Eki 24

Brotherly Love Ch. 10

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“Marco!” I hissed across the hallway at Mark as he stood there looking absolutely horrified that he’d been told to stay away from me.

He gave me this look that made me just dissolve into giggles. At this point, we needed some comic relief as I was about ready to lose my cool completely.

“Polo,” Mark finally replied after watching me sit there and laugh for a minute. He finally cracked a smile too. It was good to have him back. He needed to be knocked down a notch and I figured since I couldn’t do it physically…

“Hey dork, whatcha thinking?” I asked curiously.

“Why on earth I’m stuck loving a dork like you.” Mark grinned at me.

“You’re so mean!” I pouted, sticking my lip out as far as possible.

“You can’t even do that right, it’s like this.” Mark demonstrated the ultimate pouty lips. If it were possible for me to love him any more at that point, I think I did.

“You’re too cute,” I giggled.

“Thanks, I try my best. It works to get the ladies at least.”

“Ladies? There better not be any ‘ladies’ you jerk!” I pretended to be angry but failed and started to laugh again.

A few more minutes of Mark and I throwing one liners at each other passed with both of us in more light-hearted moods.

“Officer, I’m really sorry for kissing her, please can I just go sit beside her again? I promise to behave.” Mark looked down at the officer with as innocent a face as he could manage.

“No funny stuff or you’ll have to leave the area completely.” He warned.

“You got it.” Mark agreed and hurried over to sit next to me again.

“I’m going to kiss him quick ok?” I announced and reached my lips out towards Mark immediately. He leaned in with a big pucker and then just as quick as his lips brushed mine, he pulled away.

“Okay, done!” I informed the officer loudly.

“That’s enough, I’m going to get flack for even letting you sit there with her I’m sure. Keep her in check ok?” The officer looked directly at Mark.

“You got it.” Mark nodded and then turned to look at me.

‘What?’ I mouthed to him and he smiled slyly.

“Turn sideways and match your legs to mine if you can.” Mark instructed quietly. I did as I was told, sat with my legs along the bars, with my body beside Mark’s.

He put both his hands behind him, leaning back to rest on his arms casually, just resting his shoulder on the cell bars.

I had an idea of what he was about and was getting excited thinking that he’d actually try something as naughty as that with the officer right there, ready to toss Mark out on his ear at his first chance.

“Now what?” I whispered softly.

“This,” Mark then reached his arm that was closest to me through the bars – hidden from view of the officer since both our bodies were together – and reached his hands into the back of my pants.

He wiggled his fingers inside the waist of my jeans and then under the edge of my panties, finding the crack of my ass.

Shivers ran up my spine and I bit my lip as I felt a moan about to escape.

He worked his hand down farther and I leaned forwards slightly, giving him better access. His probing fingers found the sweet spot they were looking for and he tickled my bum teasingly.

“Oh God, you’re bad!” I breathed.

“Like that? Different huh?” His voice was almost inaudible. His breath was getting heavy as well, and I looked over at his lap. The front of his jeans were rising and I started to giggle.

“Better be careful Etiler escort you don’t poke that officer’s eye out with that thing!” I teased quietly.

Mark gave me a glare and I giggled more.

My giggles stop when his finger entered me where I had never been touched before. I gasped, unable to contain myself.

“Oh wow,” I murmured and relaxed as Mark explored me on a level I had never imagined could be possible.

“Ssh,” Mark shushed me under his breath but I couldn’t contain myself any longer.

A moan slipped out between my lips as I threw my head back in ecstasy.

The officer jumped to his feet, clearing his throat loudly.

It was then that I heard thundering footsteps coming down the hallway. Mark heard them too and sat up, removing his hand from my pants as delicately as possible. My spine almost gave out on me and I leaned against the bars for support.

“Mark!” Derek’s voice rang out.

Mark scrambled to his feet and ran over to meet his brother.

Three men passed Mark and stopped in front of my cell. Two of them were wearing suits, another had a white collar.

“Father?” I asked in surprise. “Am I in trouble?” I tried to stand but had put myself in an awkward position and couldn’t get up. “Sorry, I can’t get up.” I apologized.

“It’s okay my child. I do need to ask you some questions. Your answers will determine your fate and I want you to be as honest as you can.” He knelt down in front of me and the look in his eyes was so serious that I began to panic.

“Okay.” My voice was shaky and I wondered about my “fate” at this point forward being anything close to good.

“Has Mark ever forced you against your will in any way?” He asked solemnly, holding out a Bible in front of him.

“I want to place my hand on that and tell you No, but my hands are behind my back still.” I looked pleadingly at the Priest and then at the other two men.

“Officer, unlock her right now.” One of the suits demanded.

The officer jumped to his feet, unlocked my cell and came over to me, slipping the key into the handcuffs and releasing me. I rubbed my wrists as the officer quickly retreated and locked the cell door again before I could stand up.

I reached out to the Bible and placed my hand upon it.

“I swear Mark has never forced me to do anything.” I stated with such passion that I could not have been lying.

“Do you feel you would be safe if left in Mark’s care?”

“Yes, of course! He loves me.”

“Do you love him with all your heart?”

“Yes, most definitely yes!”

“Would you be opposed to becoming his wife?”

“What?” It slipped out, I was thinking it but didn’t mean to say it. “I’m sorry, pardon?”

“Would you feel it was against your better judgement or will to marry Mark?” The priest reworded the question.

“No, not at all. I’d be stupid not to marry him and keep him all to myself!”

“Your release depends on this last question. You must answer honestly and please, think about this first.” He paused, waiting for me to understand. I nodded, so he continued. “Mark is willing to pledge his love to you right here, tonight. Would you be willing to do the same? Will you take Mark as your husband?”

I stood up, shocked that it could even be possible. I looked over at Mark and Derek talking. I watched them for a moment and then without Derek telling him to, Mark turned quickly to make eye contact with me. I winked at him and he returned Beşiktaş escort the wink, mouthing “I love you” to me. I smiled, I had my answer.

“Yes, Father, I will take Mark as my husband.” I nodded as a hot flush surged through my body.

“Okay, then that is all I needed to hear. Judge Likens, would you do the honour of preparing the marriage document so we can get this underway as soon as possible? The safety of this child depends upon our hastening to our tasks.” The priest had stood and turned to face the other men. They nodded in agreement and went down the hallway a bit to a table and chairs. They placed a folder on the table and began to write furiously.

“Mark, would you join us please?” The priest beckoned to him.

Mark slapped Derek on the back and in a few quick strides was beside me again.

“Yes, Father? What can I do for you?”

“It’s not what you can do for me, but what you can promise to this girl.” The priest then listed off the marriage vows, waiting for Mark to agree to each one. He then did the same for me.

“Do you, Mark, take Jaimie to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“Oh hell yes.” Mark blurted out.

The priest coughed, taken aback by the reply, and after composing himself, turned to me.

“Do you, Jaimie, take Mark to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“Oh yes, I do, I do!” Tears spilled from my eyes, and I wiped at them quickly. I hadn’t even felt them starting I was that far into this absolutely insane reality that I was marrying Mark.

“Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.” The priest stepped back as Mark moved to me, throwing his arms through the bars and pulling me to him with such force that I almost slammed into the bars.

His mouth found mine, hot and ready, his tongue sought out mine and I returned the eagerness. My knees buckled and I started to fall but Mark held me tight, still kissing me.

“Hey, bro, let your wife breathe huh?” Derek came over and gave Mark a friendly elbow to his ribs. Mark pulled back from my mouth, planting another kiss on my lips and then my nose as he stared into my eyes.

“My wife,” he repeated the words as if he didn’t understand them.

“Derek –” I started to thank him for coming up with this solution to my issues with my family.

“Ssh, just enjoy it.” He gave me a wink and then turned as the judges returned to us with paperwork for us to sign.

Derek signed as the witness and then the Priest put his signature on them too.

It was official; I was now Mrs. Mark White.

“Excuse me officer!” I called out suddenly. Mark and Derek turned to look at me curiously.

The officer came back over to me and nodded.

“I demand my conjugal visit with my husband!” I purred coyly. Mark burst into laughter as did Derek. The priest coughed again and the judges tried to hide snickers.

“Uh, well, I, uh…” The officer didn’t have an answer ready and turned to get out of the line of fire.

“Jaimie, you can’t do that shit!” Mark hissed through gasps for breath as his laughing had consumed him.

“But I want it, I want to consummate my marriage on the same day, and if I’m right, we’re pushing close to 10pm.” I replied matter-of-factly. “How long before I can get out of here?”

“I’ll go find out.” Derek offered and he followed the priest as he headed down the hallway, his duties complete.

“Here you go; here is your marriage Taksim escort certificate.” One of the judges handed a fancy parchment type paper rolled and tied with a red ribbon to Mark.

Mark’s fingers trembled as he took it and he looked at me with uncertainty for the first time I’d known him.

“Listen husband, get a grip on yourself and grab that paper. If you drop it, I’ll kick your ass.” I threatened with a grin.

Mark came out of his stupor and handed the roll to me. I held it in both my hands, holding onto his hand as his fingers were still wrapped around it.

The heat that came off his hand was scorching. The touch – electric. A shiver ran down my spine and I was instantly covered in goose bumps.

“Wow,” I sighed and Mark let out a deep breath he’d been holding too.

“Yeah, wow.” He agreed quietly.

“Ah, Mr. White, just the person we were looking for!” A voice called down the corridor.

Mark turned to see who it was and a scowl flashed across his face immediately.

“Who is it?” I hissed. Mark shook his head at me, let go of my hand and walked over to meet up with whoever it was looking for him.

I moved to the other end of my cell to see if I could get a better angle on viewing down the hall but it wasn’t any better. They stayed just out of my sight.

But I could hear them faintly. I strained to listen but then one of the judges that was still standing near me began to talk to me.

“Well congratulations on your marriage. I hope everything works out and you are released soon. I know a bit about your case and I believe you should be free to go without any hassles as soon as the rest of the paperwork is completed by Det. Vichey.”

“Thank you,” I replied quietly, still trying desperately to hear the voices down the hall.

Suddenly Mark’s voice got louder and I heard him deny something with such conviction that I began to worry it was all going bad again.

“Who is he speaking to, can you see?” I suddenly asked the judge, reaching out to touch his arm.

“I’m not sure,” He leaned back to look down the hall. “Three other men, one is a police Detective, not Vichey though. Don’t recognize any of them, sorry.” He looked back at me and gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Thanks anyway.” I smiled back as best I could.

I wondered if it was Logan’s lawyers, if they were giving Mark a hard time about taking me away still. My heart started pounding as all the awful thoughts started to swarm through my head. Never seeing Mark again, Mark going to jail, Mark here without me, me there without him…

Tears started to course down my cheeks and I sank to the floor as all-out sobs racked my body. I cried hard, getting it all out, cried for Mark, cried for the loss of my parents, cried for Derek having to deal with Mark if I was taken away, cried for my jailbird last minute rushed wedding, just cried.

I don’t know how long it was before Mark was at my side, inside the cell, pulling me up into his arms and holding me tight, kissing my hair, kissing my forehead and cheeks. Rubbing his hands up & down my back, telling me everything was ok now. Telling me that it was over, telling me he loved me.

“Jaimes, come on baby, let’s go home okay?” His voice was soft in my ear, his lips brushing my lobe.

“Huh?” I managed as I tried to stop crying and take a deep breath.

“It’s over baby, we can go home now. You’re all mine and nobody can do anything about it anymore.” He sounded so relieved and so happy.

He was carrying me out of the cell and down the hall, I rested my head on his shoulder and wrapped my arms up around his neck, glad to be with him again, but so exhausted from the day that I don’t even remember leaving the police station.

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