Brotherly Love Ch. 04

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Day Three found me waking up with Benny’s morning wood firmly pressed between my ass cheeks with his arm over mine and his head behind mine. He was obviously sleeping by the sound of his breath and given that we both had already agreed to being able to wake the other with just about any kind of sexual activity, I reached for a little dab of lube on the nightstand and then smeared that lube at the entrance of my love channel. Then I gently positioning his cock at my opening and slowly pushed back on him until the head of his cock penetrated my opening.

His breathing changed for a moment and then returned to its sleepy self as I waited patiently with just the head of his dick inside me. Then, when I was certain he was asleep, I slowly began rocking backwards and forward on his cock swallowing inch by inch until I hit bottom. I reminded me of the times I snuck into his bedroom when we lived at home and sucked his dick while he was asleep. I’m such a naughty slut I thought.

Damn his cock was making me feel girly all over! I don’t know why I ever waited so long to return to the pleasures of his big fat cock! I increased my tempo on his cock which eventually woke him from his sleep. He kissed me on the neck and told me what a pretty slut I was. That made me fuck his cock even harder and beg him to plant his seed in me.

“I want to have your baby, Benny. Fuck me like you to get me pregnant,” I said.

He flipped me over face-down, pulled my hips up and fucked me like a dog in heat.

“Oh, that’s it, give me your baby, Benny. I want my belly to grow, my tits to fill with milk, and everyone to know that I am your baby-making machine,” I cried out with lust.

Benny wasn’t in a talkative type of mood. All he cared about this morning was fucking me, fucking really good, and that’s exactly what he did. I felt his cock swell up and then his hot semen splash the insides of my love channel.

“Yes, yes, make me a baby, Benny,” I said one more time before burying my face in the pillows and smiling.

I was one satisfied cunt and apparently, Benny was too because he pulled his cock out, slapped me across the ass a few times, and then left the room stating that he needed a cup of coffee. I laid there with my head buried and cum dripping out my backside then reached up and spread the cum over my limp cock and balls. I wanted to be marked by Benny everywhere I could be.

Finally, I got up and started to walk to the bathroom but paused to listen. Yep, that was rain and according to the forecast, today was going to be a complete washout. So, I decided to pretty myself up and make the most of our downtime in the sexiest way possible.

I started the shower, grabbed a razor and some foamy soap before jumping into the steamy shower. I decided to shave all the hair I had on my legs, ass, crotch, and chest so I looked more like the woman I felt like. When I rinsed the soap off me, I was surprised how cute I looked without hair and those white sunless triangles around my nipples and crotch. I ran my hands all over myself and pretended it was Jimmy coming back for seconds. I started to get a rise so I stopped because I really wanted to save this for later.

I finished in the shower, dried off, lathered my hairless body up with some body lotion Benny had packed, touched up my pink fingernails and toenails, put on some sexy lipstick and eyeliner, slipped on my sheer black thigh-highs, a sexy white lace thong, a pair of white daisy-dukes that allowed the bottom of my ass cheeks to hang out, and a hot-pink halter top. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked as sexy as I felt.

I finished my outfit by slipping on a pair of fuck-me high-heels and then attempted to proudly walk out to the kitchen to show myself off. I was disappointed when I didn’t see Benny sitting there but found a note that read “ran to the store, will be back shortly.” casino ┼čirketleri So, I pranced around the cabin trying to get a rhythm in my new high heels before pouring myself a cup of coffee and sitting down waiting for Benny’s return.

About thirty minutes later, I heard a car pull up, so I strutted my way to the door, opened it, and struck the sexiest pose I could. Benny got out of the car with groceries in tow and ran as fast as he could to avoid the rain. I gave him a kiss on the lips as soon as he entered and grabbed a couple of bags from him. He commented on how sexy I looked as I wiggle-walked the bags into the kitchen.

“I bet your wife would love to see you looking all sexy like this wouldn’t she, sweet cheeks?” Benny asked.

“She would die if she saw me like this and you know it, Benny,” I replied wiggling my ass in my daisy dukes.

“Well then this might be her last day on earth because she called when you were in this shower this morning and said she was going to swing by to drop off some clothes because you probably smelled like a polecat wearing the same clothes for the last three days,” Benny chimed back.

I froze in place wondering if I had heard him correctly. I spun around and looked at Benny in disbelief.

“Tell me you’re just fucking with me, Benny!” I said with a tone of panic in my voice.

“I kid you not, Connie. Check your phone, you’ll see she called early this morning but don’t worry, she said she wasn’t going to ruin our boys’ trip by staying. She’s just going to swing by, drop off some clothes, and head over to her aunt’s house just north of here for a few days,” Benny replied.

My mind was racing. I could always beg Benny for the one pair of boy’s clothes I had with me to hide the bikini suntan I had acquired but how was I going to hide the nail polish on my fingers and toes?

“Benny, you have to give me back my boy clothes and you have to take me to the store so I can get some nail polish remover! I can’t let my wife know that I’ve been dressed as a woman the whole time we’ve been here,” I pleaded.

“Why not, Connie? I think she’ll find it funny that she’s been married to a woman all these years and not a man,” Benny said with a little chuckle in his voice.

“Seriously, dude! You have to take me there now,” I shot back.

“Ok, ok, sissy pants. We’ll keep your little crossdressing cocksucking secret between the two of us. Get your pantied-ass in the car and let’s go,” Benny said.

“No! I need my boy clothes back first!” I snapped back.

“Look, girly boy, the way I see it, you’re in no position to get lippy with me. If you want that nail polish remover, you’re going to get in the car the way you are and you’re going to go into the store, not me. Understand?” asked Benny.

Fuck me, I thought. I could either be embarrassed by the way I was dressed and get the nail polish myself or get caught being my brother’s cross-dressing sissy by my wife. I chose the lesser of the two evils and headed to the car.

When we arrived at the store, Benny slapped me on the leg and told me to behave in there and followed it up with a belly chuckle. I took a deep breath and headed to the store’s entrance determined to get in and out as quickly as possible. I was greeted by the girl at the checkout register as I entered, and I tried to hide my face but I know she knew I was a guy in girl’s clothes.

I hurried to the makeup section trying my best to keep my head down to avoid eye-contact, found the nail polish section, and quickly found a bottle of nail polish remover. I grabbed it and headed to the checkout where I found two people waiting ahead of me. Thank goodness that neither turned around!

It was my turn and the young saleswoman gave me a smile before asking if I found everything I was looking for. I said yes, not looking up, and realized that I didn’t bring casino firmalar─▒ my wallet with me. I explained that I had to run out to my car to retrieve my wallet and she said she’d hold my purchases for me.

Seriously, I thought to myself. Could this get any worse? Benny got a real chuckle out of it before digging into his wallet and giving me a twenty. I went back into the store but there was someone in line, so I had to fall in behind her and as I did, she turned and gave me a funny look before turning to the clerk and shaking her head. I really think the sales clerk was taking her time just to embarrass me more than I already was. Finally, it was my turn again!

“Got everything you need now, honey?” asked the sales clerk with a smile on her face.

“Ye,s” I muttered.

“Do you have cotton balls to take that pretty polish off, sweetheart?” she asked.

Fuck me, I thought.

“No, I don’t,” I replied.

“No problem, honey, stay right here and I’ll have them bring a bag up front,” she said.

Before I could respond to her, she was on a PA asking someone by the name of Aly to bring a bag of cotton balls to the cash register. I’m not sure where Aly was, but it seemed like it took her an eternity to reach the front of the store and when she did, I instantly knew why this sales clerk asked for her because she was a he dressed as a she and she was a very attractive black shemale.

“What did you need these cotton balls for?” Aly asked.

“He, I mean, she needs to remove her nail polish and she didn’t have any,” said the sales clerk.

Aly turned and looked at me straight in the eyes and then looked down my body to my toes and back up again before smiling at me.

“Well, she doesn’t need to buy these cotton balls and polish remover. I’ll be more than happy to take her back in the back and remove it myself for free.” Aly said will a shit-eating grin on her face.

Then she turned to me, took my hand and started to drag me to the back of the store. I thought of pulling back but then everyone was staring at me and I didn’t want to make a bigger scene then I already was. We went through the employee-only door and straight into an office where Aly spun around and immediately buried her tongue between my lips. I was stunned but it didn’t take me long to realize that I was excited by the unexpecting turn of events.

I kissed her back with passion and I could feel her excitement rising too. I broke our kiss and let my body slide down hers until I was kneeling immediately in front of her rising flagpole. Her white stretchy yoga pants no longer hid her secret. I nibbled on it before pulling her waistband down and reaching in to retrieve my dessert and what a dessert it was! Eight inches of beautiful dark she-meat and I was going to enjoy it all! It was my first black cock, so I was torn between sucking her off or letting her fuck me, so I decided to do both!

“You white sissies are all the same. Can’t wait to get your lips wrapped around any cock that’s waved in your general direction and fall to your knees twice as quick when the cock being waved is a big black cock. Suck it like you mean it, white girl,” Aly said with a nice feminine tone to her voice.

And suck it I did! Damn, who knew dark meat was so sweet? I sucked, licked, and made all kinds of luscious sounds as I made love to her big black cock. I must have been done really well because before I knew it, her cock started to give that all too familiar girth expansion right before its ready to explode in a matter of minutes, but I was having none of that! I wanted that cock in my cunt so I squeezed her balls to stop her from cumming and looked down at me in disbelief and disappointment.

“What the fuck are you doing, bitch?” asked Aly.

“I want you to take me from behind sweetheart. I want you to mark my pussy as your own,” I said.

She g├╝venilir casino didn’t need to be told twice because she immediately pulled her black cock out of my mouth, spun behind me, raised my hips, reached around and unbuttoned my daisy dukes, pulled my shorts and my thong panties down, and buried her cock in my cunt without hesitation. That caused me to cry out in pain and ecstasy loud enough that I’m sure someone had to hear me. I didn’t care because I was riding my first black cock and if anyone wanted to watch they were welcome to do so.

Aly fucked me like a dog in heat, pinching my nipples along the way and stroking my balls and clitty. She was determined to mark me as her own and fucked me twice as hard as my brother and our lake strangers did. Clearly, what they say about black cocks was certainly true! I bounced back and forth on her cock and the two of us had a really good rhythm going. Just as I was ready to spill my cream, she abruptly pulled her cock out of me. I turned my head towards her in disbelief.

“What’s wrong, sissylips, haven’t had enough of my black cock yet?” she asked. “I want you on your back where I can see your face and I can finally cum in the tight white cunt of yours,” she said.

I didn’t waste a minute stepping out of my daisy dukes and thong panties and climbing up on the desk where she could resume the sweet fucking she was giving me. She took my stocking-covered legs and threw them up over her shoulders before aiming and shoving her hard black cock back into my cunt.

I let out a sigh of relief when she buried it to the max and resumed fucking me like the slut I was. I reached down and began stroking my limp femcock while twisting my nipple and begging her to fuck me hard, and fuck me hard is exactly what she did.

It wasn’t long before my small limp cock was spewing cream on my belly. Aly scooped some of it up and fed it to me from her long black fingers. I sucked them clean like I was sucking a cock and that I believe drove her over the top. Her cock swelled and her cum blasted from her beautiful black cock coating the insides of my cunt. I kept riding her cock and pulling her cream from her until she finally went soft and pulled out.

“You little white bitches are all the same. Just can’t get enough of our sweet black cock, can you?” Aly asked tucking her cock back into her pants and between her legs.

I just smiled and laid there feeling her cum run out my cunt and onto the desk underneath me.

“I’ve got to get back to work, honey, before the boss fires me. You’re going to have to put yourself back together and show yourself out,” Aly said as she turned and walked away.

I laid there a couple of minutes longer playing with my femcock and spooning what little cum was left from it into my mouth before grabbing a roll of paper towels and sopping up the cum Aly had deposited in me. I got dressed and found my way out of the employee’s area and back into the store walking past the sales clerk with a smile on my face.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” asked the sales clerk.

“The best,” I said leaving the store.

I had completely forgotten that Benny was sitting in the car waiting for me. He was pissed that it took so long but I explained what had happened. He laughed at me and call me a total slut before driving off. I hadn’t gotten my nail polished removed as promised but I had what I needed to do it myself and I had an aching reminder of what I did get in that store. I smiled and replayed the entire event back through my head while Benny drove us back to the cabin.

That smile was wiped off my face when we turned the corner into our secluded cabin and I saw a familiar car sitting in the drive. It was my wife’s and I began to panic.

“Oh my god, Benny, you can’t let her see me like this! I will be totally fucked. Turn the car around quickly and let me get out somewhere,” I said with a tone of fear and anxiety in my voice.

Just as I said that, my wife stepped out of the car and turned towards us with a smile on her face. There was no escaping this encounter because she had seen us both roll up.

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