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Kristy and Amanda were best friends enjoying the summer after their high school graduation. Both were eighteen and this was their last summer before going off to college.

Amanda’s father owned a cabin on a lake in Minnesota and Kristy was staying the weekend. Both girls were enjoying the sun and water when Amanda’s boy friend showed up.

Kristy decided to give the two a break and go watch a little TV.

Kristy walked through the kitchen and into the living room where the TV was already on. She gasped out loud and stood frozen as if time had stood still.

On the couch was Amanda’s father (Bill), naked, stroking his enormous cock while watching an X-rated video. Both were shocked and embarrassed to see one another. Bill quickly covered himself with a blanket and Kristy just stood there beet faced.

“I’m soooooo sorry,” Kristy said. “I thought you were going into town?”

Bill laughed. “I thought you and Amanda were swimming?”

“Ever since my wife and I separated, I get real horny, and just have to masturbate,” Bill said. “Don’t you ever get that horny?”

Kristy quickly replied, “NO!”

“You mean that you don’t masturbate Kristy?” Kristy let out a nervous giggle and changed the subject. “I never seen one of those movies before.”

Bill smiled and watched the video of a couple doing it doggy style. “You haven’t ever seen a porno?”

“No,” Kristy said.

“I bet you’ve done that though, huh?”

Kristy confessed. “I have only had sex once and it was over so fast, I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Come here,” Bill said to Kristy smiling.

Kristy hesitantly walked around Gümüşhane Escort the corner of the couch. She was 5’6″, blond with deep green eyes.

“Turn around Kristy.”

Confused, she turned around in front of Bill in her skimpy bikini.

“Damn,” Bill said. “You have twice the body of that girl in the video.”

“You think so?” Kristy asked while posing nonchalantly.

“Oh yes,” Bill said. “Your tits are perfect. Can I see them?”

Kristy giggled . “No.”

Bill said, “Well, that’s not very fair. You got to see me naked, right? C’mon, I’ve seen lot of titties before. I bet you have the cutest little nipples too, huh?”

Kristy blushed and found the thought of undressing in front of him starting to turn her on. She pulled her string and carefully removed her top while still covering her breasts with her left arm.

“Don’t tease,” Bill said smiling.

Kristy stood in front of him, her toes slightly pointing together, innocently she revealed her perfect 34 B breasts.

“There beautiful, Kristy.” Bill said admiring them.

“You think so?” Kristy asked while kneading them together.

Bill extended his hand, “Come here Kristy, Come watch the movie with me.”

Kristy took his hand and sat next to Bill. She felt nervous, yet excited. She watched intently the couple on the TV. The woman was sitting on a table and the man was stroking his cock in and out of her shaved pussy.

Bill watched Kristy, her body language. She crossed her legs and her little puffy nipples were getting hard.

Bill reached over and uncrossed Kristy’s legs. He Gümüşhane Escort Bayan rested his hand on the inside of her left thigh.

Kristy stared at the screen as Bill grabbed her left hand and placed it under the blanket on his throbbing cock. Kristy wanted to pull away, but felt as though she couldn’t.

Kristy squeezed his cock hard, “It’s so big.”

Bill’s right hand found it’s way to the edge of Kristy’s bikini bottom. Kristy unconsciously opened her legs to give Bill easier access. He wiggled his finger just enough to feel just how wet she was getting.

Bill whispered. “Take them off.”

Kristy was starting to breathe heavy, and without hesitation, let go of Bill’s cock and slid them down and kicked them across the room.

Kristy pulled back the blanket and again grabbed Bill’s cock. Bill was already to explode. He was not only horny, Kristy was the source of his fantasies. All weekend long he watched as she paraded around with little on. He wanted that little hot body, and now she was grasping his hard on.

Bill paused the video as the woman was giving a blow job.

“Have you ever done that?” Bill asked.

Kristy smiled. “Yes, but I’m not very good.”

Bill turned the video off pause. “Watch Kristy.”

She studied the TV as Bill’s left hand found it;s way between Kristy’s legs.

“Touch yourself Kristy, right here,” as his finger parted her wet lips.

She rubbed Bill’s hand and fingers with hers massaging her swollen pussy.

Bill again paused the cassette. “Now, just repeat what you seen,” Bill said as he guided Kristy’s Escort Gümüşhane head to his waiting cock.

Kristy slowly licked his pre-cum and took the head of his cock in her mouth.

Bill moaned, and Kristy stopped. “Did I hurt you,” She asked.

Bill smiled, and guided her head back down. “Oh no. Don’t stop.”

Bill hit the remote off pause and watched as Kristy serviced him. Bill felt himself beginning to cum and pulled Kristy away.

The scene changed and the woman was getting her juices lapped up.

Bill knelt down in front of Kristy, grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the couch. He parted her lips with his tongue as Kristy tried to squirm away. He grabbed her and teased her slowly, parting her lips, working his way up to her swollen clit.

Kristy moaned, “Yessssss, right there.”

Bill slowly inserted a finger in Kristy’s tight little pussy. Kristy pushed her hips towards his finger begging him for more.

“OMG,” she said. “Please fuck me!”

Bill pulled Kristy on top of him to the floor. She waisted no time guiding him to her aching wetness. Both gasped as their bodies became one. Bill rolled her over so that he could kneel between her legs and watch his cock spit Kristy in two.

His fantasy was coming true. He watched her little pussy hold on as he thrust his cock in and out of her. Bill lay on her sucking on her nipples forcing his cock even deeper.

Kristy felt a feeling in her stomach she had never experienced before. She dug her nails into his back screaming, “Oh fuck, yeeeeeeeeeees, yessssssss.”

Bill ground hard on her little clit as he felt an explosion from within. His cock and pubic hair was being soaked from her massive orgasm.

He pulled out ,screamed with pleasure as he shot his load all over little Kristy. Bill knelt there, holding his cock in his hand, when a voice from across the room cried out, “Daddy?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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