Business Trip

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Nelson loved his job. He loved just about everyone he worked with. The only person who he couldn’t stand was CJ, the owner’s son. He was an arrogant cocky son of a bitch who charmed the women and smoozed the men they worked with. Nelson, on the other hand, was nothing but a tiny target for CJ’s toxic masculinity.

The worst part for Nelson was the fact he found CJ hot. He was model hot. With perfectly styled short black hair, a chiseled jaw he sometimes wore stubble on, bulging biceps and massive chest that threatened to shred his shirts if he just flexed a little.

Then there was his tree trunk legs and bountiful booty that stretched the fabric of his pants to the breaking point. Add to that his six foot height, and you had the perfect mix that got Nelson’s cock stirring. That was why he just grinned and bore it when CJ let in on him. He was too busy enjoying the view.

Nelson jacked off many a night to the thought of having CJ’s full red lips circling his shaft or plunging his dick into CJ’s plump ass. Even if CJ was Gay, Nelson reasoned, he wouldn’t be interested in him. Nelson was just a hair over five foot five with a slender swimmer’s body and shaggy brown hair.

It wasn’t like Nelson would get a chance to act on his urges. That was until the improbable happened. Nelson was being sent with CJ to meet with a potential client. Nelson wouldn’t have normally gone, but he had developed a close relationship with this client, and CJ was going to close the deal.

They landed, met with the client and sealed the deal in a matter of hours. Nelson knew a lot of it had to do with CJ’s looks and charm. They grabbed dinner before heading to their hotel. Nelson was surprised that CJ had been on his best behavior and nice to him the entire day, but once they got into their room, that all ended.

“Fuck.” CJ groaned when he stepped into the room. “They gave us a single bed.” He turned and looked at Nelson. Nelson saw that familiar glint in his eye that told him things were back to normal. “Good thing you’re small, so I’ll have plenty of room.” Nelson gritted his teeth. “Of course I might accidently fuck you in my sleep with you being so tiny.”

Nelson pushed past CJ, the straw finally breaking. “I’m bigger than you are, I bet.” Nelson mumbled as he grabbed his overnight bag and started rummaging for his shower stuff. “I’m taking a shower, no funny business. I’m tired and I’m not in the mood.”

Nelson looked over at CJ who was still standing in the entranceway, a dumbfounded look on his face. “What do you mean you’re bigger than me? You’re like half my size.” Nelson shook his head in disbelief. He again pushed past CJ to get to the bathroom and shut the door just as CJ repeated, “What do you mean you’re bigger than me?”

When Nelson came out of the shower, refreshed and clean in a pair of gym shorts and tank top, CJ was sitting on the bed scowling. “Ain’t no way you’re skinny little ass has a bigger dick than me.” Nelson rolled his eyes and put his stuff away. “I mean look at you. Look at me. Its proportions.”

“Go take a shower.” Nelson ordered, annoyed at the juvenile sulking. “I’m sure your cock is perfectly proportional for your size.” CJ smiled and stood, grabbed his bathroom stuff and headed to the bathroom. Just as he was shutting the door, Nelson decided to sneak in one last jab. “Of course, I’m still bigger than your proportions.”

Nelson didn’t know if it was true, but he took delight in knowing it got at him. “I’ll start calling him shorty in the office.” He mused while lying in the bed. He tried going through his emails on his phone, but he couldn’t stop wondering about CJ’s dick.

Nelson looked up when the bathroom door opened to see CJ standing there, towel around his waist, hair still damp and his massive chest heaving with a quiet anger. “I’m not small.” He sounded like he was on the verge of crying or screaming. Nelson did not respond, making CJ angrier.

He repeated himself louder. “I’m not small!” CJ yank the towel from around him, exposing his thick soft six inch cock. “See!” Nelson pointed his phone at him and took a quick picture before going back to his email. “Did you just take a picture of me naked?” His face was flush with anger.

Nelson sent the picture to himself then looked at CJ in his seething beauty. “I’ll look at it later when I might be interested in looking at your cock.” Nelson returned to his phone, knowing this would irritate CJ further. “Are you going to stand there naked all night?”

“It’s not small.” CJ snarled

“I didn’t say it was.” Nelson countered, flipping through his screens.

“Look at it! It’s not small!”

Nelson glanced over at CJ then back to his phone. “It’s not small.” Nelson waited a moment before adding, “It’s just not bigger than mine.”

“Liar.” CJ’s cheeks flushed red with anger. “There’s no way your dick is bigger than mine.” CJ stomped over to the bed. “Prove it. Show me your dick.”

Nelson bahis firmaları sat his phone on the nightstand. He looked over at CJ with disinterest. He had to admit that CJ naked was an impressive sight, with those perfectly rounded pectorals with dime size strawberry nipples jutting out. He let his eyes wander down his hard stomach and the hard ridges of his abdominal muscles.

“If I show you my dick and you see how much bigger it is than yours, your fragile male ego will shatter and I’ll have to deal with it all night.” Just then Nelson got an idea. It would either encourage or deter CJ. “How about if the loser has to drop to his knees and kiss the head of the winner’s dick?”

“Deal.” Nelson was looking forward to wiping that smug grin off CJ’s face. He got out of the bed, pulled his shirt off, twirling it around over his head before tossing it at CJ. “Quit with the stripper act.” Nelson moved around the bed, his thumbs in the waistband of his shorts. Every step he lowered them just a little.

When he was in front of CJ, he pushed them down. He smiled when he heard the gasp come out of CJ’s mouth. He was looking down at Nelson and his eight inch soft cock. “You can kiss it however you like, French, a quick peck or long and drawn out on the head.” Nelson was smiling triumphantly.

CJ’s shoulder slumped. Nelson put his hand on CJ’s shoulder and gently pushed him down. “A deal is a deal.” CJ began to drop down to his knees. “Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite, just spits.” Nelson took sinister delight in seeing CJ on his knees before him. “Come on, man. I don’t have all night. I’d like to get to bed.”

CJ said nothing. He pursed his lips together to give Nelson’s cock head a tiny little kiss, but Nelson had other plans. When CJ was close enough, he put his hand on the back of CJ’s head and pulled him forward while thrusting his hips forward. Nelson’s hard cock slipped right past CJ’s lips and battered the back of CJ’s throat.

CJ coughed and gagged, his body spasming wildly at the sudden intrusion into his mouth. “Sshh.” Nelson said, holding CJ’s head on his cock. “Relax. Take that cock like a good boy.” CJ’s body slowly began to relax as he accepted his fate. “Yeah, that’s it, CJ. My cock wanted a French kiss, with lots of tongue.”

CJ looked up at Nelson, his eyes red and watery from the choking and gagging. “If you don’t want me going to HR about you demanding to see my dick and walking around the room naked, you’re going to be a good boy and buy my silence by sucking my dick.” The crestfallen expression on CJ’s face told him everything. The man was broken and so easily.

Nelson began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking CJ’s mouth. “Use your tongue.” Nelson ordered. He felt CJ’s tongue mover along the underside of his shaft. “Good, boy. Next we’re going to try and open up that virgin throat of yours.” CJ’s eyes grew wide with panic and he let out a muffled cry.

“If you’re going to be my office cock sucker, you’re going to have to learn to take me in your throat.” Nelson rolled his eyes. “Now swallow.” Nelson pushed hard into CJ’s mouth, nearly popping past his gag reflex. “Again” Nelson pushed again. They repeated this over and over till Nelson finally pushed into CJ’s throat, sliding his cock down the man’s gullet and burying CJ’s nose in his pubes.

“That’s it.” Nelson sighed, feeling the pulsing of CJ’s throat around his cock. “Yeah, that’s a good fit.” Nelson kept CJ’s crushed to his groin till he began struggling for air. “You’ll get the hang of breathing with my cock in your throat.” Nelson pulled out just enough for CJ to inhale, then shoved his cock back down his throat.

Nelson continued battering CJ’s mouth, ramming his cock over and over again into CJ’s throat. Nelson could see that CJ’s cock was hard and dripping precum. Nelson smiled. “Who knew the boss’s son was such a good cock sucker?” Nelson closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of CJ’s tongue dancing across the underside of his shaft.

Nelson looked down at CJ. There was no mistaking the look of enjoyment on CJ’s face or his hard cock bobbing between his legs. CJ wasn’t even fighting him at this point. “Yeah, man. Take that dick.” Nelson moaned. Nelson pumped hard into CJ’s mouth before he pushed him off his cock.

“You fucking slutty whore.” Nelson smiled, crushing his mouth onto CJ’s. CJ was humping his hand, precum dripping like a faucet onto the floor. Nelson pulled back with a growl. “Fuck, I love that you’re a slutty whore, and you’re going to be my slutty whore from now on, aren’t you?”

There was this look of confusion on CJ’s face. Nelson sighed in frustration. “Get your ass up on the fucking bed.” CJ didn’t move. “Now.” Nelson put more force in his voice. CJ jumped to his feet and climbed on the bed. “That’s better. I don’t like repeating myself.” It turned him on even more that he had this control over CJ.

“This isn’t bonding, or bondage.” Nelson climbed kaçak iddaa on top of CJ. “This is me owning that pretty mouth and that big fat ass of yours till I decide I’m done with it.” Nelson took each of CJ’s hands and pinned them to either side of his head. “Keep them there if you know what’s good for you.”

Nelson’s mouth found the tender skin of CJ’s neck. CJ’s body jolted from pleasure, but he kept his hands in place. Nelson moved down, finding the strawberry red nub of CJ’s nipple. He chewed it lightly then sucked hard on it sending CJ writhing beneath him. He swirled his tongue over and over the sensitive nub.

Nelson continued down, alternating between kisses and sucking on CJ’s taunt flesh. Nelson raked his nails down CJ’s sides, causing the overgrown boy to moan like the proud slut he secretly was. Nelson knew it was the anticipation of a warm talented mouth around his cock that was driving CJ’s lust. Soon he’d be disappointed.

“Roll over.” Nelson ordered, getting off the bed and reaching into his bag. He glowered back at CJ when he didn’t move. CJ rolled over quickly, putting his jumbo muscled ass on display. He took a moment to enjoy the view before returning to between CJ’s muscled thighs. Nelson palmed the small tube of lube in his bag and got on the bed behind CJ.

Nelson dropped the tube on the bed, letting it settle beside CJ’s leg so he knew Nelson’s intentions. He knew CJ was confused and sex struck. That was why he just moaned and groaned. He was scared he’d tell Nelson to stop, and scared that he just might admit how much he liked what Nelson was doing.

Nelson ran a caressing hand over delectable orbs. CJ’s skin goosed from the touch. “When I’m done, you’re going to have the most intense orgasm of your life.” Nelson spread CJ’s cheeks, revealing the virgin pucker. “Get ready.”

CJ pounded his fist on the bed and moaned, “Fuck,” when he felt the strong press of Nelson’s tongue to his hole. He arched his ass up, wanting to give Nelson full access to his ass. In the back of his mind, he knew Nelson’s baseball bat would be slamming into him. It turned him on as much as it scared him.

Nelson lathered CJ’s hole with his tongue. He slipped a finger between CJ’ cheeks and gave the hole a tentative push. CJ gasped when Nelson’s finger slipped up to the first knuckle into him. Nelson smiled, wiggling his finger further in. He felt CJ tense then relax. Nelson added another finger then another.

Nelson grabbed the lube from the bed, flipped open the top and drizzled it onto his thrusting fingers, pushing the lube into CJ. Once he had CJ nice and lubed up, he pulled his fingers from CJ’s ass and slicked his own cock up. Nelson climbed up on top of CJ, resting his cock in CJ’s ass cleavage.

Nelson’s hips rose and fell, sliding his cock between CJ’s cheeks. He stroked CJ’s hair with one hand, the other slipped under CJ to toy with his nipple. “Oh, you’re going to love this.” Nelson whispered sweetly. His cock head caught against CJ’s hole then slipped out. “Relax.” He continued sliding his cock along CJ’s crevice, occasional catching his hole.

CJ let out a sigh and began pushing his ass back against Nelson. A few more passes and Nelson’s cock head lodged in CJ’s hole. The hand stroking CJ’s head pushed his head down into the pillow as Nelson slammed all twelve inches into CJ’s gut. CJ tried to buck Nelson off as he screamed in pain into the pillow.

“Sshh, relax.” Nelson rested his cock in CJ, letting him get used to the feel of his first cock buried in his ass. “Breath.” Nelson felt CJ’s insides spasming around him, trying to push him out. “Relax and breath or pass out, either way my dick is staying in there.” Nelson held tight, refusing to be bucked off.

CJ stopped flailing, his ragged breathing steadying. Nelson felt the squeeze around his cock ease up. “That’s it, get used to the feel of me buried in your ass.” Nelson removed his hand from CJ’s head. He kissed CJ’s shoulder blade gingerly. “You’re doing good for your first time. Next time you’ll do better.”

Nelson slowly raised and lowered his hips, his cock sawing into CJ. CJ grunted from the pain, but as Nelson continued those grunts turned into moans as the pain turned to pleasure. Nelson picked up his speed, his hips slapping against Nelson’s muscled ass. “Yeah, take my dick.” Nelson growled.

CJ kept his head buried in the pillow, muffling his moans. Nelson sunk his teeth into CJ’s shoulder, causing him to thrust his head back and yelp. “I want to hear you.” CJ tried to push his head back into the pillow, but Nelson grabbed a fist full of hair and kept his head up. “I want to hear you.”

Nelson relaxed his grip. To his delight, CJ kept his head up. Nelson kissed mark he left CJ’s shoulder. “Good boy.” He said before returning to fucking CJ’s ass in earnest. He’d alternate from short hard punches to long slow strokes where he pulled out till just the tip was in and slowly pushing kaçak bahis back in.

With each thrust, CJ moaned louder and louder. Nelson knew that CJ would be stroking off to the memory of this night that he’d be sniffing around for another “one time” encounter. He’d just have to make sure it happened sooner than later, and there was only one way to do that.

Nelson rose up on his knees, his cock sliding out of CJ. He smirked at the tiny sound of disappointment CJ made when the head slipped free. “Roll over.” Nelson ordered with a slap to the ass, watching his ass shake. He wanted CJ to look him in the eye while his cock ran him through.

Without a word, CJ clumsily flipped himself. Nelson, impatient and wanting to be back in CJ, caught CJ’ leg as he moved it over Nelson and grabbed his other leg. He held them in the air. CJ’s hard cock laid lewdly framed by his massive thighs, drooling onto his hard belly. He pressed CJ’s legs to his stomach, exposing his battered hole.

Nelson moved his hips forward, his cock finding CJ’s bull’s eye with ease. Nelson slipped in with ease, allowing him to skewer CJ with ease. He watched CJ’s eyes roll back in his head and his cock jump. CJ felt like a warm glove around his cock. Nelson rested CJ’s legs on his shoulders then pressed forward, folding CJ in half.

Nelson gazed down into CJ’s face. He saw the swirling of pleasure and confusion in CJ’s face. CJ’s mind was screaming for him not to enjoy himself while his body defied that order. He watched CJ open his eyes and entrapped him with his stare. CJ could not look away. He was the prey caught by the more skilled predator.

Nelson kissed CJ, their tongues tangling while Nelson humped furiously into CJ. The slap of flesh on flesh filled the room. Nelson sucked on CJ’s lower lip before raising back on his knees. His balls were threatening to explode deep in CJ. He took hold of CJ’s throbbing cock and starting jerking him in time with his thrusts.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum.” CJ moaned softly. Nelson sped up his thrusts and strokes. “I’m going to cum.” CJ groaned a little louder. Nelson could feel CJ begin to clamp down on him. “I’m going to …” CJ’s cock exploded in Nelson’s hand, ropes of white cum splatting over CJ’s chest. “Ugh! Fuck!” CJ bellowed, thrashing about.

Nelson felt CJ’s ass clamp down on his cock. “Damn, fuck, fuck, fuck!” Nelson pumped hard into CJ, his own cock erupting in CJ. He kept pumping into CJ, making sure he had emptied his balls in CJ before he finally pulled out his semi hard cock. He fell beside CJ breathless. “Damn, I can’t wait to fuck that ass again.”

CJ was silent for a moment, still in his own orgasmic bliss. The words finally registered a few minutes later. “We’re not going to do that again.” Nelson let out a chortle. “I mean it, Nelson. I’m not Gay. That was a onetime thing. I’m not letting you fuck me again. I’m not into dudes.”

Nelson rolled onto his side and ran a finger down CJ’s chest, through the wet sticky cum, down his stomach, past his spent cock and between CJ’s legs and into his cream filled hole. CJ gasped in pleasure. “Oh, we’re doing it again.” CJ wiggled his finger inside CJ. “You know you want my dick in you again.” Nelson stroked his prostate. “Say it.”

CJ held out for as long as he could. He couldn’t deny the pleasure Nelson had given him, or the pleasure he was giving him. His cock was growing hard again from the internal massage. When he finally relented, his voice was filled with shame and need. “I want you to fuck me again. Please, Nelson, stop. I admit it. I want your dick in me again.’

Nelson pulled his finger from CJ. “All in due time.” Nelson got out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. He left CJ pondering his words as he washed his dick off and wetted a towel to clean up his new slut toy. “You suck and take dick like a pro.” Nelson teased when he came back to CJ.

CJ watched Nelson as he wiped the sticky off his body. “Next time I’ll take my time and really enjoy you and your body.” Nelson tossed the towel onto the floor. He straddled CJ, his limp cock resting on CJ’s stomach. He ran his hands up CJ’s body and back down again. “Let’s keep this to ourselves, there’s no need for us to be office gossip.”

Nelson leaned down and kissed CJ. CJ’s body went stiff then relaxed. He put his arms around Nelson, holding him close. “Damn, I love your body.” Nelson rutted against CJ’s body. “If we didn’t need to get some sleep.” He pecked CJ on the lips then rolled off him.

“Nelson,” CJ said softly, a hint of need in his voice, “does this make me Gay or bi?”

“No.” Nelson yawned, climbing under the sheets and turning out the light on his side of the bed. “That makes you something different. That makes you my bitch. Now get under the covers and turn out the light.” CJ did as he was told. When he was under the sheets, Nelson spooned him, resting his limp cock against CJ’s ass.

CJ let out a sigh and put his hand on the one Nelson had on his stomach. “Do you think we’ll have time to fuck before we head to the airport?”

Nelson smiled. He had him hooked. “Maybe. Now get some sleep. You’ll need your energy if we do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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