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Brotherly Love

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Nandu lives in Madras with his parents, his elder brother Karthik, and his sister-in-law, Minu. He is 23, eight years younger than his brother and four years younger than his sister-in-law. Karthik markets ready-made clothes. He was married five years ago. He has no children. Minu is from Mysore. She is 5’6”, fair and beautiful. She is currently the object of Nandu’s fantasies. He admired her breasts and her well-shaped rear.

Minu had to go to her parent’s house at Mysore for her father’s 60th birthday celebrations. Her husband was to have accompanied her, but as he had to go to Hyderabad on urgent business he asked Nandu to accompany Minu to Bangalore. Next morning Nandu went to Minu’s room to fetch her. They were already late for the bus. The door was open. He tapped; there was no response, so he entered. Finding no one in the room he turned back when the bathroom door opened and Minu came out wrapped in a tiny towel. Surprised to see him she hurriedly turned to re-enter the bathroom when the towel caught the handle of the bathroom door and suddenly she was naked in front of her brother-in-law. The door of the bathroom had shut and in her confusion Minu desperately worked the handle with no effect. Nandu avoided further embarrassment by going out and closing the room door behind him. He waited for her in the drawing room.

“Nandu,” she called.

“Yes, Anni” (Elder brother’s wife is Anni in the Tamil language.)

“I am not able to open the door please come and help. Close the door after you come in.” Anni was clad in that same tiny towel. Nandu with some difficulty opened the bathroom door, but he managed. She went in and before closing the bathroom door turned to thank him. At that moment the ends of the towel that she was holding to cover herself slipped from her hands and for a moment she displayed total frontal nudity. In spite she managed a smile.

Nandu sat in the drawing room sweating from every pore. He was excited to see his lovely Anni naked. The sight of her bare rare as she was making desperate attempts of open the bathroom door was particularly satisfying. After some time she came with her suitcase. She looked very sexy in a dark brown coloured sari. They caught the bus just as it was moving. Nandu was agitated by what had happened. The picture of his lovely naked sister-in-law remained in his mind’s eye. He did not speak to her for the first half hour. She asked him the reason, and he apologised for what happened that morning. She quite casually asked him to forget the incidence.

As they were sitting side by side, their thighs were touching. Again Nandu felt guilty that he was enjoying the touch. There were many culvert repairs on the highway and the bus had to take diversions. The bus swayed this way and that it the by pass roads and they were often thrown against each other. She did not seem to mind it at all, but Nandu was excited, and watched for the bus to roll with keen anticipation. Nandu felt that he was the wicked one for while she was able to treat him like a brother he was not able to feel that she was a sister. In the afternoon he snoozed, and Minu often appeared in his dreams sometimes with no clothes on, and sometimes with her nakedness covered with that tiny towel. Nandu thought she was more exciting with Gaziosmanpaşa Escort that towel on.

From Bangalore to Mysore it was night journey. They were hardly 30 miles out of Bangalore when the bus dashed against a tree. Some of the front seaters were bruised. The bus, which was also damaged, limped into the nearby town hospital. Many of those who got in at Bangalore went back to the city. The conductor said a relief bus would come early in the morning. He advised the passengers to get accommodation in a nearby hotel. It was a small town with only one hotel. The conductor came with them and arranged the few rooms for people with children. The rest of passengers had to manage in the veranda. Nandu and Minu settled in a corner of the veranda

The hotel gave them a mat. Nandu spread it out and invited Minu to lie on it. She asked him also to lie down by her side. At first he was hesitant, but he was so tired that he lay down beside her, but carefully avoided touching her. He must have slept straightaway. In the night he got up shivering. It was very cold for the month was December and Mysore was much colder than Madras. He had only a thick cotton shirt on. Bhabhi was wearing a blue sweater. She must have taken it out of the box for she was not wearing it earlier. She had also taken out a bed sheet.

“It is cold. You are shivering. We will cover ourselves with this sheet. Come close for it is a single sheet,” she said. He went closer to her but she put her arms round him and drew him closer to her till they were almost embracing. Nandu was getting a hard-on. He was not only uncomfortable but also afraid that she would feel it. He could not sleep. From the way she breathed Nandu knew she was asleep.

He must have slept soon afterwards, but he woke up shivering from cold. The sheet was too thin to ward of the intense cold. Bhabhi woke up just then. She was also finding it too cold. She said that they have to use their bodies to keep warm or else they will fall sick with fever the next day. She removed her sweater and asked him to lie on top of her. She said it with so much authority that he lay on her face down with knees and elbows resting on the mat to reduce the weight on her. She covered his back with he sweater. She pulled the sleeves of the sweater and knotted it against her back. The sweater was covering him and he was covering his sister-in-law. She then threw the sheet over them.

By now Nandu was fully awake and his cock was rising fast. Finding his weight too much on her thighs she spread out her legs and his hard cock was on her pussy. Bhabhi was munching supari. She always had a packet tucked to her waist. The smell of the scented nuts was good. Nandu told her so.

“You want some?” she asked. He said yes. He thought she was going to take the packet from her waist. She did not.

“Take it,” she said. He did not at first know from where he was to take it from. Then he saw a small ball of supari that she had munched to a thick paste on the tip of her tongue. He hesitated.

“Don’t feel shy. Take it,” she said. When he took his open mouth close to her she protruded her tongue into his mouth. His cock at that moment must have been as hard as rock. There was no way she could not have felt it

“How Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan is it,” she asked.

“Good, but very little,” he said.

“I will give you some more,” she said. She had the packet by her side. She did not give him her packet. She did something different. She took a generous quantity and put it in her mouth and munched. He waited with intense anticipation. She munched for sometime. Then she opened her mouth and said, ‘Take.’ This time she did not place it on her protruded tongue. He protruded his tongue into her mouth and felt the supari cud deep inside her mouth ‘Get it,’ she said or that is what he thought she said for she spoke with mouth open. He put his lips into her mouth and took some. He got very little. He dug in this time and got some more. Minu was giggling. ‘I’ll give you all,’ she said. This time she protruded her tongue with all supari on it. He took it. ‘You munch for sometime and give it back.’ As she said this she pressed his cock with her pussy. He was mad with excitement. He also pressed her sari-covered pussy. He returned the supari, and then got it back. They played like that till there was no supari.

He turned round to see if anyone was noticing for there were many people sleeping in the veranda.

“Don’t bother about them,” said Minu. “Your shirt buttons are hurting. You slip down and place your head on my chest.” As he slipped down she sat up and rearranged her sari. She then removed the folds on the sheet and lay down.

“Now lie on me,” she said. When he laid his head on her chest powerful shock passed down his spine. His cheek was on her bare breasts. She must have undone her blouse buttons and bra straps while doing up her sari. Her hands tenderly touched his cheek and then she lifted his head by the chin and something soft came between his lips. It was her tit.

“Suck,” she said. “No, not like that. Cover your teeth with your lips and bite.” He did. “Harder,” she said. He bit harder. “Harder,” she said. He was afraid of hurting her. But he bit and she moaned. She removed that tit and placed the other one. He bit that too. As he bit she made purring sounds. “Remove your pants,” she said. As he was doing so she helped him. She spread out her thighs and lifted her knees up. She then held his cock. “Fuck me,” she said as she inserted his cock. He pumped and she responded. They got orgasms at the same time. She made soft noises rather like a gecko as she came. They lay on each other for a while and then she rolled to one side. He lay down beside her and they hugged each other tightly.

The relief bus came early and they reached Mysore before lunchtime.

Minu’s relatives must have been in touch with the bus operators’ office for her younger brother, who was about Nandu’s age, was at the bus station to receive them. Nandu stayed for the celebrations the next day and the day after Minu and he made the journey back to Madras.

This time there was no problem touching her. He held her hand and she held him and when she felt tired she asked him to move to the edge of the seat and curled down with head on his lap. Nandu stroked her cheek and played with her soft hair, and she squeezed his hands in response.

After lunch in Escort Gaziosmanpaşa Bangalore Anni was fully awake. The bus was practically empty. Minu suggested that they move to the last seat. The last seat, unlike the others, which were two-seaters, was long, and meant for four passengers. Later in the night they could stretch by turns.

“What do you think of me, Nandu,” she asked suddenly. Nandu looked bewildered. “I mean what do you think of me after what happened in that veranda?” Nandu took a while to answer.

“I feel bad. I have deceived my brother, and I have dishonoured my Anni. I am bad.”

“I also feel guilty that I have been unfaithful to my husband. I’ll explain Nandu. I am desperate for a baby. Doctors have tested both of us and they see no defect. I am convinced that we do not have babies because sex between my husband and me is a five-minute affair. He is all the time thinking about his business. You know when I experienced my first orgasm? On that veranda. Only if the woman has orgasms she will conceive. During orgasm the semen is sucked into the womb. I have told this to your brother but he is so immersed in his business that he has not changed. I thought and thought and finally decided that the only way I can have babies is if you father them. I convinced myself that as you are his brother it is almost as if he is the father. I then decided that I must make you desire me. The incident in the bathroom was no accident. I planned it. I read great significance to the bus dashing against the tree. It was not an accident either. It is the doing of God. He has blessed us.” Nandu listened dumb struck.

Nandu leaned in the corner and Minu rested her body on his chest. It was past eleven and the lights in the bus were put out for the passengers to snooze.

“Nandu, I am at your disposal,” said Minu. Nandu hesitated but she unbuttoned her blouse and undid her bra clasps and lay with her back resting on his chest. Instinctively Nandu cupped her breasts and Minu covered with her chest with the pallav of her sari.

“Say sweet thing things, Nandu darling,” she said.

Nandu knew how. “Darling, my precious darling, how I love kneading your soft breasts. Darling turn your head so that I can kiss your lips and taste your tongue. I want the whole tongue, not just the tip. I want to drink your saliva, give me as much as you can. It is sweet, very sweet. On that wonderful day when you placed your tit in my mouth. At first I did not know what it was, but when I did I nearly died of shock. I want to suck you my darling. I want to drink your milk before our baby does. Yes now I cannot say sweet things for I am doing delicious things, but I’ll take breaks and say things to please me more than to please you. Am I biting hard enough precious? I am for you’re softly moaning. Now darling sit with legs drawn up so that I can feel your pussy with my tongue. That’s right. I can’t take any break now Anni darling. Here goes.”

She was squatting with knees by the side of her head, and he was kneeling on the floor licking her. Soon she was lying on the seat with leg spread and her brother-in-law was fucking her. He was on the point of ejaculating when the bus slowed as if to stop. Minu held him by a powerful embrace of her legs. ‘Don’t stop,” she said hoarsely. She had a huge orgasm with many after shocks. The bus gathered speed. It appeared as if the bus slowed down to add excitement to the lovers. They lay in each other’s arms exhausted. They did not need to wash. Maybe very little escaped the sucking power of her womb.

She had to conceive, and she did.

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