Brian, My First Gay Experience Ch. 03

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It had been a few months since the weekend Brian and I spent together at my house while my family was away. We never had a chance to get together after that since Brian had gone off to a college a little over an hour away and I was at a local college living home.

One Monday night in October Brian called to tell me his roommate was leaving Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend with his girlfriend at her college and ask if I wanted to come up and stay a few days. He and a few new friends he made there were going to the school’s football game on Saturday but those were the only plans they had for now.

I thought about it and since I only had one class on Friday I would ask a friend to take notes. I could leave Thursday afternoon right after my last class and be there aound 4:30 I told him, he replied good I’ll take you out for dinner.

I could hardly wait for Thursday to come the next couple of days seemed to take forever. Finally Thursday was here, I kept looking at the clock waiting for class to get over. When it was over I hopped in my car which I had already packed and hit the road. It was around 5:00 when I arrived, I stopped at the first payphone I found and rang Brian’s room he met me outside his dorm to show me where to park. He grabbed my bag and took me to his room.

“Brain”: So how do hatay escort you like my room?

“Bob”: Nice and cramped I see!

We both laughed since all his room had was his and his roommate’s beds two dressers and desks and not much more room than that.

“Brian”: What do you want for dinner?

“Bob”: I don’t care you know the area what’s good?

“Brian”: There’s a small place that serves seafood and steaks that’s pretty good and it’s in walking distance.

“Bob”: OK why don’t we go there.

We arrived about 6:00 and had a nice dinner I tried to pay for what I ate but Brian insisted he wanted to pay and wouldn’t take no for an answer. We talked for a while to catch up on what has been going on and left the restaurant around 8:00. On the way back to his dorm Brian asked if I wanted to join his friends at a dorm party in one of their room’s and I said yes.

We entered his friend’s dorm room about 8:15 or so there were three guys and two girls sitting around drinking and smoking pot. Brian introduced me to them and we joined them drinking and smoking when around 11:00 one guy and girl said it was time for them to go and they took each other’s hand and left. Brain winked at me and told the others we were going to hit the sack and we left.

“Brian”: hatay escort bayan Wow I’m wasted how about you?

“Bob”: Yeah I’m feeling pretty good right now.

We went to his dorm room and almost before the door was closed we were locked in a kiss Brian taking my pants off without our lips parting. Once he had me underwear off and my cock sprang out he stopped kissing me and dropped to his knees kissing my cock and balls while his hand stroked my shaft.

“Brian”: Oh God baby I missed you.

“Bob”: I missed you too, God your mouth feels so good.

Brian got up a motioned me to go to his bed which I did without hesitation. Once there he finished undressing me then undressed himself and out sprung his huge beautiful hard cock. I tried to reach for it but he gently pushed me down on the bed, pushed my legs over towards my head to expose my ass and buried his face between my ass cheeks and started eating my asshole.

“Bob”: Oh yes lick my ass “I said while I started to stroke my own cock”.

After a couple of minutes Brian stopped got above my ass and stuffed his huge cock inside my tight ass. I moaned as his cock was buried deep each time he pushed forward his balls kept slapping my ass. Once he heard me moan he started driving his cock harder and harder escort hatay inside my ass, so hard in fact my head hit the headboard of his bed several time.

“Brian”: So are you glad I introduced you to the gay lifestyle “he asked as his cock was pounding my ass”?

“Bob”: Oh yes very much so.

Once he heard this he started pounding my ass even faster, I could feel his cock so deep each time he thrust it in. The head of his cock felt like it was swelling more each time he pushed it in and I knew he was ready to shot his load when he pulled it out and shot his load at my belly and chest some shooting as far as my chin.

“Brian”: “As he was shooting his load” Oh Bob yes I’m cumming, Oh yes I love you!

“Bob”: Me too “I said while taking his cum off my chin and licking my fingers”.

Brian used his hand to scoop up all his cum and once it was cleaned off fed it to me which I gladly slurped it all up. Then he put his head down to my cock and started sucking my shaft. He continued sucking my cock and when I shot my load he must have been surprised since I hadn’t cum in several weeks I shot more than he could hold in his mouth and gobs just dripped down his chin.

“Brian”: My what a load, must have been a while huh?

“Bob”: Yes, I haven’t had a chance to jerk off in a while.

“Brian”: “As he kissed me” I haven’t been with anyone since you, have you?

“Bob”: No I haven’t either.

We both then lay in each other’s arms and just talked for a bit. As we were starting to nod off Brian kissed me again and said good night baby and we both fell off to sleep……….

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