It was a lucky stroke for her; the feeling of her pussy being filled with cum coaxed out a final few jolts of pleasure on the tail end of her orgasm.

Kraft eased his cock out of Josh and slapped his ass, causing his asshole to twitch closed, trapping Kraft’s spunk within. If he had had a buttplug, he would have put it in and insisted the boy kept it there for the rest of the day.

Robson pulled out of Louise and watched a small stream of his cum dribble from her gaping hole and down her asscrack. He absently thought to tell the boy to clean him off, but Josh was still dazed, and he decided it would be too much trouble.

Josh, still not fully aware, released Louise’s legs, allowing her to stretch out. He rolled off her, slumping to the ground beside her, and stared at the ceiling.

The front door opened, and I walked in.

Josh and Louise both stared at me with looks of surprise on their faces, and then looked around, startled and disoriented. They weren’t laid on the floor in the living room. They were laid on their bed in their room. They were both naked. I was sitting in a chair beside the bed, and Dianna was sitting in the other chair across the room. Louise was lying on top of several layers of towels, which seemed to be soaked through. Josh was covered in his own cum.

Then their memories returned.


“Josh, Louise, I have an idea for you,” I said. “I think you might like it, but if you don’t, then it’s no problem. We can do something else.”

“That sounds intriguing,” said Louise. “What is it?”

“I have just learned to create illusions,” I told them.

“Like magic?” asked Josh, and I shook my head.

“Not that type of illusion,” I said. “The easiest way I can explain it is like this. You know the holodecks on Star Trek?”

They both nodded.

“It’s like that,” I said. “I can create something like that, but it all happens in your head. While you are experiencing it, though, it feels one hundred percent real.”

Louise flushed. I could tell that she had immediately realized the potential of that skill. Josh wasn’t far behind.

“The best part is that we can work together and pre-configure what happens, so you guys can effectively design your own fantasy – within limits – and I can make you live it.”

Louise’s hand was actually moving toward her pussy before she caught it.

“But if we know it’s an illusion, how would that work?” asked Josh.

“Obviously when I put you in there,” I said, “I’ll make sure you don’t know it’s an illusion for the duration. You will only remember that when I bring you out.”

They looked at each other. I could tell that they each had so many ideas – too many, even – so I decided to interrupt.

“I also had an idea for your first trip,” I said.

They turned to me, looks of anticipation in their eyes.

We spent the next hour planning the fantasy: how each character would behave, how rough or kind they would be, and what would actually happen to Josh and Louise once they were inside. It was like writing erotic fiction, but I was about to make it real for them.

“Dianna is a little disturbed about this scenario,” I said. “She has asked to sit in and monitor you guys to make sure I’m not damaging your psyche. Obviously, I will be watching too. If either of you shows any sign of real distress, I’ll end it immediately.”

They were both excited to start.

“I suggest that you both get naked,” I said. “I am not sure, but I suspect that your bodies will actually cum, so you might want to prepare for that.”

“Are you sure this isn’t just an excuse to ogle us?” asked Louise with a grin.

“Do I need an excuse?” I countered, and Josh laughed.

Louise laid several towels on the bed before stripping and lying on top of them. I could already see her pussy leaking, aroused at the mere thought of what was to come.

Josh stripped and laid beside her. His cock was hard. Neither showed any embarrassment at being naked in front of Dianna or me.

“Ready?” I said, and they both nodded.


“That was fucking awesome,” said Louise, a huge grin on her face. She had the memory of the entire fantasy as it played out. I could see that her pussy was dripping again. She was insatiable.

Josh was speechless, but hard.

“I’m going to impose a limit of one fantasy per month,” said Dianna. Josh and Louise frowned at that.

“But…” Louise started.

“It would be far too easy for you guys to become addicted,” she said, “and if I see behavior from you that indicates that you are taking extra risks in your real life based on what is happening in your fantasies, then I’ll stop this altogether.”

“You realize you could make a fortune with this?” said Josh to me. “Fuck, I’d pay you a thousand bucks a pop to live that kind of fantasy.” His eyes widened as his thoughts ran away with the possibilities. “You could do that ‘wishes’ thing. You know, terminally ill kids who want to go to Disney or go skydiving and whatnot. You could make them live it even if they aren’t well enough.”

Dianna smiled. “We already do that,” she said, “but it’s nice to hear a somewhat selfless thought amidst all this very selfish fun. There are some who give those kinds of experiences to terminally ill children and even adults. Obviously, it’s not publicized, because we don’t want to reveal powers. We have to be ***********ive, but it does happen.”

“How about twice a month?” Louise offered.

Dianna shook her head, but smiled. “Once,” she said. “But don’t forget, Caleb can still use his Compulsion on you, so it’s not like you’re completely cut off. Remember, though: you need to have some normal sex. Well, maybe I should clarify that. You need to have sex without any powers being involved. Whether that also means that it’s sex between just the two of you is none of my business.

“What’s important is that you learn to fulfil your fantasies – safely – without the benefit of powers. Caleb isn’t just a sex toy for your use. Right now this is a mutually beneficial arrangement, where he needs to train and you guys are enjoying the benefits. When you guys graduate it is likely that you two will go off, maybe together maybe not, but Caleb’s path will probably lead him in a different direction to yours. If your sex life is totally dependent on him, then you are going to struggle.

“In the meantime, you should get creative, and maybe do some research. I’ve heard crazy rumors that you’re not the only Norms in the world with these kinks and fetishes.” She added a little wink. That was a nice touch, I thought. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so sure she was correct. There was one fetish – Louise’s far more so than Josh’s – that my illusion had only satisfied before and after it had run its course. It was the thing itself, not the fantasy it had let them experience.

Louise sighed, but nodded. “I guess,” she said. Then she looked at Dianna sideways. “So, if that was our trial run…” she began.

Dianna laughed. “Nice try,” she said. “That was it. Why don’t you and Josh use the next thirty days to write your next fantasy? Use creating it as part of your normal sex life. Discuss it and play with it. Then, when the month is up, Caleb will make it real for you.”

She stood up, and so did I. “I’m going to leave you degenerates to it,” she said good-naturedly. Then she turned to me. “Good job on the illusion, by the way. There were a couple of spots where a subject might have realized, but other than that, it was pretty good.”

“Such as?” I asked.

“Too much beer, for one,” she said. “Zeke brought in a six, but there seemed to be an unlimited supply by the chair.”

I scowled. I hadn’t noticed that.

“You’ll get there,” she said. “But for your first proper one, it was very good. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that if you’re actually trying to fool someone, making the subjects so intimately aware of the illusory characters’ proclivities and motivations is a mistake.”

I nodded. “That one, I knew about. I wanted to make it great for them.”

“Understandable,” she replied. “You’ve got a big heart. You’ve also got an especially credulous pair. Horniness will do that. That’s actually not a bad lesson to learn. For most people, it screws with the bullshit detector even more than appealing to greed does.”

We made for the door, and Louise scrambled off the bed.

“Caleb?” she said, and I stopped and turned to her.

She pulled me into a hug, pressing her naked body against me and reaching up to kiss me. We held the kiss for a few moments, and then she broke off.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Yeah, thanks,” Josh echoed. I could hear in his voice that he was too drained to make the short trip over.

They left it at that, and Dianna and I headed out.

I could already hear them thinking about how they’d convince me to ditch the FBI and go into business for myself instead. They had the decency, at least, to not start that campaign within earshot of my supervisor.

“Literally millions,” slipped out from Josh.

“Friends and family discount, hopefully,” leaked from Louise.

I couldn’t help but to smile. Dianna saw. She knew. I wondered if she was at all worried. If she was, she hid it well.

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