Brie and Madison Ch. 1

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First, before you read, I would just like to state this is my first story. So bear with me if it’s a little out of shape.

I’m waiting on my bus to come get me so I can get to work. I hate riding the bus, but the trip always seems so short when I start thinking about our new manager that we got a few weeks ago. I’m even more excited today because it’s casual Friday, so we don’t have to wear those frumpy uniforms. I made sure I was cute today. I wore my tightest denim jeans that hug my ass and hips ever so nicely. I also wore my favorite tank top, cut just low enough to show off some cleavage of my size D breasts.

As I walk into work I quickly scan the room for the new manager, Brie, but I couldn’t find her. I go put my stuff down behind the counter and sign in for work on the register. I start to smell hints of that intoxicating perfume that Brie is always wearing. I take a quick look over my shoulder and see her beautiful smile as she explains the new products we just got in to a customer. I smile back at her when she starts guiding the customer over for me to ring up the merchandise.

After the customer is gone, I look over to see Brie checking herself out in the body length mirror of the dressing rooms. Of course she looks wonderful, but I see her put on a half smile that looks forced. I just want to tell her she’s lovely. She’s wearing a nice dark blue skirt that rises up the mid thigh of her long and sexy legs, a baby blue blouse that accents her full C breasts and shows the hint of nipple under her bra. Her hair is wavy today and she has the lightest shade of pink lip gloss on that leaves her lips looking so delicious.

She notices me looking at her, and if I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn I was drooling. I feel my cheeks get hot, and she turns around and asks, “What do you think of my outfit today, Madison?”. I smile and reassure her, “You look great Brie, so smile.” She just giggles and I see that smile that just makes me melt inside. Right when she starts to walk away I ask, “Um, Brie. Would you like to go out this weekend? Just the girls, you know maybe dancing or something?” I get the answer I was hoping for, “Sure!”


I’m getting more and more excited as I’m getting ready for the evening. I had to make sure that I looked perfect. I wore my favorite red dress that had a plunging neckline and hugged my curvacious body in all the right places. I made sure I had the perfect underwear to go with the perfect outfit. None.

A few friends and I go pick Brie up at her house. At first I couldn’t see her when she walked out, canl─▒ bahis ┼čirketleri but as she walked down the driveway, I could see how sexy she was. She wore a black dress that had the sides cut out so I could see her hips sway as she walked. When she got in the car I noticed the back of her dress stopped right above her ass, which just drove me crazy. She had her hair pulled back so that you could see her beautiful green eyes shining with excitement. I was excited too.

We go inside the club, and instantly I hear the music playing and lean over to Brie’s ear. “Hey doll, you wanna dance?” She just nods, takes my hand, and leads me out to the dance floor. We start dancing, touching each other slightly at first, but when the dance floor started getting crowded, we were up against each other, moving our hips in the same rhythm. I watch as Brie just lets herself go and flows with the music. I wrap my hands around her hips and start moving with her as she changed rhythm to go with the music. I feel her put her hand on mine and the other slowly pull her hair band out of her hair so that her hair could flow free. I’m loving every second when she turns around and yells, “Hey, I need some water!”

We head over to the bar and I grab a mixed drink, while she got water. “You don’t drink?”, I asked. She just shook her head no. I decide after that to get water. I don’t want to slip up and say what I really think about her, I don’t know if that would scare her off or not. Even though we both had been dancing so much and sweating, she still made me hot.

It was starting to get late so I dropped everyone off at their houses first, and then headed for Brie’s house. I walked her to her door to say good night, and because I just wanted to spend a few more minutes with her. She unlocked her door and cracked it open. She turned to face me and asked me to come in. Of course I had no objections.

She asked if I wanted anything to drink, I said no thanks. She went to her room and put on her pjs. She came back wearing a white tank that proved she wasn’t wearing a bra and some black jogging pants. I could see her nipples, so round and perfect. We started to watch some T.V and Brie laid her head on my shoulder. I was a little nervous because I just wanted to pull her face to mine and kiss her sweet lips. After a few minutes, she looked up at me and said, “I really had fun tonight. I really enjoyed the dancing. Especially when you put your hands on my hips.” I smile, “Well, I had a lot of fun too Brie. I’m glad that you had fun.” She asked me if I liked her dress with a hint of nervousness and anticipation. canl─▒ ka├žak iddaa I just smile some more and tell her, “Oh Brie, that dress was sexy.”

She leaned up to kiss me and I said hold on. I positioned myself better on the couch so that one of my legs was sitting behind her. I wanted to be able to get my hands to anywhere on her body without a problem. She leaned up and kissed me. Oh, how sweet her lips tasted. I felt her quiver as I ran my fingernails lightly down the back of her neck and arms. She suddenly grabbed my face and plunged her caressing tongue in my mouth. I felt the blood rush through my body. She stood up and lead me to her room. I couldn’t believe she was doing this, but I wasn’t going to complain. I quickly let the confusion go and just told myself to enjoy her.

When we got into her room, I could tell she had planned this. She had a small candle burning so we could see hints of each other. She stood behind me and took my jacket off and whispered in my ear, “I wanted to be able to see parts of you, but I want to have to feel them to know what they look like first.” I suddenly felt a rush of excitement, turned around, and started kissing her neck and shoulders. I heard her let out a heavy breath. I had the effect on her I was hoping for. I quickly pull her shirt off so I could finally feel her perky breasts in my hands. Her skin was so soft and inviting. “Lay on the bed”, I tell her as I pull my dress off. I laid down beside her and told her to tell me when I was moving to fast or doing something she didn’t like. I didn’t want to be pushy. “Just do what feels good”, I could tell she had been waiting on this too.

I start to kiss up her arm and running my fingertips over her collarbone. I kiss her neck up to her ear, and give it a soft tug. I whisper, “I want to feel you shake as I bring you to orgasm. I want to taste you and feel your body around mine.” She quickly pulls my face to hers and we start kissing so passionately I couldn’t breath. I pulled away and brought my mouth to the space between her breasts. Slowly kissing up to both her nipples, teasing her. I untie her dress from behind her neck and let it fall. I put my hand on her hip and pull her on her side as I flick my tongue over one of her nipples. I could feel her quiver under my hands.

She wrapped her leg around me and I could feel her getting warmer and wetter by every touch. I slowly run my hand up the inside of her thigh and tease her clit with my fingers, while I hear her moan for more. I pushed two of my fingers inside her and feel her tighten around my fingers. I nibble lightly on her nipples canl─▒ ka├žak bahis while she started to rock her hips and push my fingers in further. I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to taste her. She laid back as I started to move my lips from hers to her navel. Stopping just for a second to run my tongue over the soft skin over her hip bone. I put my hands around her hips and pull her to my face. I push my longing tongue inside her pussy while reaching up and playing with her nipples with my fingers. I could feel her arch her back and hear her moaning louder and louder. I knew she was coming close to soaking my face with her juices. I run my tongue over her clit, playing with it, sucking it. She started to grab my hair and grind herself into my face. I reach down and tend to my aching clit that’s swollen from arousal. I feel myself start to shake right when Brie cums all over my face, grabbing my hair, and screaming. She lay limp for a moment so I crawl up to her. She kisses me all over my face and neck, cleaning off the rest of her juices. “That was amazing Madison,” She says with a loud sigh.

She soon starts to kiss my neck and caress my breasts with her hand, tending to the nipples only slightly, as if to tease me. She starts sucking on them while running her hand over my toned stomach, giving me goosebumps. She runs her tongue down my neck and rolls me over. She starts kissing down my back making my hair stand. Running her fingers through my hair while whispering dirty things in my ear. She cups my ass and gives it a light smack making me giggle. “You like that?”, she asks while pulling my hips up so she can reach me with her tongue better. I just moan. She runs her tongue over my clit and puts her fingers inside me, both in perfect rhythm with each other. Right when I’m on edge she tells me, “I’ll be right back.”

I wait with anticipation, then suddenly I feel something push inside me. I looked back and realized that Brie had put on a strap-on and was doing me from behind. She was holding onto my hips while she thrust in and out of me sending me into an orgasmic bliss. I start to moan louder as she was grabbing my hair and smacking my ass, two things I really enjoy. I felt my body tense up and then release such a rush of pleasure and euphoria. She kisses my back and whispers, “Sleep my dear Madison.”


I wake up the next morning with Brie’s arm wrapped around my waist. I lay there a second just thinking about the night before, wondering if things will be awkward or not. I roll over and brush her hair away from her face and kiss her lightly on the lips. I slowly get out of bed as to try and not wake her up. As I start getting dressed I hear, “Hey, why don’t we take a shower and get some breakfast.” I just smile.

Please let me know what you think about this story. I would love any feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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