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The following account is based on an amalgamation of experiences I had during several business trips. Most took place in Chicago, but some come from several other trips to various cities across the country.


Some characters are composites, but I thought it would make a more entertaining narrative rather than just emptying my memory banks. I hope you find it worth your time.


The story depicts sexual situations between men and older teens. Please move on if you are not permitted to access such material or find it distasteful.


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Thank you to Kevin Sting, author of The Roommate Problem, for his encouragement.



Business Trip Friends

By Quentin ail)

Chapter Four

The sauna and steam room are next to each other in virtually every gym or spa I”ve been in. Here, they were on opposite ends of the locker room. As I reached for the handle on the glass door, I noticed a sign in several languages admonishing people to rinse away their mess after they shave. It took me a few seconds to realize that they weren”t referring to shaving faces.


I opened the glass door and saw the largest steam room I had ever encountered. It was probably 20 by 40 feet, lined with white subway tiles. There were two rows of wooden benches along the longer walls. A couple of large pillars were in the center, each with a shower head and a pull chain release.


I think there were two guys in when I first entered: one way down on the left wall and one not too far from the door on the right. I went two-thirds down on the right and lay down on my tiny towel. The room wasn”t very steamy, though it was moist and hot. I nodded a greeting to the other two as I situated myself. We didn”t say anything, as I recall. The guy on my side near the door was also reclined. I guessed he was about my age at the time, early 30s.  The guy on the opposite was sitting with his legs widely splayed. He was smaller and looked to me to be college-age or early 20s. I didn”t stare at either, though I wanted to. 


After a few minutes of silence, I remarked that it wasn”t much of a steam room and asked if there were a control to make it a little steamier. The younger guy agreed and said there was a control on the far wall, but they couldn”t figure it out. He said he didn”t want it too hot because he”d rather stay for a longer time. I agreed. I”m not too fond of extremely hot saunas or steam rooms.


I recall looking at the controls and asking the younger guy what they had tried. He stood up and came next to me. He was maybe 5″6″ or 5″7″ tall, with dark, loosely curled hair, round, arched eyebrows, and the world”s most adorable dimples! He was fit and perfectly proportioned, in my expert opinion. Not tons of muscle mass, but nicely developed. All in all, he was cute as fuck. 


The two of us fiddled with the controls, and bursts of steam came streaming out from several nozzles around the room, including one firing directly to where I had been lying. I picked up my towel, looking for a place out of the direct line of fire. The other guy cheered on our successful efforts as I moved to the opposite side of the room to sit near the younger guy. The steam nozzles created enough noise that it wasn”t comfortable conversing across the room.


I introduced myself. He said he was Matthew from Minneapolis. We talked about what brought each of us to Chicago. He was a master”s candidate in urban studies in Erzurum Escort town for a conference. The other guy moved toward us, staying on the opposite wall, but he was close enough to participate in some of the conversation. I”m terrible, but I didn”t pay much attention to the other guy because I was in love with Matthew from Minneapolis. So, so cute! The other guy was fine, but he wasn”t Matthew.


The steam turned off after a few minutes. The temperature was at a level that satisfied all of us, with a lot of moisture hanging in the air. I swung around on the bench to face Matthew from his right side. My right foot was on the floor while my left leg lay bent on the bench. I was leaning back on my hands to support my weight. 


We were all working up a sweat. A fourth man entered and sat pretty close to the man I ignored. I recognized him as the naked muscle man from the lounge. Perhaps I was too hasty in judging his appearance before. His face was rather handsome upon another look. He was no competition for Matthew from Minneapolis. Nobody could compete with Matthew.


Muscle man seemed familiar with the other guy. It turned out they were both in the steam room before and found it lacking steam, so they moved on. The other guy noted that Matthew and I had discovered the secret of the controls, and muscle man gave us appropriate accolades. Matthew stood to take a bow and bade me join him. He grabbed my hand to raise it in the air, and I felt dizzy at his touch.


When we returned to the bench, we were sitting close together. He smiled with those irresistible dimples. I noticed that he was fully erect now. His nice cut cock tapped on his almost concave lower abdomen. His cock was perfectly proportioned to the rest of his body.


The steam came back on every few minutes. Muscle man noted that his companion had a lovely sheen, wiping sweat from the guy”s chest and stomach. The guy said that his balls were sweaty, too. Muscle man laughed and apologized for ignoring them. He grabbed the guy”s ball sack and continued to play with it. The other guy sat back with a smile.


Matthew”s cock was tapping with his heartbeat, and I saw a drop of nectar forming at the tip. I didn”t want to miss an opportunity, so I asked if I could taste it. He smiled an adorable bashful smile, then nodded. I leaned over without a moment”s hesitation.


His cock was made for my mouth. Maybe my mouth was made for his cock? I was able to take all of him in my throat. He wasn”t thick and probably less than six inches, so I had room to move my tongue around. After just a few minutes, Matthew pulled my head away from his cock. I was devastated. I asked if I had done something wrong.


He panted and said no, just the opposite. I was about to make him cum, and he wanted it to last. He asked if we could slow down. I ran my hands over his gorgeous thighs and leaned in to kiss him. He reciprocated. Yay! Someone who likes to kiss.


We made out for a while. I was hard, too. Muscle man and the other guy were watching us, smiling. Muscle man was still playing with the other guy”s hard cock as well as his own. The other guy didn”t reciprocate. I thought that was rude, but muscle man didn”t mind, so who was I to judge?


Matthew decided it was time to get back to work, so we sucked each other. I lay on my back while he straddled me. The bench wasn”t deep, so he had one foot on the floor and one knee above my head.


He didn”t take long to fire a few small loads Erzurum Escort Bayan into my mouth. It wasn”t a lot, but it was excellent. Bless his heart, he kept working on me. I typically fire cum over my head on the first shot — at least I did back then — so I wanted to warn him before I blasted, but my orgasm got away from me.


I heard Matthew gurgle as he swallowed my load while I caressed his ass and lapped up a few remaining drops of cum from his pretty penis. We parted and sat next to each other again. Our friends still hadn”t cum.


Matthew seemed to get a sudden case of buyer”s remorse. He looked a little embarrassed and distressed. His dimples disappeared. I felt terrible for him. I had been happy as a clam. He made some kind of excuse about having to get up early in the morning and left the steam room.


My husband left me! We were going to get married, run off to Tahiti and live happily ever after, me drinking coconut milk from his dimples. I thought we had it all planned out? 


I didn”t run after him. I just sat in my funk for a while. The guy that muscle man was wanking didn”t notice anything because he had his eyes closed, basking in the favor bestowed on him. Muscle man just shrugged at me as if to say, “That”s life.” 


As Matthew walked out, I hadn”t noticed two middle-aged guys coming in. I think they were Korean. They sat on my side of the room but not too close to me. They seemed reasonably well put together. They joined in watching muscle man milk an impressive load out of his passive friend. The guy”s chest and stomach were almost completed coated with semen. He finally said thank you to his masturbator but otherwise remained motionless, letting his substantial load drizzle down his front.


After muscle man saw the other guy through his orgasm, he switched to jacking himself with his cum-slicked hand. He was a grower, sliding his fist along an almost 9-inch erection. He wasn”t super thick, but his cock was as hard and beautiful as the rest of his body.


He didn”t masturbate with urgency, and we could tell he was savoring every second that he pleasured himself, smiling and sighing as he ascended the mountain to nirvana.


In about three minutes, he started grunting and erupted. He didn”t fire ropes of cum as much as spray drops and droplets all over himself, including several on his face. By the time he was done, he had sprayed all over himself, but it was probably less than half the volume of the other guy or about equal to what I usually produce.


He looked beautiful with his muscled body flushed with orgasmic bliss, sparkling with his self-administered anointing of cum, and his long penis sticking straight out, his glans still entirely outside his foreskin. I chastised myself for my initial underestimation of his attractiveness.


Muscle man panted for a minute, then smiled and nodded at the Korean guys who watched him with bemusement. Then he turned to me. “It seems your friend had a change of heart? That”s a shame. Some guys do that. It must be a biochemical thing.” 


The other guy finally opened his eyes and stood up, saying, “I had fun, bud, but I”m calling it a night. Are you sticking around?”


Muscle man said, “Yes, now that our friend got the steam flowing, I plan to soak it in after I cool down.” 


“Ok, have a good time. And thanks for the hand.”  


The other guy had a sheen of cum running down his front, with a Escort Erzurum bit dripping off his chin. He walked to me, straddling my left knee so he could grab my shoulder, and thanked me for getting the steam control working. I watched briefly as cum ran down the front of his thighs, off his cock, and dripped off his balls onto my left thigh.


As the man went on about having almost given up on the steam room until I figured out the controls, I saw more cum forming a string on its descent to my thigh. I decided to be bold and ran my hand along his balls and cock to claim some of his cum.


I maintained eye contact with him as I ate his cum. He kept his hand on my shoulder without reacting to what I had done.


I slid my index finger horizontally up his torso, squeegeeing more cum from his as I told him I was glad to have been of assistance. I stopped talking long enough to lick my finger clean as we kept our gaze locked on each other. Again, no reaction to my touch or my eating his cum, except that he leaned in a little closer to me.


He asked if my friend was going to return. He had his eyes closed during much of my session with Matthew, so he was unaware of my abandonment.


I decided to eliminate the middleman, so instead of using my finger, I leaned in and licked more cum from his torso. I moved my face around so I could get a good coating. I loved the combination of his tangy cum and salty sweat.


After I swallowed, I explained that Matthew said he had to get up early and left, but I thought he got embarrassed, and that”s why he walked out. We were still pretending that this was a completely run-of-the-mill social interaction.


“That”s a shame,” he said as he leaned in again, twisting his torso to the other side to offer me more of his cum. Who was I to refuse?


I licked from his hip to his chest several times as he spoke, always turning to give me easy access to his body. “Our culture has screwed up most men regarding their sexuality,” he observed. “Why should the enjoyment of a sexual encounter between friends � or even strangers � be taboo or some cause of shame? You both enjoyed sucking each other”s cocks, right?”


I was swallowing more of his slightly used cum at the moment, so I just nodded and hummed.


“Then why must it mean anything more than that? He came in your mouth. You came in his. Yum-yum, eat it up. Let”s talk about the weather.”


I laughed and agreed with him. I saw a glob of cum on his penis, so I opened wide and put the deflated four inches in my mouth. There was enough room to swirl my tongue around to get all the flavors he had to offer.


“See, like us: you seem to like having a cock in your mouth, and I like having a mouth on my cock. We can satisfy each other. Just so you know, it takes me some time to recharge, and I have to get back to my wife, so there”s no chance of a second course tonight. Maybe we”ll run into each other again.”


I suckled for a few moments and then released his cock. “Maybe we will. If not, it”s been nice meeting � and tasting � you .”


He chuckled. “Nice meeting you, too. And thanks again for fixing the temperature. Have a good night.”


Then he went to the Korean guys and spoke to them in Korean, which shocked everyone. It was just a short greeting or goodnight as he left the steam room. I stood as well, saying that it was time for my cool-down. Muscle man asked if I was coming back.  I told him I intended to. He asked if I would mind notching up the steam setting just a little more. I did so, then left for a shower and a break in the club room.


If you enjoyed this, you may enjoy my other stories: Rabbit Hole and Life at Warren Hill



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