Bursting Ash’s Bubble… Butt

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This is the 5th adventure in the sexual tales of Ash, a cute blonde 32 year old married mother. In order, the previous stories were; A Round of Milk for Everyone, A Round of Milk for Everyone CH 2, Undercover Slut, and Elderly Ecstasy. Please enjoy and vote if you like them.

Bursting Ash’s Bubble….Butt!

After the assisted living incident, Detective Ashley made it a personal vendetta to catch Peggy, not only for her thefts against the elderly men, but also for drugging her and orchestrating the intoxicated sex gangbang. In less than two weeks, a sting had been set up with a retired detective posing as a new resident and both Peggy and Edgar were arrested. She told her work partner Erin, “That will teach her to fuck with me.”

Ash continued her life as normal. However, a problem remained and even though Ash was angered at being violated, she was always aroused by all her sexual incidents of late. She never revealed that to anyone but being used by a large group turned her on so much she would masturbate thinking of it late at night when the kids were asleep and her husband at work. She would let her imagination run wild then think to herself, Why do I love being so slutty and enjoy being gangbanged so much? Whatever the answer might have been, she would curl her toes, clench her body and have powerful orgasms to those thoughts. It was emotionally exhausting so she decided to take a few days off and lose herself in exercise.

As an ex-athlete and an avid fitness fanatic, Ash loved to work out, get her sweat going in order to clear her mind and get the endorphins flowing. Her favorite means of exercise was attending spinning class which had been getting less often while trying to juggle work, a household, time with her husband and motherhood. Riding that stationary bike gave her a sense of freedom, a sense of control, and drove her heart rate up to where she felt alive. She would laugh and joke, “It also keeps this ass tight for Charles.”

Hoping to trade the adrenaline gained from nasty group sex for the adrenaline rush from spinning. It was early on a Monday morning and both she and her husband had the day off. It was a great opportunity for Ash to slip out and go to spinning class while Charles watched the kids. She decided not to pump her tits but just double up on sports bras to give her extra support for those milk filled DDs.

“Why are you wearing those old leggings? Look how loose the stitching is on your ass. They are going to split open any day. Throw those things away and I will get you new ones,” her husband sweetly offered, standing behind his wife, watching her put on eyeliner while looking in the mirror.

She didn’t answer quickly until she put her long blonde hair in a ponytail then smiled, “I love how these fit me. They are so comfortable. If someone gets an eyeful, well then they can consider that an early Christmas present on, me.” She kissed him and giggled, “But feel free to buy me more anyway.” Grabbing her water bottle, duffle bag, and keys, she slapped her ass, “I gotta keep this fine machine looking good,” and then out the door she went.

Once she entered the Soul Cycle building, she took off her sandals and slid her white ankle socks over her cute light lavender painted toes before putting on her spinning shoes. Locating her bike in one of the middle rows, she was getting her settings prepared with several of the usual workout people present doing the same. Some of the people she recognized were the large middle aged woman to her right, the older couple to her left, two high school girls in front of her and two of the three Polytechnic college kids directly behind her. Additionally there were a few others she had never seen before.

In walked the instructor full of pep and energy as usual. Mackenzie, who everyone referred to as Macke, was a fit lady in her early fifties whose body was cut and her face wrinkled from years of sun damage. She wore an 80s frosted hair style and would belt out commands in her feminine raspy voice. Her huge tits were so fake that they looked like volleyballs in her bra and never moved even while riding.

Chad, one of the college students, joked quietly to his friend Kyle, “Macke looks jacked like a small dude with tits. She is fifty with the body of a thirty year old and the face of a sixty year old.” They both snickered under their breaths.

Right before they started, the third member of the college students walked in adjusting her clothing. Karlie was a chunky Emo 19 year old girl who wore all black, including her fingernails and dyed hair.

Chad, who was a 6’4, skinny, gangly, 20 year old, nerd with bad acne, greasy hair and a long neck that displayed a large Adam’s apple, asked, “Where have you been? We saw your car out there but thought you might have been abducted by aliens.”

Kyle, who was a small framed, 20 year old, standing 5’7, weighing 140 pounds, laughed at Chad’s corny inference and added his own which ağrı escort was even worse, “Yeah…or thought maybe Superman took you for his Lois Lane and flew you off to the Fortress of Solitude.”

“You two need to get a life. If I was going to be abducted, it would have been by the young George Clooney Batman,” responded Karlie in her usual dry wit sarcasm.

Macke shouted in her high gravelly voice, “People…let’s get going.”

The lights dimmed but not near as much as usual which seemed strange to Ash. She leaned forward, took hold of the handlebars and began her workout. Feeling her calves, thighs, and ass muscles tighten, she pedaled like she was riding in the Tour de France. Tired of her thong wedgies during her workouts, she would often not wear panties and this was one of those days.

Not quite sure but she thought she heard Chad say to Kyle and Karlie, “Fuck me! Look at it today! My tongue is wagging for that MILF’s ass!”

“Fuck yeah. What I would do to that ass would be criminal,” replied Kyle.

Ash for sure heard Kyle’s reply. She smiled internally and kept riding, lifting her ass just a little higher than usual for a teasing effect. Her legs were moving so fast that her tight butt cheeks looked like they were contracting with electrical currents. All three college kids were staring with their heart rates elevated and not just from the exercise.

“Pssst…guys! Look right between her legs. There is a hole in her leggings and I can see her Vjay,” smirked Karlie.

“Holy fuck…you sure can. Can you see it?” Chad asked excitedly.

Kyle squinted and tilted his head, focusing on the area in question then blurted, “Yes! I can see her slutty pussy lips. I want to see that asshole of hers.”

“You two both got boners! You won’t see her asshole with a round booty like that! You would have to pry those cheeks apart,” Karlie smirked at her own knowledge.

“With pleasure!”

“I would pry them apart with my tongue!”

Ash could hear every word and continued to flaunt her round goods in front of them. She knew that seam was starting to tear and when she said anyone could have a look, she meant it. Sweat was forming in her cleavage, down her back and in the crack of her leggings.

“I want to tear that bitch up! Damn she is so fucking hot I can’t take anymore!” Chad snarled then got off his bike and headed to the bathroom.

Finally, Ash stopped spinning and hopped off her bike for a big gulp of water through her large straw. Sucking down half the water bottle, she wiped her dripping face while heading to the restroom herself. Not paying much attention when toweling off, she opened the unisex bathroom door and caught Chad jacking off his long dick with both hands stroking quickly.

Angrily beating his meat, he was fantasizing to what he had just witnessed on the bikes, “Oh you want more of this Ash…you fucking whore? You are going to get it up your ass so far that you…..Oh!” Taking his hands off his dick, he tried to cover it up and snapped his knees together like a woman taking a pee when Ash had opened the door.

Ash hurried out awkwardly and looked the other way while closing her eyes, “Oh…I’m so sorry. I thought nobody was in here.” She closed the door and shook her head in disbelief. Both were embarrassed. Chad could not believe he forgot to lock the door and the very woman he was jerking off to had caught him. It was a complete nightmare.

Assuming that working out would give her some escape from her sexual desires was now out the window. Ash was sweet and refused to put people down but she also was honest and told things like they were. Now in her early thirties, she would never think of any college kid as attractive, especially a nerdy pimple-faced 20 year old along with his friends. She also knew there was a difference between sexual curiosity and desire. Listening to the three students make sexual comments about her and walking in on Chad jerking his meat to her had definitely piqued her interest.

With her rapid breathing starting to return to normal, Ash moved away from the bathroom and stood next to the yoga room. As she often did, she internally argued with herself, Ash…he is a dorky college kid…ewwww. But, he and the others want me badly. Stop it Ash, they are so…well, yuck is the right word. But, he was jerking off with both hands. I have never seen that before. That cock has to be so long.

While wrestling with her thoughts, Ash drank more water, dabbing sweat beads from the back of her neck through several loose strands of wet hair that had fallen down outside her hair tie. Her doubled sports bras were spotted wet under her massive tits and in her cleavage. When she also leaned back and patted the sweat between her tits, Kyle just about fainted. Staring from a distance, he thought that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

From out of the bathroom, Chad approached and tried to explain the reason so as not to ağrı escort bayan seem so awkward when she caught him in there jerking off to her, “I’m sorry that I forgot to lock the door. I know you probably think you heard me say your name but I have this girl in my class named Ash and…”

Ash quickly cut him off, “Save it. I know you were jerking off to me and this ass,” as she slapped the tight bubble booty through the leggings, she continued, “It’s ok. I work hard to keep this ass tight. That is why I’m here. Did you and your little friends get a good look from the back? I know why you are always behind me.” She turned around and bent over, revealing her flesh between the small hole in her tights, “Here, now you are up close and personal.”

He had no idea how to respond. He was caught and the jig was up and just as he stood there watching Ash’s ass just inches from him, the other two joined them. Ash addressed the approaching students, “Hey you two. I was just telling Chad here that I know why you three sit behind me every day in spin. It’s ok. Do you guys like this little hole back here too? I hope you got a good eye full.” She put her finger in it and moved it all around.

Ash was a little cocky to the college students. She knew she looked good and wanted to give them something to talk about. She also knew it was so wrong. Even though she wasn’t attracted to any of them, she found herself turned on and her pussy gooey. When she worked out, the endorphins would often run through her body and ramp up her horniness. There was something about getting the heart pumping that shot the blood flowing right between her legs.

“So what would you do to me if I gave you all a chance? I bet none of you have ever been laid.” Ash asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

Chad said, “I would make love to you so….”

She cut him off again, “Booooring. I don’t need a college kid making love to me. I have my husband to do that. What else ya got?”

Kyle said, “I would grab you and hold you down and fuck you so hard,”

“Now you’re talkin. I want more of that attitude,” Ash giggled.

She knew she was playing with fire because these geeks may never have that opportunity again. She was subliminally telling these young kids to give her their best shot if they have it in them. There also may have been a part of her that just believed it was all hype and no action. Knowing they wanted her, whether they would act or not, she was going to give them her best sass. Little did she know, they were like hyenas ready to pounce and waiting for the antelope to hurt its leg. Was she subconsciously offering for them to pounce? Even though she didn’t really know, she was pushing them to the edge to call them out.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Chad’s assumed long dick that she never actually saw. Right in front of the students, she bent over to remove her spinning shoes. She smiled and may have given a little extra ass wiggle with the small tear showing her left pussy lip flap. Once her shoes were off, she stood in her socks and they were so moist from sweat that when she took a few circle steps, they left little damp footprints on the floor.

Looking over her shoulder, Ash threw one last bit of antagonization to the students, “I am not protected so if any of you were brave enough to try something, which I know you aren’t, it would have to be in this ass you keep staring at.” she giggled, slapped it again and turned to walk away.

Chad scooped her up and said, “I will show you what I will do then. You want it…then you are going to get it you little slut. Kyle! Open the door to the yoga room.”

He was so skinny, he struggled to carry the 130 pound detective the traditional way so he basically tossed her up over his shoulder like a bag of salt. Once inside the room, Chad almost dropped her on the mat but he was able to awkwardly lay her on her stomach. The other two gathered around while keys could be heard locking the door. It was Macke helping the students to their desired privacy.

Ash didn’t feel threatened in any way but more anxious to see what these nerdy students planned on doing with her. Her pussy was oozing sweet precum nectar in anticipation, “So what now? You guys have me in here all alone. Who is going to make the first move? I bet you are all talk and no action like a bunch of pussies.”

Her words only dared the college students more. She wanted to see them put up a fight so she started to get up and walk away like a cantankerous brat but as soon as her knees slid under her body, Chad grabbed her hands and held them to the yoga mat.

Struggling with Ash’s strength, Chad angrily pleaded with his friend, “Kyle, don’t just stand there, come here and help me. Pull her legs out and sit on them.” Pulling her ankles, Ash’s legs straightened and Kyle sat on her toned calves. keeping her from kicking.

“Now who is a bunch of pussies?” Karlie blurted.

Ash continued escort ağrı her sass, “It takes two guys to hold me down and you, Girlie, what are you going to do?”

With both guys facing each other on opposite ends of Ash who was in the superman flying position, Chad pointed with a head nod, “Look at this MILF’s ass, staring at us. I think we need to show it who is in control.”

Her shapely butt inside her tight worn leggings, stuck up like a speed bump in the road. There was a damp sweat trail soaked along her crack. At that point, none of them had a plan but to the guys’ surprise, Karlie fell to her knees beside Ash and squeezed her ass cheeks together like she was examining their density.

“Damn! These are amazing! I wish my ass would get this hard just from spinning,” announced Karlie before she slammed her face into the detective’s lycra covered butt.

Using her mouth to probe the smooth material, Kyle commanded his young friend, “Karlie! I had no idea you were into girls. That’s hot! Get it girl! Eat it!”

Karlie was loving Ash’s booty. She couldn’t get enough of it and moved her face around, carefully nuzzling each section before opening her mouth wide. She clamped down and bit into the right cheek.

“Ouch! You bit my ass you little gothic slut!” Ash shouted.

Raising her head, Karlie warned, “We’re gonna do more than that.” She then walked over and on the small table, just happened to be a pair of scissors next to a few stacked towels.

She snipped them loudly in the air hearing that metal rub together as she walked, “We need to get those tights off that bubble ass so we can have a better look.”

On the outside, it seemed like Ash was being raped but she was actually mesmerized by the thought of these presumed virgins and what they were capable of doing, if anything. She wasn’t endorsing it but she wasn’t stopping it either so to her it was a challenge….a dare. All in all, her horniness was in charge, not her rational thinking and her curiosity about the size of Chad’s dong was weighing heavily on her mind as well. In addition to her body wet with workout sweat, her pussy was soaked in arousal. With the two nerd guys still holding down Ash’s appendages, Karlie sat up on the back of her thighs. Sticking her finger through the little torn hole in Ash’s leggings, Karlie tried to widen it by circling the outline.

As the seam tore a little bigger, Karlie chuckled then dipped her finger in Ash’s closed slit, “I knew it! This bitch is wet” She pulled her finger out and held it up for the guys to see the white goo, “See. Look at that cum on my finger. This MILF whore can’t help but get her pussy soaked just by the thought of your two pumping her ass!” She then smacked Ash’s butt hard and rhetorically asked, “You want that ass fucked, don’t ya? Don’t ya?”

Ash was squirming and grunted her response, “Of course I do but by some hot guys who know how to handle their business…not a couple of computer geeks whose only sexual experiences is whacking off to computer porn.”

Chad was furious and demanded Karlie, “Cut those leggings off this mouthy whore so we can show her how we handle our business.”

Karlie dipped one blade in the torn pants gash ready to cut. Ash’s leggings were so tight on her round booty that as soon as Karlie started to snip, the seam began tearing open on its own up the length of her crack ahead of the scissors like when slicing through Christmas wrapping paper. Once the tearing stopped on its own, Karlie tore open the leggings, revealing Ash’s tan line across the small of her back and her sweaty bare ass with the circular teeth prints left by her bite.

“Good God! Look at it! It is even better than I imagined it to be. I would use a picture of this asa my fucking screen saver,” gasped Karlie right before she again plunged herself down and shoved her face between the sweaty bare cheeks.

Both boys were taken back. Karlie did not waste time on Ash’s butt cheeks, she was mashing her face between them trying to get to that asshole. Prying the sweaty cheeks apart with her hands, her tongue found its target. Ash’s squirming was a lot less but as soon as Karlie’s warm, wet tongue smooshed up against her puckered star, she stopped completely as if to say, “ahhhhhh.”

A faint muffled moan could be heard escaping Karlie’s confined lips while she rimmed Ash’s anus, “Mmmm…mmm…mmmmmmmm!” One would have thought she was trying to slurp up the last remnants in a bowl of soup.

Of course no one could see it but Ash could feel Karlie’s tongue waving like a flag in the wind, touching all her sensitive nerve endings in that area. It would circle then lap at it, coating her entire sphincter with spit with each individual lick. The amazing sensation caused Ash to completely stop squirming and just enjoy being rimmed. She loved getting her asshole licked by her husband but this girl was taking it to an entirely different level.

Ash wished she could spread her legs and give Karlie better access. Physically her tongue felt amazing and for Ash what made it even hotter was that Karlie was doing that even after her body was dripping in sweat. Karlie was in lust mode and was eating Ash’s sexy bubble ass like a zombie on a brain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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