Cade’s Birthday Bash Ch. 02

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“Cade! No, you can’t fuck that tart, we won’t allow you to bang that whore!” Becca’s grievance.

“Mom, I’m just joking!” Cade’s denial.

“Cade! Please fucking open the door!” Laura screamed as she now bangs on the door.

“Bitch! Will you just fucking stop banging the door? If you just want to “connect” to our son, then you can just forget about it, my son doesn’t need another mother, two is fucking enough for him. So what you have to do is let your asshole husband breed you so you can have a child on your own!” Vicky screamed back at Laura while she was on the other side of the door.

“Vicky please open the door. I just need someone to talk to, you and Becca are my only friends,” Laura sobbingly says from outside the door.

“Until you stole him from me on our graduation,” Vicky tells Laura.

“Bobby cheated on me,” Laura cryingly tells Vicky.

“Huh! Good grief! How does it feel bitch? Karma is painful aren’t you?!” Becca taunts Laura.

“OK, I’m sorry if I betrayed you, I just need someone to talk to,” Laura pleads.

“Alright Mom, I will open the door,” Cade says as he gently pushes aside Vicky and opens the door for Laura. The dirty-blonde-haired nurse’s brown eyes are swelling and her face is wet with tears. Cade then hugged his stepmom and her B-cup breast pushed against his chest. Laura then felt her stepson swelling boner on her abdomen, and she blushed.

“It will be alright Mom, I am always here for you,” he consoles Laura. Although both Vicky and Becca hated Laura, she is still close to Cade. In fact, she is closer to him than her husband; Cade and his father have little to no connection. Bobby hates Cade, that he wasn’t attending any single event of his life while Laura attended every play; his two graduations, and even his competitions. This is because Laura did not have a child of her own. Bobby did not want a child and he thoroughly hated kids; even his nephews and nieces despise him.

“Mom will supertoto yeni giri┼č you please give her water,” Cade looked at his mother “Please,” he pleadingly whispered. Then Vicky reluctantly got a glass of water and she gave it to Laura. Laura thanked her, although Vicky only glared at her.

Cade then sat her down on the sofa “I’m sorry I forgot my birthday gift for you Baby,” she apologized to Cade.

“It’s alright Mom, what are you gonna do now?” Cade curiously asked Laura.

“I will divorce him at the same time when he will be trialed for statutory rape,” Laura revealed.

“WHAT? Did he bang an underage girl? Huh! What an irony, I guess he has a fetish on underage girls,” Becca caressingly says.

“He is currently in a hospital after the father kicked him in the balls, but he will be discharged this evening and my belongings are in the car. I’m just gonna find a motel room tonight,” Laura revealed.

“No Mom, you gonna sleep here,” Cade says as Vicky and Becca are stunned “Mommies, please just until she found an apartment. I don’t want Mommy Laura to be sleeping in some dirty motel room, don’t you worry after this I promise I will be a good boy this summer,” he pleads.

Vicky and Becca are looking at each other and silent for minutes before they come up with an agreement “OK, we gonna let her sleep in your bedroom while you are going to sleep on the sofa”

Vicky tells Cade as Becca moves to his ear and whispers: “How can you be a good boy if she is sleeping here, we can’t have our “playtime” together?”

“Don’t worry Momma, our “playtime” will continue even though she is here; I won’t agree that someone is gonna spoil my birthday. I think my wishes have all slowly become a reality” he lustfully whispered in Becca’s ears as he slapped her ass.

Laura is surprised at Cade’s boldness, and she immediately suspects something is going on in this house. She was still thinking about his erect penis supertoto giri┼č poking her abdomen and the smell of semen from Vicky and Becca.

“Mom, I think we should get your belongings and put them in my bedroom,” he tells Laura “Will you help us please Mommies,” he asks. They reluctantly agreed and they helped them get out her belongings, and after that Becca parked Laura’s car in their empty garage as her car is still currently in repair.

Then Cade and Laura put her bags and boxes in his bedroom while Vicky prepares for lunch. While putting the boxes, a dildo dropped from a box. Cade then picked it up and Laura immediately got it out of his hands.

“Baby you shouldn’t see, this it’s embarrassing,” she says while her cheeks blushed.

Cade then boldly asked, “When you are last have sex Mom?”

“You can’t ask your Mom like that Baby” she protests “Well… it’s been 9 months since I and Bobby have sex and I always use this toy ever since,” she reluctantly asked.

“Mommy, a beautiful woman like you shouldn’t leave to be sexless. You should given a good fucking,” he seductively tells Laura.

“Baby you shouldn’t say…” she protested.

“Shh… don’t say anything that would ruin the mood” he lustfully says as he kisses her lips after that. He pinned her to the wall as Laura tries to push him to her failure until she finally gave up and kissed back. He then stopped kissing her as he removed his undershirt; then he took off Laura’s sweater and her red bra as her small breast and perky nipples appeared in the eyes of Cade.

He then resumed their kiss until he moved to her nape and her neck. He then kisses his way to her bosom as he takes one of her tits to his mouth while caressing her other tit. He then pinched and nibbed her breast, and she gave him an “oh” moan. She then cummed on her panties and her underwear and pants suddenly became wet from her cum. This is the first time Cade made someone cum supertoto g├╝venilirmi with only her breasts.

Then Cade takes off her wet underwear and pants to her knees and puts her thighs on his shoulders. He then munches her cunt while she is still pinned to the wall “Oh Fuck I’m cumming on your mouth,” she moaned as she squirts her juices to her face. Unlike his other mothers, Laura is so sensitive that she can cum even if you only touch her. He then lifts her and aims his dick at her pussy. He has a hard time entering her pussy as she is so tight. He almost cum by only shoving an inch on her pussy.

After a long time he finally fully entered his entire cock on her tight pussy. “Please be gentle it’s been a long time since someone entered my pussy,” she pleads. At first, he gave a slow thrust for minutes, as she wrapped her legs behind his ass, and screamed: “More! Please More!”

After that, he thrust harder and harder, and her body bounced with every thrust. Her moans and growls are heard by Vicky and Becca “It looks like someone became bolder and braver” Becca says as she and Vicky look at each other and grinned.

They then heard the screams of ecstasy as Laura and Cade reached mutual orgasmic bliss. Cade empties his balls with potent seeds into the ironically fertile womb of Laura.

“You cum inside me Baby” she worries.

“Don’t worry, you are finally a mother Mom,” he replies as she cries and says “Thank you, Baby, you make me complete, you gave me what that bastard can’t give me, a baby. Now screw his cheating ass and he deserves to die in that prison for what he did to you and me and your mothers!” Laura angrily says.

Then suddenly Becca knocks on the door, stunning Laura, “Don’t you worry my friend, he just fuck me and Vicky this morning,” she says, to the relief and surprise of Laura.

Vicky then announces from the kitchen: “Hey Lovers! Lunchtime now, we should eat many because this afternoon another birthday gift will be open.”

“And what is that Mom?” Cade asked Becca and in chorus Becca and Vicky said.

“A Live Lesbian Sex Show for the birthday boy, our baby Cade Jackson McGregor-Harris starring Victoria and Rebecca McGregor-Harris with Laura Reynolds!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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