Busy Fingers Ch. 05

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Author’s note. – Sorry there’s been such a big gap between chapters — life got a bit complicated recently. This is the final Busy Fingers, but I’m starting a related series which I’ll probably write completely before beginning to submit it. That way there won’t be such gaps.


Hayley and I usually met for a masturbation session at her place each Monday, the day we believed we were least likely to be disturbed. Now I know that sounds a bit weird to you, but it had started one day when we both felt particularly horny and for some reason we’d ended up masturbating, neither of us caring that the other was there. It became one hot session, and from then on we’d met each Monday for more of the same.

Except, of course, that it didn’t stay quite the same, because we found ourselves taking things that bit further each time until, the last time, we’d played with each other as well as ourselves and finished by kissing each other on the mouth. They were full-on passionate kisses too, not the nonsexual kisses shared by friends. We had put a toe over the rather vague line into lesbian sex, and we both knew it. I wondered how far things would go this time, and perhaps I was hoping for even more.

Hayley answered the door looking stunning as always, the honey blonde page-boy hair style looking so feminine above her white summer dress. I was dressed in a similar pale green dress that should have set off my own blonde locks, but somehow she outshone me on all counts. I wanted her badly and I hoped she wanted me just as much.

“How do we stand with each other?” I asked her the minute her door had closed behind me.

“How do you want us to stand?” She countered defensively, leading the way through into her lounge.

There was gentle classical music playing softly, romantic violins making a strangely suitable background for the question I needed to ask. Hayley had a very eclectic taste in music, but she always, without fail, seemed to choose the right piece for the moment. I will never know how she does it.

“Are we going to be lovers?” I asked her, thinking of how we had touched and kissed each other when last we met.

“No.” She answered me very directly. “And I don’t want us to be.”

She must have seen my face drop, for she continued. “I don’t want to risk your friendship that way. I just want us to stay as friends who enjoy a little fun together. Although I don’t think we need to set limits anymore.”

“Good.” I smiled broadly. “I think so too.”

With our status settled there was a pleasant silence as we settled ourselves side by side on her sofa and listened quietly to Mahler’s Fifth symphony, conscious perhaps that this was the same sofa where everything had started a few short weeks ago. That led me to silently thinking about last week when Hayley had touched me, remembering the fantastic sensation of having her fingers thrusting up inside me and the equally wonderful feeling of myself exploring her vagina. God, how good it is to play with a woman.

“Do you think all this counts as cheating on Mike and Paul?” I asked abruptly, raising something that had been nagging at my conscience for since this all began.

Hayley was slow to answer, thoughts clearly criss-crossing her mind as she formulated her reply. She too must have been wrestling with this same problem.

“I suppose that we started cheating on them the minute we started to touch each other instead of just ourselves, Sue, and it’s no use trying to say otherwise. But it doesn’t feel wrong, and I’m not going to stop — unless you are?”

“It’s a shame we can’t tell them.” I was thinking out loud. “I don’t like being deceitful.”

“And I don’t like the idea of divorce.” Hayley cocked her head to one side as she looked across at me, as if to say it was a choice between two evils and secrecy was the better option. It was certainly the easier option.

I think we both realised that we had reached the ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’ moment. A line that once crossed could not be uncrossed. Up until now we could convince ourselves, and maybe anyone else who happened to find out, that we had simply been carried away with a randy masturbation, but we were now entering a whole different ball game. Cheating was cheating, and I was well aware how easily it could get out of hand. I sighed and pushed the guilty thoughts from my head.

“Then we’d better not tell them, had we?”

“I wouldn’t even know how.” Hayley remarked with a crooked smile.

We lapsed into silence again as we thought over what we had done together, and perhaps what we were likely to do. Suddenly Hayley shook her head and got to her feet, reaching back for the zip on her dress.

“Come on; let’s not spoil things by getting too serious. I’ve been looking forward to today far too much for that.”

Her zip buzzed as she spoke and she shimmied herself out of her dress. She looked, as always, absolutely gorgeous standing in front of me in just a white thong and a matching quarter cup bra.

“What about your friends at the tennis club?” I asked, suddenly remembering how she had kaynarca escort told a group of her buddies what we were up to. And remembering too how they had expressed curiosity and interest.

“They won’t say anything.” She assured me. “They don’t know our husbands anyway.”

“That’s good – but it wasn’t what I meant.” I looked at her. “I meant, do they still want to join in sometime, and would you like it?”

She nodded understanding and her pretty elfin face took on a rare serious look. “I don’t want anything to come between you and me, so I don’t think I’d want to go too far with them.” She grinned unexpectedly. “But a group wank might be interesting.”

“Hayley!” I felt my face colour at her blunt reply.

“Well, you said yourself last week upstairs that it would be a turn on for us to watch other women wanking, and I know they’d be up for it.”

I’d be up for it too. When we were in the bedroom I’d watched our reflections in the wardrobe mirror and imagined the two women I could see were strangers. I’d played with my clit, staring into the mirror and pretending to myself that it was another girl facing me, copying my movements as I masturbated, and the idea had really got to me. I was forced to admit to myself then that when I felt that horny I’d love to be watched playing with myself. A group wank, as she put it, would give me a hell of a kick.

“Come on,” She repeated. “Don’t just sit there.”

As she unclipped her bra I stood and reached for my own zip, remembering as I did so the lovely reflections in that mirror.

“Do you know what I’d like us to do?” I asked her, sliding my dress down my arms.

“Quite a few things I should think.” Hayley smiled. “What particular disgracefully perverted thing have you got in mind?”

I ignored the tease, she could be like that sometimes. My bra joined my dress on the floor.

“You remember how we pretended that our reflections were other people sitting opposite and watching us?”

She nodded and hooked her thong over her heel while I continued.

“Well, we’ve never sat straight opposite each other like that, have we?”

“No, we haven’t.” She agreed. “Then we shall.”

She kicked our clothing out of the way and took hold of the corner of a second sofa and began hauling it into position. Her lounge is quite large and instead of one large settee and a number of chairs, she has several smaller sofas scattered around.

“Wait and I’ll give you a hand.” I kicked my own panties off and tossed them onto the pile of assorted women’s wear that Hayley had kicked to the side.

The sight of two naked women trundling a sofa into position would have seemed strange to anyone looking in, but we weren’t worried about that. Her house is reasonably private anyway, and we were giggling together at the thought of what we were planning. Soon we had the two sofas facing each other square on and about four or five feet apart. Hayley stood and looked at them thoughtfully.

“No, let’s have them closer.” She said eventually. “Then we can put our feet up.”

It was a phrase that usually has a different meaning, but I caught on to what she intended. We pushed the two together until the gap between them was only around a couple of feet.

“God, I’ve been looking forward to today.” She giggled as she dropped onto one of the seats and opened her legs. “And I like this idea.” She meant sitting facing each other.

“Me too.”

I sat down exactly opposite her and, with a bit of girly giggling and foot fencing, we shuffled ourselves into place, with my longer legs outside of Hayley’s more shapely ones. Now we faced each other, our bottoms on the edge of the cushions, our feet up on each others seats and our legs wide open so that our pussies were openly displayed. If anyone, only a few short weeks ago, had told me that I would willingly put myself in that position, I’d have laughed them out of town. But now? Well, now I couldn’t wait to get started, watching Hayley play and knowing her eyes were on me.

“I think I’m going to shave like you do.” I told her, settling myself comfortably and gazing at her smoothly shaven labia.

“Don’t you dare, I like to see you as you are. Your curls make a lovely frame for a beautiful picture.”

I couldn’t help but feel pleased with a compliment like that. I don’t shave, though I do keep my blonde fuzz trimmed, but even so I couldn’t help but feel scruffy in comparison to Hayley. In a strange way I was envious of the smooth pink skin that surrounded her deep pink slit, a slit that now glistened with her juices.

“And you look good enough to eat.” I told her, intentionally choosing the double entendre.

“Just don’t use a knife and fork.” She giggled, deliberately answering my unasked question.

We sat for a moment gazing silently at each other, adrenalin pumping. The album on the player had finished and the stillness was palpable.

“I’m feeling so bloody randy.” Hayley whispered, looking meaningfully into my eyes.

“Me too, I’m wet through already.” I glanced down, leading her eyes to my shiny orhanl─▒ escort pussy. “I’m randy enough for anything.”

“So am I. Anything at all.”

We’d already agreed no boundaries, and this verbal exchange was simply our way of making sure we meant it. It was also us telling each other that today was going to be the day. We smiled at each other in understanding and leaned back, settling ourselves comfortably to watch each other play.

“God, I’m so glad we’ve started doing this.” She told me, reaching between her legs with her right hand, opening her labia between her forked first and third fingers so that her longest finger could find her clitoris. “I cum so bloody hard when you’re there.”

“Me too.” I told her again, feeling a little warm flash of pleasure at her remark. I liked to watch Hayley cum almost as much as I wanted her to watch me. It was such a thrill to see her in the midst of her orgasm, her mouth hanging open, her eyes screwed tight and all her muscles tensing from the power of it, and I just hoped that she got as much of a thrill from my climaxes as I did from hers.

I felt so damn randy that at first I rubbed gently at my clitoris using my first two fingers to go around and around the tip, not wanting to cum too quickly. It was nice, sitting there, legs wide, playing with myself and watching Hayley do the same right before me, and I didn’t want it to be over too soon. Having said that, the way I felt I knew darn well I’d be able to cum more than once, it’s just that it was, well… nice.

I switched my gaze from her face to her pussy at intervals, watching her knuckles bobbing up and down as she masturbated, and then looking to see if her expression revealed the pleasure I knew she was feeling. Sometimes our eyes would meet and we’d smile quietly to each other, sharing our enjoyment. I could see her clitoris, hard and proud, moving under her fingertips and the little trickle of juices that ran from her wide open entrance. I could even see a little way up inside her, the deep red shiny walls of her vagina pulsing slightly from arousal. I felt hotter knowing that I was giving much the same display for Hayley. We watched each other almost every week, but this was by far the most explicit, and the most exciting. It wasn’t long before our breathing became more rapid and excited as the first signs of approaching orgasm began to show on both of us.

Hayley’s fingers were soon moving more rapidly and she started to move her head from side to side. I could see what was happening and I watched, transfixed, as her hips started to twitch a little and her thighs trembled, driven by the force of a very imminent climax.

“I’m going to cum.” She gasped out, confirming the obvious.

I must admit that I stopped playing to watch, relaxing slightly so that I could concentrate on what she was doing. She had stopped holding herself open, mainly because all her fingers were now flying over her clit, strumming back and forth, sometimes pressing and sometimes just touching herself lightly, but always bringing herself closer and closer to cumming. Her free hand, which had been resting on her leg, was now running up and down the inside of her thigh, the fingers flexing and straightening, grabbing at her flesh, sinking the fingertips into her soft flesh.

Suddenly she began to let out a series of gasping moans and her pelvis began to jerk, thrusting upwards with each thrust a little harder and higher than the previous one, until finally she let out a wail of pleasure at the moment when her orgasm hit and her bottom raised itself off of the seat, her weight taken on her shoulders and the feet that rested either side of my legs. She held that position for several seconds while the peak of her orgasm passed and then slowly subsided, juddering occasionally from aftershocks, until finally it was over and she sprawled, spent but elated, before me.

“My god!” She exclaimed breathlessly. “I didn’t expect to make it that quickly — or that good!”

I smiled in shared pleasure and began once more to stroke my own clit with my forefinger. Although I felt as horny as hell, but I still wanted to hold back just a little longer, if only to show myself off to Hayley now that she had already cum. I thought it would be a thrill to let her just sit and watch me climax, but it seems she had other ideas.

“Are you going to cum?” She asked me.

I shook my head and smiled, still running my fingertip over my clit. “Not yet. We’re not all that bloody randy you know.”

“Would you like me to help you?”

My heart leapt at her words, my mouth suddenly going dry with excitement and my hand freezing over my pussy. I would love to have her help me, for it could only mean that she would be touching me again.

“If you’d like to.” I told her, pretending not to be too eager but taking my hand away and spreading my legs even wider in hopeful anticipation.

“Can I do something that I want to try?”

“Anything you like.” I told her.

“If you don’t like it, just tell me and I’ll stop.”

I had a good idea what she had in mind, tepe├Âren escort or I hoped I did, and if I was right then there was not a chance in hell that I would want to stop her. My heart started beating like a trip hammer in expectation.

She slid forward from her seat, kneeling between my legs and then pushing the two sofas apart to give herself more room. I hadn’t thought of her doing that, and my heels landed on the carpet with something of a jolt, the surprise showing on my face and making Hayley chuckle.

“Wake up little Suzie.” She paraphrased the old song with tinkling laughter in her voice. “I can’t do anything if I can’t get in, now can I?”

I shook my head ruefully and waited for her to start. She edged forward holding two fingers up as if in blessing, and then without hesitation placed them squarely on my pussy, sliding them up and down all along my slit. Resting her other arm on my opened thigh, she stared at her fingers playing with me from close range, smiling in sexy satisfaction at what she was doing. I laid back and, watching the expression of lust on Hayley’s face, I cupped my breasts in my hands, mauling and pulling at them, my dormant orgasm growing once more. All of a sudden I knew just what I wanted.

“Finger me, please Hayley.” I pleaded with her.

She looked up at me as if surprised, but then she moved position so the thumb of her spare hand could take over rubbing my clit and, with a little twist and push, she buried her two fingers deep inside me.

“Oh, yes. Do it hard and I’ll cum.”

With her thumb rubbing over my clit and her fingers pistoning in and out of me, there was no doubt about my cumming. Right from the first thrust of her fingers ramming into me I could feel my orgasm growing stronger inside me. She took heed of my demand for it to be done hard, and the feel of her thumb grinding hard on my little button and her fingers thrusting so deep and so forcefully into my passage that her hand slammed against my pussy were sending me rapidly over the edge. Soon I was writhing and moaning, with little tremors running through my thighs and pelvis, my mouth clamped shut, and my knuckles turning white where I dug my fingers into the soft flesh of my breasts. I could sense that it was going to be a good one; the pressure build up was so enormous.

When I finally came it was as if an express train had hit me. The room disappeared and my entire being became concentrated in that tiny area within my pelvis, only to expand again to fill my body with such intense pleasure that I just had to cry out, shuddering and jerking from the waves of sensations flooding my nervous system. Every plunge of her fingers into my pussy sent another shock wave of sensation along my nerves. It was so good I wanted it to last forever, but at the same time it was a relief when the power of the orgasm began to subside and I could eventually open my eyes again on the world around me.

“Good, was it?”

I nodded silently, licking dry lips and shivering, not from cold, and not because of the sheen of sweat that I was suddenly coated with, but from a crazy sense of loss now that my climax had passed. I was still juddering with orgasmic aftershocks that every tiny move of the fingers that still remained inside me. She made to remove them, but I clamped my hand around her wrist and shook my head.

“No, sweetheart.” I gasped. “I’m not done yet.”

She cocked her head to one side in mute query, looking into my face with surprise in her eyes. I hadn’t even realised it myself, but I was far from finished. It was as if my climax wasn’t over, but had just subsided into the background for the moment.

“I can cum again, if you can keep going.”

Hayley studied my face silently for a few seconds.

“Can I kiss you?” She asked eventually.

“Of course you can, you don’t need to ask.” I wondered what had made her ask that. “You can kiss me anytime you like.”

A hint of a smile showed fleetingly across her face before she wriggled lower, inserting her shoulders between my open legs. For a moment I wondered what she was doing, but then I suddenly understood.

“Oh god, Hayley. Yes please. Do it.” I told her, opening my legs as wide as they would go.

Now she smiled properly as she removed her fingers and knelt between my knees, gazing down at my wet and waiting pussy.

“Ready?” She asked, knowing now that I realised what she intended and using the question to be sure of my agreement.

“Very.” I nodded and closed my eyes to await her kiss.

She leaned forward, and then her hands gently but firmly pushed my legs back out of the way, folding them right back to give herself better access. I reached down with my eyes still shut and hooked my hands behind my knees, holding them out of the way and freeing Hayley’s for whatever she wanted to do.

She moved forward a little further, and I felt her forearms rest on the back of my thighs, her hands stroking my skin. Then for a few seconds nothing happened, except that I thought I could detect a cool waft of her breath on my skin and adrenalin coursed through me as I realised her mouth was only inches from my pussy. With my legs bent back like that I was totally exposed and I was thrilled to know that she was again looking at all of me from so close up, as she primed herself to go down on me.

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