Burned Ch. 08

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Leah put her bikini top on before she would agree to follow mom into the house. As nonchalantly as possible under the circumstances, I led the way into the kitchen. Mom stood at the counter with her back to us. She had put on a cover up. My eyes were drawn to her ass. Her skimpy black bikini bottom was visible through the translucent white fabric.

Tequila, triple sec, and Grand Marnier bottles stood in a straight line on the counter. She poured a gold tinged mixture from a large pitcher into three salt-rimmed glasses.

“Margaritas?” she asked as she turned and offered the drinks to us. The cover up helped, but only slightly. Her breasts were barely obscured by the thin material.

Leah took the glass, looked at her drink, looked at Mom’s chest, looked at me, looked back at her drink, raised it to her lips and drank it straight down. Mom chuckled quietly, took the glass from Leah’s outstretched hand and poured another.

After handing Leah the refilled glass, she raised her own to her lips, slowly licked the salted edge with the tip of her tongue, and then took a sip. She leaned back against the counter, and stretched. “Um, I love these margaritas, don’t you?” she asked as her eyes opened and caught me cold, staring at her chest.

My first margarita disappeared almost as rapidly as Leah’s. Mom leaned slowly forward, her breasts shifted and hung dependently from her torso. She watched my eyes follow the shifting sway of her tits as she took my glass.

With drinks flowing, Mom orchestrated what turned out to be a very pedestrian barbecue session on our back deck. She had me grill the burgers, Leah prep the lettuce, tomatoes, onions and condiments, while she mixed fruit salad.

“Your mom and dad called today Leah. The tear down of your house was completed yesterday. Rebuilding will start in earnest very soon I expect.” Mom informed us.

Leah was obviously relieved by the neutral direction Mom had taken the conversation. The level of tension fell dramatically.

“Yeah, Mom has kept me up to speed on how things have been going. My Dad has been worried about getting a good contractor since so many people need to rebuild at the same time. He’s had trouble lining one up.”

“You’re Uncle Hal and he have been talking quite a bit. Uncle Hal has decided to fly out and help with the rebuild of your house. He will help your Mom and Dad with the contracting, behind the scenes, but be there to get it going and then help day to day by phone. He’ll fly out at various stages as needed to personally review progress and quality.”

My Dad is a very successful contractor. He started out in residential building and after several years expanded into commercial projects as well. As his business grew, his company merged with a couple of others and he now has big projects in other cities as well. He has been incredibly busy with overseeing and growing the business. Even though he is the senior partner, he really hasn’t let up. I guess he looked at helping Kay and Jack as just one more project. No big deal. But, more time away from home and more time away from Mom. That is a big deal, at least to Mom.

“Wow, that’s pretty sudden. You OK with that? When does he leave?” I asked surprised.

I’m sure Mom would never say no, but I knew she wasn’t happy about this. She and Dad have an ongoing and bitter dispute about him being away from home so much. Every time he seems to slow down and turn over more responsibilities to the other partners, another project pops up that requires his personal oversight resulting in more time away from home and more time away from Mom.

“He is willing and able, and Aunt Kay and Uncle Jack are in a tight spot. Your Dad can help and so he should. Yes, I’m OK with it. He has some lose ends to tie up this week. He’ll probably fly out this weekend.”

It was grudging approval at most, more like politically correct approval.

She looked directly at me and dropped the bombshell. “They want Leah to come with your Dad to spend a few days.”

Leah gasped. We looked at each other in shock. Leah quickly recovered. “That’s great. I miss them so much. It’ll be good to see them,” she said actually sounding excited.

My heart sank. I hadn’t even considered if and when Leah’s parents would want her to come home. I was not ready to be separated from her.

We fell into talking about new homes, new construction, timelines and the complexities of obtaining building permits, codes and inspections. As we talked I could tell Leah was becoming more and more interested in the building process of her new home. As the evening passed, I became excited and happy for her. The idea of a new home after the horror of losing the home she grew up in was a very welcome shift of emotions.

I knew she missed her parents and friends. I told myself to be happy for her. I still had an ache in the pit of my stomach. I focused on the fact Mom had said “for a few days.” I could handle that, couldn’t I? I was happy for her, but I knew I’d miss her terribly.

Mom stood up, walked over and nonchalantly casino ┼čirketleri retrieved the bikini top she had discarded earlier in the afternoon. “I’m going to shower and get ready for bed. I had one or two too many margaritas for me. Do you guys mind cleaning up?” She turned and walked into the house as we mumbled our assent.

“Ok, what the hell?” Leah asked with consternation.

“I’m not really sure,” I responded.

“We have to talk Chris. What do you think is going on with your mom and more importantly, what’s with you?”

“What do you mean?”

“You told me your mom touched my boobs and then you watched each other masturbate by the pool while I was asleep. And, I saw you staring at your mom’s boobs in the kitchen, and all evening. You couldn’t keep your eyes off them.”

“Fuck,” I thought to myself. I only looked a couple of times. Shit. I can’t help it; I’m a guy. Mom has a great body. I always look at her; she’s beautiful. She does have a great set of tits too. What can I say?

“Well, it caught me off guard. I thought she was covered and then clearly she wasn’t covered, and hasn’t been covered all evening! I’m a guy Leah. I look at your breasts as much as I can. Guilty. I’m a pervert. I’m fucking my cousin and ogling my mom. A grade A pervert, that’s me.”

Leah’s face fell into a look of profound sadness. Tears leaked from her beautiful eyes as she said accusingly, “You think I’m a slut. I knew it. I’m dirty and awful. I’m having sex with my cousin. What’s wrong with me? I must be sick.”

“Leah, I’m so sorry. I’m such an ass. You are not a slut. You are not dirty and awful. You are not sick. It doesn’t matter if we’re cousins. I love you Leah, I love you.”

I took her in my arms and hugged her tight. Her sobs subsided.

“Oh Chris. What’re we going to do? I’m so confused about us. What about your mom? Why didn’t she bust us? Why did she come on to you? Why did she touch my breasts?” Leah voiced what I was wondering. “We should be in so much trouble. But we drank, we ate and we talked like any other evening. This wasn’t any other evening.”

“I agree. Something is going on. She acted pretty nonchalant about my Dad going to California to help your parents. She’s been pretty upset with him and has demanded that he start turning more jobs over to his partners. I know he agreed, but he has been putting it off. Mom has been pretty tense lately even when my dad’s home. She gets really pissed when she finds out he’s taken on more work for whatever reason. Even though this project is for your parents, it’s still one more job that’s going to keep him away from home. Despite what she said, I can tell she’s pissed again.”

“Oh Chris, I knew your dad was gone a lot, but I had no idea there were serious problems between your parents.”

“Yeah. Maybe that’s what’s going on here. Mom found out about Dad agreeing to help your parents rebuild your house. She’s probably been stewing about it all day. But this is still very odd behavior, even for Mom.

“This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to act like nothing has happened. It’s in Mom’s court. Maybe things will go back to normal and we’ll forget today ever happened. You’ll go home and visit your parents and friends for a few days. Things will be cool when you get back. I will miss you terribly Leah, but it will be good for your family to be together.”

“Oh Chris. I hope you’re right. I love you Chris.”

“You go take a shower and get ready for bed while I clean up here.”

“OK, thanks Chris. Come say goodnight, Ok?”

“I wouldn’t miss it.”

I finished up with the barbecue mess and headed downstairs. I stuck my head into Leah’s room. She was on the phone. She looked at me and mouthed, “Mom and Dad.”

I nodded and mouthed back, “Shower.”

I took a hot shower and shaved. Leah was still on the phone when I finished. I crawled into bed and spooned up next to her. She snuggled firmly against me without hesitation. Relieved, I reached around and cupped her breasts in my hands. She put her hand over mine and pressed them firmly against her chest.

As she talked with her parents, I became a little envious. It was obvious they were very close. In my position, only my mom would have been on the phone. Dad was almost never around. Mom always takes care of family details.

“Goodnight. I love you both so much. I can hardly wait to see you tomorrow.”

“What!” I blurted after she disconnected. “I thought it was next weekend.”

Your dad called my parents earlier today and told them he has the tickets and we’re flying out tomorrow afternoon. Mom and Dad thought I already knew.

“Wow. Tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m going to do while you’re gone. I miss you already.”

Leah scrunched around to face me. “I love you too. I’m going to miss you so much.”

She kissed me and clung to me. “Chris, please make love to me,” she whispered.

I helped Leah get out of her pajamas then tossed my sleep shorts on the foot of the bed and took her in my arms. I pressed myself as tightly as I could casino firmalar─▒ against her body wanting to envelop myself with her presence. I caressed her and covered her neck with kisses. I gently licked and sucked her nipples into my mouth. I tickled her abdomen with my tongue as I worked my way to the center of her sex. Gentle kisses and touches of my tongue to her clitoris enticed her to press my mouth more and more tightly against her until she came with moans and sighs of pleasure.

She pulled me up urgently saying, “I want you inside me now Chris. I need to feel your penis fill me. Fuck me now.” She guided my cock to the opening of her pussy, wet with her excitement and my saliva. I penetrated with ease, her hips thrusting to meet and envelop my engorged cock.

We made love urgently knowing this was our last night together, for how long we didn’t know. I made a final thrust and climaxed. We held each other. I remained inside her. We fell asleep as one.

“Hey, sleepy heads, time to get up,” my mother said from the doorway.

We woke with a start realizing we had slept the night through, in the same bed, our entwined naked bodies barely covered.

“Uh, OK Mom, we’ll be up in a few minutes.”

Mom smiled, turned, and quietly went upstairs.

“Oh, oh. We kind of blew it there I guess,” I said to Leah.

“Maybe, maybe not. Does it matter? We know she knows. I just don’t get the silent treatment though. Very weird.”

We put cutoffs and tank tops on and went upstairs to face the music of the day. Mom had actually made pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and toast for breakfast.

“You kids sit down. I’ll have this ready in a minute,” Mom said without a hint of anything being out of the ordinary.

She served us hearty portions, poured coffee and OJ.

“Please guys, eat up,” she encouraged us. “By the way, Hal called earlier. Leah, he has a ticket for you. You’ll be flying out with him to the coast a little earlier than expected.”

“Yeah, Mom and Dad called and let me know last night.

I saw the tightening of Mom’s jaw, a sure sign she was ticked off. Leah had heard about the change in plans before she had. Not cool on my Dad’s part.

“Ok then Leah. Go ahead and get packed. You’ll need to head for the airport around one this afternoon. Your flight leaves at three. Uncle Hal will meet you at the airport.”

Mom stood and walked out of the kitchen. We heard the door of the master suite slam closed. Yep, she is pissed.

Mom stayed home. I drove Leah to the airport. I never did see Dad. I guess he had already checked in and gone through security. “I love you Leah,” I told her as I hugged and kissed her goodbye at the security checkpoint. “Call when you get there.”

“I will. I love you Chris.”

I watched and waved as she turned the corner and continued down the concourse out of sight.

A couple of minutes later, she texted, “I’m with your dad”.

I was beginning to understand why Mom was so upset Dad. I began to realize Dad tends to be pretty selfish and self-centered.

I drove home in a funk. It was mid afternoon. It was hot. I didn’t have anything to do. I decided to go for a swim.

I remembered that my suite was in the pool cabana shower where I had left it the night before. I walked through the kitchen to the living room and hesitated just before stepping though the door. Mom was on a lounge chair, topless, sunning, a glass of wine by her side.

“Fuck,” I thought. “I really need to cool off and burn off some tension by swimming 50 or so laps. Fuck. Mom, why are you out here?”

“Fuck it,” I thought. “Fuck her. I’m going for a swim.”

I opened the door, walked across the pool deck to the cabana and changed into my suit. Trying to ignore Mom, I dove into the pool and started to swim laps.

After 50 laps, much of the tension of the day had streamed out of my body into the pool water. I swam 10 more laps and called it quits. As I exited the pool, I glanced at Mom. She was on an elbow looking directly at me. Her naked breasts hung symmetrically on her chest, her large dark nipples lying prominently on the tanned flesh of each breast.

“Hi Chris. Everything go Ok at the airport?”

“Yes. No problem.”

I stepped over and took the offered towel. I wiped my face and chest dry. Mom leaned against the backrest of her chair, put her hands behind her head, the movement pulled her breasts high on her chest. Her dark areola tightened, her nipples slowly became full and erect. I realized I was staring and consciously raised my eyes to look at hers. She was staring at my crotch. My cock was hard. She saw the bulge.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with me,” I thought.

Mom’s hands slowly lowered and cupped her breasts. She teased each nipple with a thumb and smiled at the look of consternation that crossed my face. Her hands drifted down to her hips, thumbs hooked the edge of her bikini and slowly skinned it over her tight ass. She was naked.

She nodded as she looked at my crotch.

I knew what she wanted.


She g├╝venilir casino smiled, looked at my crotch and nodded again.

“Really Mom?” I asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“I’m not asking for more than what we did yesterday. I can see you’re excited. Please?”

“Mom, this is wrong. What’s going on?’

“Chris, I know you enjoyed it too. I enjoyed watching you enjoy it. Remember? I watched you cum, um, so nice. You watched me cum. You enjoyed that. Please. You’re fucking father… sorry. I need to get some release. It’s Ok. We’re just masturbating. Nothing more. Please Chris?”

And with that, Mom spread her legs wide, her crotch and pussy fully exposed in the late afternoon light. Her dark triangle of pubic hair was neatly trimmed and her outer pussy lips were shaved bare. She reached down and spread the long hanging inner pussy lips revealing the hole of her cunt.

My cock was full, hard and painfully erect. Mom rubbed herself slowly. My cock twitched violently against the restraint of my shorts.

Mom’s middle finger disappeared between the moist folds surrounding her entrance as her palm rubbed against her clit.

I removed my shorts.

Mom inserted a second finger into her cunt and groaned.

I grabbed my exposed and swollen cock.

Mom smiled as she watched me masturbate and began to work her clit in earnest. Her breasts rippled across her chest in response to the movements of her masturbation.

My balls rose up tight against the base of my cock. I stroked my dick. I watched with mounting excitement as Mom fondled her tits and nipples with one hand and worked her pussy and clit with the other.

I pumped my cock with increasing speed as I stood over and watched my mother pleasure herself, fingers wet with her own excitement.

I exploded. Ropes of cum shot out of my cock and splattered across Mom’s thighs.

Mom groaned and sighed with pleasure as she humped her pelvis against fucking fingers. She screamed as she came.

I collapsed into the chair at her side, exhausted by both the physical release and the emotional turmoil of the masturbation sex with my mother.

After a few minutes of recovery, Mom stood. I watched with morbid fascination as my white semen ran down her legs. She stepped to my chair, reached down and grazed my softening cock with her still wet fingers. “Thank you my dear Chris, I desperately needed that.” She turned and walked into the house.


I got up, went in, took a shower, and went to bed physically and emotionally exhausted. The chirping of my laptop pulled me out of a deep sleep. It was Leah requesting Face-Time. It was 11 pm my time, 10 pm her time. She was in bed, in her usual sexy baby doll pjs. My heart tugged. I wanted to crawl through the screen and hug her tight. I was fucked up.

“Hi my love. How was your day?” Leah asked.

“Fuck,” I thought but did not say. “It was miserable because you weren’t and aren’t here babe.”

“Oh Chris. You are so sweet. I miss you. She pulled her baby doll top off exposing her perfect breasts. I really miss you babe.”

“Leah, you’re so beautiful and so sexy. I love you”

“I want to see how much you love me Chris. Show me how much you miss me.”

“Fuck,” I thought again. I was feeling guilty about the repeat masturbation session with my mom. Not cool.

Leah kicked her sheet off. She wasn’t wearing any pj bottoms or panties. She was naked. She was ready to share all of herself with me.

“Um babe. You’re just as sexy as you are beautiful.”

Leah put her hand between her legs and began to masturbate her clit. “I want you right here Chris. Show me what I want.”

She was so turned on, and so naked, and so beautiful, my cock responded to the visual stimulation instantly. I pulled my shorts off and exposed myself online to my sexy, naked, masturbating, Leah.

“Stroke your cock Chris. I want to see you cum for me. I love watching you get turned on, getting excited, moaning with pleasure, shooting your load. Please, orgasm for me Chris. I want to see you cum. I love making love to you.”

“Babe, spread your legs, show me your pussy, show me your wetness, let me see your hard clit and let me watch your pussy contract and squeeze when you cum.”

Leah pulled her laptop between her legs and exposed herself to the camera. I watched the delicate pink tissue of her pussy stretch and move as she worked her clit. The pink tissue darkened to a violaceous hue as her pelvis engorged with blood. She moaned and cried out as she came. I watched with utmost enjoyment the contractions of her pussy and little brown anus as she climaxed.

Breathing heavily, Leah whispered, “I showed you mine, show me yours.”

I moved my laptop between my spread legs and jerked my long hard cock. I came. I ejaculated stream after stream of white cum and covered my stomach and chest with semen.

“Oh my god Chris. So much cum, I wish you could have been inside of me. I love feeling your hard penis inside my pussy.”

We talked of our love, and playfully looked at and enjoyed each other’s nakedness. We were tired and worn out from the stresses of the day. We fell asleep with our laptops open. The screens continued to frame and project our nakedness in our slumber.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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