Brother Sister and Virginity, Part 1

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I woke up at 11:00am. It was Saturday, and finally I had a day to relax without work and school. I laid back on my bed, wondering of what to do today. Maybe hang out with my friends at the mall? Sleep a little bit more? Grab breakfast at local store?

I decided to get my 16 year old body off the bed; heading for the washroom, still thinking of what to do. After using the toilet, I realized that there was a pack of pills left beside the sink. There were several small pills which contained very different colours every two rows. What got me interested was that there were days of the week written on the package. The first few were taken out, including today’s (Saturday).

I poured milk into my bowl of cereal. My sister came up to the living room and turned on the t.v. I was wondering what those pills were for in the washroom. I knew it was from my sister as Mom and Dad have a bathroom connected to their bedroom. My sister and I shared a bathroom between our two rooms. Was my sister on drugs?

“Hey sis,” I said curiously. My sister ignored me as usual as she paid close attention to Jersey Shore coming on t.v. When it went into commercial, I asked again.

“Cuss-andra, I found some pills in the bathroom.” I managed to say as I was eating. My sister turned her face towards me and gave me a dirty look.

“They are birth-control pills, genius.” She said angrily.

“What are hell are those?” I asked.

“Well, when I have sex, it protects me from getting pregnant.”

I chuckled when she said that. But I didn’t want to hurt my sisters feelings. “Huh, um, okay.” I said hoping this wouldn’t hurt her feelings.

My sister’s name is Cassandra but I call her Cuss-andra. She is 14 years old. She has really pale skin and is very skinny. Her face and body has a lot of pimples, zits, and big pink and black dots over her body. She’s never had the ability to talk to a boy or get a boyfriend. All the boys and girls make fun of her at school, she always is home and rarely goes outside. Her taking birth control pills surprised escort me as maybe she was scared of getting raped or something.

I finished eating breakfast and started heading to my room.
“Dan-Fart, come to my room for a sec.” My sister said as she got off the couch. Yup, that’s what she called me. I fart a lot and my name is Danny. So guess what she calls me… I went into her room and looked around to see if she needed my help to move something. My sister came into her room and sat on her bed. She then just sat there for a while while I stood wondering what she was thinking.

“Look, um.” She quickly stood up and started to take off her shirt. She was wearing a small white bra which she also took off as well.

“Sis, what the f*ck are you doing? Stop!” I pleaded. But my sister didn’t.

She then began to take off her pants and panties until she stood in front of me, all nude.

I looked at her in awe. She smiled and told me to sit down on the bed with her. I was in such a shock that I followed her order. “What is she even thinking?” I thought to myself.

“I want to know what a boy looks like. And I want to know how sex feels like.” My sister said real quickly. Her face started turning pink and she looked at the floor. I didn’t know what to say or do.

“Why do you want to have sex? Like I’m your brother, it’s probably illegal.” I couldn’t help but peek at my sisters boobs and pussy. My penis was erect but luckily she didn’t know. This felt like a dream but it wasn’t.

“I want to just, you know, want to know how sex feels like. I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I need your help, just please.” She had this sad look on her face. I knew that boys always made fun of her looks. She wasn’t cute, she always embarrassed herself, and her ONLY friend was probably me. I waited until she made eye-contact with me. Then I stood up from her bed and started to take off my clothes. I took off my shirt and then my boxers until I stood infront of my sister nude. My sister got off of her bed and stood infront of me.

There we izmit escort bayan stood. Brother and Sister. Danny and Cassandra. Nude in front of each other. I looked at my first real life boobs and pussy. She looked at her first penis and first boy nude. We both stared at each-other until I started to get an erection. It came up really quickly until my penis grew to 6 inches and the tip touched my sisters clit. We both smiled and then started laughing. We always hated one-another but this time, it seemed like we were happy in each-others company.

I decided to take a risk. I went and hugged my sister. It was the best hug in the world. Not only was I hugging a girl, but she was naked. My penis was in between her legs and I held my sister tight and we just held each-other as tight as we could. After we both started to let go, my sister laid back on her bed and spread her legs. I looked at her pussy in awe. I went onto my knees on my sisters bed and went in-between my sisters legs. Then I held my penis and rubbed it against my sisters pussy. We both moaned real quietly as pleasure was felt all across our body. I found an opening in her pussy and knew what was to go inside. I aimed my penis in her hole, rubbed around it. Unable to wait another second, he slid into her womb, the way primed by his fingers. Sarah gasped as her brother filled her. She had been with some well endowed men but nothing, ever, like this. She wrapped her muscled legs around him, locking her brother in place as he drilled deeper.

We both let out a quick moan as both our bodies were filled with pleasureful feelings starting from our private part which reached our brains. My 6-inch penis went in half-way inside my sisters pussy until I felt it hit something which blocked my way. I looked at my sister who was staring at me. She nodded and so did I. I pulled my penis out a little and with one swift swoop, I push my penis all the way inside my sisters forbidden zone. My sister quickly let out a scream of pain. She never said stop so I started to pump my izmit sınırsız escort penis in and out of my little sisters pussy. The feeling was estatic once again.

My sister and I started to groan and moan with each-other as we continued to fuck each-other dry. My sister’s eyes were closed, like she kept feeling pain over and over as my body kept feeling pleasure. I felt myself going to the point of no return. My penis was about to explode and I closed my eyes as I let out a groan of pleasure.

“Knock Knock Knock.”

My body shook for two reasons. The first was because I was about to unleash a load of sperm into my little sisters pussy. The second reason being that Mom and Dad were home from Saturday’s groceries shopping. I looked at my sister who opened her eyes and stared at me. I had to do something quick.

I pulled my erect un-ejaculated penis out of my sister and got myself away from between her legs and off her bed. I put my boxers and shirt on as fast as I possibly could. I ran out of my sisters room and closed her room door. Then I opened our entrance door to see Mom and Dad holding a bunch of bags full of food. I was sweating so much not only from the sex but also from my parents who might have heard my groan.

“Well, are you going to give us a hand?” My Mom asked. I grabbed a few bags from my Mom and Dad and placed them inside the kitchen table. Did my parents hear anything suspicious?

“Why are you sweating so much.” My Mom looking through her purse.

“I was working out, I will take a shower.” I said.

“You men are weird. You work out during the morning and sleep all afternoon.” My Mom chuckled. My Dad looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, which he always does when Mom makes fun of boys.

I went and took a cold shower. I realized that my penis had dry blood all over it. My sisters blood. Thoughts went all through-out my head wondering what my sister might be thinking of. As I left the bathroom, my sister entered the bathroom.


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